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* .^ 1^ 


■• i«»» 


Digitized by the Internet Arcliive 

in 2012 witii funding from 

University of Toronto 


all - campus 

year book 



published by 
the Students' Administrative Council 

of the 

University of Toronto, 

Toronto, Canada. 

Sandra Wliiliall 
volume 62 

All sides of campus life at the 

largest university in Canada are 

captured and reflected here. The 

activities, clubs, sports, graduating 

classes, and events of the year 

1960 are reviewed pictorially 

and graphically. 


Activities P^g^ ^^ 

University Expansion . . 56 

Hart House 62 


all-campus 72 

college & faculty . . . 118 

men's intercollegiate . 182 

men's intramural . . . 214 

women's 250 

Profiles 280 

Graduating Classes . . . 290 

Index & Advertisers . . . 404 

Acknowledgements . . . 423 

In September . . . 

words of wisdom and 

welcome . 


initiations of course . 

a sunny class in the quad . . 


and the bookstore crowds again 

Tote that barge ! Lift that bale ! 

Is there a Ijo.\ scout in the group ? 

Freshmen Start to Skule 

Dont just stand there ! Get a hot dog ! 

Social Life 


Must !)<• Iiil> iT|)<Mt (lay ! I 

An apple a day keeps the pharmacist away. 

Grads enjoy themselves at Royal York Banquet and Dance. 

Lovely shot! K. Davidson and B. Simpson 
play ping pong. 

Wonder what they're trying to discover?! 

Skiing at Limbeilost Lodge 

Forestry and House Ec. practise 
"togetherness" at Caledon. 

School of Forestry 

Relaxing in tlie 
new Common room. 


Nurses mi.v K<MKll).ve to Eskimo chililri'ii iftuiiiiiiK lionir. 

Hints to Frcshies 

3hool of 

Hey Santa, llavcnt you 
forgotten somethinK'.'" 

VVatrhing the Grads take 
it easy! 


Marjorie Chapman 

U. OF T. 

Rochelle Lerman 

Gail (tichardson 

Judy Saunders 

Sue Dennis 

Judy Pullen 

Roslyn Mcllroy 


Ann Williams 

Valorie Lewis 


Vic Initiates Frosh 


^^^B '^^^ 


^^^B" '■ 

y * 


^E M 





^H ' 





Frosh transport Soph President Marc 
Somerville to the trials 



Kidnapped Frosh Al RufTman arrives 
to face the judges 

CONTEST . . . 

. and the finished product 



The Middle House Four livens up a House Hop 



BACK ROW: Warren Grover, Mike O'Neill, Marv Katzman, Don Cameron, Peter Mandel, 

Harry Malcolmson. 

FRONT: Bruce Stewart, Tony Keith, Gabby Warren, Des O'Rourke, Ross Kennedy. 

At the School 
of Law 

Expert on Islamic law 

Winning Law float. Homecoming Weekend 

B\SS» I L 



Medsmen Enjoy 
Their Spare Time 

Looks like he'll soon be ready for Squaw Valley ! 

Cooking up a mess of potage. 

The notorious Duncan Room — Scene of bridge games galore ! 





MONDAY MORNiKf^ 900 O'clock .." 



U.C. cheorlfiulors get into tlu- KoariiiK 20's 
mood for llomoconiinK VVecken*!. 

xt* « 

K <*'■* 


BACK ROW: Esta Goldkind, Doreen Wengle, Linda Bergart, Jean Perly, Ruth 


FRONT: Marian Metcalfe, Sandy Hoseason. 

in October . . . 

BACK ROW: Jane Hungerford, Barbara Lawrence, Arlene Van Valkenburg, 
Penny Fenlon, Ann DibrelL 
,' FRONT: Marcy Mugan, Honora Callahan, Jan Van Horson, Wilma Sorich. 

St. Mike's cheerleaders watch their team's 
progress during a sunny fall afternoon 


Zita Hertzman 

Miss Varsity 

Anne Williams 

Carol Reid 


(;ill Caiest 

Nancv Davison 
P.& O.T. 

Sandy Simpson 

Glenna Hart 


Cyril Korman 




liiiiiiiyiiii^i'i a 

Miss Varsity 1960 

Pretty Marjorie Chapman, a third year 
student at Victoria College, was chosen Miss 
Varsity at the Homecoming Show. 





YEfl TEftM... 


Float; Law 

A "Back -bencher" 


"Les Girls". — Kicklinc 

Toronto is our I'nivcrsiteo I 


In November 

students gather at the soldiers 
tower for a service of remem- 


President Bissell speaks after the unveiling 
of the plaque. 

Students participate in a choir and as guides on conducted 


The Straw Hat Four! 

St. Mike's 

Music and 


Sunday Nights 

Dig that crazy calypso beat 

Hours of rehearsal resulted in a first-rate production 


University College Produces 

The chorus rehearses for a scene from Katy Cruel, a folk opera by David Helwig 
and Michael Rasminsky. 


Help yoiirsolve is manners when you're liunjjry all day 

Katy Cruel 

Katy and the black sailor 


Varsity Impersonations 

Miss Middle House and escorts 


Ries Karvanaque. who never managed to make a nickel 
renting herself out to add a Beat atmosphere to parties, 
reads her favourite book, Winnie the Pooh 

Jayne Nesbitt. a Varsity reporter, spent part 
of a day in the oflice of one of tlie down- 
town dailies before confessing she was an 


"Tfll iiu', (loclor 

Medsmen Hard 
at Work 

loks like they enjoy their work ! 

Don't tell me he's going to drink it ! 



Tar Heel 

Mass confusion at the station 

Cheering, flag-waving, and lots of good spirit mark the international exchange visits, started this year 

Peter Brawley makes himself popular with some North Carolina co-eds 


Skule Cheerleaders 

Homecoming Float. 

Cool, Man, Cool ! — (Just ask her ) 

in the Fall 

The famed Skule cannon. 


Jim McKce rehearses the skule nite chorus 

African skit 

Skule Nite 

Robin H<M)d Rcls the Lucky Greens — Stamps that is 





FOR 6T3 

Oh no! Not a sauna in this 

After a day of clean-up a fresh- 
man dance at Bolton 

AND 6T2 

strike up the guitar there man, the girl's falling asleepi 

Chief cook and cocoa-sampler 




Don't throw the water in there! 



Scotland Yard's Finest 

Dr. Hamilton takes a turn 

All Hail to our Leader! 

Cossack Dance 

Pas de Dcux(?) 


Uaiue of the Tartars. 

Looks like Martians ! ! 

Charlie Chaplin? 

Methinks t is a Minuet 

"Faculty" Chorus. 

Peasant Dance. 

p. & O. T. 




Freshies turn Beatnik in a real cool skit 

BACK ROW: Judy Royle (S.S.C), Jane Gihon (Ass't Sec.-Treas.), 

Holly Reld (Blue and White), Ruth West (E.A.C.), Laurie Webb 

(Arts and Letters), Doris Little (Social), Meim Johnson (1st Yr. 

Pres.), Marilyn Johnson (2nd Yr. Pres.). 

FRONT: Lee Morley (Athletics), Lil Stangel (Sec), Sue Marrs (Pres.), 

Miss Robinson (Staff Advisor), Carolyn Le Maitre (3rd Yr. Pres.), 

Nancy Dolphin (Publicity), Mary Heaven (Treas.). 

ABSENT: Betty Brooks (Vice-Pres.), Nancy Davidson (S.A.C.). 

Student becomes lecturer in class project 

Final plans for Annual Open House and 
Undergrad Meeting in February 

St. Joe's Christmas Party 

Western Party 



Knox College 



iinta comes to Knox once again. 

Would you care to take a twirl ? 

Sociability over (he colTee cups. 



Meds Take a Whirl 

at the Annual At Home 

Taking their chosen profession seriously 


In December . . . 


There arc those who know 
how .... 

and then there are others 

.... and there are those 
who prefer to walk 

Even saunas present a peculiar 
hazard in mid-winter 


Friendly talk 

St. Mike's 



Sittint; one out 


Attendant I'autobus 


Carabin Train 

Centre Sociale 

Carabin Weekends 

Tout If inonde (-lianli- 

Roger Cloutier et "Marie Madeleine" 

Le ski a Mont Gabriel 

Soiree a Mont Gabriel 


Don't spill anything ! 

St. Mike's 


Party fun 


Clean-up committee 



Do-it-yourself hair styling 

Power failures are a good enough excuse 
for a party .... 

and beauty by candlelight 

Limbo, limbo, Umbo like me 

Dress is always informal at the bedtime conflabs 


•Push !" 

The University 


Underwater Ballet 

"French Cuisine or burnt buns, boys ?" 

Perfect form ! 

Young at Heart 

bstering Talents 


^ ^ >-^^ 

^ V . _ 

Useful skills for eager hands 

'Just Biding my time" 

Pint-size Picasso 

Many cultures meet in Settlement English classes. 

Cast of thousands! 


You're kidding! 

The "happy" bride 





Physical and 

History in the Making: 
P. & b.T. places sixth 
instead of being an "also- run". 

The At Home in the Embassy 

O.T.'s have final hriofinc hcfdii- "Opt-n House" becins. 

Visitors view Phvsio 
display at "Open House." 


THIS YEAR . . . 

Chancellor Jeanneret was welcomed into office by President 

Dr. Woodside was installed as Principal of University 

Dr. Murray Ross, named President of the 
new York University, was awarded an 
Extraordinary S.A.C. Honour Award by 
the Hon. J. Keiler Mackay, Lieut. -Gov. of 

Governor-General Vanier received an honorary 
Doctorate of Laws 



Graduates fill across 
front campus for Spring 


Canvassers crowd the 
drill hall after the 
Blitz Campaign. 




■■ ^t ^ 



f '"ji^ 



Money pours in to expand U. of T. 

The Arts Building of the future! 


The scale model of the modern Music Building soon to be built to the east of 
Philosophers' Walk, near the Museum. 

Work has begun on the new Engineering Building on St. (Icorge 



i 4 

^ 4 i 

' ' 4 

, HMHMl 

■^BPBBIitJ — 


New Residences 
for Women 

The modern touch outside as well as in at the beautiful new 
Vic residence. 



124 Edward Street 

Row upon row of dental chairs in 
the gleaming new clinic. 

Dentistry Building 

A coffee hreak in style 


Women's Athletic Building 

Instead of 8 different 

buildings, the women's 

athletic programme 

can now be carried on 

in this nev\^ building 

at Harbord and Huron. 


The Olympic size pool features a special ceiling which shuts out glare, powerful underwater lighting, 
and an underwater observation window. 

Full-length mirrors, as well as an Archery Range, 

2 storey gymnasiums and golf cages make 

the W.A.B. a dream house for athletes. 








Cast (from left to right): iddy, Rodney Archer; Lady Farwaters, Mary 
Beacom; Hyering, Robert Graham; Kanchin, Garrick Hagon; Vashti, 
Eva Poppleton; A Visitor, George Appleby; Maya, Dawn Egan; Janga, 
James Fleming; Pra, Robert Hamlin; Mrs. Hyering, Diana Ede; 
Prola, Gabrielle Kubinyi; Sir Charles Farwaters, Brian Vintcent. 

Hart House Theatre 

This year was Hart House Theatre's 
fourteenth season as an all-undergraduate 
theatre under the direction of Robert Gill. 
Four productions were presented with casts 
chosen from all colleges and faculties on the 
campus. The October production was Lillian 
Hellman's drama of greed and deceit, THE 
LITTLE FOXES. The second production, in 
November, was the first Toronto presentation 
ISLES, a nonsensical comedy by George 
Tennessee Williams' haunting and nostalgic 
memory play was presented in January. The 
final production, in February, was Oscar 
Wilde's immortal comedy of manners, THE 
play ran for seven performances and over one 
hundred students participated during the 

Hart House Theatre has proved itself a 
valuable part of the life of the University. 
Besides giving students an opportunity to act 
and take part in the technical operation of 

stage production, it is also providing an oppor- 
tuniey for both the undergraduates of the 
University and the Toronto public to see plays 
of high quality and interest. In addition to the 
Hart House Theatre series, productions of 
various kinds were presented by fifteen active 
groups on the campus. 






X VK. ' 






(from left to right): John Worthing, Terry Sheils; Gwendolen 
Fairfax, Mariel O'Neill; Lady Bracknell, Miranda Davies; Miss Prism, 
Pauline Gillam; Canon Chasuble, Brian Vintcent; Algernon 
MoncriefF, Michael Davidson; Cecily Cardew, Vals Echlin. 


Third Production, THE GLASS MENAGERIE. Cast (from left to right): The Son, Robert Grahar 
The Mother, Zivile Nallvaika; The Daughter, Mary Anderson. 

m C 

Hubbard, Michael Davidson; 
William Marshall, Patrick 
Arnoldi; Regina Giddens, 
M^ry Anderson; Addie, Shiela 
Tait; Benjamin Hubbard, 
Alexander Leggatf; Cal, Have- 
lock Gradidge; Birdie Hubbard, 
Zivile Nalivaika; Alexandra 
Giddens, Margaret Hamilton. 

f * 


. 'Jl ^KV i 




if^- '^.?# ^ A- 







This is Hart House 

Hart Mouse is a Club for undergraduate 
men of the University and its graduate and 
faculty members. Five standing committees 
and more than twelve club organizations 
provide a number of student and graduate 
activities. The elected representatives of 
the five standing committees, together with 
the club organizations, contribute to the 
programmes and policy of the House. These 
pages offer information about some of the 
outstanding events in the House during this 


Forty years ago, on November 11, 1919, a Gothic 
building located in the centre of the University of Toronto 
campus was officially opened by the Duke of Devonshire, 
then Governor General of Canada. 

hi very large measure this House was the result of the 
inspiration of Mr. Vincent Massey, acting on behalf of the 
Massey Foundation, which made this magnificent gift to 
the University. 

The purpose of the House is fully expressed in the 
Prayer of the Founders, carved in stone outside the 
entrance to the Great Hall: 

"The prayer of the founders is that Hart House, under 
guidance of its Warden, may serve in the generations 
to come the highest interests of this University by 
drawing into a common fellowship the members of the 
several colleges and faculties, and by gathering into a 
true society the teacher and the student, the graduate 
and the undergraduate: further, that the membars of 
Hart House may discover within its walls the true 
education that is to be found in good fellowship, in 
friendly disputation and debate, in the conversation of 
wise and earnest men, in music, pictures and the play, 
in the casual book, in sports and games and the mastery 
of the body; and lastly, that just as in the days of war 
this House was devoted to the training in arms of the 
young soldier, so, in the time of peace its halls may be 
dedicated to the task of arming youth with strength and 
suppleness of limb, with clarity of mind and depth of 
understanding, and with a spirit of true religion and 
high endeavour." 

During the intervening years it has been the effort of 
successive Wardens, committee members, undergraduates, 
graduates and faculty to find means of realizing this 

It is my hope that as another year passes into history 
it has been not unworthy of the dream. And equally I 
hope that in the changing circumstances of our expanding 
University, Hart House may still serve in full measure the 
countless thousands who will throng this campus. 

Joseph McCulley 


LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Brawley (Secretary of House Committee), Larry Lederman (Secretary Music Committee), D. Scott 
Richardson (Secretary Art Committee), Derek Hayes (Secretary Library Committee), Warden McCulley. 


A major activity of the House Committee is the running of the ann 
Hart House Elections. Elections this year attracted 72 nominees to cont 
44 vacancies. The House Committee again sponsored a Settlement Par 
Invitation Dinners, Saturday Night Dances and the popular "Fall Dane 
This Committee has charge of the "general welfare of the members of 
House" and is responsible for supervision of repairs in the House. This ye£ 
notable refurbishing was to reguild the Coats of Arms and the frieze in 
Great Hall. 


"The Farm" as it is known to an increasiuj 
number of University people, is undergoinj 
spectacular changes. During the summer o 
1959 renovations were made which includec 
an enlarged main lounge, improved heatin; 
and hot water systems, and new furniture 
The old barn, remembered perhaps, as a dust; 
square-dance hall, was demolished to mak 
way for a new and safer structure. Even witl 
out the barn the Farm was used to capacity a 
fall, but freak weather conditions from Chrisi 
mas to March called a halt to many planne 
winter weekends. Summer activity at th 
Farm is on the upswing with male undergrj 
duates and many faculty and graduate men 
bers discovering that for a casual visit or 
Sunday picnic the Farm is the place to go. 


George Baird, James McNutt, Peeter Sepp, Murray Ross, Stan Litch, Peter Brawley, Gordon West, Robert Hursti. 


During the summer of 1959, eight students from the University of 
Toronto went to Finland as the fifth phase in the Hart House Finnish Work- 
Study Seminar. Two groups of Canadian students and two groups of Finnish 
students have previously taken part in this exchange. The students partici- 
pated in orientation tours in Finland and then took positions in Finnish 
industry and professions. This exchange is co-sponsored by Hart House and 
the National Union of Finnish Universitv students. 


A Pacemaker low-power transmitter, a Thunderholt hifjli-power 
amplifier, an oscilloscope . . . and Mel Katz. 

Several new contacts 
have been made by the 
Amateur Radio Club dur- 
ing an active year. The 
Club now boasts confir- 
med contact with 96 
countries, including Saudi 
Arabia. Ghana and Outer 
Mongolia. New this year 
is a Canadian Intercolle- 
giate Radio Net with UBC, 
other Western Universi- 
ties and McGill. The Club 
has also participated in 
several international con- 
tests in which some of its 
members won awards. 


Masters move in 
the Mammoth 
Tandem Simul. 


Event of the year for the Chess Club was a "Mammoth 
Tandem Simul" in the Great Hall of Hart House. Masters 
who moved against 65 opponents were Frank Anderson and 
George Berner. The Hart House Chess Club, which was 
founded in 1895, is a major center of chess activity in 
Toronto. The members participated in tournaments with 
Queen's, McGill and the University of Buffalo. 


The Art Committee scheduled nine exhi- 
bitions during this year. In co-operation with 
UBC, the Art Committee brought to Toronto 
a collection of paintings by Seven West Coast 
Painters which was enthusiastically received 
by the art community of the University and 
the city. In addition to organizing and hanging 
exhibitions, the Art Committee have presented 
several art talks in the Gallery and have spon- 
sored art classes given by an outstanding 
Canadian artist. Aba Bayefsky. The Art 
Committee are also charged with the care of 
the second-largest, private collection of Cana- 
dian Art in the country. As the occasion 
arises members of the Committee concur in 
the purchase of paintings to add to the 
collection. Purchased in 1959 was Carl 
Schaeffer's "Field Edge and Plain". 

Field Edge and Plain by Carl Schaefer was 
purchased this year. 

Ron Carr's pirturi* "The 
Stiidenl" rtTfivi'tl an 
li(>n«iral>li' mi-ntion in 
the K a r s h T r o p h > 


Winner for the Senior Award 
in the 38th Annual Hart House 
Photographic Exhibition was 
Dr. D. A. Sprott. The prize- 
winning print was entitled 
"Winter Mood". The Junior 
Award was presented to J. 
McKenzie for "Eventide" and 
Bill Kantymir won the Bev 
Best Trophy for "This Sport, 
Curling". The Karsh Trophy 
was awarded to Ron Carr for 
his "Campus Cossack". 


The Hart House Glee Club this year gave concerts at Michigan 
State University, St. Michael's College, the Blue and White Christmas 
Tree, the Art Gallery of Toronto, the Empire Club of Canada, an All 
University Church Service and with the Band of the Ontario Regi- 
ment in Oshawa. Highlights of the year were the Tri-University 
Concert in the Great Hall with Colgate University and Michigan 
State University, and the Christmas Eve radio broadcast over CJBC. 
The fifty-man Club has been for two years under the direction of 
Rowland Pack. 

BACK ROW: M. Bernsetin, T. Jabour, T. Ellis, A. Walker, R. Cottingham, B. Brereton, R. Carmlchael, 

T. Phillips, H. Oakes, R. Hobbes, R. Knowles. 

THIRD: S. Kosior, N. Seabrook, J. Nattress, O. Nattress, F. MacNiven, R. Stewart, R. Manning, R. Dagills, 

P. Inksetter. 

SECOND: J. Braun, P. LeFlair, T. Kehoe, T. Coulter, J. Barron, A. Brereton, A. Cortick, P. Walker, T. 

Schatsky, A. Somerset, J. Parker. 

FRONT: L. Oevitt, D Bryden, J. Harmer, E. Powrie, L. Kerslake, S. Litcti, O. Jacques. 

Conductor: Rowland Pack. 

Dean Boyd Neal, Glenn Gould, 
and Claude Frank meet in the 
Arbor Room before Mr. 
Franks Concert for the CBC 
celebrity series. 

The Music Committee had one of its most successful years. Such 
distinguished artists as Ezra Schabas, Betty-Jean Hagen and Harry Mossfield 
performed for some of the largest audiences to attend the Sunday Evening 
Concerts in several years. This Committee also arranged a series of Wednes- 
day Five O'clock Recitals, which was popular with the students. Of greatest 
interest were recitals by Paul Brodie, classical saxophonist, and by Eh 
Kassner, classical guitarist. 

A musical event of historical importance was the first Jazz Concert to 
be heard in the Great Hall of Hart House. Guest artists for this occasion 
were members of the Oscar Peterson Trio. This was also the year for the 
occasion of the 300th Sunday Evening Concert programme to be held in the 
Great Hall. The guest artist was Betty-Jean Hagen, accompanied by Leo 
Barkin. Also in co-operation with CBC, the Music Committee presented three 
CBC Celebrity Concerts in the Great Hall, featuring Guiomar Novaes, 
Claude Frank and Claramae Turner. 





















^^' ^^'^ 


/ ■ 




ff x.^1 





yj ^^^H 








300th SUNDAY 

Betty Jean Hagen, violinist, meets 
the Warden and Mrs. McCuIley. the 
Warden's moUier, at the reception 
in the Music Room. 

The Oscar Peterson Trio at 
the Groat Hall Jazz Concert — 
Edmund Tliigpen. Ray Brown, 
and Oscar Peterson. 


'■ m^^i^i n 




students Administrative Council 

o ^ rj a 

BACK ROW: Bruce Barrett (S.A.C. Education Comm. Ctirm.), Clive Chambsriain (Meds. Publications Commissioner), Jim O'Dell (S.P.S. 

Men's Athletics), Stan Dubas (Vic. Finance Commissioner), Jim Little (S.P.S. A.V.R. Ctirm.), Mike Sherman (U.C. National Affairs 

Commissioner), Ed Osier (Forestry), Gordon Gourlay (Architecture), Desmond O'Rorke (Law), Paul Newman (Emmanuel), Robert Brown 

(Wycliffe Library Commissioner). 

SECOND: Dave Tavender (Trin. Blue and White), Milton Houpt (Dents), Penny Rennie (Trin. W.U.S. Chrm.), Louise McDonald (Social 

Work, Settlement Rep.), Marika Malkow (Nursing, C.U. S.A.C. Chrm.), Nancy Davison (P.O.T. Student Service Commission), June 

Clark (Meds., Music Commissioner), Carol Jones (S.M.C., U.T.D.U. Women's Rep.), Virginia Lomax (Vic, Weekends Chrm.), Sandra Whittall 

(Torontonensis Editor), Ian Garrett (Music), Carl Kaufman (O.C.E.). 

FRONT: Dean A. J. Earp (President's Rep.), Mr. E. A. Macdonald (General Sec. -Tress.), Barb Leaman (U.C, Vice-Pres.), Walter McLean 

(Knox, Pres.), Claude Brodeur (Chrm. of the Council), Betty Gallagher (P.H.E. Women's Athletics), Professor G. R. Slemon (President's 


"The year 1959-60 has been a momentous one for 
the Students' Administrative Council of the University 
of Toronto. It has been a year of triumphs, and a 
year of controversy. It was the year which saw the 
Student Blitz in aid of the National Fund for the 
University; it was the year which saw the first 
Student-Staff Academic Symposium; it was the year 
which saw the first North Carolina - Toronto 
'Tarheel' exchange weekend. It was also the year 
which saw the first Race Relations Lecture and the 
'Great Portfolio Controversy'. It was a year which 
saw the Council called upon to handle many more 

matters than any of its predecessors has ever dis- 
cussed and it was the year which saw the Council 
handle important issues. It was a year to remember, a 
year of which to be proud." So opened the annual 
report of the President of the Students' Administrative 
Council, Walter McLean, for the academic vear 

Much of the credit for the success of this year 
must go to Walter himself. In addition to attending 
to the regular presidential duties of representing 
U of T at conferences, sitting on all Council com- 
mittees, speaking for the Student Body at Caput 


Walter McLean and Ik«>i" Biiiu- 

kov, a Russian student, at the 

NFCUS Conference at Saskatoon 

in October. 

meetings, attending to large amounts of paper work 
and correspondence, he offered definite leadership to 
the Council whenever controversial issues arose. He 
was the first to face an issue squarely, to consider 
the possibilities of solving the problem, and to attack 
the situation from the best possible angle. As the 
chief executive of the Council, he played a major part 
in the establishment of policy. His enthusiasm and his 
sense of humour kept the Council functioning as a 
unit at all times. 

Vice-president, Barb Leamen had the important 
tasks of "decorating the President's office" and keep- 
ing peace between the male elements of the Executive 
Committee. As campus "Social Hostess", as chairman 
of the Blitz Committee and the Symposium Com- 
mittee, she managed to keep busy and out of mischief 
throughout the year. 

Finance Commissioner, Stan Dubas perhaps had 
the most difficult chore of all — saying "No — we 

can't afford it!" whenever other Council members 
came forth with gigantic schemes for bigger and 
better activities. Publications Commissioner Clive 
Chamberlain practised the fair art of diplomacy 
while mediating between the Council and "The 
Varsity" throughout their various disagreements. 
Michael Sherman, National Affairs Chairman took a 
big step forward by reorganizing the former EAC 
committees into a more efficient and cohesive National 
Affairs Committee. 

WUS Chairman Penny Rennie kept busy with 
Canada Council scholars from abroad, the Share 
Campaign which raised $4000, and FROS, helping to 
integrate foreign students with their fellow under- 
graduates. Virginia Lomax emerged unscathed from 
two harrowing but wildly exciting exchange week- 
ends: the annual Carabin weekend, and the newly 
established Tarheel exchange. 

Stan Dubas. Finance Commissioner, 
gives blood in support of the uni- 
versity Red Cross campaign. 


vice-president Barb Leaman and 
two Blitz campaigners admire the 
encyclopedia awarded to the most 
successful faculty. 

Nancy Davison, as Student Service Commissioner, 
organized a most successful United Appeal campaign, 
and saw that students donated 4300 pints of blood to 
the Red Cross. Her assistant, Louise MacDonald, 
raised $2300 for the University Settlement, and kept 
the campus in touch with the activities at Settlement 

Peter Dembski was the Council's orator and 
parliamentarian, as well as the most active UTDU 
Chairman; although through no fault of his own he 
was unable to arrange a U of T tournament this year, 
he organized a debating team which won an excellent 
reputation for the standard of U of T debating. Jim 
Little, AVR Chairman, described "Christopher Jones" 
as "an artistic success but a financial flop", but his 
experience and suggestions should help to put next 
year's AVR back into the black. Blue and White 
Chairman Dave Tavender kept all-campus activities 
in high gear, and as well as dances, pep rallies, and 
Christmas Tree, established the new Ice Frohcs as a 
major success. 

June Clark as Music Chairman faced the difficult 
task of reorganizing the University Chorus and 
Orchestra under student directors. Walter Kemp and 
John Swan managed these positions admirably, and 
will continue in them next year. Two art exhibits were 
shown on campus by CUSAC, under the chairmanship 
of Marika Malkow. Milton Houpt as University Chair- 
man turned in an excellent report of the bookstore, 
dispelling the rumours of inefficiency in that quarter. 
Education Chairman Bruce Barrett established a Race 
Relations lecture series on campus to be continued 
next year and as long as interest in this subject 
remains high on this campus. 


To hardworking members of the many Council 
committees: "Thanks for a job well done." To the 
office staff: "Thanks for putting up with many 
demands and often total lack of experience." To 
faculty advisors Dean Earp of Trinity College and 
Professor Slemon of SPS: "Your availabihty. advice, 
and encouragement were appreciated." To "The 
Varsity" editor, Sam Asjenstat. to "Otherside" editor 
Mark Nichols, and to "Torontonensis " editor Sandra 
Whittall: "Thanks for working with the Council." To 
the excellent advisors Mr. MacDonald, Miss Knowlton. 
and Mr. Murrill, little can be said except "Thanks for 

The second annual University Dinner, and the 
Grad Ball brought the year to a close. But the work of 
the Council continues, growing and flourishing in 
spite of setbacks and discouragements. With the 
weight of the students of this University behind it, 
the Students' Administrative Council will always 
have an important place on this campus. 


BACK ROW: Bill Russell (Knox), Marilyn Croucher (St. Hilda's), Bruce Henderson (Trin.), Bill Scott (Eng.), Dave Sinclair 

(Wycliffe), Ron Pocklington (Emmanuel), Ted Yeates (Forestry). 

FRONT: Norati Burns (S.M.C.), Liz Addison (Vic), Weesee Barrisr (S.M.C.), David Tavender (Chairman), Sue Hamilton 

(U.C), Vivian Pancer (Pfiarm.), Eileen Floyd (Nursing), Holly Reid (P.O.T.). 

ABSENT: Don Cameron (Law), Cathy Cole (P. HE), Fred Valentine (Arch.). 

The Blue anci White Society functions as a sub- 
ommittee of the S. A. C. and its chairman is a 
nember of that body. The members of the Blue and 
Vhite itself are representatives selected from the 
arious colleges and faculties in the University. The 
asks of the Society are chiefly concerned with the 
)rganization of student social activities on the Uni- 
versity campus. 

Precarious excitement and just plain hard work, 
)erhaps, most aptly describe the atmosphere of the 
ilue and White this year as they undertook several 
lew and challenging enterprises. Among the most 
lotable of these were . . . The Varsity Queen Contest, 
vhich saw Marjorie Chapman selected as the most 
'nviable girl on campus, and the spanking-new Ice 
•"rolics which successfully filled the mid-Spring term 
ap caused by the vacancy left by the now-departed 
rVinter Carnival. Much more of the excitement, how- 
ver, was bought only at the price of precariousness. 
There are quite a few who will not soon forget that 
hilly evening late in October when the Home-Coming 
)how, forced outside into Varsity Stadium kept a large 
Towd happy and reasonably warm. Priscilla Wright 

had everyone cheering so loudly that the producer 
was literally shaking in his boots for fear that the 
omnious clouds would take the noise as an invitation 
to visit the stadium with a teeming deluge. Priscilla 
left, and the crowd subsided; the deluge managed to 
withold its presence until the middle of the Float 
Parade the following morning! 

The Fall Dances in Hart House were successful 
as usual and the Pep Rallies and Tea Dances, rotating 
this year between the Drill Hall and Varsity Arena, 
maintained their accustomed torrid pace. The Christ- 
mas Tree, with a revised format moved smoothlv 
through the ridiculous with Santa Claus Jr. and Julian 
Porter (Grad '59) to the sublime with carols by the 
Hart House Glee Club and the Christmas Readings by 
Warden McCulley and President Bissell. 

The committee members of the Blue and White 
did an exceptionally fine job this year in fulfilling 
their duties, and the Chairman would like to extend 
his gratitude to them for turning what at times 
seemed to be impossible tasks into happy accomplish- 


Honour Awards were presented to outstanding graduating students at the Honour Award Banquet. 

An extraordinary Honour Award 
was oresented to Dr. Murray Ross 
by Lieut. -Gov. Keillor Mackay 
shown here with SAC president 
Walter McLean. 


SAC Honour Awards 

The HONOl'R AWARD of the Stiidenls' Administrative Council is tjranteH to those 
students of the Kniduatiuf; year who have (-onti'il)Uted most notahly to the undei'Kiaduate 
life of the l'ni\ersity as a whole. 

The reeipients are determined h> an I!oni>ur<l Committee on the basis of 
nominations received frtmi all the colleges and faculties. The award is symbolized by a f;old 
key and certifieate. This year the presentations were made by Chancellor Jeanneret at the 
Second Annual I'niversitv of Toronto Dinner. 

SAMUP:L AJZENSTAT, university College 













BARBARA JEAN LEAMEN, University College 



JOSEPH LIPMAN, University College 



MICHAEL ERIC SHERMAN, University College 
SANDRA LOIS WHITTALL, University College 
KENNETH LYLE WYMAN, University College 

Exfraordinary Award 


Guest Speaker Murray Ross addresses the Honour Award Ban(|uet. 


w. u. s. 

The World University Service is an international 
organization, designed to foster co-operation between 
members of the world wide university community. 
W.U.S. of Canada has 29 local committees at colleges 
and universities across the country, each one carrying 
out a program to aid in their threefold objectives: 
material aid to students' faculties and universities in 
need; education programs; scholarship and study 

The U. of T. committee of W.U.S. , under chairman 
Penny Rennie and co-chairman Dave Scroggie, experi- 
enced an active year in organizing the program. The 
year began with the two chairmen plus the faculty 
advisor, Father Hennessey, spending an inspiring and 
informative Thanksgiving weekend at a National 
conference in Montreal. On their return they quickly 
set out to organize a full year of W.U.S. activities. 

They hired Carole Anne Mason to mother the 30 
Canadian Council Scholars. She capably took them 
under wing, met them at the airport, found accom- 
modation for them, and when they all finally arrived, 
had a lively reception for them at her home. 

During the last week in November the annual 
Treasure Van was held. This handicraft sale featured 
articles from Yugoslavia, Mexico and India, plus some 
native French Canadian and Eskimo work. Slandy 
Johnson did a fine job in making the sale which raised 
$3,301.00 a real success. 

This money, along with that raised by the annual 
Share Campaign, went to W.U.S.' international 
Program of Action. Because of a joint charity 
campaign held by the Engineers in the fall, W.U.S. 
was able to send $700 to relieve earthquake-stricken 
Japan. An additional $3,900 was raised at the end of 
January in the campus wide Share Campaign directed 
by Doug. Ward. Garrick Hagon and Steve Otto 
organized a serious program to educate the students 
about the purposes of W.U.S. so that they would 
understand the utility of their contributions. 



Last year's three summer Seminar delegates, Mary 
Fraser, Paul Druckman and Bob Mathews gave a 
heavy schedule of speeches at campus clubs, churches 
and residences. Alison Dingle organized an informa- 
tive evening with Professor Krefetz and Art Scace 
speaking on Israel where this year's seminar will be 
held. As a result many applications were received 
and this year's three delegates were selected: Sandy 
Johnson, Jerry Rosenberg and Lionel Mausberg. 

To aid prospective European travellers, Anglea 
Smart organized a series of five lectures. These were 
held in January and February and provided a wealth 
of information for the large crowds which attended. 

Numerous occasions to meet and talk with foreign 
scholars afforded opportunities for the U. of T. student 
to become familiar with areas apart from his own 
community. One such occasion was provided by the 
W.U.S. Caledon Seminar which was organized by Host 
chairman, Jane Watson. Approximately 30 students 
of mixed nationaUties attended this seminar to achieve 
a better understanding of the problems which 
confront the "East-West" relationship. 

Finally, the Toronto W.U.S. pledged its support 
to the nation wide World Refugee Committee. Tony 
Jennings worked to educate the campus about this 
grave situation and held a brief two day Blitz to aid 
in a more practical way. 

The year came to a close in gay fashion with a 
sherry party, held to thank all the capable workers 
who aided in W.U.S. activities during the year. 

External Affairs Committee 

BACK ROW: Michael Dorfman, Paul Arends, Peter Mandell, Ruth West, Anita Dubois, Alison 
Dingle, Jane Hungerford, Jerry Birenbaum, Anthony Jennings, George Hume, Doug Blu3. 
FRONT: Renate Tannenzaph, John Wood, Judy Harman, Mary Percival, Joseph Houston, David 
Scroggie, Jane Watson. 


The activities of the Weekend Exchange 
Committee under the co - chairmanship of 
Virginia Lomax and John Wood were con- 
siderably expanded this year. In addition to 
the twelve-year-old Carabin Exchange with 
the University of Montreal, an exchange was 
established with the University of North 

Father Richard B. Donovan. St. Michael's 
College, acting as staff advisor to the Carabins 
for his second year, once again saw the 40 
students from both U. of T. and U. of M. attain 
a better understanding of each other during 
the two weekends of discussion, dinners, 
parties, and informal talks. 

During the Tar Heel Exchange with UNC 
20 students from U. of T. visited Chapel Hill 
in November, and in return 22 students 
arrived here in January. Dean A. J. Earp of 
Trinity College acted as staff advisor for this 
new exchange, one which the committee hopes 
will become an integral part of campus life 
as the traditional Carabin Exchange. 

In addition to running these two exchanges 
the committee was responsible for the drawing 

up of selection committees of staff and 
students to choose U. of T.'s delegates to such 
conferences as the McGill Conference on 
World Affairs, and the Scona Conference at 
Texas A & M. 


The National Affairs Committee, closely 
allied with the National Federation of Cana- 
dian University Students, links the University 
of Toronto with the other University campuses 
throughout Canada and the United States. 
Such a link is found in the National Art and 
Photography contest in which U. of T. netted 
nearly one-half the honours. 

An active year was witnessed by the local 
committee. Following the National Congress, 
the committee endeavoured to determine the 
possibility and advisability of holding a 
student seminar with 1,000 in attendance. 
Following the turn of the year, U. of T. 
hosted 100 delegates to the Ontario Regional 

Steps are constantly being taken by this 
organization to draw Canadian students closer 
together and to improve their status in any 
way possible. 


ABSENT: Jerry Izenberg, John Griesman, Norm Williams, Cord Coleman, Fred 


THIRD ROW: Sy Zysman, Bob Kaplan, Pat Wooten, Robert Eddison. 

SECOND: Sid Goldenberg, Jay B. Waterman, S. A. K. Hansen, Marvin Catzman, 

Walter Fox, David Higgins, Richard Tan. 

FRONT: Linda Silver, Max Rotstein, Richard Jones, Joyce Cohen. 

Winning debates against other universities may not be the sole 
criterion for judging the success of an annual debating programme, but it is 
at least one sign that "activity" was the keynote of 1959-60 U. of T. debating. 
The debating team triumphed over such far-flung schools as Michigan, 
Boston, Dalhousie, Assumption, Acadia and Wellesley. Unfortunately, 
because of the character of the U.S. national debating topic this year, the 
team was prevented from entering most of the larger American tournaments. 
Toronto did enter the McGill Winter Carnival tournament and the Pennsyl- 
vania State University tournament — both more "National topic" tourna- 
ments. The teams did admirably — placing among the top four winners in 
both events. 

The High School Debating Programme of previous years, enjoyed 
continued success in 1959-60. Plans for next year include a general reform 
programme to revitalize the make-up of the team and increase campus-wide 
participation. A permanent nucleus of debaters will be carried over to next 
year's team to provide continuity in the programme. 

A noted innovation this year was the initiation of a Maritime Provinces 
debating tour. Bob Kaplan and Max Rotstein took a five day flying tour to 
various universities in the Halifax area. Much of the credit for the smooth- 
ness and efficiency of this year's programme belongs to the team's faithful 
Off-Campus Director, Miss Eve Hargraft, who handled all travel arrange- 

U, of T. 




U. of T. Debating Union 

The purpose of the University of Toronto 
Debating Union is to organize debating on an 
all-campus level and thus to arouse interest in 
debating throughout the University. The Execu- 
tive of the Union is composed of representatives 
from the debating societies of all the colleges and 
faculties on campus. 

The first activity of the Union in the fall is the 
arrangement of the trials from which the 
University Debating Team is chosen. This year 
the team was enlarged to consist of twenty 
members and four alternates in order to carry 
out an extensive program. The composition of the 
team was further changed in the hope that 
continuity would be achieved from one year to 
the next and team solidarity strengthened. By 
this legislation it is also intended that in future 
years a coach would be employed to raise the 
already high calibre of Toronto's debating 

The Union, in its efforts to promote debating 
in Canadian Schools has re-entered the all- 
Canadian Inter-University Debating League. In 
addition it introduced the policy of sending a 
team to debate in the Maritime Provinces. This 
year's team won all its debates at Dalhousie, 
.\cadia, and Mount Allison Universities. 

The Union returned to the policy of emphasiz- 
ing tour as well as tournament debating. This 

year, tours were made to Boston where M. I. T., 
Boston University and Radcliffe were included, 
to University of Michigan, Michigan State and 
Assumption University and to Queens, R. M. ('., 
and McGill. The first two of these tours were 
completely successful as the teams won all their 

Toronto entered tournaments at McCJill, 
Western and Penn State and the team placed well 
at all three. 

The public service program initiated last year 
was continued. Members of the team demon- 
strated the parliamentary style of debating at 
various high schools in the Toronto district. 
Unfortunately the University of Toronto tourna- 
ment planned for December of this year was 
cancelled because of the small number of schools 
able to participate. It is hoped that a further 
attempt in this field will be made successfully 
next year. 

The University of Toronto Debating Union 
sponsored the Model Parliament again this year. 
The C. C. F. won the election for the first time 
in the university's history — a fact which added 
interest to the already popular student event. 
Warden Joseph McCulley acted as governor- 
general, and John Roberts, Jerry Case and 
Professor Bora Toskin competently carried out 
the task of speakers for the parliament. 

U. T. D. U. 

BACK ROW: Pat Woofen, Eve Hargraft. 

SECOND: Dave Higgins, Dianne Jackman, Joyce 

Coheo, Max Rotstein, Barbara Arrington. 

FRONT: Linda Silver, Peter Dembski, Bill Graham. 


Blue and White Band 

The Music Committee of the SAC undertook the 
management of this band late in the year. Up to this time 
it had not had adequate aid or guidance regarding general 
policy or SAC support. 

There were many difficulties to overcome in getting a 
band together in time for the first football game of the 59-60 
Season. However, these were dealt with by the Director, 
George Arnold and his three assistants, who managed to 
organize a band of good quality by their free expenditure 
of time and effort. In future years, the conductor will be 
able to profit from the aid of the Music Committee, and in 
addition, may augment his program and make plans with 
the full support of the Music Committee and the SAC. 



U. of T. 





At the end of a surprisingly successful season, the orchestra and 
chorus were completely reorganized under new management, student 
conductors, John Swan and Walter Kemp, rather than professors of the 
Faculty of Music. Although they and their assistants were faced with many 
difficulties regarding fewer numbers, choice of music, changed places of 
rehearsal and loss of music stands, the fine quality of their concerts proved 
that their effort was not in vain. 

This year, the Inter-University Choral Festival was held at Toronto 
toward the end of February, and choruses from McIMaster. Western. OAC 
and Toronto, and the massed choir of all four at the end of the concert, 
performed superbly. The U. of T. Orchestra gave an excellent performance 
in mid-March in spite of late auditions and lack of time to prepare. The 
U. of T. Chorus also had little time to make ready for a full concert of its 
own but performed surprisingly well. It was an inspiring, productive year ! 

George Harper, as staff photo- 
grapher, spent hours arranging the 
formal portraits and informal shots 
of the professors featured in the 
new Profiles section. Peeter Sepp. in 
third year Architecture, again desig- 
ned a modem and exciting cover 
and dust jacket. 

Sande Evans had the mammoth res- 
ponsibility of arranging and match- 
ing 2.000 grad photos and 2.000 
biography cards. Always reliable 
and undaunted, Sande also found 
time for second year Poli. Sci. and 
Ec. at Victoria. 

Layout for the spring half of the 
Campus Life section was again 
handled by Mary Campbell, who 
combined her experience with new 
ideas to create appealing page 

Two U.C. freshies. Jennifer Moore and Allison 
Low. joined the staff this year as section editors, 
.lennifer found time to sing in Katy Cruel and 
Christopher Jones besides producing attractive 
layouts for the All-Campus Clubs. Allison turned 
her enthusiasm and fresh ideas towards the fall 
Campus Life pages to produce an interesting 


Torontonensis 1960 

Marg Fisher and Jack Clissold stepped up from seetiun editors to assistant editors tliis 
year. Always willing and capable, and almost always cheerful, they carried a great part 
i)f the editorial responsibilities for Nensis "60. Besides studying second year Poli. Sci. and 
Ec, Marg took part in a wide range of Vic activities, and Jack, at University College, 
enjoyed the sociability of a singing group of friends. Marg prcnluced the modern and 
Appealing expansion section, and Jack designed the attractive and dignified layout for 
I'infiles, a new feature this year. 

As editor-in-chief, Sandra Whittall has 
been busy with layout, organization, and 
the general responsibility of Nensis '60. 
Graduating in French and German from 
U.C.. Sandy looks back on four years of 
Torontonensis. in addition to basketball, 
VCF and residence activities. 


A permanent recognition oj outstanding 
contribution to Torontonensis "in terms oj 
precious hours, reliability, and initiatir^e. jresh 
and courageous ideas, and pleasant enthusi- 
asm", the Torontonensis pin was awarded this 
year to Marg Fisher. Ina Healey. and Jack 

Copy editor Ina Healey brought a background of professional 
newspaper experience to her fourth year on the Nensis staff. 
She also spent her time l)eing Head Girl in Falconer House 
and a student in English Lang, and Lit. Prompt, competent, 
and reliable. Ina received the Torontonensis pin in recog- 
nition of her valuable contribution to the yearbook. 


Sheila Jones and Sandra Roycs worked with Stephanie 
Dmytryshyn on the professional faculty organizations 
pages. Their co-operative efforts resulted in a neat and 
attractive section. 

Real harmony on the 'nensis staff! Marg McMeekin and 
Anne Brush (shown with guitar-playing friend) 
teamed up on the design for the Hart House section, 
as well as for second year Psychology and a lot of 

Marnie Gunn (Vic H) returned for a second 
year on 'nensis. making good use of her experi- 
ence as Girls" Sport editor. With Carol Elliot as 
her assistant, she produced a fine section. Larry 
Davidson and Allan Stauffer. both in second 
year Maths and Physics at U.C. worked 
industriously and resourcefully to make the 
Men's Athletics section lively and interesting. 

lui that l)ear(i crouches the best known and best loved of all 
sity staffers, Managinf; Editor Harvey Shepherd. He used to smoke 
pe. Now that everyone has copied him, he has started to roll his 
1 cigarettes. 

The Varsity 

The scene is a darkened Varsity oflice. (It is always dark 
in The Varsity office.) Reporter Barry Zimmerman tries to 
sneak past News Pxiitor Terry Bourke. Bourke spots him, 
and poor Zimmerman hasn't a chance. 

"Going to work tonight".'" asks Bourke, ominously. 

"Maybe . . ." (suspiciously). 

"I'll give you a four point byline if you cover this story," 
says Bourke lightly. "Some U of T girl got picked up on a 
lesbian rap." 

"Great stuff," interrupts wkr, "if she's in a sorority I'll 
have a column for tonight. Or better yet, maybe she's on 
the SAC." 

Meanwhile Zimmerman is thinking "a BYLINE a 
BYLINE!" and is rushing around Bourke. Zimmerman is 
blissfully ignorant of type sizes. He is fast learning. 

Zimmerman leaps gaily out the door with visions of 
half-inch bylines dancing through his id. 

Later we see Managing Beard Harvey Shepherd loung- 
ing behind the makeup desk shouting "EXPEDITE, 
EXPEDITE" to no-one in particular (mainly because no-one 
is there except Jayne who is thinking good old valiant Harv 
is yelling EXODUS and is preparing to leave.) 

Zimmerman knocks out 160 lines of copy on the greatest 
crime story of the year. Unfortunately it has to be cut to 
eleven lines to make room for the story of an SMC janitor 
who was almost impeached. 


The Varsity office was a pleasant place to work this year, 
in spite of everything. The people were happy, most of the 
time, and they made their jobs easier by being happy. They 
learned a lot about newspapers, and about people. 

It wasn't the same outside the office. Because of the 
bitterness and hatred in relations between The Varsity and 
the SAC, The Varsity came close to crumbling several 

cutive Editor Mark Nichols peers out at the world from his position 
the makeup desk. He was Editor-in-Chief of The Varsity's 
;azine Otherside. 

The boss. Sam Ajzenstat, the man who wanted a peaceful year, 
worries with Features Editor David Lewis Stein. 

"So you think you can write a modern 
dance review?" asks AM&D Editor 
Peter Brawley. 

Co-managing Editor Susie Breslin is probably 
the most difficult animal to photograph in its 
natural lair. 

wkr gave his life for his paper, briefly 
Then he returned to haunt sororities anc 
the SAC. 

What The Varsity considered 
"pointless and childishly political in- 
terference from the young students 
running the SAC," made the year, 
they said, "a lot tougher than it could 
have been". 

Nevertheless it was worth it 
over all. The university grew and The 
Varsity reported that growth. 

With its ear to the ground. The 
Varsity revealed a case of discrimi- 
nation practised by sororities. This 
eventually led to the Caput's declara- 
tion that fraternities and sororities 
were to be cut off completely from 
the university. 

The year was filled with people, 
people few would have known exis- 
ted except for The Varsity. 

People like Bobbi Arrington, 
Communist Dan Goldstick, Walter 
McLean, Marg Chapman and Ries 
Karvanaque, the latter a complete 
fraud who has never made a dime by 
renting herself out as a beatnik, but 
was the product of a writer's joke, 
followed by a little good-natured 

Sam Ajzenstat kept us together 
in the face of almost overwhelming 
odds. Mark Nichols produced a fine 
magazine until it was pulled up by 
the roots from under him. And so on 
down the masthead. 

Harvey Shepherd will remember 
how he managed to make up pages 
with Varsity Staff Companion Jayne 
Nesbitt (Associate News Editor) on 
his knee. 

Susie Breslin will remember the 
few times somebody beat her to the 
phrase "Hello duck, how are you?" 

Alan Walker will remember all 
the people he offended and will hope 
they forget him (but not forgive, 

News Editor Terry Bourke will 
remember sitting in innumerable 
bathtubs, smoking innumerable ci- 
gars and tracking a Bella Coola boq 
to its lair. 

Features Editor David Lewis 
Stein will remember the accession 

Publicity Editor Kay McCook, trying to get 
through one evening without having to do a 
blood story. 

and a Varsity that is not necessaril 
older than yesterday's paper. 

Sports Editor Dave Griner wi 
remember (for next year) how h 
managed to get his page out consis 
tently before midnight and will tr 
to apply the principle to the whol 

AM&D Editor Peter Brawley wi 
remember the accession too, an 
the many center spreads he createc 

Publicity Editor Kay McCook wi 
remember one dozen long-stemme 
red WUSes for her hard work. 

And both halves of the Phot 
Editor, Michael Cavanagh and Roma 
Horban, will remember Jacque 
Roberge and what he develops hi 
prints in. 

Varsity pins, awarded for Ion 
tireless etc. service and worth thei 
weight in gold to anybody who get 
one, went to Terry Bourke, Pete 
Brawley, Mike Chykaliuk, Roma 
Horban, Kay McCook, Jayne Nesbit 
David Lewis Stein and Alan Walkei 

The Anita Freedman award fc 
creative writing went to David Lewi 
Stein for his acres of fine featur 
copy throughout the year. 

For the first time in the hist or 
of The Varsity, a special award Wc 
presented — to Alan Walker, th 
sororities" friend, for his colum 
"Odds and Ends". 

\t year's (lafjellator-in-chief will be Ed 
ln'ils, friend of (he SAC. He has promised 
highly elllcient and grimly, rigorously 
naged newspaper. 

News Editor Teri.\ liourke did double, or w^as it triple duties all yeai 
Here he interview's a subject for one of his memorable profiles. 

• ••Cf/I(l... 

alilul (20) Sports Editor Dave Griner moves 
a slot next year to Managing Editor. 


He"s the (nil.\ one on the stafT that 
looks like a reporter — sports writer 
Gene Glisky. 

The other half — Roman Horban. 


One liall of the Photo Editor— 
Mike Cavanagh. 

In each issue of The Varsity 
there appears something underneath 
the masthead called the adds. In the 
adds are listed the names of the 
people that helped put out that par- 
ticular paper. Some of the names 
appear regularly. 

TODAYS ISSUE: George Harpur. 
John McGoey, Noel Bates. Barry 
Zimmerman, Alvin Shapiro, Carolyn 
Purden, Fran Maine, Barb Amiel, 
Terry Shaw, Fred Host, and- others 
who may be forgotten but are not 






T. H. B. Symons 

House Committee 

BACK ROW: E. S. Lapchinski, B. G. Douglas, D. Bell, D. J. Sutherland, G. Hume, 
J. W. Earnshaw. 

FRONT: J. H. Moylan, T. H. Vates (President), Dean T. H. B. Symons, W. R. 
Collard (Secretary-Treasurer). 

It has been an active year for Devonshire House. 
Some new developments at the Resicjence during the 
year deserve special mention. A Ladies' Room and a 
Television Room were equipped and opened. Work is 
progressing rapidly on a Library, which is being 
built in the basement of South House. Members of the 
residence sat on the committees planning each of 
these new developments, and residents contributed 
their work, time, and money, towards the completion 
of the projects. 

The Music Committee launched a keen controversy 
in the fall when it polled the members to see whether 
jazz records should be included in the record collec- 
tion. As a result of the poll, a number of jazz records 
were bought on a trial basis. The Music Room was in 
frequent use during the year. 

The tradition of self-government remains at the 
centre of the life of the college. Members continued 
to administer their own affairs through the com- 
mittees of the three Houses, while an overall leader- 
ship was given to Devonshire House by the Residence 
Council, which is made up of the House Presidents, 
and two other elected representatives from each 
House. Tom Yates did an outstanding job as President 
of the Council, and he was ably assisted by Bill 
Collard, the Secretary - Treasurer. The Council met 
over coffee about once a month in the Dean's rooms. 

The program of special evenings with guest 
speakers, films, discussion groups, and visitors to the 
residence continued to flourish. In the fall Andrew 
MacFarlane of the Evening Telegram, spoke on 
journalism in general, and on his coverage of the 
Fidel Castro movement in particular. Chris Currie, 
a graduate student from New Zealand, who is a 
member of the House, showed pictures, and spoke on 
his native land. Former Dons provided the House with 
two stimulating evenings during the winter. Professor 
K. B. Jackson (South House, 1923-1926), the head of 





BACK ROW: S. M. B. Bailey, R. McLaren, W. R. Collard, I. Banks, L. Morrison, P. B. McCullough, W. J. Scott, A. R. Blankestijn, C. V. Currie, 
K. R. Young, P. C. Hughes, G. Rundans, R. W. Stemp, D. R. Gee, J. B. Fowler. 

FOURTH: Don Dr. I. McCausland, J. M. Tootiey, J. D. Lipson, I. K. Morrison, R. G. M. Kelly, R. I. Moore, G. Ujtieiii, D. J. Ross, M. E. Petersen, 
P. Newbigging, J. C. Young, D. C. Cattran, A. J. Moffat, D. E. Lang, J. Hornell, P. J. F. Clark, I. G. Cumming, Don Dr. C. K. Gorman. 
THIRD: G. Harcourt, C. E. Capes, R. S. Sloan, W. M. Easterbrook, J. H. Moylan (House Pesident), B. G. Douglas, W. R. Reesor, C. E. Mclntyre, 
J. H. Ferguson, D. J. Acaster. 

SECOND: R. J. Mattiieu, H. A. Greig, J. G. Ramsay, J. F. D. Boulden, L. S. Schafer, D. Payne, W. Vonk, R. Sctiiewe, F Symons, R. Reid. 
FRONT: E. G. Goh, W. F Jotinson, R. C. Sider, G. Belfry, J. R. Banks, S. R. Wilton, K. Koyanagi, N. Siksay. 



BACK ROW: W. H. Blair, D. E. Parks, R. G. Rice, S. C. Bucl<ley, N. Thatchuk, N. Michas, M. B. Dent, J. D. Krull, R. Sinkus, J. A. Coggins, N. 

Kuusisto, J. Kramar, H. H. Neuman, B. D. Stock, J Bacon, L. Hagadorn. 

THIRD: J. E. P. Fawcett, I. A. Paton, E. R. Dinniwell, A. Gold, J. Levine, J. Crooks, T. Foster, E. Enkin, R. F. Manning, R. E. McKinnon, M. A 

R. Bate, L. Avery, M. Horning, J. R. Bruce, D. M C. Wilson, B. Suhay, J. Baldwin, S. H. Chisholm, G. G. Rishor. 

SECOND: T. Czuba (above), C. J. Orton, P. E. Walcott, D. A. Davidson, E. S. Lapchinski, J. R. Edw/ards, Don J. M. Roberts, D Bell (House 

President), T. H. Yates, D. H. Page, J. L. Candido, G. G. Kennedy. 

FRONT: G. R. McVean, K. K. Tarn, K. K. Tarn, A. R. Nuttall, J. F. McDowell, J. C. Ansley, J. S. Burk, K. J. Ctiong, T. D. Gordon, R. Srinivasan. 

the Department of Applied Physics, gave a dramatic- 
ally illustrated talk on Three Dimensional Vision; and 
Denis Smith (East House, 1956-58), the Registrar of 
York University, spoke on his impressions of Yugo- 
slavia, Czechoslovakia and Poland which he had 
visited recently. In January, Sir George Clark was a 
guest of Devonshire for a few days, during which 
time he met and talked with many members of the 
College. In February, the Honourable Paul Martin 
spent an evening at the Residence, leading a vigorous 
and interesting discussion, which still has occasional 
echoes in the Common Rooms. 

An Art Committee, made up of interested mem- 
bers of the House, was busy during the year arrang- 
ing an exhibit of photography, an exhibit of paintings 
by John Hall, an exhibit of landscape designs, and, 
taking all aspects of art as its province, an exhibit of 
beer mugs. The Committee also arranged for the 
artist, John Hall, to spend an evening at the Resi- 
dence, talking about painting, and discussing his own 
work, some of which was hanging on the walls in the 
Common Room. During the year the House acquired 
another painting for its growing art collection, "The 
Red Canoe", by Will Ogilvie, which was the gift of a 
former Don, Douglas Wilkins (North House, 1957-59). 


Snow Sculpture 
in the "Quad". 

Each of the Houses held a number of parties and 
stags during the year, perhaps the most memorable of 
which were: South House's famous dinner and dance 
at Cafe Maison Sud; the "Shipwreck" party in East 
House; and a beatnik gathering in North House, which 
was rendered historic by a reading of poetry by the 
House President. John IMoylan. However, the high- 
light of the residence's social program was again the 
annual Christmas Party. Many alumni, guests and 
former Dons joined in the festivities, and approxi- 
mately 400 people attended the event. The Devon- 
shire Christmas Party is looked upon as one of the 
most enjoyable events of the University year. 


of tlio 

atiiif; the rcii(>\atioii 

The Residence has continued a hvely, informal 
ilhletic program, which includes inter-house basket- 
ball games, an inter-house hockey schedule, which 
was this year won by East House, and a table tennis 
ournament. In the thick of these activities, Devon- 
shire has continued to be concerned with both the 
academic progress, and the wider education of its 
lu-mbers. In the last examination results, about one 

third of the members took honours, and a high pro- 
portion received scholarships and awards. 

The 200 members of the College continue to come 
from every province of Canada, and from many parts 
of the world: Venezuela, Malaya, England, Hong 
Kong, India, Barbaros, Scotland, Hungary, Ireland, 
Poland, Jamaica, Holland, Norway, Egypt, and the 
United States. They are enrolled in: Medicine, Archi- 
tecture, Forestry, Pharmacy, Arts, Dentistry, Law, 
the College of Education, the School of Graduate 
Studies. P.H.E., and every course in Engineering. 
This mixture of backgrounds, and of academic 
interests within one residential college is, in it.self, a 
valuable educational experience. 

In addition to participating in a full residence 
program, members of Devonshire House have made 
a notable contribution to the life of the University in 
scholarship, sports, and a variety of extra-curricular 


BACK ROW: D. Hoffman, M. Patrick, W. Evon, R. G. Young, J. A. Wright, F. Dowe, T. W. Harley, W. Campbell, A. R. Birk, I. P. Suttie, N. J 

Kilian, G. R. Urwin, R. D. Hodges, K H. Reese, D. E. Anderson. 

THIRD: A. R. Holmes, J. Israel, W. C. Vaughan, L. N. Mausberg, W. R. Wtiite, J. T. Green, J. L. Redly, R. C. Allin, W. J. Mannerow, D J 

Condos, S. Canale, J. P. Page, K. J. Coventry, P. G. Barton, J. H. Stanton, Don R. G. Redwood. 

SECOND: R. E. I. Graham, W. R. Tyson, E. M. Hinchley, V. A. Crawford, J. W. Earnshaw, D 

Wilson, R. H. Andrews, D. J. Morton, J. A. F. Valance. 

FRONT: G. C. Magee, J. D. Boyd, R. D. B. Strilive, J. D. Girvin, W. S. Crysdale, M. A. Dohainish, C. Midd'eton, J. L. Copeland, F. H. Plahte 

J. Sutherlfnd (House President), G. Hume, 






St. Michael's 


BACK ROW: John Huot, Joan Hayes, Bob Sweitzer, Vince Coccia. 

FRONT: Mel Brandon (Vice-Pes.), Mary Jane Norris (Sec), Nina Frosell (Pres.), 

Dexter Gormley (Treas.). 

ABSENT: Ken Weber. 


Richard Napoli 

St. Michael's College Co-operative — 
a student enterprise which has 
developed into a $20,000 business, can 
hardly be relegated to the role of a 
minor activity on the campus. Student 
origin in 1946 — student operation 
and direction — student service — 
such are the foundations on which this 
institution rests. For this reason, its 
continued success depends not so 
much on the ability of a few students 
as it does on the co-operation of all.- 

Centrally located in Carr Hall, the 
Co-op offers many benefits to its mem- 
bers. Not only does it serve the 
practical purpose of a lunch room, but 
it presents the opportunity to meet, on 
less formal grounds, both fellow 
students and members of the faculty. 
Accompanied by steaming coffee, 
discussion revolves around topics as 

interesting and varied as the charac- 
ters who patronize this institution. 

The major project of the Board of 
Directors, in addition to their role as 
over-seers, was the "At Home Break- 
fast Party" — the "coup de grace" of 
the At Home weekend. A dedicated 
and able crew spent a month of long 
and busy days and longer and busier 
nights in preparation for this event. 
By the night of the dance the Co-op 
was garbed in the beauty of a tropical 
paradise. Sufficient credit and praise 
can not be given to those who con- 
tributed so much of their time to make 
the evening a success. 

Positions held for the year 1959-60 
were as follows: Nina Frosell, Presi- 
dent; Mel Brandon, Vice - President; 
Dexter Gormley, Treasurer; Mary 
Jane Norris, Secretary; Richard 
Napoli, Manager. 



studying almost 
painless here 

The Co-op achieves the best compromise between academic, 
social and truly economical living. Now boasting seven houses and 
150 members of all nationalities, it exemplifies a successful attempt 
to run a student residence by democratic and co-operative methods. 
The executive powers in the residence rest with a Board of Directors, 
which is elected from among the members by the members. 

Everyone in the Co-op loves to work! At least they don't mind it, 
since the economy accommodation at the Co-op is made possible 
principally because of the work hours which the members them- 
selves put in, to operate the organization. This three or four hours 
each week could involve anything from being general manager to 
washing dishes. 

Lots of fun. too — parties, house shows, and bull-sessions at 
coffee time are all part of life as a Co-op member. There are informal 
discussions about anything and everything, formal debates and 
studying . . . studying . . . studying. 




The Toronto SCM sponsored an extensive pro- 
gram of study and worship in the '59 - '60 academic 
year. The fall program commenced with the "Pro- 
phetic Profiles" series of lectures, a series that 
has proved extremely popular with the undergra- 
duates. Professor E. L. Fackenheim began with 
"Kierkegaard", followed by Professor W. O. Fennell 
on "Barth", and Rev. R. W. Miller, SCM Book 
Steward on "Camus". The fourth address, entitled 
"Dewey", was given by Professor A. F. Skinner of 
O.C.E., and the series finished with Professor W. 
H. Dray's lecture, "Toynbee". 

A mysterious newcomer to the SCM program 
this year was an esoteric group which met under 
the guidance of Professor John Coleman and called 
themselves "Seminar I". This is a vigorous program 
of study and discussion for sophomores who wish 
to prepare themselves for Christian leadership. 
The word is that these hardy folk were even asked 
to prepare seminar papers! 

The focal point of the year was the World 
Student Christian Federation Conference held in 
Athens, Ohio. Thirty students from the University 
of Toronto attended the five-day Conference at 
Christmas time, and returned from the experience 
with a new perspective on the task of the Church 
in a changing world. The Conference was prefaced 
by study groups held in different parts of the 
University, and attended by many who did not go 
to Athens. The 30 University of Toronto delegates 
were representative of most of the Christian groups 
on campus. The delegates spent five glorious days 
in the luxurious institutions of Ohio University. 

SCM Bible Study 

They met and talked with nearly four thousand 
other students on such themes as "Racial Tensions" 
and "Technological Upheaval". When it was all 
over they returned and continued to talk about the 
Conference for weeks afterwards. The Conference 
was followed up by a study group on "Politics and 

The SCM is conscious of the changing circum- 
stances of Christian work on the campus. In the 
past the SCM has been the medium through which 
the Protestant Confessional groups have carried 
out their work on campus. In accordance with this 
aim it has never allowed itself to become just 
another campus organization, but has sought t(N 
represent the work of the whole Cathohc Church. 

It is now the custom for Confessional groups to 
appoint their own chaplains for the purpose of 
counselling and organization. This has meant some 
duplication in program. However, in an attempt to 
obviate this problem, discussions have been initi- 
ated with one of the denominational chaplaincies 
which, it is hoped, will lead to some sort of organi- 
zational union. In the coming years the Student 
Christian Movement hopes to continue to contri- 
bute to student christian life on the campus. 


Coflfee break 
at the 

Dr. Masumi To.vHtomc 

and some of tho VCF 

Mission Committee 

A friendly Kel-toKetlier 

V.C.F. Fall Conference 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 

The Varsity Christian Fellowship participates in an international 
organization with an eighty-year old history of Christian student work. At 
present it not only has chapters on approximately 500 campuses of North 
America, but also in over twenty foreign countries. V.C.F. exists as proof to 
the academic world that university students can believe in, and practise 
Christianity as set forth in the New Testament and yet remain intellectually 

To this end a wide spectrum of activity is sponsored, from pleasant 
summer camps to joint-stiffening ski-weekends, through well-organized 
University Missions down to the humble faculty noon-hour Bible discussion 

The traditional Campus Christmas Carolling was supported by a group 
of stalwart rain-coated nightingales and bull-frogs, ending up at Hart House 
for hot chocolate and a concert of Christmas music by members of the 
Faculty of Music. International Students were the guests of Mrs. Betty 
Madsen for Thanksgiving Day and the Christmas holidays, at Cherry Hill 
Farm. A ski-weekend at Collingwood provided members and friends with an 
opportunity to enjoy the snowy slopes of the Blue Mountains, as well as to 
consider the personal relevance of Christianity. 

Of particular note on the campus this fall was the much-discussed 
"Mission in the University". Noon hour lectures attempted to give a con- 
sistent, reasonable defense of the group's Evangelical approach. Topics 
ranged from "The Psycho-dynamics of Jesus Christ" to "Protestantism and 
Modern Canadian Thought". The main missioner. Dr. Masumi Toyotome 
spoke at Convention Hall about the problem that students face. He pointed 
out that these personal problems could be resolved by intelligent faith in the 
living Christ. 

The Mission proper was followed during the remainder of the year by 
a series of challenging lectures. \'isiting professors included: Dr. F. Ihlir, 
Professor of Sociology. Dalhousie University. Dr. J. N. D. Anderson, Professor 
of Oriental Law. University of London and Dr. Stanford Reid, Professor of 
History, McGill University. 


^f f f f » ^- -f » f 

BACK ROW: Chuck Freedman, Charlotte Grafstein, Joyce Pearl, Jay Waterman, Linda Silver, Jerry Cooper, Ann Dale, Arnold Epstein. 
FRONT: Morry Blumenfeld, Rosalie Evans, Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerling, Lucy Shiftman, Shaya Izenberg. 

ABSENT: Emile Aufgang, William Brown, Eddy Goldfarb, Herb Abromov/itz, Ken Wyman, Jerry Caplan, Judy Leve, Sandy Zimmerman, 
Gilda Mitchell, Arlene Glickman, Jerry Shime, David Stein, Jack Fames, Michael Rasminsky, Joe Goldenberg, Stephen Lewis, Moishe 
Reiter, Danny Rotenberg, Fred Zemans, Lois Mitchell, Judy Lazonik, Joyce Leibach. 

B'nai Brith Hillel Foundation 

The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at the University of Toronto is part 
of a national organization devoted to cultural, religious and counseling 
services among Jewish students at Canadian and American universities. It 
is represented on more than 200 campuses. 

The Hillel Foundation seeks to weld the Jewish student body into a 
true community conscious of its religious and cultural heritage. It promotes 
inter-religious understanding and is vitally interested in inter-group 

The highlights of the 1959-60 season were addresses by Dr. Samuel 
Atlas, Prof, of Philosophy and Talmud, Hebrew Union College-Jewish 
Institute of Religion, Dr. A. Altmann, Prof, of Jewish Philosophy and 
Mysticism, Brandeis University, Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig, Prof, of Jewish 
History, Yeshiva University, Dr. Abraham G. Duker, President of The 
College of Jewish Studies in Chicago, Dr. Frank Scott, Faculty of Law, McGill 
University. The All-University Jewish Religious Service of Worship was held 
on Sunday morning, January 17, in the Great Hall of Hart House. Rabbi 
Emanuel Rackman, Prof, of Political and Social Philosophy, Yeshiva 
University was the preacher. The Hillel Area Institute and Conference was 
held in Toronto from February 4 to 7. One hundred and thirty students 
representing many universities attended. Dr. Israel Knox. Prof, of Philo- 
sophy, New York University was the guest lecturer. 

Students and guest lecturers participated in the Sabbath eve programs. 
Rabbi Aaron M. Kamerhng, Director of Hillel, conducted his classes on 
Tuesdays on the subject "Jewish Ethics and Moral Philosophy". Many distin- 
guished professors of the University of Toronto appeared on the Hillel 
Noon-Hour Series held at University College. 



BACK ROW: Giinler Schunk, Doug Lennox, Glen 


FRONT: Rev. D. R. MacKillican, Blake Walker, 

Marilyn Rosevear, Eleanor Brabazon, Reid 


The Presbyterian Fellowship was organized in the belief that the 
strength of the Presbyterian Church in the future will depend to a large 
degree on the leadership provided by its university graduates. It exists to 
fulfil a threefold function: to bring students together for the purpose of 
knowing each other as Presbyterians and to establish a living fellowship 
between students; to bring a knowledge of the Presbyterian Church, its 
government, theology and character to the students; and to find a place in 
the unity and life of The Church. The 1959-60 Chairman is Douglas Lennox. 

Christian Science Organization 

The Christian Science Organization was formed to 
unite Christian Scientists on the campus in the closer 
bonds of Christian fellowship and to help all inter- 
ested students learn the teachings of Christian 
Science. Meetings, open to all university students, 
are held twice a month, at which selections are read 
from the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to 
the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Students also 
have the opportunity to share their experiences in the 
practical application of Christian Science. 

Each year in the fall, the Organization sponsors 
a lecture on Christian Science. This year's lecture, 
held at Victoria College in the Wymilwood Student's 
Union, was entitled "Christian Science: Healing 
Science of the Christ." 

BACK ROW: Doug Bryden (Pres.), Dave Carruthers (Treas.), Alan 


FRONT: Lloyd Beckly, Kerby McDivitt, Dave Spendlove. 


Open House at ■Friendly Relations with overseas Students". 


African students join in discussion. 

FROS, located at 3 Willcocks Street serves 
as an International Student Centre on Campus. 
There are over 700 overseas students from 60 
countries at the University of Toronto and of 
these, 600 have come to know FROS. For many 
students, both overseas and Canadian, FROS is a 
favorite place to visit for coffee and discussion at 
noon-hour. This year, FROS was the head- 
quarters for the United Nations Club, the Inter- 
national Students' Organization and many other 
student groups. 

The monthly Open House provided an in- 
formal social occasion for the meeting of stu- 
dents, both Canadian and overseas, with pro- 
fessors and friends both on and off the Campus. 
Dropping in on Saturday nights at FROS has 
also become a habit with many students. Each 
week the accent is on a different country, and 
students have proved to be expert in introducing 
the members to favorite foods from their home- 

All students are welcome at FROS — where 
the office and common rooms are open daily, 
from nine to five p.m., Monday through Friday. 

All students are welcome in the FROS common room. 

I i ' 











Polish Students' Club 

The P.S.C. endeavours to promote unity among students 
of Polish origin by means of cultural and social activities. 

This summer, several excursions were made to beaches 
in the Georgian Bay region, and to the lake country near 
Barry's Bay, where a large Polish (Cashubian) settlement 
exists. A memorable day was also spent at the Stratford 
Shakespearean Festival. 

A portion of each general meeting is reserved for cultural 
activities. This year, the members heard Dr. Luckyj of the 
Slavic Department talk on aspects of contemporary Polish 
literature while Mr. J. Sulma lectured on Polish folk culture. 
An exhibit was arranged to mark the 150th anniversary of 
the birth of the great poet, Juliusz Slowacki. Another exhibit 
was planned in honour of the Polish composer, Fryderyk 
Chopin. The P.S.C. actively participated in the International 
Students' Festival where it presented an exhibit displaying 
Poland's history, an exhibition of Polish paintings from the 
Romantic era and a Chopin recital. 

The annual Students' Ball in November honoured the 
graduating members. The Master of Ceremonies was a former 
club president, Dr. S. Haidasz, Ex-Member of Parliament. 

The P.S.C. grads. 1960. 

The Executive plans a May ex- 
cursion lo Alliance College, 


'\f *> 

* -f 


Out of the 130 U. of T. students of Estonian origin, 
about 80 are members of the 'Eesti Uliopilaskond 
Torontos' or EUT, formed in 1949. The Association 
also has four honorary members who are members of 
the teaching staff. 

The purpose of EUT is to keep Estonian students 
aware of their unique cultural and linguistic heritage 
and to provide fun in congenial surroundings. Contact 
is maintained with similar groups on three continents 
by occasional visits and a common periodical, the 
'Alma Mater'. 

This year, EUT organized a series of nine lectures 
and debates, ranging from serious topics, such as 
'The Causes of World War I' to the more humorous 
topic, 'Resolved that university students should not 
date'. This last motion, of course was defeated; con- 
sequently, EUT sponsored various social events, 
culminating in the huge and successful New Year's 
Ball for the Estonian Community. This traditional 
New Year's Ball was a landmark in the history of 
EUT, for it marked the tenth anniversary of the 
organization. A thousand gay and festive people 
packed the Palace Pier, to aid in the celebration. 

Besides the Ball, there were other social events. 
The last day of the fall term ended with a bang, for 
on that night the 'Night of the Capricorn' Dance was 

held, so that memories of recent exams and tests 
might sink into oblivion. A winter outing to Lake 
Simcoe involved skiing, 'sauna' for the more hardy, 
singing by the fire-side and some unrecorded hi-jinks. 
A getting- acquainted party for present fifth-formers, 
who might be potential freshies ended the year's 
social activities. 

In the past EUT has helped to finance at least part 
of the education of many of its members in the form 
of loans, and awards and a $500 scholarship for 
advanced studies in Fintand. 

EUT also participated in the International Stu- 
dents' Festival. 



West Indian Students' 


The West Indian Students' Association is the 
largest foreign student organization on campus. Its 
membership, the fruits of a spirit which was engen- 
dered and developed in organizations of this nature 
in all the great centres of learning in the Western 
World, is drawn from the recently federated terri- 
tories of the Caribbean. While the Association does 
not aspire to be a distinctly "national" group, it 
nevertheless, tries to keep the West Indian on campus 
informed of recent developments at home and en- 
courages him to assess these developments in the 
light of his experience here. 

The more general aims of the Association include 
the desire to foster on the campus an awareness of 
and interest in the West Indian cultural heritage and 
way of life. Its program of events includes debates 
and discussions, dances and the entertainment of 
West Indian officials visiting the city of Toronto. 
Among the distinguished visitors recently entertained 
by this Association were Sir Grantley Adams, First 
Prime Minister of the new Federation of the West 
Indies, Mr. John Mordecai, Federal Executive Secre- 
tary, and Mr. Hugh Springer, Registrar of the Uni- 
versity College of the West Indies. 

Associate membership which is open to anyone 
interested, permits full participation in the Associa- 
tion's activities. 

BACK ROW: Owen Jefferson, Robert Morris, 
Selwyn Ryan, Adrian Bryan. 
FRONT: Phyllis Mensah, Helen Pyne. 









David Crane 


Murray Corlett 

John Boundy 

Pat Wooton 

Jerry Collins 

Bill Graham 

Robin Beamish 


Hart Rossman 

"Viewpoint" Editor 

Toivo Mil] an 

U. of T. students discuss politics with Minister 
of Justice Fulton at the P.C. Student Federa- 
tion Conference in Ottawa. 

The Progressive Conservative Club expe- 
rienced another successful year at the Uni- 
versity. Under the presidency of David Crane, 
assisted by a hard-working executive, the club 
more than doubled last year's membership, 
held a record number of meetings, conduc- 
ted a successful Caledon Conference, attended 
the PCSF National Seminar Conference in 
Ottawa, and participated in the Model Parlia- 

A busload of U. of T. students attended 
the national conference of the PCSF in early 
February. This national student conference 

held in Ottawa turned out to be the largest 
student political gathering in the history of 
Canada. The entire Cabinet was subjected to 
a barrage of questions, criticisms and sugges- 
tions. Seminars were held and discussions 
took place on many different aspects of 
government policy. One of the highlights of 
the conference was a dinner with Prime 
Minister Diefenbaker as the guest speaker. 
Two U. of T. students were elected to the 
national executive: Gordon Ross was elected 
as secretary-treasurer and David Crane 
became the new national editor. Bob Amaron 
of McGill was elected president. 


Christa Goolkc. Georjje Alex- 
iiiider and Bovi'ili-v Saiiunon 
fool (jiiilo at homo with the 
Diofonhakors during the 
Ottawa Conference. 

At a large rally, attended by Hon. George 
Hees, University Conservatives elected Murray 
Corlett as their parliamentary leader. Under 
his dynamic leadership the Conservative Club 
campaigned vigorously but, for the first time 
in five years, came second instead of first. 
Although disappointed at not winning, the 
Conservatives took an active part in the 
Model Parliament and formed a strong, criti- 
cal, and responsible opposition. 

Among the speakers appearing at Con- 
servative Club meetings this year were Fred 
Stinson M.P., Hon. George Hees, Minister of 
Transport, Egan Chambers M.P., parliamen- 
tary secretary to the Minister of National 
Defence, Frank McGee M.P.. Dr. John Kuche- 
repa M.P., Arthur Maloney M.P., John Pallett 
M.P., parliamentary secretary to the Minister 
of Trade and Commerce, and Paul Martineau 
MP., parliamentary secretary to the Prime 

For the third successive year, the Conser- 
vative Club held a weekend conference at the 
University farm at Caledon Hills. Chairman 
for the organization of the conference was 
Jerry Collins. Over 60 students participated 
in the conference. Among those present were 
Hon. James Allen, the Provincial Treasurer, 
Milan Jakubec, Toronto New Canadian leader. 
Heath McQuarrie M.P., Walter Dinsdale M.P., 
Professor Donald Creighton. and John 
Trimble. Ontario Y.P.C. President. Using the 
seminar system of the University of Toronto, 
discussions groups covered such fields as 
Communism, Canadian defence policy, inter- 
national politics and Canadian history. 

Hart Rosen and Morgan Harris 
chat with Prime Minister Diefen- 


N. V. Schwartz, Treasurer; R. D. McKee, President; D. Brewer, Vice-President 

The University Chemical Club is an 
organization of 85 members, which 
meets regularly throughout the year 
to hear lectures on scientific topics. 
Among those who spoke this year 
were; Drs. R. N. Jones and H. J. Bern- 
stein of the National Research Coun- 
cil and Drs. W. H. Rapson, M. J. 
Dignam, B. F. Crocker and D. B. 
DeLury of the University of Toronto 

However club activities were not 
confined to lectures alone. Forty-five 
members of the Chemical Club enjoyed 
a weekend field trip to the National 
Research Council in Ottawa. The 
annual Grads. vs. Undergrads. football 
game was held in November and was 
won hands down by by the Under- 
grads. The forty-first annual banquet 
was held on Friday, February 19 at the 
Old Mill with approximately 100 
members and their guests in atten- 




Dr. B. F. Crocker a 
meeting at 
Hart House. 


Future Chemists listen attentively t« 
explanation of e(|iiipment at the National 
Keseai't-h Couiu-il, ()ttawa. 

Undcrgrads smear Grads 
in a lively f«)othall game. 

C.C.F. Club 

Without making any existential commitment, it is fair to say that any campus club 
really is what it has done. The active nature of the C.C.F. Club has been created by the 
hard work of its members. Last year, the club sponsored: 

— SEMINAR ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, broken down into four panels on 
Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Bomb, composed of professors, students, and experts on 
foreign affairs. 

— PANEL ON THE ARTS IN CANADA, in Vic, composed of poets Jay Macpherson, 
and Frank Scott, the editor of the Toronto Quarterly, Douglas Grant, and moderated by 
Prof. Hugo McPherson, well-known radio critic. 

— DISCUSSION GROUPS beyond count, led by an assortment of lawyers, politicians, 
professors, union officials, and others. 

— FIVE MAJOR SPEAKERS, on important subjects, including Donald MacDonald, 
MPP, E. B. JoUiffe, past leader of the C.C.F. opposition, Stanley Knowles, Vice-President of 
the C.L.C., Frank Scott, Q.C., Canada's foremost constitutional expert, and David Lewis, 
national president of the C.C.F. The attendance rose steadily from 90 to 220, which must 
prove something. 

— DELEGATES to the annual Provincial Convention, the Provincial Council, and the 
Toronto and District Council. 

— ELECTION CAMPAIGN, preceded by two months of discussion which created the 
C.C.F. program in booklet form. It included an important section on the problems of the 
mass society. The C.C.F. won, taking 8 of the 14 polls. 

— MODEL PARLIAMENT LEGISLATION, carrying out economic and foreign affairs 
policy, and extending aid to the arts. A non-C.C.F. Varsity reporter stated: "In every session 
it was remarkable how few constructive statements come from the opposition benches. 
Time and time again the Liberal and Conservative members stood up and reeled off lists 
of clever names for the CCFers, such as "political beatniks" and "pseudo-moralists". The 
CCF offered politcal philosophy. The opposition offered insults. 

— PARTIES. Political Parties are not the only kind. The C.C.F. Club did its best to 
maintain the difference. 

a ' "" 





t ^ 


i^ } 

f 1^ 









r ^1 



f ^ 



^id %1 



r f 



H ^ 



T r 



SSS*^ . --^^ 

*: '- 







BACK ROW: Penny Paisley (Treas.), Judy Jackson (1st yr. 

Rep.), Pat Reid (1st yr. Rep.), Fiona Williams (3rd yr. Rep.), 

Ann Seggworth (2nd yr. Rep.). 

FRONT: Marilyn Daly (Sec), Mrs. Kathryn Gates (Pres.), 

Mrs. Dorothy Hellebust (Staff Advisor), Janet Gray 


An initiation at Caledon Farm set the fall term off to a 
good start for the Household Economics Club. The Freshie 
Tea which provided an opportunity for the girls of first year 
and their mothers to meet staff and students soon followed. 
The fall money-raising project was a most successful home- 
baking sale. The Household Economics Building took on an 
oriental look for the annual formal held on January 15, 1960. 
A Speaker's Night in March brought the '59 - '60 activities 
of the Household Economics Club to a successful close. 


This year the club had eight exciting 
meetings (that's an average of one every three 
weeks), including movies, lectures, and stu- 
dent discussions. The club began the year with 
a movie, "The High Arctic-Life on the Land", 
followed by a lecture on "Radiation Biology" 
by Dr. G. M. Clark. Other meetings included 
a show of beautiful nature slides by Mrs. Mary 
Ferguson, A.P.S.A., a student discussion on 
summer jobs, and a film "Quetico". 

Just before Christmas a party was held; 
the refreshments included fried grasshoppers, 
bees, and a smoked eel for the braver 

The new year began with a talk on "The 
recording of bird songs" by Dr. William 
Grenn, then a lecture by Dr. D. G. Baker on 
"Radiation of the Whale Animal". Dr. Nancy 
Simpson and her assistant Dr. Chang spoke to 
the club about "Human Genetics", and the 
following Thursday the members went on a 
tour of the Biology department at the Hospital 
for Sick Children. 

At the final meeting, a student discussion 
on the subject of "Food From the Sea" was 
held, and the executive for the year 1960-61 
was held. 

BACK ROW: Terry Shaw (Vice-Pres.), George McLaren, 
John Heddle (Pres.), Hartwig Fischer, Mike Shaw. 
FRONT: Nora Young, Frances Ruttan (Sec. -Treas.), Mall 
Toots, Gail Adams. 


Geographer in a jam ! 

The opening meeting of the Geography Club, 
conducted by president, Sandra Bearance, fea- 
tured an excellent new film on Canada's Arctic. 
This was a successful 'get-aquainted' meeting 
and many exchanges were made over coffee and 

Other occasions for relaxation and fun were 
provided by a wiener roast in Hamilton with 
McMaster's Geography Club, and a Christmas 
party in December. 

Discussions on a variety of topics, led by 
experts in their fields were held as well. On 
field trips perhaps the ideal was reached — 
academic investigation coupled with hearty fun. 


How would this spot be for a park ? 

Soil study: is the "good earth" good ? 


Flying Club 

New horizons were explored by the flying club 
this year. For the first time in the club's history, a 
group of members visited a large flying club at 
Cornell. A return visit is expected this summer. 

Each year the club makes arrangements with some 
local aircraft rental firm for the use of aircraft, at 
reduced rates, for club activities. During the past few 

years, Central Airways on Toronto Island has been 
awarded the contract. 

As usual the club renewed its contract with 
Central Airways for reduced rates on aircraft rentals. 
This contract expires shortly after the beginning of 
the next term and is valid all summer long. A new 
aircraft rental company has sprung up on the Toronto 
Island Airport which is willing to negotiate with the 
club for next year's contract. As yet there has not 
been much consideration given to a new contract. 
However, Bill Kirkland, the president for 1960-61, is 
well qualified and will attend to the new contract 
early next fall. 


canoeing in Algonquin . . . 

. tenting(?) at Caledon 


Although only three years old, the U. of T. Outing 
Club has made itself well-known across campus 
through its ambitious and varied activities. This club, 
open to any student or staff member of the University, 
is affiliated with lOCA, an international organization 
of Outing Clubbers from other universities and 
colleges in Canada and the United States. 

The year's activities opened with a weekend of 
camping, orienteering, and dancing at Caledon Hills 
Farm, followed by a canoe trip to Algonquin Park, 
just in time for the first snow of the season. Later in 
the fall, a hardy group of climbers, experts and green 
horns alike, camped in sub-freezing temperatures in 
the Blue Mountains near Collingwood for the sole 
purpose of climbing up and down a 100-foot cliff. 

During the Christmas vacation, two car loads of 
Outing Clubbers made the annual journey to the 
Winter Mountaineering School in the Adirondacks. 
They enjoyed a week of snow-shoeing, ice-climbing, 
and skiing at Whiteface. After Christmas, skiing took 
over the spotlight with weekend trips to Collingwood, 
the Laurentians, and the Yale Sno-Ski in Vermont. 
In the Laurentians, the Torontonians were guests of 
the McGill Outing Club. The trip to the Yale winter 
carnival proved to be the high point of the year when 

Lots of snow for the 
Laurenlian skiers. 

Blue Mountain clifTs 
present a challenge. 

Outing Club 

the Toronto skiers, led by Pete Richardson, Mike 
Parrag, and Jane Furness, dominated the ski com- 
petitions against fifteen other lOCA colleges. For the 
novice skiers in the club, two trips were made to Don 
Mills where expert instruction was given by the Ski 
Committee. The final event of the year was a weekend 
of skiing, skating, and studying, well away from the 
confines of Toronto. 

In addition to these major activities, there were 
numerous day-hikes, skating parties, and square 
dances to keep interest alive. And last, of course, the 
monthly general meetings, featuring folk-singing 
and ski-movies. 

. mapping the route 

and skiing in the Laurentians. 

> / 




Ozzie Schmidt (Treas.), Malcolm Martin (Public Relations), Marilyn Cook (Secretary), Bill 
Ede (Pres.), Mitro Makarchuk (Vice-Pres.), Jossph Cruz (Member-af-Large). 




This year has been an active and enjoyable one 
for the UN club. One of the keys to success was the 
ever-present, but not too forceful, hand of organi- 
zation; more important, though, were the contribu- 
tions by the individual members themselves. 

Activities were many: there were several speakers 
throughout the year, the most successful being Mr. 
G. Cadbury, Mr. Bruns Morawetz, and Mr. A. Arou- 
tunian, the Soviet Ambassador to Canada, who spoke 
on Technical Assistance, Temporalism, and the Soviet's 

desire for disarmament, respectively. One of the 
highlights of the year was the annual New York trip 
in November which included: a tour of the awe- 
inspiring UN building; meetings with the Canadian, 
Indian and Soviet delegations to the UN; and a warm 
welcome from Mr. Widdvington, a Canadian second- 
in-command of the Visitors Department. 

In January, the club assisted in the smooth 
running of the Inter-Collegiate UN Model Assembly. 
There the U. of T. delegates to the four-day Univer- 
sity Model UN in Montreal polished up on their 
procedure. The U. of T. represented India and 
Denmark at this Assembly, made up of many North 
American Universities, and in many respects led the 
way. At the close of the Model Assembly, the club 
played a large part in the conference held to orga- 
nize SUNAC, the Student United Nations Association 
in Canada. SUNAC will play a major part in co- 
ordinating the efforts and activities of the campus 
UN clubs across Canada. 

p , i^^^l 















Club members relax on 

the trip to the U.N. in New York. 


Ask any member of the University of Toronto Spate (Mub what 
he thinks of the club and ten to one he will rhyme off the old 
cliche "Ihe sky's the limit". Somehow nothing could be more 

The campus organization, without doubt one of the most unic|ue 
at U. of T., was launched late this fall under hard-driving president 
Burt Morrison, aided by Terry Bourke and Mike Cavanagh. Because 
Morrison was the only one of the three students with rocketry 
experience, he was chosen to spearhead the club. With Morrison 
behind the reins, club membership rose from three to thirty people 
by Christmas. 

Hard-driving Morrison brought a wealth of experience to the 
the Space Club. Previously he had studied transatlantic cable-laying 
techniques in Iowa. Later hard-driving Morrison picked up relative 
fame in rocket circles on both sides of the border because of his 
backyard experiments with 20 and 30 foot missiles. After 53 failures, 
Morrison finally managed to send one 110 feet into the air. After 
this success, he decided to come to U. of T. and take an Arts course. 

Morrison was still haunted with the desire to put a rocket in 
orbit, when he ran across Bourke and Cavanagh. The club was 
born . . . ! 

During the year the club's base of operation was the basement 
of a Bloor St. apartment. There, every Friday afternoon, members 
poured over plans for the projected model rocket — the missile 
the organization intended to build and hurl into space. 

Finally, just before New Years, work on the club's model rocket 
began. But unfortunately the project was never finished. Club 
members tired of the idea, and besides, there was no money and 
time was running out. It was agreed the whole thing should be put 
off until next year, when some new blood would be injected into the 


BACK ROW: V/ayne Tostivan (Staff Consultant), Bill Rudy (2nd Vice-Pres.), Don Hudson (Space 
Law Consultant), Ptiil Fairman (Electrical Specialist), Jack Giles (Mechanical Engineer), Lorry 
Martin (Meteorologist), Terry Bourke (Flight Supervisor), Les Mondich (Communications). 
FRONT: Mike Cavanagh (Publicity), Hal Lendon (Sec), Gord Drewett (1st VIce-Pres.), Burt Morrison 
(Pres.), Rudy Debernltz (3rd VIce-Pres.), John Hayes (4th VIce-Pres.), Fergus Clydesdale (Biologist). 
ABSENT: Peter Stokes (Treas.), Stan Kjlelberg (Chemical Engineer), Peter Welhelmson (Research 
Director), Roger Ewart (Organization), Roman Horban (Photography), Jacques Roberge (Photography). 



Of Toronto 


The Mess Committee 

There's a Summer Training 
Plan for girls too. 


The University of Toronto Squadron is part of a wider 
RCAF program in which Flight Cadets from all parts of 
Canada participate. Under the plans offered by the Air Force, 
the Flight Cadets are guaranteed at least three summers of 
employment. This training complements and expands the 
University knowledge that they have gained in their chosen 
fields. The students learn about the RCAF, its functions and 
its role in defence. Furthermore, the Flight Cadets receive 
training in leadership and discipline which will prove most 
valuable, whether they wish to remain in the Royal Canadian 
Air Force as commissioned officers or to enter into civilian 

Getting familiar with RCAF procedure 


students at the Reserve Officers School. 
St. Jean. P.Q. 

The University of Toronto Squadron consists of approxi- 
mately 150 students who have chosen to train with the RCAF 
during their university years. Entering the Air Force with 
the rank of FUght Cadet, each student selects a branch of the 
service which coincides with his course at university. During 
the summer, he is sent to one of the various RCAF stations 
in Canada and abroad, where he receives instruction and 
experience in his particular field; he may be a pilot or an 
observer, or work in such branches as administration, medi- 
cine, telecommunications, food services or accounting. 

During the school term, the students meet on Thursday 
evenings at the Drill Hall, located at 119 Saint George Street. 
There, under the direction of Wing Commander A. B. Weston 
and his staflf. they hear prominent speakers and see films on 
subjects of current interest. Upon university graduation, the 
students are granted a Queen's Commission as Regular or 
Reserve Officers in the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

This year's activities began early in October with an 
informal get-together at Station Toronto. At the weekly 
parades, members of the Squadron heard such outstanding 
lecturers as Colonel C. P. Stacey, former Director of the 
historical section at Army Headquarters. Dr. C. Baker, 
experimental psychologist from the Defence Research Board 
and Professors Dryer. Eayrs and Skilling of the University of 
Toronto. Topics under consideration included military his- 
tory, engineering psychology. Marxism and current affairs, 
as well as air defence and nuclear survival. A visit to the 
Institute of Aerophysics provided the Flight Cadets with an 
opportunity of observing first-hand, some of the instructional 
and research work being done in this important field. High- 
light of the season's events was the gala Army Air Force 
Ball, held at Hart House on January 22. A Mess Dinner at the 
end of February, terminated the winter training session. 

Army-Air Force Ball 

The Staff 


Nina Indich 

J. Odell 
III S.A.C. Rep. 

J. Little 
IV S.A.C. Rep. 

. E. Collins 

T. Belman 

H. M. Malone 

J. S. Brant 

J. T. Lawrence 


1st Vicc-Pres. 

2nd Vice-Pres. 


Athletic Association 


G. R. Oliver 

R. D. Foster 

M. VVoodside 

M. McQuaid 








J. (;. White 

E. Kovacs 

A. E. Vircin 

A. J. Sininis 

Minint; and 





Under the leadership of a capable execu- 
tive, the men of Skule had another memorable 
year. Freshmen initiation, held at Centre 
Island, began the year's activities. Big social 
event of the fall term was the Cannon Ball, 
where the ballroom was decorated with artistic 
murals composed by the various engineering 
clubs. The Skule At-Home was held in the 
Canadian Room of the Royal York Hotel, 
where music was provided by Len Duke and 
his orchestra. Highlight of the year for the 
graduating class was the Grad Ball, also held 
in the Canadian Room. Entertainment includ- 
ed the famous Canadian folk-singing group 
"The Travellers". 

Skule-Nite 6T0 was a fast-moving, well- 
written production of which all Engineers are 
justly proud. Toike Oike and the Skule Year- 
book continued to provide a running com- 
mentary and a comprehensive resume of life 
at Skule. 

It is worth noting that while Skulemen 
were active in outside activities, they also 
attained scholastic success. Four members of 
the graduation class were awarded Athlone 

H. E. R. Brown 



VV. Teasdale 



S. II. Kilch 



G. Tabisz 
Editor - Toike Oike 

A. Tunner 
Editor - Yearbook 

M. A. Dorfman 
E.A.C. Rep. 

J. Phillips 

nircctor of 

Pub. and Pub. 

R. Millar 



J. I. Fisher 

Dir. of Prof. 


Engineering Debates: D. Higgins, D. Rutenberg, A. SImms, R. Jones. 


With the words "Friends, Engineers and Country- 
men; Lend me your ears", the Engineering Debates 
Club embarked on its most ambitious program in the 
past decade. An attempt was made to hold one debate 
per week this year, and if attendance is a criterion, 
then this idea has met with great success. 

A healthy sign this year is that, although the 
debates which admitted women were well attended, a 
great deal of interest was shown in more serious 
topics. This led to a noticeable improvement in the 
quality of S.P.S. debaters; indeed, several members 
of the Hart House Debating Team also spoke for the 

As in the past, this year saw Debates with Nursing, 
P & OT and Household Science, and the topics ranged 
from Canadian Women lacking passion to a condemn- 
ation of low moral levels on campus. Memorable on 

these occasions were George White's development 
of the "makeout factor" for Household Science girls, 
and Dave Rutenburg's grudging admission that he 
had been dating one of the "immoral" speakers from 
Nursing. On the more serious side of the ledger, 
debates were held with Trinity, as well as several of 
the other faculties. Topics ranged from reUgion. with 
St. Michaels, to Parliament, with the speakers from 

As usual, the value of debating for the engineer 
was pointed up strongly in the fourth year job inter- 
views. Those men who could express themselves 
clearly and logically, those men could sell them- 
selves, were the ones who received the best job offers. 
One of the interviewers commented that a person 
with a background in debating was always valuable, 
for he was used to speaking and thinking on his 
feet, capability of great value in the executive 
positions to which most engineers aspire. Special 
thanks are due to Dave Rutenburg, Vice-Chairman, 
and Ian Middleton, Publicity Director and all those 
who spoke in or attended the debates. 


BACK ROW: B. Wilkinson, L. Schu- 
bery, J. Thomson, D. Foster, G. 
Strachan, M. Wertheimer. 
FRONT: A. Tunner (Editor), Janet 
Chapmen, Marg. Durnin, T. Roberts. 


A. Landsberg, F. Grant, J. Cowan, J. Thomson, G. Tabisz, O. Schmidt, J. Bacon III, G. White, 
R. Manning, I. Middleton. 
ABSENT: J. Lyons, A. Konchewski. 


The only way to give a successful recap of the 
Chemical Engineering Club for 1959-60 is to describe 
the various events that have occurred since last 
September. The Freshman Reception gave the frosh 
their first introduction to life in the smog-filled halls 
of the Wallberg Building. After an afternoon of 
climbing stairs (they learned about the elevator later) 
and poking into labs on the fourth floor, the frosh 
were treated to coff'ee and donuts by the Club. 

At the Fall Dinner meeting in the Oak room of 
Union Station Professor MacElhinney proved to one 
and all that "flying isn't only for the birds". Through- 
out the fall and spring Paul Avis kept the club 
members informed and entertained at the Wednes- 
day Noon-hour meetings. In January, Terry Dawson 
and his beatnik decorators gave everyone a real toast 
at the annual Nursineering stag dance with the School 
of Nursing. 

The Chemicals hke to claim they really won the 
Chariot Race this year as they say the electrons 
should have been disqualified for a no-wheels chariot! 


Congratulations are in order for all first year students 
for their hearty eff"orts. Second year proved that they 
were a hardy crew by edging fourth year by a 7 - 6 
margin in overtime and 3rd year 5 - in the final 
round of the Hockey Tournament. 

The Club has had a great deal of success to date 
and is probably the most active one in the Faculty by 
sheer number of functions alone. The credit for all 
this success is due to the enthusiasm of the Club 
Executive. Paul Avis, Vice-Chairman, organized the 
noon-hour meetings, found speakers for the two 
dinners, and filled in admirably whenever the Chair- 
man wasn't on the job. Sam Bell, Secretary-Treasurer 
kept the club in the black and laughing. Terry 
Dawson, Social Chairman, organized the two dinner 
meetings and "Nursineering". Special thanks are also 
due to the class reps without whom all these eff"orts 
would have been to no avail. 

BACK ROW: B. Fox, W. C.meron, J. 
Coggins, C. West, S. Ross, K. Codling, 
G. Walter, K. Heron. 
FRONT: F. Dawson, S. Bell, E. 
Kovacs, P. Avis, T. Betty. 


BACK ROW: C. Wong, D. G. Robertson, M. Horn, R. Ballantyne, G. Powell, J. Sherk, K. Sparks, 
P. Higgins. 

FRONT: K. Shikaze (Honorary Chairman), Prof. B. J. Haynes (Chairman), R. D. Foster (Sec.-Treas.), 
G. Cornwall. 




The Civil Club is one of the federated Clubs of the Engineering Society 
and consists of all undergraduates in Civil Engineering. Once again it 
provided extracurricular activities of interest to Civil Students. Technical 
films and lectures by various speakers, together with the annual Civil Dance 
and Dinner, enabled students of the four years to become acquainted I crib- 
wise) and to obtain a broader understanding of Civil Engineers and their 

The Class Reps, who formed the Club's Executive, put forth a real effort 
on behalf of their class mates — they announced, collected, decorated, 
financed and even skipped lectures to see that the Civil students' interests 
were well represented. 

The Club began its 1959 - 60 session by giving the Civil Freshmen a 
somewhat rapid introduction to the campus through Lab tours, coffee at 
Hart House, and wanderings through the Library. Four full hours and a total 
of seven films such as "The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge", "Blast- 
ing Methods at Niagara", and "Steel Erection" enabled the students to 
become familiar with Civil work. 

The two general meetings held this year were both successful due to the 
interesting subjects presented by very capable and entertaining speakers 
(not to mention the abundance of coffee and donuts). 

The Civil Club Dance, an informal evening, held once again at the 
Embassy Club, turned out to be one of the best parties ever enjoyed by 
Civil Students, surpassed only by those of Survey Camp origin. 

The Club Dinner, held towards the end of February, brought the Club's 
activities for 1959-60 to a fitting conclusion with a fine meal and appetizers, 
the presentation of fourth year thesis papers and the introduction of next 
year's Civil Club Chairman. 




The boys and a girl who organize the three 
hundred and sixty members kept the Electrical Club 
rolling for another successful year. 

The annual P'all Brawl brought a large turnout 
from third and fourth year (the rest were a wee bit 
timid) to the Embassy Club. With staff and students 
mingling on the dance floor, who could say that this 
did not prove an excellent way for classmates to get 
to know one another. 

The smoker held during the second term brought 
the drinkers (hard and soft) to the card tables of the 
48th Highlanders Club cellar. That is the only room 
Engineers may rent, although they are fighting for 
billiard room rights. 

The inter-class basketball and hockey games 
brought amateurs and pros of all years into combat 
for the G. F. Tracy trophy without serious conse- 

The significant event of the year was the uniting 
of the local branches of the American Institute of 
Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engi- 
neers with the Electrical Club. 

Although co-operation has been good it was 
generally agreed that professional talks arranged for 
the Friday morning meetings would attract greater 
interest in both the Electrical Club and the A.I.E.E. 
and I.R.E. 

The extroverts of the engineering course con- 
tributed much time and talent to many campus affairs. 
Skule Nite, the Grad Ball, The Cannon Ball, the 
Chariot Race, the Devonshire and WycUffe affairs and 
many other events. As the new executive begin to 
plan for 6T1 let all engineers contribute to their 
success by giving them their hearty support. 

As 1960 comes to a close, Club members can look 
back on another busy "industrious" year. The fall term 
saw the notorious, glorious, Mechanical-Engineer- 
ing Business Dance held at the Boulevard Club All 
those present were assured of an exciting time. Also 
in the fall term, each of the classes, except first year, 
used the time allowed by the school to go on field 
trips. Needless to say, the companies visited will never 
be the same. Especially memorable was the fourth 
year trip to Montreal from which some of the fourth 
year students still have not recovered. 

At the beginning of the spring term, the annual 
Engineering Business Hockey Tournament was held 
at Varsity Arena. Players met before the contests to 
quaff a few ginger ALES and then proceeded to the 
arena for the tilts between fourth and second years, 
and third and first years. The winners of these two 
matches, third and fourth years, then met in a 
resounding finale. Somehow, the third year team won! 

The annual dinner was held this year at the Chez 
Paree on March 5th. Dr. W. Line of the Psychology 
Department was the guest speaker. The large turnout 
was perhaps, the result of the announcement that a 
bar would be set up. 

With the close of 6T0, came the graduation of the 
final year of Engineering Business. Next year will see 
the birth of a new Club, the Industrial Club. Skule 
spirit will continue high and her traditions will be 
carried on. 

The 6T0 Club Executive consisting of Bob Allan 
first year Rep, Chris Chapman, second year Rep, John 
Cowan, third year, Dan Brunt fourth year and Jim 
Beatty, secretary-treasurer. They did an excellent job. 

Electrical Club: L. Weaver, J. Brooks, G. McKay, Avert Reid, E. 
Ashworth, A. Virgin, B. Taras, B. Tannock, L. Wilson, T. Hogenkamp. 



BACK ROW: P. Le Flair, B. Smith, E. Brandon, G. Bragg. 
FRONT: D. Stemp, H. Weikinger, G. Oliver, D. Lunk, B. Johnson. 

Early in the term the Mechanical Club held its 
Fall Dance at the Boulevard Club. Over one hundred 
couples turned out to make the evening a success. 
Prizes of theatre tickets, chicken dinners, records, 
and goldfish v^^ere given out for spot dances. Class 
parties were popular, with first year having a coffee 
party before the dance, while third and fourth years 
had parties arranged for later in the evening. Several 
members of the staff attended. 

Next on the social hst was the Cannon Ball. Third 
year was commissioned to construct a poster for the 
Mechanical Club's entry in the Inter-course contest. 
Third year students obtained photographs of many 
of the Professors of Mechanical Engineering. Cutting 
out the heads and drawing bodies underneath, a 
sattelite appeared containing Profs. Hooper and 
Hughes about to go into orbit. Other staff members 
were busy on the launching pad helping to get these 
two off. The poster was a hit, winning first prize at 
the Cannon Ball, and was presented to the staff of 
Mechanical Engineering. 

A series of noon hour movies and speakers were 
presented during the year on subjects ranging from 
"Grand Prix" to "Mechanical Engineers at Du Pont". 
The Mechanical Club, the ASME and the SAE Clubs 
co-operated in arranging these meetings. 

In an attempt to cut down the 30 per cent failure 
rate in first year, the fourth year students tutored 
first year, one night a week. 

A smoker was held early in February at the 
National Yacht Club. Representatives from industry, 

sales, research, and law including Mr. C. Millar, Mr. 
C. Restic, Mr. B. Adams were on hand as well as 
several professors from Mechanical Engineering, 
Professor Hughes, Dr. Jones, Mr. D. Clough and a 
large collection of Mechanical students. The panel, 
moderated by Dick Baker, was supposed to discuss 
the usefulness of postgraduate studies. In fact, many 
aspects of postgrad studies were discussed but the 
most heated conversation errupted with student 
questions regarding company training plans (abso- 
lutely worthless); practical experience (it's getting 
tougher); owning one's business (try it! It's worth- 
while even if it fails); large companies vs. small 
companies (small companies offer better opportun- 
ities). The meeting continued to midnight with 
students and the panel warming to the questions. 
Coffee and sandwiches were supplied by the Yacht 
Club and the cash register at the bar tinkled a happy 
tune all night. This was certainly a most successful 
general meeting and it is hoped it will be repeated 
next year. 

Last year, the Mechanical entry in the Chariot 
Race came in a close second, very nearly scoring an 
upset over the favourites. First and second year 
Mechanicals were commissioned early in the term to 
"construct a chariot", and they certainly did. It was a 
masterpiece of welded angle-iron and old car parts 
and it was the only chariot to finish the race still in 
one piece. However the judges' decision awarded the 
pot to an entry with no wheels and no rider, both 
violations of the laws of Chariot Racing. 





BACK ROW: H. Jackman, J. Micucci, A. Kudo, B. Bailey, P. Inksetter, 

J. Reid, O. Muir, W. Nellems, P. Long. 

FRONT: L. Morris, J. White, Prof. S. E. Wolfe, B Carter. 

Back in the fall of 1959, the M & M club prepared 
for another big year. A few geologists never made it 
back from the bush, and several members are still 
recovering from the survey camp, but, in spite of 
these occupational hazards, a good contingent of 
miners, metallurgists and geologists did return for 
the session. 

The year began with a marvellous spaghetti 
dinner for the executive at the home of Jim White. 
At this meeting plans were laid for the coming year. 
The annual party was held in the fall, and early in the 
New Year the M and M dance took place at the 
Embassy Club. Everyone present agreed that the 
dance was one of the highlights of the social season — 
certainly the best club dance on campus. In addition 
to club activities, the members gave enthusiastic 
support to all Skule functions, with murals at Hart 
House for the Cannon Ball and suites in the Royal 
York for the At - Home. 

The club was particularly active this year on the 
academic side, due to a well-planned and varied pro- 
gram. A series of noon-hour meetings were held in 
the mining building. Almost everyone attended these 
meetings, and they proved interesting and educa- 
tional. So outstanding were they that many Skulemen 
from other courses attended! Several top quality 
speakers addressed the group, and the best films 
available were shown. Rather miraculously, every- 
one who went on the varied field trips eventually 
returned to classes. 

An ore cart of advanced design and construction 
was constructed in secret for the chariot race. The 
climax of the year came with the M and M dinner. At 
that time the ancient tradition of presenting a rare 
volume to one of the club libraries, was revived. 

Looking back on the year, the members of the 
executive all feel happy to have received such support 
from an active and enthusiastic gang of rock pickers. 





BACK ROW: P. W. Tyson, W. van Iterson, B. Cornwall. 

FOURTH: C. Young, J. Earnshaw, F. Kapron. 

THIRD: M. Wertheimer, N. Swann. 

SECOND: M. Woodside, R. Jones, F. Szandtner. 

FRONT: S. Yagar, D. Carlisle. 

ABSENT: A. Jacobs, B. Roden, R. Taborek, J. Corbett. 

The Engineering Physics Club took its collective 
nose out of its studies long enough this year to chalk 
up some outstanding events. 

Things got started with a mammoth wiener roast 
at Henry Noble's farm. The formula: lots of food and 
a drink + lots of people (half girls) + full moon = 
fun, was demonstrated to the accompaniment of a 
determined seven and a half-piece orchestra and loud 
singing. Soon after this the fourth year went on a five 
day field trip (with many thanks to Janet Chapman), 
touring plants and labs at Chalk River, Ottawa, Mont- 
real, and Quebec City. A corps of special guides, 
notably Jaan Liiva and Stan Fromovitz, showed them 
the sights. 

A packed house heard Mr. D. C. Wallis, from 
Avro Limited, tell of his own experiences in "Missiles 
and Space Flight", and prove once again that first- 
hand information is best. A riotous smoker, where 
second year firmly defeated first year finished acti- 
vities before Christmas. 

St. Andrew's Golf Club was the magnificent 
setting for the "Physical Frolic", where the members 
demonstrated amply the skills they have been learn- 
ing at University. Professor Henderson won the bottle 
of Champagne, alas, but he was generous with it. A 
sing-song led by Profs. Ivey and Fraser, both in fine 
voice, stopped the dance for awhile, and a frantic 
bunny-hop nearly killed the aging, grey-haired fourth 
year men. 

The Engineering Physics Club chariot, driven by 
charioteer Dick Jones, ran into Skulduggery on the 
first turn and placed third in the Engineering Chariot 
Race. The year was finished up in style at the annual 


Commerce Club members visit Ann Arbor. Michigan. 

The Commerce Club 'membership 300' headed by 
dynamic, innovatory executive group (see photo) 
enjoyed many well-attended functions. 

Guests of heir of one-time automogul Henry Ford 
saw us private-planing it down to Ann Arbor (see 
photo) for third annual exchange weekend with ivy- 
leagued, knowledgeable Bus. Ad. crew at University 
of Michigan, discussing "implications of United States 
investment in Canada". Tours of expansive Fordville 
(Dearborn) and Henry Ford Museum, followed by 
well-oiled reception at fashionable Dearborn Inn 
added social touch to exchange of ideas on important 


staff versus student hockey saw honour mantle 
shoulders of hard-skating, victory champagne- 
drinking prof's, (score 4-2). Investment forum, 
luncheon, dances, tours and panel discussion, high- 
dighted by essay competition in honor of silver- 
haired, beloved C. A. Ashley, Department of Political 
Economy head, rounded out year 1959-60 . . . "TIME" 



Emmanuel College 



Never had the Library seen so 
many people but none with academic 
intentions. A place which holds no 
lustre (except when some striking 
co-ed walks by) was wonderfully 
transformed by feminine charm and 
easy - come, easy - go theologs who 
were trying to forget their uncom- 
pleted essays. 



The picture of a real 
happy fellow! He was just 
one of many as the men of 
Bowles-Gandier rolled out 
the carpets to welcome the 
girls of the United Church 
Training School. 



The Five Oaks fellowship, held 
this year during two rainy days in 
October, is fast becoming one of 
Emmanuel's best traditions. It again 
accomplished its purpose with a mini- 
mum of work and sleep, and a maxi- 
mum of food, relaxation and good 

One of the highlights was Professor 
Fennell's amusing and profound pre- 
sentation of his WUS seminar in 



Knox College 


Drumming up a date 


Sociability at the Knox Christmas Party 

School of Nursing 


BACK ROW: Elaine Chepeswick, Barb Harris, Joyce Anderson, Marilee Brown, Marika Malkow, 

Myra Wolinsky, Joanne Jermyn. 

FRONT: Eileen Floyd, J. G. Calkin, Mona Farmer, Dawna Streeter. 

ABSENT: Claire Jephcott, Jean Halet, Judy Addy, Judy Mackay, May Ann Ware, Anne Valin, 

Fran Goodman, Marg McEwen. 



Robert Lee 

Al Hart 

Don Butt 
Pres. 6T0 

Herb Tanzer 
Pres. 6T4 

Frank Lewis 
Pres. 6T2 



David Apper 
Pres. 6T3 

Dr. Jan Van Piagh 

Joy Armstrong 

Clive Chamberlain 
S.A.C. Rep. 

June Clarke 
SAC. Rep. 


In a faculty as large and spread out as the Faculty of Medicine, the 
Medical Society serves a vital function in providing a Unk between the six 
years. It is essential to have some sort of unity between the premedical years 
studying in the arts and science buildings, the first medical year in the 
Anatomy building, and the final years in the various teaching hospitals of the 
city. The Medical Society helps a great deal in developing this feeling of 

The past year has been an active one for the Medical Society. The 
Medical Society Assembly, the governing body of the Society, held bi 
monthly meetings under the direction of the chairman. Dr. Ian van Praagh. 
In the last week of September the official Reception and Orientation cere- 
monies were held for the freshmen of the first premedical year. This threi 
day event included a banquet at Hart House, a dance at the Drill Hall, tour 
of the campus, and concluded with a successful tour of the teaching 

The next important event was the annual Medical extravaganza knowr 
as "Panacea", held at Hart House on October 16. Once again this was 
rather unique evening of entertainment with dancing. Monte Carlo games 
athletic events, and mixed swimming in the Hart House pool. Unfortunately 
the Medsmen were defeated in the athletic events and the prized trophy, th 
"Panacea-Honey-Pot" was presented to the Engineers. 

Early in the fall the members of the Assembly were guests for 
pleasant afternoon and evening at Dean MacFarlane's country home. Afte 
an invigorating walk in the countryside, they were treated to an excellen 

Herman Hujenholtz 
Pres. 6T5 

Gordon Sellery 
Pres. M.A.A. 


I)(»ii Armitage Kiihard Gladstone Ann Marie Catheiwood 

St. K.A.C. Kop. Jr. E.A.C. Rep. M.W.U.A. 

Basil Orchard 
Sr. Camsi Officer 


In the last week of the fall term the annual Medical show "Daffydil" 
was presented at the Hart House Theatre, and many critics commented that 
this was "the best show ever". The production was a book show with an 
outer space theme, in which the Russians attempted to colonize the moon 
by sending up a rocket ship containing their champion female discus thrower 
and the world's most virile man, a Toronto Medical student. 

The Department of Defence of the Medical Society had a surprisingly 
(juiet year with only occasional flare-ups of the traditional Meds - Engi- 
neering wars. In the fall the Skulemen raided the Medical building and 
carried off the replica of the Skule cannon which had been captured by Meds 
the previous year. However, later in the term differences were patched up 
and a pleasant social gathering was held with the Engineering Society 
executive, following one of the Medical Society meetings. 

The annual Medical At-Home held at the Royal York on February 11, 
turned out to be a gala evening. Later in February the Staff-Student Smoker 
took place at Maloney's Art Gallery. The guest speaker was Dr. R. B. Salter, 
who had recently returned from a trip to Africa. 

By no means were all of the Medical Society's efforts directed toward 
social events. The Osier Society held a number of interesting meetings, with 
one particularly informative discussion on socialized medicine. The Medical 
debating team was also quite active. Special efforts were directed towards 
making the Staff-Student Curriculum Committee an active and effective body. 
The appointment of three interested staff members to this committee made 
it possible for the student members to discuss various aspects of the curri- 
culum and suggest changes to the members of the Faculty. 

The medical politicians began campaigning once again early in March, 
and the colourful Medical Society elections took place on March 7. The 
activities of the Society terminated for the year with a joint dinner meeting 
of the incoming and the outgoing Assemblies. 

Lionel Uorfman Joe Bral/ker 

Staff-Student Chmi. Warden: Duncan Room 

Ken Adams 
Public Rel. I)ir. 

Dr. MacFarlane 
Ilonuurary Prcs. 

David Prestone 

Arts & Letters 


Jim Paupst 
Probe Editor 

Peter Dent 

Medical Journal 


Manfred Ilartb 
Daffvdil Chrm. 


Senior Officer 

B. Orchard 

The Canadian Association of Medical Students 
and Internes are experiencing another active and 
successful year, The Local CAMS! Officers at U. of T. 
are Peter Adam, IV Meds, Basil Orchard, III Meds, 
Jean Shkimba, II Meds, and Grant Keeler, I Meds. 

Ihe history and accomplishments of this organi- 
zation are impressive. During its first two years of 
existence, it studied the incidence of tuberculosis 
among medical students, found this very high as 
compared to other groups, and determined the best 
method of combatting it. As a result, CAMSI recom- 
mended annual tuberculin testing and chest X-rays 
for all students. These practices have since become 
routine in all medical schools and universities. 

Another year, on CAMSFs recommendation, the 
university final examinations and the Dominion 
Council Examinations were made one paper. 

The association organized and now runs the Cana- 
dian Interne Placement Service, which "dovetails" 
the preferences of graduates for particular hospitals, 
and of the hospitals for particular graduates, satis- 
fying both the hospitals and the internes. 

CAMSI runs a film service, showing to the student 
body medical films which provide a review for 
students in the clinical course, and clinical interest 
for students in the preclinical course. 

Another service is the Summer Employment 
Survey, which gives information on all summer work 
of a medical nature available to undergraduates in 
this country. 

CAMSI Life Insurance is well-known. It is a group 
plan which gives its members life insurance protection 
at about one-half the usual premium. This is feasible 
only because medical people are a "preferred" or 
low risk group. 

Briefs presented to the Federal Government 
resulted in the granting of income tax concessions to 
all Canadian university students. 

The association has long struggled with the 
problem of interne remuneration. A goal of $150 per 



Junior Officer 

Jeanne Shkimba 

Canadian Internationa 
Placement Service 
Officer — G. Brown 

month plus room and board was stated and approved 
by the National Council. The value of this figure was 
set to allow a student to continue his studies without 
increasing his debts. This has been supported bv the 
Ontario Medical Association and the Canadian Medi- 
cal Association, and some hospitals have agreed to it. 
Others are adamant, and so the work goes on. 

In Toronto this year, the local committee is show- 
ing medical films and providing the Summer Employ- 
ment Service. It is also working on the problem of 
limited interneships, which, effective this year, would 
prevent graduates from going abroad for their junior 
interneship. It is also beginning an instrument 
survey, which sorts the good from the bad medical 
instruments and recommends those which are ade- 
quate and least expensive. Free exam reprints have 
been distributed to all Toronto medical students. 

In the near future, CAMSI expects to increase its 
foreign student exchange program which began last 
year with two foreign students coming to Toronto. 
About ten CAMSI members went to Europe and 
Scandinavia last year. 

CAMSI is one of the most active students organi- 
zations in Canada, and although made up entirely of 
medical students, it has benefited all university 
students across the country. 



CK ROW: Janet Chisholm (Treas.), Sue Canned (Social Convenor), Ann Cuddy (M.W.U.A.A. Pres.), Christina Hanley (Sec), Linda Rapson (1st Pre. Rep.]. 
ONT: June Clarke (S.A.C. Rep.), Dr. P. Hill (Hon. Pres.), Ann-Marie Catherwood (Pres.), Beverley Nelems (Vice-Pres.). 

Medical Women's 




It is interesting to note that the Medical Faculty at the 
University of Toronto is the only one in Canada with a high 
enough enrollment of women (who now comprise more than 
ten per-cent of the faculty) to warrant a separate association 
with representation in the Medical Society and on the S.A.C. 
of the University. 

An innovation this year was the successful General 
Meeting held before the Christmas Party. It was decided that 
this meeting should be made an annual event, the purpose 
being to acquaint the girls with the functions of the Associ- 
ation and to give them an opportunity to voice their sugges- 
tions and criticisms. 

Every woman member of the faculty automatically be- 
comes a member of the M.W.U.A. on registration. The main 
functions of the Association are to provide activities at which 
the girls may get to know one another and to meet and talk 
to women doctors in the city; to cater to the needs of the 
women in medicine including common room accommodation 
and athletics; and to represent them on the S.A.C. 

This year the new girls were welcomed, initiated, and 
treated to a Christmas party. They collected gifts to send to 
the children at the Settlement House, heard Doctors talk on 
their specialities and had a farewell party for the graduating 

Ann-Marie Catherwood was the capable president of the 
M.W.U.A. this year 1959 - 60. 


BACK ROW: Joe Fagan, Michael Wheary, 
Brian Stock. 

FRONT: Sydney Bender, 
Barry Gilbert. 

David Preston, 


This group is composed of one 
member from each of the Premedical 
and Medical years. 

It acts as a liaison between the 
Medical Society Assembly and the 
Debating Club, Music Club, and Osier 
Society and reports to the Medical 
Society Assembly concerning the acti- 
vities of these organizations. 

In addition, the committee sponsors 
the Medical Students' Art and Photo- 
graphy Contest. 

The Medical Debating Society is one of the 
branches of the Medical Arts and Letters Society. 
Its primary function is to provide an opportunity 
for those interested in public speaking to take part 
in debates with other faculties on the campus. 

The first debate of the season was with Victoria 
College. The Vic debaters upheld a resolution 
denouncing the materialism of the medical pro- 
fession. The Medsmen won by a division of the 
house. The second debate was with Trinity College. 
This time the future doctors upheld a resolution 
denouncing mercy-kiUing as legally impractical and 
morally unjustified. Once again the Medsmen won 
their point. 

The Debating Society prepared to battle the 
Engineers in support of a resolution upholding the 
divinity of Medical Students and other debates 
were held with St. Michael's College and University 


President: LES ASH 


Over 40 students from the faculty 
of medicine entered this year. 

The following are the winners: Art: 
First, Dave Richardson; Second, Otto 
Viedlinger; Third, Doug Richardson; 
Photography: Ron Carr, Danny Free- 
man, Paul Tachahashi. and Doug 
Mann. Prizes for the contest were 
donated by Pharmaceutical firms. 


Music Society 

"Musical Archaeology" was the rare topic 
chosen by Professor Olnick for the first meeting 
of the IMedical Music Society. With his customary 
wit. he discussed the first beginnings of music 
in pre-historical times, up to the more compli- 
cated vocal and instrumental polyphonies of the 
16th and 17th centuries. The second meeting 
was of the relaxed, informal type to which each 
member brought his favorite records. Professor 
Beckwith closed the final meeting in March in 
his own humorous style. 

M. Nash, J. Clark, B. Baycs, M. Wolfish. 

Osier Society 

Martin Jerry 

Since its inception, the Osier's Society has commemo- 
rated the life and inspiration of Sir William Osier with 
monthly meetings to discuss medical topics of current 

To open this year's agenda Dr. William Blatz reminis- 
ced about his experiences as educational advisor to the 
Dionne Quintuplets. Dr. Gordon Bell summarized current 
concepts on alcohol and drug addiction. In January a 
symposium on SociaHzed Medicine was held during which 
papers were presented by undergraduates. The ensuing 
discussion was handled by Dr. Glen Sawyer, Executive 
Secretary of the Ontario Medical Association. In February 
Dr. Farquharson, Professor of Medicine, discussed his 
recent trip to the medical centres in Russia. Dr. Boyd-Neel 
commented on the role of music in medicine. The series 
ended with a commentary by Dr. C. B. Farrar, Professor 
Emeritus of Psychiatry, on the life of Sir William Osier. 

The members of the executive for the past year were 
as follows: president. L. Martin Jerry, III Meds; secretary, 
Jan Roos, II Meds; Social Convenor, Bev. Nelems, III Meds. 

This was a year of change for Probe. 
The context, previously obsessed with things 
medical, became diversified. Pierre Berton 
was satirized, skin diving became the topic 
for a serial article and literary controversy 
raged over extrasensory perception. The 
number of pages published was doubled. A 
magazine - yearbook was produced for the 
first time. These innovations improved a 
paper that has grown in stature each year of 
its short existence. 

The credit goes chiefly to the editor. Jim 
Paupst. His prolific writing and creative ideas 
were the moving force behind all that trans- 
pired. He was aided in his efforts by an 
enthusiastic staff. Bob Ferrie. the Associate 
Editor, helped with the make-up and filled 
some of the gaps with copy. Ron Carr. photo- 
grapher par excellence, added a professional 
touch to the look of the paper. Jan Roos 
performed the dif!icult task of procuring 
enough advertising to pay the printer's bill. 
Jeanne Shkimba never refused to type the 
piles of written copy frantically presented to 
her on press day. They were some of the 
people who gave of their talent and time to 
make Probe a success. 


BACK ROW R. Carr, R. Ferrie, J. Paupst, J. Roos. 
FRONT: J. Maclnnes, C. Snelling, F. Rosen, W. James. 
ABSENT: J. Shkimba. 


of Toronto 


Editor in Chief 

P. B. Dent, 6T0 

Associate Editor 


Assistant Editors 

W. N. Dale, 6T1 

L. E. SoPER, 6T1 

Managing Editor 

G. E. Renton, 6T1 

Advertising Manager 

T. C. Gibson, 6T2 

Assistant Advert. Mgr. 

H. Walker, 6T3 

Circulation Manager 

K. Shumak, 6T5 


Abstracts and Reviews 

E. J. Hambley, 6T0 

Case Reports 

J. R. LuNDON, 6T0 


Martin Barkin, 6T0 

News and Notes 

R.M. Gladstone, 6T4 

Editorial Assistant 

Miss J. Guest, 6T0 

This year marked the 37th year of pubUcation of 
the University of Toronto Medical Journal. The 
Journal also received a gift of the first six volumes of 
the Journal from an alumnus of this medical school. 
Some quotations from editorials in these early issues 
might be of interest in order to see how closely the 
present Journal fulfils the dreams of its originators. 

". . . attempting to do something hitherto untried, 
... in any medical undergraduate body on this con- 
tinent . . ." This journal was a pioneer in medical 
undergraduate journalism and it has led the way for 
other similar journals which subsequently arose across 
Canada. As yet there has been no indication of any 
such publication in the United States. This is still the 
only undergraduate journal which is published six 
times a year. 

". . . writing and preparation of papers should be 
encouraged among the students ... to encourage in 
the students a more articulate spirit . . . the Journal 
(should be) a more effective medium for student 
expression . . . The student, also, who begins by 
reading his undergraduate publication will be much 
more likely to continue reading periodicals after 
graduation." The Journal has remained primarily a 
medium for student expression and has proven itself 
a valuable adjunct to basic medical education, both in 
the writing of articles and in learning how to use 
graduate medical journals, which form the mainstay 
of the post-graduate education of the practising 

"The Journal . . . will carry far afield . . . the name 
of the University of Toronto ... an exchange depart- 
ment is a distinct prospect . . ."' This has been re- 
affirmed many times for the circulation department 
receives requests for reprints from as far away as 

"It is only by having a wealth of material from 
which to select that a high standard of excellence 
can be maintained . . ." The job was not made 
difficult by having to read an overwhelming number 
of articles, however, the extra work would have been 
appreciated had the students been so inclined. In 
any case, an article which appeared in volume XXXVI 
of the Journal did win the Grant Prize awarded by the 
Canadian Association of Medical Students and Internes 
for the best article written by an undergraduate in 
Canada. The article was written bv Dr. R. H. Currv 

The aims and problems of the University of 
Toronto Medical Journal have not changed appreci- 
ably over the years. It has continued to be a valuable 
opportunity for the student, to be a risky financial 
venture for its sponsor, the Medical Society, and to 
be both a headache and a joy for the editorial staff. 
It is hoped that with loyal and conscientious work 
from future editors, with the continued patronage of 
its advertisers and, most important, with the labori- 
ously solicited support of the medical undergraduate 
body the Journal will continue to flourish in the 
tradition of its founders. 


BACK ROW: Bruce Faulkner, Paul Cavanagh, Don Ecoblchon, Nick Boyes, Bryce Llddle, Harvey Horowitz. 

SECOND: Roslyn Graham, Barry Blelby, Dianne Gray, Marie Connor, Sharon Milgram, Marvin Bernstein, Barbara 


FRONT: Bill Dymon (Vice-Pres.), Elaine Brisbois (Corresp. Sec), Don L. Maclnnes (President), Jo Ann McQuillan 

(Record. Sec), Prof. J. C. Nairn (Faculty Advisor). 




Under President D. L. Maclnnes, the Undergraduate 
Pharmaceutical Society had an active and profitable year in 
many fields of endeavour. 

the Freshmen were welcomed to their chosen profession 
by the President of UPS and the class of 6T2. They had a 
constructive initiation programme which concluded with a 
Work Day on Ward's Island. In the fall "Mediscope" was a 
new word in the students' vocabulary, and the co-operation 
they gave to this medical exposition was one of the reasons 
for its tremendous success. For the first time this year. 
Pharmacy girls had their own Athletic Director, and she was 
seated on the U. of T. Athletic Directorate as a voting 

The theme of the Float Parade for Homecoming on October 
31 was "University Expansion" — the (?) of things to come. 
Pharmacy placed third. On November 5 the annual Fall 
Dance was held at the Embassy Club. The exhibit for Phar- 
macy Week entered in the National Contest placed second 
and the faculty was well represented in The Big Blitz 
on Monday November 30 when over 90 students turned out 
to support the campaign. 

Educational, scientific movies were shown at noon-hour 
during the fall and spring terms. The Lacrosse championship 
came to the Black, Red and Gold for the first time in history. 
The Pharmacy Formal held at Arcadian Court on February 
19 was the highlight of the social year. All students look 
forward with interest to next year when they will be in their 
new "home" — the Dental Building which is being completely 


School of Social Work 

•Juf %M.i**»' -V ■ 


BACK ROW: Don Jarvis, Madeline Hamilton, Bill Vine, Louise MacDonald, Bernie Kroeker. 
FRONT: Mary Marsh, Audrey Cutler, Audrey Switzer (Pres.), Os Catt, Don Cameron. 

The School of Social Work is a graduate 
School on campus. A master's degree of social 
work, M.S.W., is awarded after two years and 
a bachelor's degree, B.S.W., at the end of one 
year. In 1959 - 60 there were approximately 
100 students at the school, graduates from 
eighteen universities. It is a cosmopolitan 
group representing seven provinces and four 
countries. Thirty-two of these students are 
graduates of U. of T. 

Part of the course is spent on academic 
work: the other part consists of working in a 
social agency putting the social work theories 
into practice. 

After graduation there are many areas 
where the social workers can practice, such as 
child welfare, family welfare, corrections, 
medical or psychiatric social work, public 
welfare, rehabilitation services, administra- 
tion and community organization. 



Many of the social work students intend to 
be caseworkers. Case work is a process 
through which a social worker helps the client 
work out his problems by using the medium 
of interviewing. The students work in many 
different agencies for their field placement 
such as the Children's Aid Society, Department 
of Public Welfare, Jewish P'amily and Child 
Service, Neighbourhood Workers Association, 
John Howard Society, Big Brother Movement, 
and the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital. 

Social work has five main areas 
where one can work. Group work, case 
work, community organization, admin- 
istration and research. Each student 
studies all these areas and concen- 
trates in either group work or case 
work. Group work deals with indivi- 
duals in groups. Through the use of 
himself and different program media 
(as is suggested in this picture) he 
helps the individuals in their person- 
ality growth and change also helps 
them in their personal relationships 
with other members of the group, and 
ultimately in the community. Group 
workers function in such agencies as 
the Y.M.C.A., Settlement Houses, 
recreation centres and recently in 
many mental hospitals and psychiatric 



The highlight of the year was the 
student-faculty conference, which was a 
constructive beef session. In four hours, 
the students and faculty exchanged their 
views on every aspect of the school pro- 
gram. This proved to be a most interest- 
ing session! 



The Freshman Year 

The Government in Action 

Our Athletic Men 
. . . Man, what Muscle ? ? ! 

Mommy, Look at me!" 



BACK ROW: Ron Steers, George Harpur, Harry Leonard, 

James McCullum, Charlie Beck. 

FRONT: Glenn Drover, Alan Rlx, Robert Hulse. 


FRONT: James 

r. N. Martin, Douglas Oittrich, William Moore, Robert Brown. 
McCullum, Rev. D. S. French (Pres.), Randall Ivany. 

There were many outstanding features in the 
Wycliffe College Theological Society this year. 
Following the practice of previous years, stu- 
dents from Wycliffe joined by Trinity, the 
Anglican Women's Training College, the Church 
Army and Koinonia conducted a weekend 
mission at Saint David's Church in East Toronto. 
Fall and spring meetings included such speakers 
as Prof. T. A. M. Barnett, who talked about his 
recent trip to Africa, Rev. Logan Varey on his 
trip to the Holy Land, the Sister Superior of the 
Sisters of the Church, who described her role in 
the Church, and Rev. Canon Roland Palmer, who 
discussed the new revised Prayerbook. 

During Lent, noon day services were held 
in the Chapel with Rev. Canon G. Moore-Smith 
as speaker. 

The highlight of the year was Missionary 
Night when Missionary Society displays were 
exhibited, and Bishop Greenwood of the Diocese 
of the Yukon preached. Missionary Night con- 
venor was James McCullum. 


Having won the Reed Trophy last year, 
Wycliffe decided to relax this year and let some 
other faculty have a go at it. The volleyball and 
waterpolo teams defaulted and no one turned 
out for indoor track. Half a ton of wieners were 
left over from the Athletic Hayride. Of the three 
major sports, soccer, hockey and basketball. 
Wycliffe did best in soccer, by winning four out 
of seven games. 

By the end of the season spectators dwindled 
down to a faithful cowboy wearing a white 
stetson. The executive may be forced to give 
credits for watching TV sports. 

BACK ROW: Charlie Monteiambert, Roger Lewis, Barry Read, William Smith. 
FRONT: Mervin Everall, Philip C. Whitney (Pres.), Charlie Beck. 


J. Schneck 

A. Foley 

R. Alway 

2nd Year Reps 

1st Year Reps 

M. Eicher 

M. Barrier 

M. DriscoU 

Ge«>i-ge Saranrhuk 
Professional Rep. 

Carol Wiggins 
Western Rep. 

Dorothy Szymko 
Second Vice-Pres. 





S. M. C. 














BACK ROW: Tom Sutherland, Arthur Samson, Richard Alway, George Saranchuk, William Hawken. 
FRONT: Peter Dembski, Rev. G. PouDore. Paul Foley, James Beingessner. 


BACK ROW: Colleen Malone, Joan Bulger, Carol Sheldon, Mary Ellen Baker, Mary Anne Cathcart, Anne Dibrell. 

FRONT: Anne Marie Brown (Secretary), Sylvia Pegis (Treasurer), Joan Hayes (President), Catherine Killingsworth (Vice-President). 



Jinker Halpin, Helen Boylas, Deede Murnane, Mary Reed. 


TOP-TO-BOTTOM: Mary Reed, Pat Porcell, Deede Murnane, Helen Boylas, Sue Tomenson, Jennifer Spence, Jacquie 
Bouchard, Jinker Halpin, Lucille Pierce. 



BACK ROW: Jim Galligan, Paul Avends, Frank McArdle, Jim Cooper, Don Cunningham. 
SECOND: Mary Catherine Collins, Nola Brunelle, Janet Stemweder, Dot Schweitzer, Cathy Higgins, 
Cathy Miles, Joyce Anderson, Eileen Hurley. 
FRONT: Dick Napoli (Managing Editor), Paul Foley (Editor), Edie Smith (Women's Editor). 

The MIKE is St. Michael's College 
official weekly newspaper. Because it 
is a weekly, it is difficult for it to be 
a true "news" paper, and this year 
greater emphasis has been placed on 
feature material. Under the guidance 
of editor, Paul Foley, the MIKE took 
a firm stand in several of this year's 
numerous campus controversies. Later 
Mr. Foley became President of the 
S.A.C. and the Editorship was given 
to Edie Smith. No matter who the 
editor, however, the MIKE worked to 
serve the students of St. Michael's 
bringing them news, sports, feature 
articles, and other items of interest 

Like most student activities, the 
MIKE is only as good as its partici 
pants. A fine staff helped to make this 
one of the MIKE'S most successful 
years. Every Wednesday night, come 
rain, snow, kidnapping, a tempera- 
mental mimeograph machine or 
fascinating bridge game, the hardy 
crew showed up to help "put the pape 
to bed." They worked hard, gained 
a great deal of experience, and usually 
had some fun. 


Betty Ann O'Brien, Kevin McEvenue, Mary Catherine Collins. 



BACK ROW: Bonnie MacKenzie, Margaret Browne, Edith Howard, Joan Bulger, Helen Ragg, Jan Hughes, Sylvia Pegis. 
FRONT: Maura Kennedy, Mary Driscoll, Hilary Carr, Mary Sue Bennett. 


The Writers' Group is an informal 
weekly gathering of students vvhp 
read and criticize their original literary 
attempts. These include poetry, short 
stories, and essays The best material 
from these discussions is published 
twice yearly in the "Gryphon", the 
college's literary review, which is 
distributed free of charge to the 
students of St. Michael's 

Because the editor of the "Gryphon", 
who is annually appointed by the 
S.A.C., is traditionally the chairman 
of the group, these two organizations 
maintain a close alliance. 

BACK ROW: Bill Politon, Brigid Elson, Lawrence Belle, Philip Nicholas. 

SECOND: Mary Holti, Deborah Webster, Joan Bulger, Anne Schofield. 

FRONT: Linda Hill, Francine Gremse, David Brison, Jacqueline Murphy, Sylvia Pegis. 



BACK ROW: Richard Tan, Robert Orange, Sam Blanco, Michael Pare. 

FRONT: Robert Bergeron, Peter Lydon (Vice-Pres.), John Pierce (Pres.), John Huat. 


Robert Bergeron, Edith Smith, Nancy Payette, Peter Lydon. 


BACK ROW: Ron Weiler, Ted Mureika, George Saranchuk (Rep. to S.A.C.), Terry Jacobs. 
FRONT: James Morreale, Patricia Major, Joseph Pacsuta. 


Mary Jane Norris, Jan Hugties, Sylvia Pegis, Beverley Myer. 
ABSENT: Mel Eicher, Larry Barber, Matthew Corrigan. 




BACK ROW: Claudette St. Denis, Anita Jones, Susan Deitrich, Jane Trainor, Mary Catherine Collins, Dorothy Schweitzer, Diane Palmer, 

Ann Dibrell, Jan Van Horson. 

SECOND: Patricia Monaghan, Betty Ann O'Brien, Dona Hanson, Jackie Pepin, Johanna Hickey, Penny Fenlon. 

FRONT: James Laframbroise, Robert Adams, James O'Brien, Joe Czerleau, Thomas Kehoe Stanley. 


Jenni DeCarlo, Tom Cushing, Arleen Walsh, Judy Purcell, John Pluscauskas. 


Jacqueline Bouchard (Pres.), Sandra Kealey), Gretchen Gallery, Gary Paterson, Father 
Donevan, Fred Oreiger. Mike Clark, Randal Boyce, Tom Suherland, Kevin McKevenue. 
ABSENT: Kerry McSweeney. 


Each year, the S.M.C. Music Guild 
presents a full and varied program of 
musical concerts, designed to appeal 
to a wide range of musical tastes. 
Concerts are held every two weeks 
on Sunday evening and are followed 
by refreshments and a sing-song. This 
year's list of performers included a 
calypso steel band, a concert pianist, 
the glee club of the Basilian semin- 
arians, a modern jazz group. Hart 
House Glee Club, and selections from 
Gilbert and Sullivan presented by 
Victoria College. 


BACK ROW: Colleen Malone, Diane Palmer, Jane Trainor, Dolores Drohan, Maureen Rogers, Rosemary Sheldon, Anne Murphy, Mary Burns, Carol 
Sheldon, Diana Doern. 

FRONT: Katharine Bruce, Elma Healey, Arlette LeSage, Rosemary Heineman, Pia Karrer, Marina Pegis, Griselle Kayser. 



Tom Gushing, John Pluscauskas, Judy Purcell. 


BACK ROW: Mary Jo Doris, Emily Hrabchak, Maureen Kelly, Norma Torresin, Patricia Monaghan, Rev. L. T. Klem, 

Mary Joan Quinn, Anne Murphy, Mary Burns, Rosemary Heineman. 

FRONT: Diana Doern, Nola Brunelle, Bonnie MacKenzie, Anna Caco, Carol Sheldon, Jane Trainor, Sheila Desnoes, 
Linda Riddell, Mary Ann Cathcart. 


BACK ROW: Cathy Higgins. Deede Murnane< Beverley Myers, Mary Gale Bradshaw, Johanna 


FRONT: Theresa Brazzoni, Helen Boulas (Vice-Prefect), Pat Logan (Prefect), Shiela Flannery 

(Secretary-Treasurer), Catherine Scott. 


The Sodality is a religious organiza- 
tion dedicated to Our Lady. The aims 
of the organization are self-sanctifica- 
tion, sanctification of neighbor, 
defense of the Church and fostering 
devotion to Our Lady. 

Weekly meetings consisted of talks 
by the moderator, Fr. Stofas, and dis- 
cussions. This year Loretto Sodalists 
have visited patients at the Provincial 
Mental Hospital and at the Sick 
Children's Hospital as Apostolic works. 


BACK ROW: James Leung, Thomas Toole, Tom Hogenkamp, Walt Bulas, Sam Bianco, Edw.ird Farrell. 

FRONT: Lucien Curre, Bill Opalkn (Treasurer), Jack Croston (Prefect), Joe McGreevy (Ass't Prefect), Marty Clogowski. 

ABSENT: Rick Alway (Secretary), Paul Oliver, Jim Laframboise. 


Household Science 

Meals taste better 
in co-educational 
Dining Hall 

The Friendly 

Atmosphere of 

The Common Room 


A Board Meeting 



Breakfast Party (Before) 

The crew in action 

With a 

Breakfast Party (After) 

Saturday Breakfast Club 


Trinity College 

BACK ROW: K. Hoilett (T.C.L.I. Rep.), D. Bolton (Review Rep.), C. Carr (6TI Pres.), J. Hutchinson (Ed. of Salterrae), D. Charlton 
(6T2 Pres.), J. Swinden (6T0 Pres. and Treas.), A. Scace (Pres. T.C.A.A.), D. Tavender (S.A.C. Rep), M Witty (6T3 Pres. ). 
FRONT: P. O'Flynn (Pres. of Divinity), K. Robinson (Head of College), Dr. G. Falle (Chairman), R. Wilson (Head of Arts), G. 
Meikle (Neutr. Member and Sec). 





The Board of Stewards has been the effective student government of 
Trinity College since it was was created in 1935. Being the executive 
committee of the College Meeting, it is, of course, always subject to the 
control of that assembly. However, since the College Meeting is constituted 
by all the Men of College, it is the Board of Stewards that carries on the 
day to day business and all routine matters. By consent of the Provost, 
the Board functions as the Discipline Committee when sitting without its 
faculty chairman. 

To the uninitiated, the Board of Stewards may appear to be one of 
the most barefacedly undemocratic governments in existence: out of its 
fifteen members, the chairman and two neutral members are elected by 
the Board itself; the vice-chairman, who is the Head of College is chosen 
by the Provost from among the graduates of the College; and the editor of 
Salterrae occupies an almost hereditary position. Of the remaining ten 
members, seven are elected by "cliques": the Head of Divinity, the Heads 
of the four years, the representatives of the Literary Institute and the 
Review. Only the Head of Arts, the S.A.C. representative, and the T.C.A.A. 
president are chosen by vote of all Men of College. 

In actual fact, this system of government has always worked quite 
well. Because Trinity is a relatively small college, it has been possible to 
maintain the College Meeting as a place where every Man of College is able 
to debate any issue at hand. Furthermore, the Board of Stewards can 
adequately represent every significant group in the College, and act in the 
best interests of all her members. 


Trinity College Organizations 

BACK ROW: Mike Witty (Opposition Committee), John Harewood (Opposi- 
tion Committee), Pat Grey (Opposition Comm.), Tom Wilson (Clerk of the 
House), Gerald Wright (Debates Secretary), David Gordon (Assistant 
Treasurer), Ramsay Derry (Curator), Mike Jackson (Opposition Comm.), Jim 
Henning (Treasurer). 

SECOND: Pat Wootten (Leader of the Opposition), Gary Lovett (Deputy 
Speaker), Keith Hoilett (Speaker), Bill Graham (President), John Hutchinson 

FRONT: Chris Armstrong (Opposition Comm.), Richmond Wilson (Keeper 
of the Mace), Steve Waddams (First Year Government Councillor). 
ABSENT: David Gray (Vice-President). 



STANDING: Robert Dinsmore, Patrick Gray, David Bolton, Prof. W. Rogers. 

SITTING: Margot Nunns, Thomas Anderson, Carolyna Stanley-Porter, Adrlenne Poy, David Halten, Catherine Arthur, Ann 

Forrester, Tony Cook, Wendy Blair,, Christian Gurney, Mrs. Patton, Mrs. Hardy. 

ABSENT: Judith McManus, John Watts, Richard Howard. 

Trinity College 

This year the Trinity College Review 
entered its 73rd year of publication and 
maintained its reputation as one of the 
best student - produced literary magazines in 

Under an experienced editor, an early 
change of policy enlarged the scope of the 
Review to appeal to a wider range of literary 
appetites. In a successful attempt to offer 
what the editor called "beef as well as 
ambrosia", the five 1959-60 issues contained 
material ranging from a Socratic dialogue on 
racial discrimination to a light - hearted 
phantasy on undergraduate emotions. There 
were short stories, book reviews and poetry 
of high quality, as well as two unusually 

penetrating "Profiles" of senior professors on 
the staff. 

Inevitably, the editorial board was faced 
with the difficulties of undergraduate publica- 
tions. An ambitious plan for an entirely new 
format was sadly buried during a series 
of financial upheavals in the fall term. 
Fortunately, the art editor produced some 
original ideas for drawings and lay-out which 
made the Review an attractively designed 

A reduced number of contributions 
towards the end of the year induced some 
editorial headaches and extended deadlines. 
But even under these conditions, the Review 
continued to publish creative and interpreta- 
tive writings of a consistently high standard. 


19r)8-59 has been a creative and 
rewarding year for the Dramatic Soci- 
ety. One of the highpoints in its career 
was an early production of "Murder 
in the Cathedral", by T. S. Eliot, in 
Trinity College's beautiful gothic 
chapel. It was directed by James 
Cunningham with artistic sensitivity 
and understanding, and played skill- 
fully by a cast composed predomi- 
nantly of new talents. The role of 
Thomas Becket was taken by John 

"Sunday Costs Five Pesos" by 
Josephina Niggli, directed by Vals 
Echlin and headed by Rodney Archer 
and Virginia Conner, was the U.T.D.C. 
Festival entry. Robertson Davies 
commended the production for its 
sparkling charm. 

The second major event of the year 
was "Arsenic and Old Lace", ably 
directed by John Douglas and pre- 
sented in Hart House Theatre in 
February. A play of amusing juxta- 
positions, and combining comedy and 
melodrama it always seems to inspire 
fresh laughter. The leads were Jane 
Ross as Abby, Helen Scriven as Martha, 
Chris Riggs as Mortimer, and George 
Baker as Jonathan. 

Dramatic Society 

BACK ROW: John Griffith (Producer, "Arsenic And Old Lace"), Vals Echlin (President), 
Stephen Otto (Producer, "Murder In The Cathedral"). 

FRONT: Pat Cossage (Publicity), Jackie Burroughs (Vice-President), Judith McManus 
(Business Manager), Margaret English (Secretary). 

Le Cercle Francais 

Don Devenney, Larry Kerslake, Patsy Rogers, Sidney Kanya Forstner, Pamela 
Millar, Roger Kirkpatrick, Janet Archibald, David Steedman, Judith Ransom, 
Tom Barcsay, Tony Lewis. 

Cette annee le cercle Frangais de Trinity 
College a eu autant de succes qu'auparavant. 
Comme d'habitude il a eu six reunions assez 
variees. Pendant le trimestre d'automne une 
actrice a lu des contes de Guy de Maupassant, 
tandis que pendant le deuxieme trimestre les 
membres du cercle Frangais ont passe une 
"Soiree Canadienne" chez le professeur 
Rogers a patiner, faire du toboggan, parler 
et chanter. La fete de Noel a ete celebree a 
Trinity par tous les colleges. Chaque cercle 
a pris part aux divertissements, et la seule 
occasion de I'annee a laquelle les membres de 
chaque cercle puissent s'amuser ensemble a 
ete agreable. Le comble de toutes les reunions 
a ete la piece. "Antigone", ecrite par Jean 
Cocteau d'apres celle de Sophocles. C'etait 
la premiere fois que le cercle ait presente une 
tragedie, mais la representation en etait 
excellente. En Mars le nouvel executif pour 
I'annee 1960-61 a ete etu. 


BACK ROW: Moira Davidson, Ann Geikie, Bonnie Kreutzer, Ann Tottenham. 
FRONT: Gwen Galilee, Miss Darroch (Principal), Adrienne Poy (Head of College), 

Helen Pepall (Head of Fourth 

St. Hilda's College Meeting 

Because St. Hilda's is a College and not 
just a residence, it has its own institutions, 
of which the College Meeting is the most 
important. Every student who enters St. 
Hilda's accepts at the same time membership 
in College Meeting. At those meetings, 
administration policy and the financing of 
all student activities connected with the 
College are discussed in a spirited and con- 
genial atmosphere. Reports are made by the 
SAC and EAC representatives as well as other 
leaders of student organizations. College 
Meetings organizes the various traditional 
events of the year such as the Freshie Week- 
end, Dubbing, the informal initiation of the 
Freshies, Fall receptions, the Saints and the 
S.J.S., the two major dances, and Episkopon, 
the night when the ancient and venerable 
scribe descends from his abode in the tower 
at Trinity to chastise, educate and entertain 
his daughters at St. Hilda's. 

The College Committee is composed of the 
Principal, the Head of College, the resident 

and non-resident heads of year, and the SAC 
representative. These students meet regularly 
to deal with problems of administration and 
policy. A smaller group, the House Committee, 
is formed from the resident members of the 
College Committee who meet with the prin- 
cipal to discuss all matters pertaining to 
resident life. 

Rumour has it that St. Hilda's is a never- 
changing institution subject to its own 
established customs. This, however, is not so. 
Its governing bodies, as already outlined, have 
evolved during the last five years, and quite 
rightly take their place among the most 
democratic and at the same time the most 
practical, on the University campus. 

This Fall, the new wing will open. This 
wing is designed to house 40 more students 
and will include a reading room, practice 
rooms, locker space, as well as somewhat more 
convenient living quarters for the senior 
staff members. 


Time Out 

for leisurely chats 

Jane Watson and Pam Thompson enjoy a coffee break in the Trinity 

Spectator sports 


BACK ROW: Eleanor Bevington, Carolyn Stanley-Porter, Barbara Fee, Miranda Davles. 
FRONT: Ann Tottenham, Alison Cunningham, Eve Hargraft, Jill Reville. 

St. Hilda's 



The Lit. became as egocentric as possible 
this year. It relied upon its own resources 
to educate and amuse the group. In dealing 
with the writings of Jane Austin, Emily 
Dickinson and Emily Bronte, the Lit. dissected 
the works from a literary standpoint, as well 
as analysing further the problems of society, 
women writers, and many other more intense 
topics. There were two poetry meetings at 
which records and live readings were enjoyed. 

An evening devoted to Eliot's Murder In 
the Cathedral was of value as a comment on 
the November production in the Trinity 
College Chapel. Mr. John Pettigrew main- 
tained the paradoxical position that grace had 
to be seen without being represented. The 
usual problems of the play were chewed 
over and some interesting resolutions were 

The customary year plays were produced 
— again with an eye to ingenuity and creative 
activity. lonesco's The Bald Soprano amused 
the college and especially the fourth year 
producers. Third Year dramatised J. D. 
Salinger's Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut. First 
Year invented a musical history that displayed 
an acreage of musical and dramatic talent. 
The adjudicators were Professors Gillespie 
and Davison whose critiques were amusing 
and interesting. 

Sheila Watson, author of The Double Hook 
read a paper on Swift's satire with reference 
to the modern tradition of satiric writings. 
This was one of the most stimulating of the 
literary evenings because Mrs. Watson's 
paper, a comment on style and on the female 
figure in the world of letters. She also dealt 
brilliantly with Jonathan Swift. 

There were two debates of a rowdy nature 
at the commencement of each term. Their 
topics covered nature-love and education. The 
year came to a close with a dinner at which 
Professor Kenneth Maclean spoke on the 
poetry of Emily Dickinson. 

Most of the elusive members of the Lit. 
Executive are shown above; all excited to 
some degree by the Muse ! 


BACK ROW: Marty Kerbel (Athletics); Mictiael Davidson (Social Service); Jerry Birenbautn (E.A.C.); Sheldon Godfrey (Literary Director). 
SECOND: Syrille Creenberg (Crad Yr. Rep.), Linda Banack (E.A.C.), Fred Cans (Social Chairman), Lorie Waisberg (Freshman Rep), 
Marg Racine (Athletics), Sue Hamilton (Blue and White), Richard SVen (Debates). 

FRONT: Michael Sherman (S.A.C.), Joyce Pearl (Secretary), Fred Zemans (President), Bora Laskin (Honorary President), Mary Snyder 
(Vice-President), Michael Copeland (Treasurer), Barbara Leaman (S.A.C.). 

U. C. Literary 
and Athletic 

The past year at University College has 
been so full of memorable events that one 
could not do justice in a limited amount of 
space. Under the able leadership of Fred 
Zemans and Mari Snyder, the "Lit" carried 
out the traditional college functions. There 
was the annual Freshmen Week-end at which 
no effort was spared to make all the freshmen, 
including Principal Woodside welcome to the 
college. The Arts ball was held in the gay 
and exciting atmosphere of Hart House Great 
Hall. The Graduates heard an address by Sir 
Ernest MacMillan at the Graduation Banquet. 

Two events probably stand out in the 
minds of most people around the college. The 
entire student body is extremly proud of 
David Helwig and Michael Rasminsky, who 
wrote their musical tragedy "Katy Cruel" 
which brought something unique and beautiful 
to the stage. This show represents a turning 
point in the history of musical productions 
at the University of Toronto. 

The second of these two events was the 

Honour Banquet held to honour certain 
students at the college who have made out- 
standing contributions in their academic, 
extra-curricular, and athletic fields during the 
past year. Other memories of the year at U.C. 
include Homecoming week - end, when the 
college float was destroyed, Share Campaign, 
Blood Campaign, term tests, J.C.R., debates, 
discussions, overdue essays, libary regulations, 
meetings, and of course final exams. 

No doubt for the graduates, the past three 
or four years have been memorable. May their 
subsequent years be successful. 





Fred Zemans 

1st Vice-Pres. 

Syrille Greenberg 

2nd Vice-Pres. 

Sheldon Godfrey 

3rd Vice-Pres. 

David Helwig 


Mary Snyder 


Le Cercle Francais 

BACK ROW: Raymonde Goldgrab, David Ross, 

Eleanor Tow, Angel Van de Walle. 

FRONT: Sylvia Karv/aser, John Davies, Averil 


Le Cercle Frangais de University 
College a eu cinq reunions pendant 
I'annee scolaire 59 - 60. II y avait des 
causerie, des petites pieces, des films, 
et des chansons. 

Son grand effort etait la produc- 
tion, le 8 decembre, de la comedie 
"George Dandin" de Moliere au the 
atre de Hart House. Sous la direction 
de Ross Curtis les comediens ont joue 
avec beaucoup de vivacite et tout le 
monde a passe un soir agreable. 




Ian Turnbull, Irene Gryndahl, Gaetan Jeaumond, Joan Piotrewski, Jean-Guy Dudar, Bart 
Poesiat, Daina Mercs, Harold Nahabedian. 


Sir Daniel 


A coffee-hour discussion with Fin- 
ance Minister Fleming calls forth 
interested deliate. 

The importance of a residence 
actively participating in the affairs of 
the college and university community 
is generally acknowledged, and this 
year the Residence Council put most 
of its talents into further integration 
with the rest of the campus The Coun- 
cil President is now a member of the 
U.C. Lit. (ex-officio). We played hockey 
with Devonshire House, entertained 
their executive at dinner, and were 
entertained in turn. Whitney Hall was 
invited to join us on two occasions; at 
a music evening in the Senior Common 
Room, listening to a chamber orchestra 
and a string quartet; and at the Dean's 
Christmas Party during which we 
performed for them, they entertained 
us, and we all amused the Faculty 

There were frequent after dinner 
discussions in the SCR with special 
guests, the most noteworthy being 
Hon. Donald Fleming (successfully 
defending himself, above left), and the 
Russian Ambassador, His Excellency, 
Mr. A. Aroutunian who left a very 
favorable impression. An unexpected 
but much appreciated guest sat in 
awesome silence beneath the portrait 
of his namesake at the Dean's Dinner 
(upper middle, behind H. I. Macdonald, 
Dean of Men, right.) 

The six houses produced an unpre- 
cedented number of parties during the 
year, climaxed by the Residence At 

Home on February 26th, with the hall 
marvellously decorated in a Mardi 
Gras theme, and Ellis McLintock 
making sweet music. 

Members of the residence have been 
active in nearly every sport and most 
of the clubs on campus. Yet, in spite 
of this, they have studied. A rapidly 
increasing number of graduate 
scholarships and fellowships attest to 
the development of an intellectual 
atmosphere unobtainable in the great 
nebulous body of the university at 
large: the ultimate raison d'etre of 
the Residence. 

The Dean's Dinner 



BACK ROW: Jane Beattie, Ulda Kere, Margaret McMeekin, Linda Stevens, Sheila Jones, Julija Gulens, Kattiryn 

Magee, Evelyn Silver, Barbara Webster, Cynthia Creighton, Bonnie McBurney, Jane Newman, Shirley Moscovich, 

Rosemary Speirs, Cynthia Vokes, Daphne Lindo. 

THIRD: Gael Bigelow, Elaine Home, Anne Riemersma, Margaret Third, Elizabeth Davis, Sandra Whittall, Dorothy 

Markham, Mirdza Gulens, Diane Gibb, Jennifer Moore, Catherine Cook, Sandra Harling, Alice Keh, Beverley Mills, 

Suan Hamilton, Susan Beattie, Anne Brush. 

SECOND: Mary Hunter, Joyce Dunston, Penelope Richardson (H.C.), Catherine Atkins (H.C.), Sylvia Seel (H.C.), Ina 

Healey (H.C.), Miss Orsten (Don), Joy Gordon (H.C.), Jane Amster (H.C.), Evelyn Rice (H.C.), Janet Slone, Judy 


FRONT: Sally Crews, Donna Burt, Marylan Quick. 

ABSENT: Nancy Haas, Stephanie Dmytryshyn (H.C.), Veronika von Nostitz, Rosalie Smolkin. 


BACK ROW: Sophie Nychuk, Pat Donaldson, Maire Robertson, Marg. Pope, Nora McCullough, Marta Smith, Jayne 

Nesbitt, April Eidt, Joan Stouck, Faye Heron, Ann Smart, Gudula Asmis, Mary Deyman, Jean Toy, Pauline Coffin, 

Anna May White, Lynn Muter. 

THIRD: Allison Low, Marg. Billings, Arline Gallaugher, Liz McColl, Susan Mann, Terry Peters, Eva Poppleton, Joan 

Davidovitz, Ann Lauman, Evelyn Todd, Linda McBurney, Louise Zabolotny, Adrienne Kline, Susan Cummer, Joanne 

Matheson, Carol Ann Kelley, Philma Patterson. 

SECOND: Marg. Racine, Judy Patterson, Lesley Yule, Lois Cruickshank, Debby Schwartz, Anne McCullagh, Miss 

McLeod, Sandra Royes, Giselle Bezner, Brenda Harris, Barb. Amiel, Vya Raminsh. 

FRONT: Marilyn Little, Medora Sale, Marjorie Garson, Kathy Kemp, Pat Stutt. 











Pit • 















W ^1 









Mf ' 1 

B .J 

^ ^^^^H " ^^^^m 


V '^^^^^3 








* ("^^1 

I f' ^H 

^H| {^^^^L 





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' " -'^^ 





















BACK ROW: Gail Stephenson, Joan Grindell, Angel van de Walle, Margaret Turner, Christine Coutts Patricia Leuty, 
Beverley Adams, Carol Reed, Rochelle Brown, Lois Sherman. Kathleen Ritzel, Marilyn Nicholas, Amelia Baggs, Agnes 
van de Walle, Joan Alexander, Launi Wilson. 

SECOND: Judy Hoffman, Genevive Curry, Shelagh Cornish, Judy Butler, Yolande Legault, Myrna Albert, Judy Telfer, 
Beverly McLennan, Margaret Cooper, Albertina Oxiey, Faegi Hoffman, Eleanor Granek, Wendy Turner, Anne Archer, 
Elizabeth Quance, Lynefte Mose, Frances Grader. 

FRONT: Ann Dflle, Alison Grant, Judy Booker, Sandra Hayter, Freda Dancey, Anne Barcham, Nancy Holman, Judy 
Shaw, Catherine Sheldon, Brenda Sproule, Katharine Derumaux, Sandra Hockman. 

14() ST. GEORGE ST. 

BACK ROW: Jo Ann Wilton, Sandra Wood, Linda Clawson, Dawn Fitzroy, Wendy Walker, 

SECOND: Audrey Veinotte, Joanne Glowacki, Zane Gulens, Libby Dawson, Inara Grava, Beverly Wells, Florence 

Hanna, Dasnija Kalnins, Annie Korhonen, Renate Tannenzaf. 

FRONT: JoAnne MacQuillen, Susan Robertson, Miss McLay (Don), Maija Kere, Heidi Appeltauer, Ruth Hillman. 

ABSENT: Deborah Levy, Mary Lowther. 

Victoria College Organizations 


BACK ROW: Ted Tory (Vice President, Stan Dubas (S.A.C.), Barbara Buctianan (Pres. V.C.W.A.A.), Don 
Matheson (V.C.A.U. Pres.), Bob Ball (Treas.). 

FRONT: Virginia Lomax (S.A.C.), Liz McCullough (Secretary), Stewart Bell (President), Judy Sparrow 
(Assoc. President), Marilyn Hughes (Social Directress). 





The college term now beng written into 
history has been one in which the students at 
Vic can take a great deal of pride. 

The Installation of Dr. H. Frye as Principal, 
saw the reins of that office pass into the hands 
of one of today's truly outstanding scholars 
and the opening of what is certain to be 
another bright chapter in Victoria's history. 

In September, one of the largest Freshman 
classes of recent years was welcomed into the 
college. The Frosh were duly 'processed' 
during Freshman Weekend and Initiation 
Week, and have proved their worth as mem- 
bers of the college society. 

Student response to the many appeals 
which crowd in during the school year has 
been notable; over 400 students were donors 
at the Fall blood clinic; the Vic turn-out for 
the door-to-door "Big Blitz' in November net- 
ted a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 
which is now resting in the library of Mar- 
garet Addison Hall; Vic's contribution to 
"SHARE " accounted for twenty percent 
{20'"r) of the University total. 

The Social season was highlighted by the 
successful and enjoyable Howdy Hop and 
Scarlet and Gold in the Fall term, and the 
return of the Formal to the campus in January. 
Held this year in the quiet dignity of the Great 
Hall, it was voted among the best of recent 

The Productions Clubs, the Music Club and 
the Bob Revue delighted audiences with their 
Hart House presentations of the "Mikado" 
and "The Big F". while the Dramatic Society 
made a drama workshop their project for the 

In the field of sports Vic tightened its grip 
on the Mulock Cup with another triumph at 
Varsity Stadium. 

The Vic indoor track team are leading the 
pack in Intra-mural competition and Vic ath- 

letics have acquitted themselves well in vari- 
ous Inter-collegiate sports. 

These are some of the memories that the 
class of 6T0 will carry with them when they 
graduate. There will be others of a much 
more personal nature, memories of incidents 
shared with one or two kindred spirits, but all 
of which have a vital part in the almost inde- 
finable — "university experience." 

And now Victoria, having accepted bou- 
quets from within and without throughout the 
year bids her 6T0 graduates farewell and 
exhorts those remaining to continue her tra- 

The Executive ? 


The bcautitul now Margaret Addison Hall was opened this year. 


Let's see what Santa has here 

Burwash Hall and its famous(?) food 


The T.T.C. construction resulted in a few 
days with Outdoor Plumbing. 



BACK ROW: Carol Kerr, Pam Mathews, Betty Ann Cupp, Gail Manning, Rosemary 
Bell, Jay Jelinek, Frances Maine, Carol Maedel. 

FRONT: Cynthia Coulden, Kathleen Adams (Secretary), Miss Jessie Macpherson 
(Dean), Marilyn Smye (President), Arlene Arnason (Vice-President), Billie MacBeth, 
Elizabeth Peal. 

ABSENT: Diane Jackman (Treasurer). 

Impressions of the new Margaret Addison 
residence: Six storeys of glory with a twist in 
the middle, two hundred girls spoiled by 
carpeted halls and kitchenettes, pianos and 
pink and purple rooms, troops of eager high 
school girls and reminiscent alumnae "on 
tour", pincurled parades to the Field House 
when the water was shut off, archaeological 
expeditions to salvage souvenirs from the 
Bloor Street ruins; perfect peace in sound 
proof rooms until the TTC began to dig in 
the front yard or the Middle House Four came 
to serenade; a front door so brightly lit that 
you shake hands with your date and kiss the 
porter goodnight. 

There are still the traditions, but they are 
modified: the Christmas dinner and the dons 

singing, "Three Little Lumps of Concrete 
We"; ASGA meetings in the hbrary, but one 
no longer square; "Senior Tapping" the night 
of the graduation banquet. There are still the 
traditional exams, essays and overdue library 
books. Sunday Tea will always continue, and 
the male visitors will always be panic-stricken 
at the thought. There are still the Annesley 
Informals with last-minute decorations, and 
blind dates on football weekends are still as 
inevitable as bridge games on the fifth floor. 

And still they ask, "What's it like to live 
in a new hotel?" Margaret Addison Hall may 
look like a "new hotel," but the spirit and 
tradition within remain that of a university 


BACK ROW: L. Heffelinger, W. Morris, 
D. Keniie, W. Piercy, M. McMordie, T. 
Rathe, C. Zenno. 

FRONT: J. Pearson, Dr. C. C. Love, W. 
Vickers, D. Bosomworth, R. Davidson. 


By making available activities and lectures 
which are not encroaching upon the other 
speciahzed Arts Clubs, the Liberal Arts Club 
hopes to develop the not-so-specifically cul- 
tural interests of the students at Victoria. 

One of the speakers, Doctor Knight, pre- 
sented a paper concerning Scence Fiction and 
Professor Payzant spoke about Electronics and 

Part of the programme consisted of a 
Writer's Group in which students could read 
their own compositions and discuss them with 
a competent critic. 

Another group activity undertaken for the 
first time this year was a visit to an artist's 

BACK ROW: Carole Kerr, Fiona Williams, llli-Maria Harff. 

FRONT: David Newman, Earlene Moore (Pres.), David 


ABSENT: Gillian Stalker, Brian Donaldson, Prof. J. 



BACK ROW: Mike Galway, Carol 
Maedel, Alison Dingle, Ron Scott, 
Nancy Hamilton, Jim Peterson, 
Mike Cross. 

FRONT: Alexandra Johnston, Dr. 
G. W. Field, Donna Youngslut, 
Jan Smith. 

The mace was eight times upon the table 
during the 1959-60 session of the Victoria 
College Debating Parhament. In the name of 
progress it was decided at the first debate 
that, however moonsick man may be, the 
heavens are his to explore and conquer. 
Armed with such idealism The Parliament 
consistently voted confidence in Vic's aca- 
demic environment, in the ideology of the 
C.C.F. Party, and in the contribution of French 
Canada to national progress. Vic welcomed 
debaters from U.C, Meds, and St. Mike's to 
dispute with them in their special fields, poli- 

tics, the medical profession, and love and 
marriage respectively. For a change of scene, 
teams of Vic debaters visited the Western U. 
Debating Tournament and McMaster's De- 
bating Society. 

Impromptu debates, held throughout the 
year, revealed a surprising number of think- 
ing, speaking Vic students, who will no doubt 
go on to other oratorial triumphs. Impromptu 
winners were chosen at the closing sitting, 
when the Faculty provided debaters and enter- 
tainment for the students. 



BACK ROW: Pete White, Tony Locke, Dave Lemmon, John Robertson (Pres.). 

FRONT: Ed Moskal, Jean Tovell (Assoc. Pres.), Kathy Ward, Marg Lane, Mary Ann McPherson, Marg 


This year, the Victoria Dramatic 
Society has departed from its regular 
)rocedure of presenting a three - act 
)lay, in favour of a two and % part 
)rama Workshop. "Practical sessions" 
md lectures are both under the direc- 
ion of William Davis, winner of the 
.959 Dale Award. The practical sess- 
ons include instruction in voice, mime 
iirection and presentation of scenes, 
vhile lectures cover the broader as- 
pects of the theatre. The workshop also 
ponsors theatre parties and one - act 
)lays presented at Vic. 

The Dramatic Society also func- 
ions apart from the Workshop with 
ts program for non-Workshop mem- 
)ers: discussion groups, one-act plays 
and the University Drama Festival 

In future years the Victoria Dra- 
matic Society plans not only to con- 
tinue with the Workshop on a campus- 
wide basis, but also to present its own 
three-act plays. 

BACK ROW: Anne Harvey (Publicity), Derek Taylor (Treasurer), Alliki Arro 
(Social), John Rumball (Vice-President), Ted Tory (Business Mgr.), Annemarie 
Dosch (Secretary), Pat. Bonn (President). 

ABSENT: Bob Hamiin (Associate President), Aileen Shattuck (Costumes), Rich 
Carson (Stage Mgr.), Dr. D. J. Knight (Staff Advisor). 


BACK ROW: Roger Perkins, Betty Hughes, Mary Watson, Liz White. 
FRONT: Don McNeill, Ruth Spitzer, Jean Sisler, Jenifer lliffe, Peter Bonfield. 


The Victoria College French Club has an 
important place in the life of a great many 
Vic students, especially those who are taking 
courses in Honour French. It is the one oppor- 
tunity the students have to improve their 
command of the spoken language outside the 
atmosphere of the classroom. 

There it's fun! The students meet on a 
friendly, informal basis with the staff, enter- 
ing into discussions, games and singsongs. 

Guest speakers, travelogues and skits form 
the main part of the program. There is always 
a Christmas meeting with the other colleges, 
and for the past few years, club members 
have been proving their acting talents in a 
short play, presented in March. 

Mix typical French food and conversation, 
and the French professors and students at Vic, 
and you have the Vic French Club. Bonne 


BACK ROW: Muriel Roy, Peggi Davies. 

FRONT: Rosemary Bell, Dan Yielding, Jennifer] 




To say that Acta is the Victoria Hterary 
magazine, its purpose to encourage undergra- 
duate creative writing, is only to say that 
Acta is not the Strand. The going definition 
of the nature and function of the magazine is 
to be found in the editor's head, a darli and 
fuzzy place at best. An editor in Political 
Science and Economics can, and has, dis- 
agreed violently with an editor in English 
Language and Literature over their respective 
interpretations of "literature" and "creative 

This year English Language and Literature 
had the upper hand, and the results were 
pleasing. The number of short stories, poems 
and reviews turned in was quite surprising, in 
view of Victorian "apathy". The material 
indicated writers of promise, but the hapless 
authors whose works were broken on the 
editorial rack, or survived only to fall into the 
hands of the heartless layout crew and prin- 
ters, may suffer a lifelong fear of the processes 
of publication. Nevertheless those who parti- 
cipated in the publication of Acta, discovered 
that it was a fascinating task. 



BACK ROW: Ian Cameron (Managing Ed.), Peter Such (Circulation), Kerry 
Johnston (Staff), Larry Edglngton (Advertising), Dennis Kelly (Managing). 
FRONT: Gail Youngberg (Assoc. Ed.), Katharine Lehmann (Ed. in Chief), 
Marian Hebb (Managing). 
ABSENT: Audrey Whyte (Business Ed.). 

i-.^St! .SEKTkdCISi.' 


With a new location (under the 
Gate House tower), an old Gestetner, 
much sweat, many tears, and but very 
little blood, the Victoria College Strand 
went to press a total of fifteen times 
during the past year. The staff was 
composed of two EAC reps, a Varsity 
cheerleader, a football player, a chap 
who liked to meet people, several 
charming and delightful typists. Three 
Blind Mice, and an editor for whom 
the rest of the staff pleads the fifth 
amendment. There was a gag issue 
produced by Gate House, an election 
issue approved by South House, and 
an anonymous columnist, in reality 
the ex-Varsity News Editor. The paper 
chastised the "card sharks", bewailed 
the apathy, met a new Principal, and 
watched as they built a moat around 
Victoria. Perhaps the events did not 
"alter or illuminate the times" but at 
least The Strand was there. 

BACK ROW: John Wood, Alison Dingle, Anne Williams, Pat Johnson. 
FRONT: Margaret Galbraifh, Barrie Leech, Don Cornish, Mary Lowery. 


V. C. F. 

BACK ROW: Wendy Parker, Robin Skuce, Avrille Holness, Anne Macklem. 
FRONT: Esther Sleep, Jay Jelinek, Jeannette Hosking. 
ABSENT: Bill Bell, Ray Grant. 

BACK ROW: Keith Dixon (Emmanuel Rep.), Joan Lay (Social Convenor), Joan 

Honsberger (Past Pres.), Ted Colwell (Publicity). 

FRONT: Ronald Scott (Treas. and Study Convenor), Carole Tomlin (Assoc. Pres.), 

Douglas Bosomworth (Pres.), Valerie Findlay (Secretary). 

ABSENT: Fione Williams (W.S.C.F. Convenor). 


Study groups were the most important of 
the activities of the Vic Student Christian 
Movement in 1959-60. In the Fall term the 
movement sponsored a group which studied 
TilUch's "Dynamics Of Faith" under the 
leadership of Rev. Alan McLacklin. In the 
spring term the same group studied the 
writings of Camus. In the Fall, Mr. Keith 
Dixon led other members in preparatory 
studies for the Ecumenical Student Conference 
held at Athens, Ohio during the Christmas 
vacation. In the spring this group turned its| 
attention to "Evangelism and Politics". Mean- 
while, another set of students tackled "The I 
Difficulties of Christian Belief" under the| 
leadership of Dr. C. E. Rathe. 

Activities of a less serious sort included a I 
wiener roast and an intriguing report by Maryl 
Fraser on the W. U. S. Summer Seminar) 
of 1959. 



BACK ROW: Jill Stewart, Sue Pierce, Helen Truscott, Gail Fowle. 

FRONT: Sally Hergert, Mary Loney, Barb Buchanan, Rosalind Orr, Joan Honsberger. 

ABSENT: Joy Sinclair, Jane Farrow. 


BACK ROW: Jim Snider (Track Curator), Harry White (Hockey Curator), Tony Bridger (Basketball Curator), Milt 
Jewell (3rd Yr. Rep.), Dave Hobbs (1st Yr. Rep.), Gary Logan (2nd Yr. Rep.). 

FRONT; Don Affleck (Secretary), Sandy Bruchovsky (Treasurer), Don Matheson (President), Ron Woods (Vice-Pres.), 
Dave Thomson (Football Curator). 


For those who feel that the song of 
the last debilitated remnant of the 
virile class of 6T0 is still worth 
singing, fourth year makes its final 
bow. The class may not be too large, 
but yet it managed to display some 

Beginning with the class of the 
Howdy Hop in the fall, 6T0 forced 
the financial crisis to a successful 
conclusion, filled the halls with over 
800 hopping students, and proved 
incomparable salesmen in the Soft 
Drinks field. 

After such a fine start, the class 
proceeded to greater heights with a 
skating party on the Little Vic Rink, 
in which the Femmes Fatales handily 
defeated "Squeeze" Lemmon, "Stun- 
ner" Stanley, "Rocket" Robertson, 
and the Boys. The number of athletes 
almost exceeded the number of sup- 
porters who arrived later for the 

The annual Graduation Dinner, took 
place on March 10 at Hart House, 
where Mr. R. Needham of the Globe 
and Mail addressed the students. An 
evening of dining and dancing repre- 
sented one of the parting tributes to 
the graduating class as they left 
Victoria in the hands of future years. 



BACK ROW: Mike Cross, Marilyn Smye, Carol Maedel, Joan Honsberger, Jim 

Maxwell, Ron Woods. 

FRONT: John Robertson, Mimi Boyd, Dave Lemmon, Mary Fraser, Peter Stanley. 


BACK ROW: Helen Truscott, Jan Smith, Margery Chapman, Ken Smith, Mike 

Thorley, Dave Kerwin. 

FRONT: Rick Winter, Marian Webb, Bob Oben, Jean Tovell, Milt Jewell. 

In addition to holding a hamburger 
roast and a Caledon Weekend, the 
class of 6T1 looked after the October 
Blood Campaign, sold student hand- 
books, co-operated with the class of 
6T3 in running the Scarlet and Gold 
dance, collected material for Toronto- 
nensis and publicised the year's events 
in the Strand. 

The executive originated the idea 
of a Class Dinner, which was held in 
Burwash Hall, and sponsored an inter- 
year, one-skated hockey tournament 
at which $75 was raised to support a 
refugee child for one year. 

The executive expresses their 
thanks to the members of the class 
for their support, and wishes those 
who are graduating every success in 
their chosen careers. 




BACK ROW: Marg Fisher, Cam Taylor, Lynda Godbold, Alison Dingle, Terry 

FRONT: John Page, Anne Williams, Marc Somerville, Judy Caldecott, Gary Logan. 

It is generally expected that the 
class spirit of a year will dim con- 
siderably in the interval between 
freshman frol icing and sophomore 
sobriety. This is usual; Vic. 6T2 isn't I 
Instead, the 440 odd (and the word is 
used advisedly) members of 6T2 
retained their renowned "class- 
consciousness" to carry on a varied 
program of year activities. 

Term began with Initiations — the 
Waterloo of the weakling frosh and 
the joy of every loyal sixtytioner. The 
classes enjoyed planning these Initia- 
tions, both the constructive and the 
destructive features I 

The 6T2 Caledon Weekend was 
again the best way to start off the 
Christmas holidays — with songs and 
"sauna"-ing, skating and sleigh riding, 
with string accompaniment. 

January 29 saw Vic. take over Hart 
House for the College Formal. The 
sophomore executive enjoyed working 
on this "back-on-the-campus" formal 
and they were pleased that the dance 
was such a success. 

To round out the year, the final 
6T2 party was held on February 20. 
This took the form of a skating party 
with a dance in Wymilwood. 


Freshmen Week-end in September 
was the year 6T3's introduction to 
college life. The week-end featured an 
introduction to the library which some 
freshmen have since visited and a 
preview of the college extra-curricular 
activities. Initiation week with its 
attendant "hardships" was capped 
with an outing to Bolton for a day's 
hard labour under the benign super- 
vision of the now beloved "sophs". 

Traditionally — the freshmen were 
beaten in the Bob Apple Battle but 
were consoled with the know ledge that 
next year they would be victorious I 
(Beware 6T4). The candleight cere- 
mony for the women in the Chapel 
was an impressive occasion. A class 
party held in Wymilwood in November 
was well attended. The highlight of 
the social year was the week-end at 
Caledon which stretched the sleeping 
accommodations at the farm to the 
limit. Seasonable weather and the 
Christmas spirit combined to provide 
an enjoyable week-end. 

I ._V ^."' ' : 1 

Bv^ ^^>^^^^^^l>^^^^^9^^^^^kC_ r% ^^ 

m " ^M^^^^L. ' JB~ '-^J^' /V 

^B ~~ ^T^^^^^^^^^ hA 



!^^ iS 

BACK ROW: Ted Ralfe, Gail Fowie, Nancy Wright, Dawn Magwood, Nancy Hamilton, 

Jim Peterson. 

FRONT: Dave Hobbs, Deanne McLeish, Alan Ruffiman, Ernie Cooke, Lesley Gore. 





^^' ' 


Athletic Directorate 

Honorary President: Dr. C. T. Bissell, President of the University. 
Facultij Members: Dr. J. H. Ebbs; Mr. J. C. Evans; Dr. J. W. Graham; 
Professor W. L. Sagar; Professor N. E. Sheppard; Professor J. W. B. 
Sisam; Professor M. St. A. Woodside. 
Advisory Board Members: Dr. C. C. Gray; Mr. J. C. Maynard. 
Director oj the Health Service: Dr. G. E. Wodehouse. 
Director of Athletics: Mr. Warren A. Stevens. 
Financial Secretary: Mr. J. P. Loosemore. 
Undergraduate Members: 

Mr. S. H. Chisholm, Engineering. 

Mr. J. T. Eyton, Law. 

Mr. J. W. Macdonald, Law. 

Mr. W. A. Potter, Dentistry. 

Mr. W. A. Yorzyk, Medicine. 
Appointed by S.A.C.: Mr. J. C. Odell, Engineering. 
Appointed by Intramural Sports Committee: R. Woods, Victoria. 

Intercollegiate Championships 1959-60 






Yates Cup 

University of Western Ontario 



Toronto & District Ass'n Cup 

University of Toronto 

(Western Division) 

Blackvi/ood Trophy 

University of Toronto 


Charles E. Oster 

Ontario Agricultural College 


C.L.T.A. Cup 

University of Montreal 



Ruttan Cup 

University of Western Ontario 


McCall Cup 

G. Leriche, Sir G. Williams College 



Tait Mackenzie Trophy 

McGill University 


Hec Phillips 

Peter Adams (McGill) 


Little Cup 

Ontario Agricultural College 


Gilbert Turner 

University of Toronto 


Col. Grant Trophy 

University of Toronto 

Water Polo 

Herschorn Cup 

McGill University 


Queens Cup 

Laval University 


Gibson Cup 

University of Toronto 



Porter Trophy 

University of Western Ontario 


Carl Seipp Trophy 

University of Western Ontario 



Charles Walters 

University of Toronto 


Charles Walters 

J. A. Bell (T) Foil 
C. Fry (McG) Sabre 
G. Nagy (McG) Epee 


Wilson Cup 

University of Western Ontario 



Dougall Trophy 

University of Western Ontario 

100 Yd. Free 

Neil Buckley 

C. Grout, McGill University 

200 Yd. Back 

Wm. Sprenger 

F. R. Fisher, Toronto 

Ski Team 


Le Trophee de I'Universite 
de Montreal 

No award 


Allen Trophy 



Harald Martin 

McGill University 


Molson (Ontario) Trophy 

Ross Adair (McGill) 


Jemmett Trophy 

University of Toronto 



Caron Trophy 

University of Toronto 


Werry Trophy 

G. Pal (Toronto) 


Award Winners 


Bronzo T's murked ''' 


D. A. Baird 

J. A. Bell 

J. D. Boyd 

B. W. Bradstock 

W. G. Bulucon 

P. R. Burroughs 

S. H. Chisholm, Co-Captain* 

A. K. Connolly 
R. W. Crawford 

D. H. Creswell 
M. Chykaliuk 
R. J. Dann* 

J. M. Dever 

J. T. Eyton, Co-Captain* 

R. Farr 

R. L. House 

K. D. Jack 

B. E. Jackson 
M. W. Jewell 
W. D. Kay 

R. I. Knowles 
P. D. Lougheed 
J. M. McMurtry 
M. D. Muir 
J. 0. Murchie 
K. T. Myers 
W. A. Potter 

E. Rush 

M. D. Smith 
N. Sopinka 
W. J. Sopinka 
W. J. Thoburn 
S. C. Wood 
D. A. Wyles 


J. G. D. Anderson 


D. R. Bosomworth 

J. Brebner 

W. R. Chadwick 

P. M. Chapman 

L. T. Colman 

R. K. Cornbill 

N. J. Nankivell, Captain 

J. M. Nelems 

R. B. Reed 


D. E. Laird 
R. B. Lundy 
P. M. Wendling 
S. C. Wood* 


R. S. Carmichael 
D. W. Cook 
W. F. Crothers 
K. E. Money 
G. Rhoden 
P. H. Watson* 


J. O. Roos* 


P. Avis 
J. S. Bell 

A. Csongradi 
J. F. Duncan 
R. M. Green* 
M. A. Mahon 

J. M. Kovacsovics 

B. C. Michez 
R. E. Morris 
R. Peretz* 
E. Primorac* 
D. A. Taylor 

J. H. P. Watson 


B. Brooker 
G. Pal. 


T. L. Aman 

0. C. Hutchison 

E. J. Neary 
V. Spring 

R. L. Turner 
A. Vachon* 


H. E. R. Brown 
K. J. Brown 


D. Cherepacha 
G. A. Epp 
G. C. Frey 
J. A. Gatten 
R. E. Giroux 
G. J. Gow 
W. A. Griffin 
G. C. Hicken 
J. W. Macdonald 
J. 0. Murchie 
H. W. Neale 

A. D. Orcheson 
H. H. Roth 

J. B. Simpson 

1. A. Sinclair 

F. J. Sullivan 
P. J. Warren 


M. Cohen 
K. D. Jack 
J. W. Maguire 
N. F. Menczel 
R. S. Miner 
M. D. Muir 
P. E. O'Neill 
R. D. Norman* 
W. A. Potter 

B. A. Wolchuk 
K. D. Jack 

D. A. Wyles 

A. D. Rae 


F. R. Fisher 

G. R. Logan 


Coaching Staff 


Having graduated in Arts from Toronto, where he was an out- 
standing lacrosse player, being a member of the Varsity team which 
toured the U.S. in 1937, Dalt coached football at Port Colborne High 
for two years, winning the Central Ontario H.S. Championship in 1940. 
While at Toronto's Western Technical School, he coached football, 
basketball, and track, winning the Ontario and City basketball titles. 

In 1951 he joined the staff at Toronto, and acted as Assistant 
Football and Basketball Coach before he was elevated to the position 
of Head Football Coach. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dalt White have five children, four of them boys. 



Jack Kennedy graduated from the School of P.H.E. at Toronto in 
1950, and has been a member of the staff of the Department since 
that time. A member of the Blue Football team during his student 
days (playing end), he has, since his graduation, been Coach of the 
Intermediate Football Blues and Assistant Coach of the Seniors. He has 
also directed the Senior Hockey squad for the past three years, 
winning the Championship in 1955 and 1956. 

Jack came to the University after seeing service with the R.C.A.F. 
and is now the Chief Administrative Officer of the University R.C.A.F. 
Incidentally, he is married, and has four children. 



A graduate of P.H.E. at Toronto (1950), John has just completed 
his first year as coach of the Blue Basketball team. A former star in 
basketball, baseball, and track, he was one of the high scorers for the 
Blues during his college days. After graduation John coached at 
Acadia University for two years where his team won the intercollegiate 
title, the Halifax and District Championship, and the Maritime Senior 
crown. He joined the Toronto staff in 1952 as Assistant Football and 
Basketball coach, and since then his Intermediate team has won the 
college championship twice. 

John is married, and has one son. He too is an administrative 
officer in the U. of T. R.C.A.F. Squadron. 



Copp Trophy 

In recognition of his fine play throughout three 
seasons with the V'arsity Football team, Steve Chis- 
holm was selected as the winner of the Johnny Copp 
award for 1959 - 60. The Copp trophy is given annually 
to the member of the Senior Football team who, in 
the opinion of his team-mates, is judged the most 
worthy. Steve Chisholm graduated from Port Credit 
High School and came to Toronto after spending one 
year at the University of South Carolina. He perfor- 
med brilliantly at halfback both offensively and 
defensively, winning his first "T" three times and 
being awarded a Bronze "T". This year he was 
elected co-captain of the team and served as a member 
of the Athletic Directorate. 

A first class Honour student in Engineering 
Physics, Steve was one of five engineering students 
to receive an Athlone Fellowship, which entitles him 
to two years post-graduate study in the United King- 
dom. A first draft choice of the Ottawa Roughriders 
he will forego a professional football career to pursue 
his studies. With him go best wishes for continued 

Biggs Trophy 

Pete Potter was the winner of the Biggs trophy, 
which is awarded annually by the Senior members of 
the Athletic Directorate to the undergraduate who 
has contributed most to university athletics through 
leadership, sportsmanship and performance. Pete, 
who was also awarded the Potter trophy, as the most 
worthy member of the senior basketball team, has 
compiled a long list of achievements in Varsity 
athletics since coming here from Niagara Falls 

He has participated in three major sports, winn- 
ing his "T" nine times. An excellent sprinter and high 
jumper he competed in Intercollegiate Track and 
Field, captured the high jump title in his first year, 
and was a member of the winning relay team in 1954. 
An outstanding guard and one of the leading scorers 
Peter was selected as Captain of the Basketball Team 
in this, his seventh season. He turned to Football last 
fall playing at halfback and handling the punting for 
the Senior Blues. 

A second year Dentistry student. Pete acted as 
President of the Basketball Club and was a student 
representative on the Athletic Directorate. The Biggs 
trophy is a fitting reward for his fine contribution to 



• 1 


'■asair ' 




I I 

. ^ 

BACK ROW: J. O. Murchie, W. D. Kay, B. W. Bradstock, C. Wood Jr., M. W. Jewell, W. J. Thobum, R. N. Campbell. 

FOURTH: B. E. Jackson, M. D. Muir, W. Sopinka, P. D. Lougheed, R. L. House, P. R. Burroughs, J. F. Foreman, H. RIngham (Trainer). 

THIRD: R. S. Miner (Mgr.), M. Chykaliuk, W. G. Bulucon, R. W. Crawford, J. H. McMurtry, N. Sopinka, J. D. Boyd, K. D. Jack. 

SECOND: J. S. McManus (Ass't Coach), J. M. Dever, P. Warren, M. D. Smith, J. A. Bell, M. C. Bell, K. T. Myers, D. A. Baird, J. R. 

Kennedy (Ass't Coach). 

FRONT: A. D. White (Head Coach), D. A. Wyles, A. K. Connolly, R. J. Dann, J. T. Eyton (Co-Capt.), S. H. Chisholm (Co-Capt.), W. A. 

Potter, R. I. Knowles, E. Rush, W. A. Stevens (Director of Athletics). 

ABSENT: D. H. Creswell, R. Farr. 

Senior Football 

"Wait 'til next year!" This cry has been 
echoed ever since a team has lost a race for a 
championship; but this year the echoes were 
longer and louder than usual. One finds the 
answer to the moans upon observing the 
league standings. 

Played Won Lost Tied Points 

Western 6 5 1 10 


Toronto 6 5 1 10 

Western defeated Toronto 16 to 3, Toronto 
defeated Western 13 to 7; making a total of 
Western 23 and Toronto 16. 

For the first time in the history of the 
league the championship was decided on a 
total point basis in two games Western and 
Toronto played. The usual play-off game had 
to be discarded due to an extra post-season 
game, the East-West College clash for the Sir 
Winston Churchill trophy. 

The team, although not as strong as last 
year's, almost made it two in a row for 
Toronto and Coach Dalt White. The Blues 
defense was as strong as ever, but the offense 
lacked the blistering power of the previous 
year and occasionally bogged down in scoring 

Due to graduation, 'Varsity will lose such 
outstanding players as Trevor Eyton, Steve 
Chisholm, Doug Lougheed, Bobby Dann. 
Morgan Dever, Doug Jack, Dave Creswell, 
Bruce Jackson, Brian Bradstock, Bill Bulucon, 
Ian Knowles, Mike Smith and Nick Sopinka. 
Many of these players will see action in the 
professional ranks next year. 

Even with the loss of these players the 
horizon looks bright for the Blues next year 
as 25 of this year's team members intend to 
return. An excellent Intermediate team will 
also provide strong support. 


Toronto 25 
Western 7 

TORONTO (Sept. 25): Blues walked ofF with the 
exhibition opener against Western with a score 
of 25-7 . . . Varsity's running to the outside 
proved a big ground gainer time and again. The 
first touchdown came after a 96-yard march in 
seven plays, including Bobby Dann's catch for a 
54-Yard gain. A Western fumble set up the second 
TO. Bobby Dann opened the <;econd half with a 
49-yard reverse to score for tha Blues. Mustangs 
rallied to score their lone touchdown and Blues 
swept back for their final score Blues passed 
and ran 434 yards compared to Western's 363. 


TORONTO (Oct. 2): The Varsity Blues, taking 
advantage of numerous fumbles and interceptions, 
rolled to an easy 42-1 victory over ttie McCill 
Redmen, scoring 3 TD's in eacti half. . . . Blues 
quarterback Nick Sopinka passed well, rolling up 
185 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. . . . 
Potter converted four of the TD's and added 
two singles. . . . One outstanding feature of 
the game was the running of Murchie, McMurtry 
and Steve Chisholm. . . . Blues total offense was 
485 yards against McGilTs 91. . . . Blues' winning 
streak is now 11 games. . . . 

Western 16 

Toronto 8 

Toronto 7 

Queen's O 

KINGSTON (Oct. 17): Vanity defeated a 
hard-fighting Kingston team 7-0 despite the rain 
... It looked like the Blues might win 1-0 on a 
rouge kicked by Potter . . . The only touchdown 
of the game came when the Blues stopped 
Kingston on their own 28 and Sopinka passed to 
Dann for the TD three plays later . . . Both teams 
were stopped several times on potential scoring 
drives, the most spectacular was the Gaels' 
comeback after the TD that was stopped on 
Toronto's 28-yard line . . . Chisholm gained 118 
yards in 16 carries as Blues outplayed the Gaels 
322 yards to 199. 

?-«f t_*-_*^ - * ''iSkM*^ 

Toronto 7 

Queen's 6 

TORONTO (Oct. 23): Varsity Blues sloshed through the 
rain and mud to gain a 7-6 decision over Queen's the margin 
of victory being the single point kicked by Varsity half-back 
Peter Potter on the last play of the first half ... in the 
second play of the third quarter the Blues slithered 47 
yards in 12 plays for the TD . . . With time running out. 
Queen's moved the ball from their own 32 for a touchdown 
in a dozen plays . . . Blues' quarterback Nick Sopinka 
played an astute game . . . 

Blues' offensive play was a standout with every player 
blocking in great style as shown by the 227 yards Varsity 
gained rushing in 55 plays during the game. 


Toronto 13 
Western 7 

TORONTO (Oct. 31): Varsify all 301 lost the Yates 
Cup, although defeating Western 13-7 . . . Total 
score per round against Western is 23-16 for the 
Mustangs . . . The contest was staged on a sea of 
mud that passed for a football field . . . Mike 
Muir went over in the second quarter for an 
unconverted TD . . . Chisholni scored a major in 
the second half and Potter kicked a single . . . 
Galgani raced S3 yards to score the Mustongs' 
only touchdown. On the last play a Western 
receiver was in the clear but slipped in the tnud 
. . . Total yardage. Western 299, Varsity 246 . . . 
An exciting game but a hard brittle to lose. 


Toronto 23 
McGill O 



walloped McGill 23-0, but lost 
Ttpetition for a chance at the 
linst UBC, as Western beat the 
ed 12 of 28 passes for a total 
ee touchdowns ... Ed Rush, 
was a standout for the Blues, 
eir opponents' ofFense . . . Only 

beyond midfield. 

^hJ 'W-JfW'-""^ 

^^^P *•'*''"'" TORONTO (Nov. 6): Varsity 


■HHHMMMMM to Western the coi 
^^^HHHHHHH^^^^^^^^^I East-west ag< 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Gaels . . . 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H yards thr 

■■■■■^V ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Varsity defensive 
SB5SM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 vvho completely throttled th 


^^^^^^^mm/^^^^^^^^k °"cc ("<> McGiii get tne ball 




^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Come to daddy 

—4 ^ _t. 

"' " Ij^v 

- ■ J^i ».-. ^W^ ^ — '*V ' ^ . * •'•lli 




■" -»^N 


^^^^.^-^^.^--rT^ f 




es the ball ? ? 

.^C - 

« ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bi^' 


BACK ROW: P. Robertson, M. L. Pearson, A. Grikis, K. Coddling, P. Boyd, R. S. Near, A. Grodzinski. 

THIRD: R. Bayko, K. Pold, R. Martiniuk, G. E. German, J. Israel, E. J. Cormode, J. Miller, J. Knowles, B. F. Cooper, A. 

Higgins (Mgr.). 

SECOND: D. K. Johnston (Coacti), J. Sopinka (Coach). 

FRONT: M. Wright, B. O. Cromwell, N. Bates, M. King (Capt.), J. D. Huot, H. Hall, B. Rowland. 

ABSENT: R. Lackey, V. Capogreco, R. Y. McMurtry, T. Kristenbrun, W. A. Teasdale. 

Intermediate Football 

The Intermediates, orphaned this year without a league 
to play in, and loaded with talent, suffered from both a lack 
of a real goal and overconfidence. and so lost the first game 
of the season to a much inferior Western team. The offense 
did not get untracked until the second half when Hall finally 
hit House with two touchdown passes, but a missed convert 
made the difference in the one point loss. 

A pair of back to back games with Ryerson that resulted 
in two lopsided scores in our favour proved that both the 
offense and defense had settled down and that coaches John 
Sopinka and Don Johnston had finally moulded a real team. 
Wright, Hall. King. House, McMurtry and Martiniuk stood 
out offensively, while Kristenbrun and Bates were the bul- 
warks of the defensive line, backed up more than adequately 
by players hke German and Lackey. 

With only a two day break after the last Ryerson game the 
team travelled to London and humiliated the champion Colts 
32-0 in their own Little Stadium. This game was a perfect 
team effort in all respects, with no one player especially 
standing out. and a fine tribute to the hard work of the 
coaching staff. 

Hit him high, tackle low! 



BACK ROW: N. F. Menczel, R. D. Norman, J. W. Maguire, B. A. Wolchuk, M. D. Moir, P. E. O'Neill, J. S. McManus 


FRONT: W. B. Prokop, M. Cohen, J. S. Druck, W. A. Potter (Capt.), D. A. Wyles, R. S. Miner, K. D. Jack. 

The 1959-60 Varsity Blues played an 18 
game schedule. Included were six American 
teams — Seton Hall, St. Peters, lona, Buffalo, 
Lawrence Tech and Rochester Tech. Their 
record was seven wins and eleven losses. 

In the Intercollegiate schedule, the Blues 
ended up in third place with a 5-5 record. 
A 91 - 90 loss to Lawrence Tech and a 78-76 
win over Assumption were the highlights of 
the season. Pete Potter, veteran guard, was 
awarded the W. A. Potter trophy. The Blues 
were paced by the scoring of Jim Maguire, 
Mike Muir and Dan Norman. 

The 1960-61 team will be built around 
Jim Maguire, Mike Muir and Pete Potter. The 
addition of Ed Bordas, Gerry McElroy and Joe 
Druck should strengthen the team consider- 

Hot shot 


1 want il 

Daon Norn^a" 

Mister, lake voiir hand oiT my hips 

Senior Hockey 

BACK ROW: F. J. Sullivan, D. Cherapacha, G. C. Hicken, D. R. Gawley (Mgr.), J. O. Murchie, J A. Gatten, H. W. Neale. 

SECOND: J. R. Kennedy (Coach), E. G. Rush, I. A. Sinclair, G. J. Gow, G. A. Epp, J. B. Simpson, A. D. Orcheson, H. Ringhar 


FRONT: R. E. Giroux, P. J. Warren, W. A. Griffin, J. W. Macdonald (Capt.), H. H. Roth, G. C. Frey, E. A. Kingstone. 

ABSENT: D. R. Keenan, J. S. Brooks. 

This was a year of changes in the Senior 
Intercollegiate Hockey league. Queens retur- 
ned after a ten year absence and with them 
came a fourteen game schedule. Laval deve- 
loped a powerful team and so the Queens Cup, 
emblematic of college hockey supremacy, left 
its normal residence in Hart House and jour- 
neyed down for a year's visit to Quebec City. 

The Blues, at the start of this year, had 
only five men return from last year's cham- 
pionship team. To this group were added 
twelve rookies. With this lineup, the Blues 
compiled an eight and six record in league 
play, good enough for second place. 

In journeys south of the border. Varsity 
fared somewhat better. Before the Christmas 

vacation, they defeated both St. Lawrence and 
Clarkson College while they dropped two 
games to a strong Michigan Club. After Christ- 
mas they travelled to Boston where they won 
the annual Boston Arena Christmas College 
Hockey Tournament and also defeated Boston 

With the end of the season, the Blues bid 
farewell to their graduating members: Captain 
John MacDonald, Assistant Captain Harry 
Neale, Bob Giroux, Frank Sullivan, Bill Griffin, 
Don Keenan, Howie Roth and Peter Warren. 

Next year with this year's rookies being 
experienced veterans combined with some 
promising new arrivals, the Queen's Cup may 
once more return to its home in Toronto. 


Lying in wait 


^«^' ^ 


Lost .... one puck 

Goalies eye view 



The defending champion Blues came 
third in this years team championship, which 
drew eleven universities to provide the largest 
golf tournament in Intercollegiate history. The 
four man team carded a score of 668 in 38 
holes of medal play and were topped only by 
Western with 664 and McGill with 667. 

John Erskine of S.P.S. finished in fourth 
place in the individual scoring with a one 
fifty nine. Charles Jacobs of U.C'. was seventh, 
while Bill Cuff of Dents and Ron P'letcher of 
U.C. were in nineteenth and twenty-first po- 
sitions in a total field of forty-four. 

Ron Fletcher was the only Toronto repre- 
sentative from last year's championship team. 
John Erskine played on the 1957 team while 
Charles Jacobs and Bill Cuff, both freshmen, 
were playing for their university for the first 

R. A. Fletcher, J. S. Erskine, T. W. Cuff. 
ABSENT: C. Jacobs. 


The seventh college tourney, held at the 
Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, was plagued by 
rain throughout most of the three days of 
play. The defending team champions. Western, 
dropped to fourth place with six points, in a 
close race which resulted in a win for Univer- 
sity of Montreal with eleven points, and a 
second and third place finish for McGill and 
Laval with ten and nine points respectively. 

The Toronto entry could do no better than 
fifth place and five points. Joe Anderson of 
Meds, the Toronto veteran, playing in number 
one position, won two of his six singles matches 
for Toronto's only points in this division 
and teamed with Doug Coultis of S.P.S. for 
two wins in the doubles division. Barry Fine 
of Graduate Studies, like Dave McGibbon of 
Trinity and Doug Coultis of S.P.S., failed to 
gain a singles point. Dave McGibbon teamed 
with John Zickmanis of U.C. for the other 
doubles score. 

D. Coultis, J. G. Anderson, D. R. McGibbon, B. Fine. 
ABSENT: J. Zichmanis. 



BACK ROW: P. H. Watson, W. 
Crothers, G. R. Sparks, N. Van Loon. 
FRONT: W. Eckersley (Ass't Coach), 
J. B. Griffin, J. Snider, R. Repo, F. A. 
Foot (Coach). 

Toronto took part in three American Indoor 
Track meets. 

At East Lansing, running against Michigan State 
University, Jan Roos ran the mile in his best time 
of 4:27.9 and Ken Money won the High Jump. In 
a dual meet with Eastern Michigan, Toronto placed 
poorly, with William Crawford coming second in 
the High Jump and Jim Snider third in the 440 
Yds. The story wasn't much brighter at the Buffalo 
State Relays where Jim Snider came second in the 

Half Mile with a relatively slow time of 2:03 and 
Ross ran 4:29 in the mile run. 

Perhaps the most exciting race of the year was 
turned in by the Toronto quartet of Jim Snider, 
Jan Roos, Nelles Van Loon and Dick Hamilton as 
they won the College mile relay in the Hamilton 
Armouries. Snider anchored his team by inching 
out McMaster's John Passmore in a thriUing stretch 


E. W. Lahay, J. O. Roos, 
M. Berger, M. Turk, J. 

ABSENT: F. A. Foot 

The Toronto Senior Harrier Team ran into 
keen competition especially from McGill's Pete 
Adams who came first, O.A.C.'s crosscountry A. 
Hackett. second, and A. Clairmont, third. As a 
result the team finished a poor third behind O.A.C. 
and McGill. The best Toronto could score was 
fourth with Jan Roos. Jim Snider came in eighth 
and Ed LaHay, a promising newcomer, was thir- 
teenth. In a down-to-the-wire finish Michael Berger 
edged out Mike Turk, another newcomer with 
much potential for the future. 

During the regular season the Toronto team 

came up with a narrow 27 - 29 victory over Wayne 
University led. on this occassion, bv Jim Griffen, 
third. Mi'ke Turk fourth. Against 'Buffalo State. 
Toronto won and lost, winning by Canadian rules 
counting the first four men; and losing by American 
rules which count the first five runners to cross 
the finish line. In this race, Jim Snider, a solid 
veteran, won. Jim Griffen came fifth. Mike Turk 
sixth and Mike Berger seventh. 

Unfortunately there was no competition for inter- 
mediate teams this year. 



BACK ROW: J. M. Swinden, F. M. McNutt. 

SECOND: W. Crothers, W. N. Blair, D. W. Cook, V. A. Crawford, J. O. Roos. 

FRONT: A. Brereton, M. Copeland, M. Berger (Mgr.), F. A. Foot (Coach), J. Snider, R. Repo. 

ABSENT: R. Carmichael, K. E. Money, G. Rhoden, P. Watson, J. Oructiok, R. E. Hamilton, B. Hutzel, B. E. 

Jackson, J. Zadiyko, W. H. Brown (Coach). 

Toronto's highly touted Track team ventured 
to McMaster only to be beaten by a solid McGill 
team. However, Toronto had its moments of glory 
and its individual stars. In the quarter mile. B. 
Crothers ran a smooth race to win in a time of 50:1 
over Eraser of Queens. The half-mile produced a 
great deal of excitement as Pete Watson and Hud- 
son of McGill duelled for a gold medal in the 
stretch run. 

The winning time was a good 1:57.9. George 
Rhoden showed some of the form and flash which 

made him an Olympic record holder. He gained 
important yards for Toronto in the third lap of the 
mile relay which Toronto won in 3:26. Ken Money 
once again shone by winning the High Jump. Two 
pleasant surprises for Toronto were Jerry Zadiyko 
who came third in the Pole Vault behind McGilTs 
Whalen and Land and Raimo Repo who finished 
second in the Hop, Step and Jump. Cook beat out 
favourite John Passmore who stumbled yards from 
the finish line. 


Highlights of the first All Canadian Track and 
Field Meet which was held on a cold, miserable 
day with a poor, wet and soggy field were the 
longer distance events. 

In the mile event Eales of the West and Adams 
of the Central region duelled for three quarters of 
a mile before Pan-American game winner Dry- 
brough came on in the final 220 yards to capture 
the Gold Medal in 4:23.3. Eales avenged himself in 
the three mile by pulling past Hackett who was the 
leader at the 2 mile mark and sprinting past P. 
Adams, the leader, with only one lap to go to win in 
a blazing final 440 that was timed at close to 60 

Bill Crothers showed well for the central region 
as he outlasted Wilson of U.B.C. to gain a gold 
medal in 50 seconds flat. An excellent time espe- 
cially considering the poor footing. Cook of Toronto 
continued to amaze everybody by taking the 120 
yard High Hurdles in 16.2. 

Pete Watson of Toronto missed his chance for 

glory by fading badly to Morris of Saskatchewan 
in a fight to the wire. The announcement of this 
race was delayed some minutes as the judges had 
to consult each other before they picked Morris as 
the winner. The time was a relatively slow 1:59.8. 
The mile relay put the finishing touches to some 
good races. In this race the central region took 
command with the powerful running of Bill 
Crothers who anchored the team of Passmore, 
Eraser and Shepherd to a victorv in the winning 
time of 3:28.3. 



The most inclement weather imaginable did not 
stop the O.Q.A.A. from inflicting a crushing defeat 
on their Eastern and Western brethren. Paced by 
McGills Pete Adams, the O.Q.A.A. placed Art 
Hackett 4th: Al Claremont 5th: Pete Johnston 6th 
to win going away. The West showed some life in 
the fine running of Henry Glyde and Michael Hall 
who came second and third respectively. 




BACK ROW: T. H. Duncan (Coach), J. M. Kovacsovics, P. Avis, D. K. Jardine (Manager). 
SECOND: R. M. Green, D. A. Taylor, B. C. Michez, J. H. P. Watson, J. S. Bell, E. Primorac. 
FRONT: R. E. Morris, A. E. Csongradi, R. Peretz, J. F. Duncan, M. A. Mahon. 
ABSENT: L D. Mayhanovich. 

Once again the Senior Blues had a profitable 
season retaining both O.Q.A.A. Championship 
titles, the Western Division laurels and the Black- 
wood Trophy for the seventh year in a row, and 
the Eastern title and the T. and D. Trophy for 
the second successive year. 

In their tight ten game schedule the Blues 
amassed nine wins while suffering one set-back. 
The individual scores were as follows: 





Won 2-0 

Won 4-0 


Won 4-2 

Won 4-2 


U. of West. Ont. 

Won 5-1 

Won 3-0 


Won 4-1 

Won 1-0 



Won 5-1 

Lost 1-0 

(Toronto wins total goals series 5-2) 

The team this year was the best-balanced one 
that Toronto has had for some time. In past years 
the Blue forwards had been so strong that they 
alone overpowered the opposition. This year 
however only three members of the starting 
attack had played on last season's team. While 
the new members of the forward line were just 
as good players as those who had left, it was 
only natural that they should take some time to 
fit into the team picture. 

On defence the Blues were as strong as they 
had ever been. All the members of the defence, 

including the utility man, were returnees. It was 
this defensive strength which kept the Blues 
alive until the forwards found the range. 

When the team travelled to Guelph to tackle 
the O.A.-V.C. squad, who were tied for the 
league lead with the Blues at that time and who 
had been scoring almost twice as many goals as 
the Blues, injuries and tactics dictated a shift in 
the defensive line-up. When the team went onto 
the field the goal-keeper was the only player in 
his usual position, all the other five had changed. 
Despite this the Blues registered a 1-0 victory. 

By the time that the Guelph Redmen visited 
the Toronto Campus the forwards had found the 
mark and proved their point by putting four 
goals into the O.A.C. net while the defence kept 
the Redmen to a lone tally. These two were the 
key games of the Western schedule, although 
the other matches continued the trend of the 
past three years of improved standards of play 
throughout the league. 

In the two game play-off with McGill in the 
Eastern Division the Blues suffered their only 
loss of the season when injuries forced them to 
travel to Montreal with five substitutes in the 
line-up. McGill won the first game 1-0 but 
couldn't hold a healthy Toronto team the follow- 
ing week, and Blues took the total goals title 
with a 5-1 victory. 

A few faces will be missing next season but 
if they can be replaced by players of the calibre 
of this year's freshmen then Varsity can look 
forward to another Championship season. 



BACK ROW: T. H. Duncan (Coach), E. Kalnins, L. F. O'Leary, D. K. Jardine (Manager). 
SECOND: P. J. Casey, B. F. Stroud, W. G. McLean, P. Walcott, S. Ryan, C. F. O. Carr 
FRONT: P. Hamilton, B. Walker, M. Devis-Esctiandia, S. I. Fraser, G. Puski. 
ABSENT: L. E. McLean. 

For the second successive year the Intermediate 
Blues finished in second place in their quest for the 
Intermediate title. Last season they lost on a tech- 
nicality; this year it was the inabilty to win the big 
game of the schedule which cost them the title. 

Their record of four wins, one tie and one de- 
feat was run-up as follows: 

Opponents Home Away 

McMaster Won 6-0 Won 3-0 

Univ. of West. Ont. Won 8-0 Won 2-0 

Ont. Agric and Vet. Lost 5-2 Tied 5-5 

The season started impressively with three 
shut-out victories, but the Baby Blues were unable 
to keep up the pace. The whole heart, the half-back 
line, of last year's unofficial championship team 
had graduated and the loss was sorely felt. The 
Toronto team almost had the title in their hands 
but the Guelph Redmen fought back in the crucial 
game to overcome a two goal lead and salvage the 
all-important point. 

With many freshmen gaining valuable Inter- 
collegiate experience it seems that next year will 
be the year for the Baby Blues, who had a great 
deal of spirit all year but didn't get the breaks. 


University of Toronto at last boasts a championship calibre 
SaiUng Team with about 20 active members. They had a good 
season both in the spring and fall of 1959. 

To start the season, Al Rae and Robin Beamish raced in the 
New England Intersectional at Tufts University, barely losing the 
Friis Trophy to Bowdoin University 90 - 92 with Tufts third at 76 
and 4 more Colleges down the way. The next weekend. May 10th, 
Pete and Robin Beamish copped the Phelps Trophy at Darmouth 
with the help of a couple of St. Joseph's girls, Hilley Carr and 
Mary Dillon. Six Colleges turned up for the meet this time. 

In the fall the same pair did not fare quite so well, placing 
ninth out of 13 at the Danmark Trophy Regatta at New London. 
This was a big one as three English teams were over with elimina- 
tions on this side. This fall, however, the Sailing Club got an active 
program underway due to Queens City Yacht Club who lent the 
club their boats. On October 26 the season closed with Toronto 
marching over the five other contestants. Out of twelve races, 
Toronto's Al Rae and Charles Grant, with Larry Smith and Chris 
Chapman as crew, ran up ten firsts, a second and a third. Queens 
was second with Assumption, Waterloo, Osgoode Hall and R.M.C. 
in that order. 

Thus ends a fairly active season and a good one for the sailing 
types. May the club do as well next year. 

BACK ROW: C. B. Chapman, L. Smith, C. D. Grant, P. Beamish. 
FRONT: Robin Beamish, Alan Rae (Capt.). 




BACK ROW: J. M. Nelems, L. T. Colman, R. B. Reed, H. J. Johnston. 

SECOND: J. S. Dunsmuir, D. R. Bosomworth, S. C. Buckley, J. Vallance, C. Barnes. 

FRONT: G. D. McKay, J. A. Cottenden, N J. Nankivell (Capt.), J. Brebner, R. Cornbill, P. M. F. 


ABSENT: W. R. Chadwick. 

The University of Toronto Senior Rugger Blues 
won the intercollegiate championship for the first 
time in ten years, defeating McGill University Red- 
men 8-6 in a hard-fought two-game total-points 

The Varsity team last won the Gilbert Turner 
Trophy in 1949. McGill won it the following year and 
has held it since that time. 

The Blues played the first game of the series this 
year in Montreal in October, surprising the McGill 
crowd with a rousing 8 - 3 victory. It was a fast, 
fierce-tackling contest in which the Blues' forward 
pack dominated play and time and time again won 
the ball to force the play to the Montreal goal-line. All 
the points were scored by the forwards — a try by 
second-row Barry Reed, converted by wing-forward, 
Ray Cornbill, and a long penalty goal drop-kicked by 
wing-forward, Neville Nankivell, Australian gradu- 
ate student who captained the side for the 1959 

McGill scored on a penalty goal but didn't cross 
the Blues' line as the Varsity backs excelled in 
defence with crashing tackles and some fin€ touch- 
line kicking by vice-captain John Brebner at fullback. 

The second game of the series was played in mud 
and rain on the Varsity back campus with the McGill 
lineup strengthened by a couple of regulars who had 
been sidelined at Montreal. 

There was no score in the first half as both teams 
came close to scoring but were stopped inches from 
the goal-line. McGill scored a try midway through 
the second half after a wild Varsity pass was fumbled 
in the end zone and recovered by a Redman. The 
convert attempt, kicked from an angle, missed and 
Blues gave every effort in some desperate defensive 
play to hold on to the slim, two-point lead and the 

What the match lacked in finesse and classic 
movements — almost impossible in the pouring rain 
and on the sloshy field — it made up for in a rugged 
defensive battle. Two Varsity players suffered broken 

noses, but stayed on the field (no substitutes allowed 
in rugger!) and McGilL rushes were cut down by the 
unflaggng, determined Blues. 

The Varsity champions were a blend of native 
Canadians and overseas students from the United 
Kingdom, South Africa and Austraha. Most of the 
overseas players intend to stay in Canada. 

Promising sign was the number of Canadians on 
the senior team — seven in all. Previous Varsity 
teams have been made up almost entirely of students 
who learned the game before coming to Canada. 

The intercollegiate champions: Forwards — Jim 
Dunsmuir, Paul Chapman, Doug Bosomworth, Barry 
Reed, Leo Colman, Bill Nelems, Ray Cornbill. Neville 
Nankivell (Capt.); backs — John Brebner (v. capt.), 
John Cottenden, George McKay, Julian Valance, Colin 
Barnes, Bill Chadwick, Shawn Buckley, Hugh John- 
ston; Reserves — John Dean, George Silwell; Manager 
— Paul Carver. 

The Blues, co-holders of the 1958 Ontario inter- 
mediate A league championship, were promoted for 
the 1959 fall season into the Senior A league — 
Eastern Canada's top rugger loop. 

The competition here was somewhat stiff for the 
students, who lost all but a post-season exhibition 
match against Toronto Scottish. The losses, though, 
were all fairly close — two of them by five points and 
less. The club's target was the intercollegiate title 
and the league games suffered. 

However, the Blues acquitted themselves well 
and most observers agreed that lack of experience 
against the more-veteran league teams proved the 
margin of victory, plus a couple of unfortunate 
injuries in early stages of two games. 

The Varsity Club is giving serious thought to 
withdrawing from league play to concentrate on 
competition in an expanded intercollegiate loop that 
would include teams from OAC. Guelph; Queen's 
University, Kingston, and University of Michigan. Ann 

Intermediate Rugger 

BACK ROW: A. Coombes, C. Edwards, G. Harper, M. Renfrew. 
SECOND: G. Baker, D. Muir, J. Todd, R. Turner, F. Johnson. 
FRONT: P. Carver, G. Sitwell, J. Dean (Capt.), I. Downie. 
ABSENT: J. Harper, J. Shelton. 

The Intermediate Blues, 
captained by final-year engi- 
neering student John Dean, 
fought their way into the semi- 
finals of the Toronto Seaway 
League, but lost to a strong 
Bank of Commerce team. The 
Intermediates provided the re- 
placements for the firsts, 
weakened by injuries during 
some parts of the season. 

Promising freshmen mem- 
bers of the Intermediates were 
Robert Turner and Harry Ni- 
cholson. Experience in the 
team came from veterans such 
as Paul Carver, George Sitwell 
and Fred Johnston. 


p. M. Wendling, D. E. Laird, Casey 
Wood Jr. (Doubles Champion), R. 8. 
Lundy (Singles and Doubles Champion). 

The University of Toronto captured the 
Senior Intercollegiate badminton team cham- 
pionship at Thames Hall, University of 
Western Ontario in a masterly manner. 

The Blues won all of their 24 matches 
against McGill, Queen's, Assumption and 

Ross Lundy of Vic played in number one 
position and teamed with Casey Wood of 
Trinity, the number three singles player, to 
make up the top doubles team. Paul Wendling 
and Don Laird, playing two and four in 

singles, worked together as an all Engineering 
doubles combination. 

Ross Lundy played the role of triple 
champion, winning the singles crown and 
teaming with Casey Wood for the doubles. 
The other three players were members of 
last years second place team which finished 
two points back of Queen's, the 1958-59 

Congratulations to each team member. A 
better performance was impossible. 


Sv\riinining Team 

BACK ROW: P. Richardson, D. C. Mclntyre, F. R. Fisher, K. W. Thompson, M. D. Chapelle, G. E. Miller (Mgr.). 
SECOND: N. J. Thierry, E. L. Wilson, W. Unger (Capt.), M. van Nooten (Coach), G. R. Logan, G. Houvinen, C. S. Moore. 
FRONT: W. Saul, M. K. Baumanis, J. M. SkeafF, M. O. Mungovan. 
ABSENT: J. Jany, H. A. Armstrong, A. W. Ashenhurst, J. Torok. 

This was the year that University of 
Toronto lost the Canadian Intercollegiate 
Swimming Championship. However, it is 
doubtful that future teams will be as easily 
defeated. With such promising freshmen as 
Marv Chapelle, Pete Richardson, Kit Moore 
and regular members as Al Ashenhurst, Bob 
Fisher, George Huovinen, Gary Logan, Dave 
Mclntyre, Wally Unger, Kirk Thompson, 
Ernie Wilson, Joe Jany and Harvey Arm- 
strong, Varsity is well supplied with swim 
talent. Veterans John Deacon, Alex Chiu, Ron 
Walbank and Bill Yorzyk should return to 
make Toronto a threat next year. 

Toronto lost both dual meets. McGill won 
the championship at Western University; but 
the Toronto team showed a great improve- 
ment in their narrow defeat during the second 
engagement. Varsity swimmers won the meets 

against Niagara University and McGill, held 
at Hart House this season, despite record- 
breaking performances by McGill swimmers 
Cameron Grout and Richard Pound. 

In the Intercollegiate Championship, the 
team had depth but not enough power to win 
against Western. Bob Fisher was the only U. of 
T. swimmer to win his event. Gary Logan won 
the Diving Championship for Toronto. Second 
place finishers were divers Wally Unger. Marv 
Chapelle, Bob Fisher and George Huovinen. 

Coach Marius Van Nooten was pleased 
with the fine development and improvement 
which his swimmers showed as the season 
progressed. Marius has done a great deal to 
improve the freshmen swimmers and has 
also assisted future U. of T. swimmers in his 
spare time. 


S A -^i' ^ m ^ n ^ ''it- N 

I ^ ^ 1 /I ■ li f j.^k I i 


BACK ROW: H. E. Nobert (Mgr.), J. D. 
Harper, J. S. Jany, R. Bodden, J. C. 
Odell, W. F. Clayson (Coach). 
FRONT: M. D. Chapelle, W. Unger, D. 
Berger, G. Watkin, W. P. Rollason, 
ABSENT: A. Benedek; S. Harangozo. 

With only four members returning from last 
year's team. Coach Warren Clayson was faced with 
the tough task of forming a contender for the 
Herschorn Cup emblematic of Intercollegiate 
Waterpolo supremacy. 

A good turnout of new talent plus better 
practice hours made the outlook bright. Pre-season 
games with the Y.M.H.A. and Hungarian Waterpolo 
Teams produced great improvement in ball handl- 
ing, especially among newcomers like speedsters 
Walt Unger and Marv Chapelle. 

However, the first game with McGill produced 
sad results. The team, set back by the stamina of 
the McGill players, was forced to throw away 

many good scoring opportunities by poor shots. 
After holding the Redmen to a slim lead the over- 
balance of endurance displayed itself in the final 
minutes of play when McGill scored four fast goals 
to win the first game 9 - 4. 

In the home pool the second game was much 
better played but the five point deficit was too 
much to overcome and the game was only tied, 
giving McGill its sixth consecutive title by a score 
of 19- 14. 

With only two members leaving, the outlook 
for next year is better. Possibly with more con- 
ditioning the team will show its superiority. 


Anyone who passes through the Upper Gym on 
Tuesday or Thursday nights will probably have 
noticed the Gymnasts hanging on bars or working 
out in a corner on the low bars. It is the fate of 
gymnasts to have to work hard just to keep in 
shape. Gymnastics is a demanding sport and prob- 
ably requires more of a student's time than most 
other athletic activities. 

Toronto did not have a large group of top 
gymnasts this year but those participating were 
tough and won all meets entered. Pal, Brooker, 
Wyse, Zob and Gregory were able to execute some 
very beautiful and difficult exercises. G. Pal and B. 
Brooker cleaned up the Intercollegiate Meet and 
took first and second in all six events. Pal placed 
first in the Meet and Brooker second. The whole 
team performed well. 

Gymnastics is a valuable and interesting acti- 
vity because it demands the utmost of its partici- 
pants. However a good gymnast obtains much 
satisfaction in the achievement of difficult 
manoeuvres and also earns a high degree of 
physical fitness. 

BACK ROW: F. Gormek (Coach), B. C. Gregory, C. Pal (Individual 

Champion), J. W. Wyse. 

SEATED: J. George. 

ABSENT: B. H. Brooker, A. P. Zob. 



H. L. White (Mgr.), W. P. Polito, M. H. Flancman, K. J. Brown (137 lb. Champion), H. E. R. Brown (191 I 
Champion), J. P. Stephenson, H. Cooke, J. Fama, K. A. W. Wipper (Staff Member). 
ABSENT: J. L. Amos (Coach), F. K. Ledvlnka. 

This year the Wrestling Team had a moderately 
successful season and managed to wind up in third 
place in the Intercollegiate Championships behind 
Western and O.A.C. Although Coach Jack Amos 
had an enthusiastic turnout at practices, the team 
was hampered by a lack of experienced men. 

During the year meets were held in Niagara 
Falls, O.A.C. in Guelph, and Buffalo before the 
championship bouts at Queens in Kingston. The 
home meets were highlighted by tournaments 
against Western and Rensselaer Tech. from New 
York. Unfortunately during the season, ineligible 
men had to be used to make up a full team and thus 
the Varsity squad ended with a record of two wins 
and four losses in these tournaments. 

In the final meet for the Porter Trophy and the 
Intercollegiate championships, Toronto had four 
finalists and two championships. Ken Brown won 

the 137 lb. division title and Herb Brown took the 
honours in the 191 lb. class. Bill Polito performed 
very well and missed the 147 lb. championship by a 
mere two points. Joe Fama, 123 lbs and John Ste- 
phenson at 130 also captured second places in the 
Intercollegiate Championships. Marv Flancman. 
Hugh Cooke and Frank Ledvinka also made worthy 
contributions to this year's dual meet and tourna- 
ment competitions. , 

Next year the team is looking forward to re- 
capturing the title it lost this year. The prospects 
look bright with the return of such stalwarts as 
Red Carrow, Rodger Doner and Don Shepley. 

Coach Jack Amos assisted by managers Harry 
White and Arky Uditsky conducted a worthwhile 
High School Invitational Meet. Such competition 
and experience will inevitably influence a high 
level of performance at the Intercollegiate level 


Squash Champions 

Any group of men who travel as 
far, or play as long as the University 
of Toronto Squash team must be 
'happy in their work'. This year was 
no exception. The squad, between 
October and March, played League 
matches, tournaments, tours and the 
Intercollegiate Championship with 
consummate grace and increasing abi- 
lity. The latter, if not the former, can 
be attributed to Ralph Rimmer, whose 
first principle is to teach not just by 
having his pupils do what he says, but 
also what he does. 

A year in which Toronto lost the 
Intercollegiate championship, won at 
great effort last year, can't be counted 
wholly good in terms of results. Yet 
the team (Morley Smith, Harry Mal- 
colmson, John Ireton, John Gorham 
and Keith Acheson) has no reason to 
be ashamed of losing the most closely 
contested Intercollegiate Champion- 
ship ever played. One match, indeed 
one point, separated McGill and 
Western, with Toronto only one match 
behind Western. 

This year Toronto won the Ontario 
team championship for the first time. 
The winning team was made up of the 
above mentioned players except that 
Roger Proctor replaced Keith Acheson. 

BACK ROW: J. H. Ireton, R. Proctor, J. R. Rimmer (Coach), H. A. Malcolmson, 

J. W. Gortiam. 

FRONT: K. A. Acheson, L. M. Smith. 


The U. of T. Curling Club made arrange- 
ments with the Tam O'Shanter Club to hold a 
round robin in order to choose two rinks for 
the tournament. Eight colleges competed this 
year with Osgoode Hall acting as host. 

The following men composed the U. of T. 
rinks: G. T. Johnson, J. P. Stronach, G. R. 
Morrissey, C. A. Keith, K. L. Ingo, J. S. Elder, 
E. L. Donegan, P. A. Burns. 

BACK ROW: P. A. Burns, R. A. Keith, T. Donegan, J. S. 
Elder (Skip). 

FRONT: K. L. Ingo, J. P. Stronach, G. R. Morrissey, G. T. 
Johnson (Skip). 


Fencing Champions 

For the sixth consecutive year, the 
Fencers won the Intercollegiate Cham- 
pionship by defeating McGill and the 
University of Montreal with scores of 
Toronto 36, McGill 25 and Montreal 
20. Sandy Bell won the Foil champion- 
ship; while Fry and Nagy of McGill 
won the sabre and epee respectively. 
Two meets were scheduled with Ro- 
chester Tech, but the trip to the States 
was cancelled due to weather con- 

BACK ROW: W. S. Greaves, Jr., M. C. Bell, J. 

Alpar (Fencing Master), J. A. Bell (Foil Champion), 

R. G. Rice. 

SEATED: P. L. Nightingale. 

ABSENT: M. Nash. 

Ski Team 

This year there has been perfect 
skiing weather. However there was 
too much snow in Montreal — the 
Intercollegiate Championships were 
scheduled for McGill February 19th 
and 20th, the date of Montreal's big- 
gest snow storm! The jumping, down- 
hill and slalom were completed, but it 
was impossible to run the downhill 
event. Hence no Team Championship 
could be declared. 

Coached by Bill Beck, the Toronto 
Ski Team competed in various meets 
in Ontario, and individual members 
did exceedingly well and got in some 
good practice sessions for the cham- 
pionship meet. The team was com- 
posed of Mike Brebner, Pete Barton, 
Nils Semb, Pete Hamilton, Raimo 
Repo, Fred McNutt, Roger Dunkin 
and Captain Bob Galway. 

BACK ROW: M. J. Brebner, F. M. McNutt, R. Repo. 

FRONT: P. G. Barton, J. R. Dunkin, N. Semb, P. Hamilton, R. D. Galway. 

ABSENT: W. G. Beck (Coach). 



BACK ROW: J. Bacon (Mgr.), F. Corner 

(Ass't Coach). 

SECOND: R. L. Turner (155 lb. champion), 

R. B. Dodds, T. L. Aman (145 lb champion), 

E. J. Neary (175 lb. champion). 

FRONT: M. J. McManus, O. C. Hutchison 

(135 lb. champion), Tony Canzano (Coach), 

A. J. Vachon (130 lb. champion), V. Spring 

(140 lb. champion). 

The U. of T. boxers, under the capable coaching 
of Tony Canzano, won the Intercollegiate title for 
the third straight year. The meet, held at McGill, 
was a good one, and the Blues captured six cham- 
pionships of the nine weight classes. Art Vachon, 
was the 130 lb champion for the third time, and 

won his Bronze T. Ozzie Hutchison at 135; Val 
Spring at 140; Tom Aman at 145; Bob Turner at 
155 and Emmett Neary at 175 were the final win- 
ners in the tournament, with Bob Dodds and Jim 
McManus the two other team members. This year 
Toronto had no heavy weight competitor. 



Men's Intramural Athletics 


BACK ROW: R. B. Werry (Emmanuel), A. B. Samson (St. Michael's), P. C. Whitney (Wycliffe), 
M. Kerbel (University College), J. H. Mcintosh (Knox), J. R. Carrow (Forestry). 

FRONT: J. E. McCutcheon (Sec), L. A. Scott (Pharmacy), P. E. Wyshynski (Medicine), A. R. Scace 
(Trinity, Chairman), R. Woods (Victoria, Rep. to Athletic Directorate), M. O'Neail (Law). 
ABSENT: D. N. Wilson (Architecture), J. E. Kennedy (Dentistry), J. Thomson (Applied Science). 






A. T. REE 


ST. M. 






Major League St. M. 



Minor League St. M. House 11 


STO Civil 





Sr. SPS 



U.C. 1 ■. 


Dr. W. A. Dafoe 


Trinity A 


Arts Faculty 


Trinity A 


Major League Sr. SPS 

Victoria Staff 

Minor League Med. IV Yr. A 


No Trophy 

Water Polo SPS 1 




Fencing Champion 

No Trophy 


Fencing Champion 

W. Michael S.P.S. 

No Trophy 


Gymnastic Championship 




Gynmastic Champion 

G. Pal, St. M. 

No Trophy 


Harrier Championship 




Indoor Track Championship 


Toronto Cricket Club 


Swimming Championship 




Swimming Championship 


No Trophy 


Tennis Championship 


Victoria Tennis Club 


Tennis Champion 

J. Anderson, Med. 



Track Championship 


Rowell Memorial 


Track Championship 


No Trophy 


Wrestling Championship 


. Davidson 

The McCatty Trophy 


J. Deacon, U.C. 

The Cody 


-le Smith Trophy 


S. Irwin, Arch. 

Sidney Eai 


J. Thomson, S.P.S. 

The Barton Trophy 

B. Brooker, P.H.E. 

Applied Science and Engineering 


President John Lawrence 

Vice-President John Van Iterson 

Treasurer Howie Nobert 

Secretary Nestor Snihura 

Publicity and Publications Jim Thomson 

6T0 Representative Barry Simpkins 

6T1 Representative Marino Basadur 

6T2 Representative Mark Pearson 

6T3 Representative Al Wood 

Soccer Coynmissioner Tim O'Leary 


Winner of Special 
Bronce "S" Award 


BACK ROW: Ed Rigby (Coach), Mike Pashkewych, Ed White, Marino Basadur, Ted Barss, 

Sas Bersenas, Bruce Jackson (Mgr.). 

FRONT: Dick Jaworski, Doug Winter, John Lawrence, Bob Sydiaha, Gary Woolgar. 



BACK ROW. M. Bdbdtlui, M. Pdilike w ycli, W. Cdittr, W. Titdsoie, b. CvvueiiUo, E. Kovdci, H. lirowii, K. Spaikb, J. Edwdrds, D. Lunn, 

T. Schafer, M. Bell. 

FRONT: R. Matthews, D. Ross, M. Kati, W. Taras, W. Tyson, P. HIggins, P. Mannerow, T. Metiing, D. Mullins, S. Miller. 


M^i^ Wf" 


X f 

' *' wM^ 



BACK ROW: H. Magiso, G. Rundans, C. Parato, T. O'Leary, 

C. Doench, J. Andrews. 

FRONT: R. Cornbill, T. Dearie, B. Sayer, H. Hilgenberg, V. 

Smith, P. Casey. 

ABSENT: J. Atucha, H Griggs, J. Berkeley, I. Oownie. 

Trinity vs. S.P.S. 

BACK ROW: Jim Simpson, Joe Regimbal, Pat Wallace, 
John Maxwell (Mgr.), Bill McCrindle, Bruce Jackson. 
FRONT: Ken Galbraith, Barry Simpkins, Bob Stager, Bob 
Dawson, John Lawrence. 



BACK ROW: Ron Stee, Bill Dibden, Mike Hogan, 

George German, Jim Domm, Don McHardy, Fred 


FRONT: Ev Rush, Bob Dawson, Terry Dawson, 

Jack Egan, Jack Way. 


BACK ROW: Noel Nightingale, Joe 
Regimbal, Dennis Decarii, Paul Sullivan, 
Mike Ferguson, Jack McClean, Ezmo 
Pick, Bob Dawson (Coach). 
FRONT: Bob Bowen, Brian Kucharski, 
Paul Ryan, Gary Horton, John Gajda, 
Terry Heaslip, Bob McAulay, Lou 



He shoots! He misses! 



BACK ROW: G. Rundans, A. Nigrini, E. 
Miezitis, J. Slankis, A. Kalins. 
FRONT: J. Lainevool, B. Michez. 



One of the most athletic endeavors of the vear — The Chariot Race 








BACK ROW: Ronald Baldson, John Baldson, John Carr, Doug 
Armitage, Ross Elliot. 

FRONT: John Burnett, Harry Waite, Clyde Armstrong, Zander 





^ Ijll 



Soccer: Over the past five years Forestry 
has been able to boast of three championship 
soccer teams, one finalist team, and one semi- 
finalist team. This year the "Big Green Team" 
did it again, capturing the division title by 
defeating Knox College 3-1. 

The Forestry football team gained more 
bruises than feathers but kept bouncing back 
for more. The team is improving. A touchdown 
was scored ! 

All, three basketball teams looked very 
strong. An improved "A" team won its first 
two games, the "B" team won one and lost 
one, and the "C" team won its first two games. 
Hopes are high for championships and a big 
bundle of Reed Trophy points. 

The "A" team was successful in four out 
of the six regular games. The two losses were 
to a strong Emmanuel contender who beat 
out the "A's" in the semi-finals. The "B" team 
burned up its league, winning all six games. 

The "Green Fish" were at it again, with 
only one loss to those slippery magistrates. 
Forestry and Law tied for first place. 
Another meeting with other teams in 
division II remains but the future looks 

In 1959 Rod Carrow gained the Canadian 
light-heavyweight championship and the Inter- 
collegiate 177 lb. championship. Then, last 
September 5, Rod was awarded a silver medal 
signifying second place standing in the light- 
heavyweight class in the Third Pan-American 
Games. Al Pawis joined Rod on the year's 
Varsity team. Al won the interfaculty 147 lb. 
class and thus earned himself a spot on the 
Varsity team. 

Forestry gave sound support to the Varsity 
Ski Team. Fred McNutt won renown as a 
senior skier in the cross-country, jumping, 

slalom and the downhill events. Pete Barton 
won the Southern Ontario junior cross- 
country. It is hoped that Carl Lovenskiold 
will be back in the suicides next year — a real 

The Athletic Awards presented at the 
Annual Forestry Banquet were as follows: 
T. W. Dwight Trophy, Dave Kiil; First Letters: 
Dave Kiil, Dan Dickson, Ralph Janni, Hank 
Van Bers, Ken Ruse and Rod Carrow; Second 
Letters: Fred McNutt, Carl Lovenskiold. John 



BACK ROW: J. Hodgkinson, M. Goldman, J. Zadiyko, L. Joynt, G. Taylor, W. Unger. 
FRONT: D. Ellis, P. WyshynskI, G. Sellery, S. Frileck, V. Crawford. 
ABSENT: W. Stager. 


The 1959 - 60 academic year has been very 
successful for athletics in the Faculty of Me- 
dicine. The aim of the Medical Athletic Asso- 
ciation is to get as many students playing as 
many sports for the most enjoyment, as 
possible. The result of this aim is that Meds 
was a very hot contender for the T. A. Reed 

Meds enjoyed a successful season in foot- 
ball under Gord Nicholl as coach. The spirit 
on the team was good, and for the first time 
in several years there were many more 
players than could dress each game. Although 
the team was edged in the Quarter finals it 
played an interesting brand of football led by 
Hugh Paterson, Dave Fear and Dick Charron. 

Track and Tennis shared the spotlight in 
the fall term as Meds won its first Track title 
in many years and was edged by one point for 
the Tennis laurels. Joe Anderson won the 
individual tennis title and Jan Roos, George 
Rhoden, and Jerry Zadiyko were standouts in 
track and field. 

The minor league Volleyball title was won 
by a IV'th Meds class team for the third con- 
secutive year. The team was led by Howie 
Donsky, Gerry Shugar and Irv Rosen. This 
team defeated another fourth year Meds class 
team in the Volleyball finals. 

The Senior Waterpolo and Basketball teams 
did not fare too well as many of the stalwarts 
graduated last year. However, teams in the 

junior years showed great promise and should 
be real contenders in the future. Hockey is 
on the upswing again after four years of 
losing teams. The senior team was undefeated 
in its first five starts but was not able to con- 
tinue at this hot pace in the playoffs. Barry 
Cutler, Al Hart, and Pete Kopplin were 
standouts on the team. 

Meds captured second place in the Intra- 
mural Swim meet due mainly to the efforts of 
Joe Maclnnis, Bill Yorzyk, Wally Unger, John 
Gossage and Alex Ashenhurst. Squash showed 
increased popularity again in the faculty with 
36 entries in the Meds Tournament. Main 
contenders for the James Kineer Trophy were 
Shelly Schiller, John Ireton, Sam Malcolmson, 
and Morley Smith. 

Championship awards. Special awards and 
Medical First Colours were presented at the 
Annual Banquet of the Medical Athletic Asso- 
ciation held on March 16, 1960. The winners 
of the Executive Keys were Peter Wvshvnski, 
Glen Taylor and Shelley Schiller. Dr." Paul 
McGoey was the guest speaker and Prof. R. F 
Farquharson was presented with an Honor- 
ary Award on his retirement as Professor of 

With the brand new executive elected this 
spring Medical athletics should be off to a 
good start next year. The outgoing executive 
wishes them everv success in the future. 


Sr. Meds and SMC compete in an action-fllled game. 

BACK ROW: L. Joynt, J. Hall, H. Paterson, A. Gross (Coach). 
FRONT: S. Frileck, P. Cooper, M. Goldman, J. Zadlyko. 


Check that pass! 



'T, ,:"■ 




BACK ROW: Paul Teague, Larry Edwardb, Dave Fear, Dill Arkinstall, Don Birch, Keith Kerr, Marv. Gadman, Dave Sprow^l, 
Hugh Patterson, Dave Ellis, Dick Charron, Warren Olanow, Peter Munt, Peter Wyshynski, Stan Cassin, Jerry Zadiyko, Bob 
Turner, Jack Bruce, Charles Snelling, Alex Bruchovsky. 

FRONT: Gary Ashby, Bob Miron, Tom Gibson, Frank Bruce, Otto Sheriff, Darryl Steele, Mike Goldberg, John Hall, Herman 
Hugenholtz, Danny Givelas, Peter Richrrdson. 


BACK ROW: M. Smith, J. Graham, P. Coplin, 

R. Ball. 

FRONT: M. Mahon, W. O'Hara, W. Unger. 





BACK ROW: J. Zadiyko, J. Roos, V. Crawford, 

R. Repo, J. Brebner. 

FRONT: G. Ashby, J. Graham, W. Unger, 

O. Birch. 

ABSENT: J. Mclnnis, K. Money, G. Rhoden, 

D. Sprowl, H. Tamer, 



BACK ROW: B. Cutler, P. Cofland, H. Lewis, D. Henderson, A. Hart. 

FRONT: J. Brooks, D. Lawrence, P. Cameron, G. Granam, R. Ginsberg, P. Strachan, F. King. 

ABSENT: L. Langlois, G. McGee, J. McCulloch. 



It's in: - 

Not this finiel 



Although Pharmacy is a small 
facutly in number, it is well repre- 
sented in athletic activities on campus. 
Pharmacy supports teams in Soccer, 
Football, Volleyball, and Waterpolo. Its 
single championship was won by the 
Lacrosse team. The Hockey team was 
only one game away from the cham- 

Hopes are high that the faculties 
move on to the actual campus will 
bring stronger teams and greater 



BACK ROW: G. MacKinnon (Mgr.), R. Isaacson (Coach). 

SECOND: B. Dymon, M. McRae, B. Blair, H. Paetkau, J. Omelon, 

F. Thibeault, T. Pugsley, K. Thomson. 

FRONT: B. PetcofF, D. Maruoka, L. Scott (Capt.), E. Gadzala, B. 

Phillips, E. Fedirchuk, C. Chin. 

ABSENT: T. Walton, F. Bergeson. 


BACK ROW: D. Durham, B. Carter, H. Coulter, K.Thomson, 

K. Davidson. 

FROivIT: D. Maruoka, N. McLaughlin, D. Dasko, L Scott 


ABSENT: J. Branch. 


Sr. 440 yd. champ 

BACK ROW: L. Scott, J. Ugar, H. Coulter, B. 
Carter, N. Boyes, P. Spalding. 

FRONT: P. Fleishman, C. Horowitz, K. Certner, 
C. Maslanka. 


St. Michael's College Athletics 

S IVI f BACK ROW: James Beingessner, Robert Fung, Donald Lipke, John Chadam, Marty Hugties. 

FRONT: Gary Atkins, Edward Gabis, Art Samson, Joe Fama. 





BACK ROW: Jim Galigan (Mgr.), John Thomas, Gary Craig, George Smith, Jim Beingessner, Peter Carson, Ned 
Ponticeilo, Paul Martin, Frank McArdle, Dan Deacon, Larry MacDonnell, John McGoey, Ed Bridge, Paul LeMay, 
Joe Kowal, Leo Fex. 

SEATED: Art Samson (Co-capt.j, Bill Hawken, Joe Markowski (Coach), Ed Gabis (Co-Capt.), Carl Leahy, Tom Aman 
(Manager), Ray McElligott, Don Shibib, Bill Polito, Mel Brandon, John Sherman, Gerry Pontticello. 


BACK ROW: Ed Gabis, Dexter Gormley, Tom Hogenkamph, Ed Bourdas, Bill Kantor, Roman Pashkewych, Don Lipke. 
FRONT: Jack Hughes, Dick Regan, Mel Brandon, Nic Sheldon, Phil Nicholas, Bill Kostyk. 


BACK ROW: Gary Atkins, Bill Markle, Frank Quinn, Don Halls, Mike Fullan, Jim Morse, John O'Donnell, Jack Smith. 
FRONT: Tom Auchincloss, Larry Bowers, Greg Hornberger, Mike Kennedy, Ray McElligott. 
ABSENT: John McGrath, Ron Ruest, Glen McPherson. 



BACK ROW: Frank Marzarri, Elio Costa, Errol Anthony, Bob DosSantos, Dave Yeung, Franz Andrichetti, Ron Delmas, 

Aldo DeTullio. 

FRONT: Marty Hughes, Dennis Boiselle, Oscar Rheiman (Capt.), Jack Oosterveer, Lennox Mahrve. 

ABSENT: Don Lipke, Bruno Bertolin (Coach). 





BACK ROW: Paul Gooderham, Bill Kostyk, Harold Ooran, Jack 


FRONT: Michael Lisko, Robert Murray, Joe Fama, Chris Mansbridge. 

ABSENT: John O'Donnell. 

University College 

U.C. — P.H.E. 


BACK ROW: Jack Fireman, Sid Linden, Burt Naylor, 

Hsrtley Nathan. 

FRONT: Ron RubinofF, Marty Kerbel, Ted Rhineholdt. 


BACK ROW: Howie Roth (Coach), Danny Sadowy, Bob Godley, Bob Pugsley, 
Bob Bradstock, Terry Wensley, Doug Longheed, Ray Kerr (Manager). 
FRONT: Barry Rowland, Bob Cummings, Al Kingstone, Paul McNab, Ken 
Jacobson, Ken Mosselman. 




BACK ROW: Don Fleming (Coach), Charlie 

Osborne, John Riemer, George Margelas, Jim 


FRONT: Peter Lawrie, Hartley Nathan, Arnold 

Cader, John Petruchak. 

ABSENT: Frank Maidman. 



BACK ROW: Bert Naylor, Dave Misener, Stan Fraser, Don Fleming. 

FRONT: Jim Hill, George Spanetz, Hartley Nathan, Howie Roth, Ken Mussulman. 

BACK ROW: Jim Hill (Coach), Jim Musselman, John Gatten, Al Wright, Bruce Henning. 
FRONT: Ray England, Al Sutton, Sonny Osborne, Doug Quarrlngton 
ABSENT: Thory Milton. 




BACK ROW: John Richardson, Harold Wolfe, Jerry Caplan, Colin Davis, Joe Jany. 
FRONT: Kyle Beaumanin, Bob Goode, Doug Quarrington, Hugh Cooke, Fred Cans. 


BACK ROW: Max Shafir (Mgr.), Doug Green, Hugh Cooke, Borys Wolchuk, Wilber Carnie, Larry 

Martin, John Flowers (Coach), George Hynna, Elmer Carr, Dick Mattice, Thory Milton, Doug 


FRONT: Marv Grossman (Coach), Pete Mitchell, Bob Godley, Jerry Lucas, Mike Copeland, Jim 

Dell, Harvey Bell, Paul Copeland, Ray Gaulette, Martin Kerbell. 

ABSENT: Doug Quarrington, Dave Hart, Jack Halberstadt, Ron Whiteside, Mike Bliss, Bob Goode, 

John Riemer, Peter Lawrie. 


BACK ROW: Joel Freedman, Joe Goldenberg, Graeme 

McKechnie, Jack Fireman. 

FRONT: Doug Quarrington, Norris Weisman, Sid 

Linden, Bill Prokop, Ed Bogomolny. 

ABSENT: Max Shafir. 



Ballet or Basketball? 


Victoria College 

The year 1959 - 60 has been a memorable 
one in athletics at Victoria College. All teams 
made exceptionally fine showings in their 
respective sports. At the same time the goal 
of the Executive to reach a higher standing in 
the race for the T. A. Reed Trophy was at- 
tained. Victoria did considerably better in this 
competition than last year. 

The powerful football team brought home 
the Mulock Cup, for the nineteenth time this 
year and climaxed the season by trampling 
Trinity 50-0 in the final game. Later in 
January the Board of Regents of Victoria 
University gave the team a dinner at the 
National Club. This occasion showed vividly 
the intimate historical connection that exists 
between Victoria and the Mulock Cup. 

The triumph of the football team only 
slightly overshadowed the spectacular showing 

of Victoria's track team, led by ace, Jim 
Snider. The Larrier team won the inter-mural 
championship, while the outdoor track team 
placed third. However, it was the indoor track 
team that provided most of the glory by 
dominating the meets throughout the season. 
The soccer, squash and waterpolo teams also 
did well, with the soccer team finishing the 
season as the division leader. However the 
performances of Victoria's hockey teams were 
somewhat disappointing. 

The 1959 - 60 Executive has good reason for 
pride and satisfaction in the accomplishments 
of Victoria's various teams during the past 
year. However still further pride and comfort 
comes from a perusal of the future in which, 
it is hoped, Victoria's athletics will shine with 
even greater brilliance. 


BACK ROW: Rich Smale (Coach), Roger Garland, Eric Skeoch, John Norman, Russ Van-Stone, Ed Jackman, Jim 

Mathews, George Gordon, Don Matheson, Arky Uditsky (Mgr.). 

SECOND: Mike Milne, Ross Reid, Al Skeoch, Don Affleck, Bill Condlln, Rich Oaks, Peter Stewart, Duane Wills, John 

Hunter, Rusty Gee. 

FRONT: Dave Thomson, Barry Leech, Don Seeback, Jim Mills, Frank Dawe, Bill Bell, Bob Graham, Dave Hobbs, 

Gary Lummis. 



BACK ROW: Ed Radkowski (Coach), B. Simpson, D. Wills, T. Philips, B. Condlln, A. Bruchovsky, 

B. Weiller, B. Atkens (Mgr). 

FRONT: B. Stone, B. Leech, D. West, T. Bridget, G. Saunders. 




BACK ROW: Tony Bridger (Coach), K. Woods, P. Smalti, B. Siberry, R. Howse. 
FRONT: S. Moyer, T. Tait, B. Kerton, B. Hurzel. 
ABSENT: B. Dauphine, D. Potts, I. Garner. 



BACK ROW: Don McCrossan, Jerry Stewart, Al Brereton. 
FRONT: Gary Logan, Jim Snider, George Jaschke. 


Don McCrossan, Jim Snider, George Jaschke, Al Brereton. 


BACK ROW: "Scotty" Godsoe, Gary Lummis, Dave 
Brooks, Bill Dow, Lanny Doucette, Barry Norman, 
Harry White (Manager). 

FRONT: Jim Bull, Jim Mills (Captain), Bob 
Gratiam, Gary Ball. 


BACK ROW: J. Baird, P. McKechnie, E. Cooke, G. Ness. 
FRONT: B. Mathieson, J. Jacobi, B. Cass. 


BACK ROW: J. McCartney, U. Smith, G. Foss, R. 

Crawford, W. Bell. 

FRONT: D. Hobbs, R. Oaks, P. Stanley, D. 


BACK ROW: Stan Neal. 

SECOND: Bill Doyle, Cam Taylor, Tim Phillips, Bryan Hayes, Al Callo. 

FRONT: Gary Logan, John Wood, Bill Cambell. 

ABSENT: Hank Smith, Ken Meyers. 



BACK ROW: George Kivitis, Bob Murray, Cam Taylor, Jim Babcock. 

FRONT: George Meadows, Jon Harkness, Bill Saul, Hugh Phillips, Gary Logan (Manager). 



Cam Taylor, Bill Saul, Hugh Phillips, Gary Logan 




BACK ROW: JefF Hammond, Bob McGregor, Dave Grist, B.Try Riddell, Geoff Dean, Gunther Nevec, Gord Albright, 

Barry Stroud. 

FRONT: Pat Johnson, John Wood, Peter BonTield, Derek T.iyior, Bob Stewart. 







|!| ft # 





Physical and 


BACK ROW: Nancy Cornish, Nancy Dslphin, Nancy 
Davidson, Pat George, Lyn Ruter, Mary Marshall, 
Sally Dolligan, Marylyn Johnson. 

FRONT: Pat Hawkins, Bev Stacey, Lois McQuay, Liz 
Hamilton, Lee Morley. 


Dot Watkinson, Heather Fowlie, Gretche L'Venture, Ellen 


ABSENT: Jackie Hough, Nancy Thompson, Jan Inkster. 

Gwen Brisley, Sue Blakely, Carrol O'Flarhety, Suzii Battye. 



BACK ROW: Judy Durance, Pat George, Marg 

White, Judy RoyI?. 

FRONT: Marilyn Johnson, Betty Roy, Chris 


ABSENT: Sally Doligan, Sue Harrs. 


BACK ROW: Nancy Hogarth, Cathy 
Derumaux, Sue Blakely, Judy Lynch, 
Seanna Vaughan. 

FRONT: Dorianne Galloway, Liz Cun- 
ningham, Mary Marshall, Donna McKay. 
ABSENT: Lois Smith, Freda Dancy, 
Peggy Burn, Marg Fresh, Betsy Severs. 



Jean Lindholm, Phyllis Fireston. 


Cathy Thompson, Judy Datton, Linda Hall. 
ABSENT: Marg Ann White. 


BACK ROW: Shirley German, Lee Morley, Ann Edwards. 

FRONT: Irja Kapsi, Lois Smith. 

ABSENT: Liz Bell, Sue Marrs, Cathy Thompson, Barb 





Betsy Roy, Chris Marshall, Shirley German, Marilyn Stubbs, 
Judy Patton, Judy Royle. 

ABSENT: Pat Masor, Nancy Hoggarth, Linda Hall, Sue 
Marrs, Angy Pady, Lyn McGillvery, Barb. Goodman, Ellen 
Shumack, Cathy Chambers, Kate KofTman. 


BACK ROW: Judy Durance, Pat George, Lee Morley. 
FRONT: Mary Marshall, Chris Marshall, Irja Kapsi. 
ABSENT: Gwladys Lang, Sue Marrs, Nancy Grant, 
Jane Harvey, Sally Dolligan, Elizabeth Graves, Marg 
Klachan, Lois Smith, Cathy Thompson. 




BACK ROW: Heather Fowlie, Mary Marshall, Hein 


FRONT: Sue Blakely, Lois McQuay, Lee Johnson. 

ABSENT: Bev Stacey, Joyce Roech, Cathy Thompson, 

Marg White, Dot Watkinson, Betty Severs, Joey 



BACK ROW: Phyllis Firestone, Marg White, 
Shirley German, Lois McQuay, Wendy 
Greer, Lee Morley, Suzzi Battye. 
FRONT: Jan Gihor, Gretchen L'Adventure, 
Mary Marshall, Trudy Cowan, Mein Johnson. 
ABSENT: Jane Gordon, Marilyn Johnson, 
Nancy Grant. 





BACK ROW: Judi Belick, Rene Silverstein, 
Florence Hanna, Dagnija Kalnins, Bonnie Robson. 
FRONT; Sirje Emits, Inara Grava, Ann Cuddy, 
Linda Rapson, Eva Vidins. 
ABSENT: M. Trotter. 



President Ann Cuddy 

Vice-President Mary Trotter 

Secretary Lynn Fredericks 

Treasurer ,. Marion Brown 



BACK ROW: Bev Bayes, Eva Vidins, Inara Grava, 

Dagnija Kalnins, Stella DimofF. 

FRONT: Rene Silverstein, Sue Canned, Florence 


ABSENT: Linda Geiger, Karen Wtiytock. 

The year 1959-60 has been a busy 
one for Medical athletics. Official teams 
were entered in baseball, basketball, 
volleyball and hockey. Although no 
championships w-ere won in baseball, 
basketball or hockey, the girls partici- 
pating in these sports derived a great 
deal of pleasure from the games. The 
volleyball team reached the quarter- 
finals. The intra-mural diving cham- 
pionship was won by Lillian Bobson - 
m Meds. 

BACK ROW: Judi Belicl<, Florence Hanna, Rene Silverstein, 
Kathy Boland. 

FRONT: Joy Armstrong, Jem Bullock, Christina Hanley, Linda 


BACK ROW: Kathy Boland, Judi Belick, Judy Heard, Ann Cuddy, 
Jeanne Shkimba, Grazina Girdauskas, Christina Hanley, Marion Brown. 
FRONT: Lynn Fredericks, Joy Armstrong, Levina Lickley, Mary 
Jean Ashley. 
ABSENT: Sylvia Kennedy. 






BACK ROW: Jay Kilday, Elaine Atkinson, 
Barb Sexton, Nancy Miiborn, Corinne Small, 
Janet Ross, Joyce Anderson. 

FRONT: Barb Kyles, Fran Jeckell, Mary Sellers, 
Ruth Sellers, Mary Stiles. 
ABSENT: Dorottiy Hansen. 

BACK ROW: Gary Ball (Assist. Coach), Judy 

Addy, Jane Kilday, Nancy Milburn, Ellie Phipps, 

Debbie Fraser, Judy Durance, Joy Bingley 

(Mgr.), Hugh Thompson (Coach). 

FRONT: Mary Stiles, Ann Valin, Jennifer 

Young, Ginny Drummond, Mary Sellers, Ruth 



BACK ROW: Myra Stecves, Barb Sexton, 
Jay Kilday, Mary Comfort, Mary 
Newbould, Janet Ross, Joyce Anderson. 
FRONT: Barb Kyles, Corinne Small, 
Cathy Basta, Joey Frazer, Fran Jeckell, 
Liz Johnston, Leone Bussell. 







The '59-60 Sports season at last saw 
success follow Pharmacy's femmes. Three of 
four firsts fell to the "Phlashing Pharmacists". 

Teams to lead their league were the soft- 
ball team, with six victories and no defeats; 
basketball, also undefeated, and hockey, which 
was not only undefeated but also unscored 
upon. The volleyball team, not quite so suc- 
cessful, had to settle for second spot as it 
split its games in the regular schedule. 

hi competing against teams from the 
higher leagues in the play-offs, the feminine 
pharmacists were less fortunate. The softball 
team was eliminated rather easily by a strong 
Vic I team and the basketball girls ran into 
medical troubles. 

In their own league hockey playdowns the 
fighting pharmacists managed to maintain 
their unbeaten, unscored upon record by de- 
feating St. Hildas' Saints 2 - 0. The only other 
word on this subject is that "Pharmacy's Got 
High Hopes"! 

BACK ROW : Helle Kelemit, 
Sandra Windsor, Diane Gray, Viv 
Pancer, Sharon Reynolds. 
FRONT: Evelyn Tanaka, Maija 
Kere, Marie Connor, Jean Shigetta. 




BACK ROW: Joan Smith, Joann 
McQuillan, Judy Skene, Pat Stutt, 
Sharon Reynolds, Roslynn Graham. 
FRONT: Elaine Brisbois, Evelyn 
Tanaka, Marie Connor, Viv Pancer, 
Sharon Milgram, Shirley Quane. 

BACK ROW: Judy Pennington, Aldona Pundzins, Sue 
Turvey, Joann McQuillen, Pat Stutt, Roslynn Graham, 
Joan Smith (Manager). 

FRONT: Elaine Brisbois, Shirley Quan, Sharon Milgram, 
Libby Dawson, Anna Marie Drimmie. 



BACK ROW: Joan Boxek, Diane Gray, Annette Papineau, 

Judy Skene. 

FRONT: Kathy Kennedy, Shirley Quan, Maija Kere, Libby 



St. Michael's College 


BACK ROW: Lynn Murray, Joann Schenck (Rep. to S.A.C.), Elenor Hughes. 
FRONT: Dorothy Schweitzer, Carol Malthaner, Barbara Aprile, Nancy Horsford. 


BACK ROW: Penny Fenlon, Rose Marie De Carlo, 
Diana Doern, Josie Wdowdiah. 

FRONT: Mary Cosgrove, Sandra King, Rita Manning, 
Rosemarie Giroux, Joanne Schenck, Eleanor Hughes. 
ABSENT: Mary Timmins, Susan Muldoon (Mgr.). 


BACK ROW: Ann Davis, Loretta Healy (Capt.), Kathy Bourke. 
FRONT: Penny Cosgrove, Sally Sears, Isolde Koenig (Mgr.), Daphne 
Dolan, Ruth Kukta, Agnes Foley. 
ABSENT: Eilan Hurley, JudI Ryan. 



BACK ROW: Susan Tomemson, Kathy Burke, Ann Davis, Agnes Foley, Joann Schneck. 
SECOND: Jim Morris, Jenny DeCarlo, Nancy Tuckey, Nancy Payette, Andrea Morin, 
Greg Hornberger (Mgr.). 
FRONT: Lynne Murray, Cathy Shannon, Mary Ann Cathcart, Shelia Desnoes. 


Marie Louise, Diana Doern, Shelia Oesnoes. 


BACK ROW: Ruth Kukta, Josie Wdowiak, Agnes Foley, Lisette Boillard, Gail 

FRONT: Andren Morin, Barbara Aprille, Lyn Morray, Susan Tomemson. 




BACK ROW: Bonnie Kreutzer. P. A. Stride, 
Joan Dixon, Karen Heidenreich, Judi Jackson. 
FRONT: Lynn Williams, Anne Wright, Lii 
Fowler, Mary Whatnough. 


\CK ROW: Laurel Ball, Ann 

ludleigh, Daptiineu Ottley, Anne 

ildwin, Libby Perkins, Sheila 


lONT: Ann Tottenham, Evie Sihier, 

itsy Earle, Karen Kolbe. 


BACK ROW: Carolea Clark, Sandy 
Henderson, Ann Baker, Marianne 
Berton, Marg Thompson. 
FRONT: Helen Pepall, Pam Kerr, 
Bety Pappas, Stella Pascal. 



BACK ROW: Judy Pritchard, Bonnie 
Kreutzer, Dorothy Vernon, Anne Martin, 
Marg Thompson 

FRONT: Di Shaker, Pam Kerr, Carolea 
Clark, Arlene Wardle. 

BACK ROW: Marg Thompson, Joan Dixon, 

Sheila Kingston, Vals Echlin. 

FRONT: Pam Hill, Sandy Henderson, Karen 



Ann Stevens, Martha Robinson, Joyce Walker, P. A. Stride, 
Di Lillie. 



BACK ROW: Joan Stevens, P. A. 
Stride, Sue Hutchison, Judy 
Wade, Pat Arnold, Pat Gerecke. 
FRONT: Sheila Kingston, Ann 
Stevens, Evie Sihier, Arlene 
Wardle, Di Shaker. 





BACK ROW: Sue Griffin, Gail Morley, Pat Leufy, Sally Crews. 
FRONT: Kathy McMullen, Jocelyn Palm, Marian Cox. 


JR. — SR. 

BACK ROW: Wendy Hunt, Marg Racine, 
Francie Grater, Alison Grant, Eleanor Standish. 
FRONT: Adrienne Kline, Sophie Nychuk, Sonia 


BACK ROW: Sue GrifTm, Sue Hamilton, Ann Clark, Carol Wells, 
Sandy Hoseason, Gail Morley, Nora McCullough, Janet Scott. 
FRONT: Lowell Pelton, Elaine Walkom, Jocelyn Palm, Kathy 
McMullen, Marion Cox, Patty Towers. 







With an enthusiastic cheer, the Scarlet and Gold athletes 
of the female variety plunged into another season of inter- 
faculty sports. This year, as in others, Vic fielded a full 
contingent of teams in all the major sports and most of the 
minor ones. Participation was boosted with the added incen- 
tive of the new Women's Athletic Building which many Vic 
types helped to "break in". 

In the fall two softball teams struggled valiantly but in 
vain in Varsity Stadium; their spirit and determination were 
not enough to prevent them from succumbing to the elements 
and some stiff competition. Playing under slightly better 
weather conditions (inside W.A.B.) the four hard working 
college basketball teams did their best but went down to 
defeat, the Freshies reaching the finals before bowing to 

Vic's first interfaculty championship came on the gridiron 
as the "big red machine" flattened the opposition in the 
annual football wars. To commemorate this fourth unofficial 
"touchball" championship, Vic donated a trophy for future 
league competition — with hopes that it will stay in the 
hands of Victoria for some time to come. 

In February long hours of gruelling practice gave the Vic 
mermaids, led by Joy Sinclair and Joan Tait, a second place 
tie with Nursing in the Varsity swim meet, and a sixth place 
in the diving. In other second term athletics the four volley- 
ball teams stood well in their respective leagues, the I's and 
IV's each sharing the lead in their own schedules. In hockey 
the Vic I's, spirited by Laurann Van Valkenburg and Mary 
Ellen Anglin, captured first place and are headed for another 
interfaculty championship. To complete the winter sports 
scene four skiers, led by Helen Welder, carried Victoria's 
colours into the interfaculty meet. 

Vic sportswomen finished the year with their annual 
Athletic Banquet in March and the presentation of awards 
and colours for the '59 - '60 season. 



kCK ROW: Claire McMillen, Kathy 

fehen, Laurann Van Volkenburg, Jean 

ickenzie, Elaine Westheuser. 

[ONT: Heather Harman, Lynda Haight, 

ica Wolke, Gayle Fraser, Bonnie 


JSENT: Sue McNeel, Verdyn Perkin, 

e Eddy. 



BACK ROW: Jan Lindsay, Jennifer IlifFe, Lynn 

Passi, Jane Farrow, Janice Rynard, Marjorie 


FRONT: Jim Mills (Coach), Marg Galbraith, Joyce 

Hopkins, Mames MacPherson (Mgr.), Marg. 

Fisher, George Carrick (Coach). 

ABSENT: Sande Evans, Sue Forstner. 

BACK ROW: Marg Maclnnes, Deanne 

McLeish, Elaine Westheuser. 

FRONT: Gill Fisher, Joy Sinclair, Erica 


ABSENT: Pat Armstrong, Joan Tait, 

Dorothy Ewing, Kathy Okary. 


BACK ROW: Mary Lone) 
(Mgr.), Irene Rice, Pa 
Humphrey, Laurann Vai 
Volkenburg, Donald 
Lewis, Joanne Perry, Sylvi. 

FRONT: Jim Mills (Coachl 
Sally Hergert, Mary Ellet 
Anglin, Norma Pettit 
George Carrick (Coach). 
ABSENT: Janet KefTer. 



BACK ROW: Joan Graber, Marilyn Hughes, Betty 

Kenwright, Jane Wade, Di Pearson. 

FRONT: Marian Hebb (Coach), Judy Sparrow, Lee 


ABSENT: Karen Chalmers, Sue Dennis, Donalda 

Lewis, Carol Ann Jull (Mgr.). 

BACK ROW: Marg Maclnnes, Liz Wood, Ruta Bardins, 
Laurann Van Volkenburg (Coach), Barb Tate, Sheila 
Macdonald, Jane Jackson. 

FRONT: Judy Caldecott, Mary Loney (Mgr.), Kathy 
Kitchen, Lou Taylor, Dorothy Chornomydi. 
ABSENT: Sande Evans, Maureen Collins, Wendy 
Appleyard, Cathy Gordon. 

..| ■ ^■.-■■^r» 


BACK ROW: Essi Anderson, Marg Fisher, Jean Mackenzie, Mary Loney 
(Mgr.), Laurann Van Voll<enburg, Mary Ellen Anglin, Jane Farrow. 
FRONT: Sue McNeel, Sue Rose, Claire McMillen, Gill Stewart, Gill Fisher. 
ABSENT: Janet Keefer, Mike Smith (Coach). 


Bonnie Robinson, Deanna Copeland. 
ABSENT: Gail Farole, Connie Kiech, 
Bonnie Wilson, Nency Smith. 


BACK ROW: Pousy Macdonald, 
Janice Rynard, Betty Hughes, 
Heather Harman, Elaine Hall, 
Heather Ann Culley, Irene Rice 

FRONT: Valerie Findlay, Rose- 
mary Bell, Owen Smith (Coach), 
Ann Davison, Gayle Fraser. 
ABSENT: Carole Purchase, 
Heather Boyd, Liz Stiles. 





BACK ROW: Heather Harman, Ann Milliard. 

FRONT: Janice Rynard, Ann MacLean, Florence 


ABSENT: Leslie Gore, Helen Christian, Joy 

Sinclair, Sally Hergert (Mgr. and Coach), Mary 

Thompson, Duane Bell, Donna Lindsay, Sue 



JR. - SR. 

BACK ROW: Joan Honsberger (Mgr.), Norma 

Pettif, Barb Buchanan, Helen Truscott. 

FRONT: Dorothy Ewing, Jean Patterson, 

Marian Hebb, Marilyn Wong, Mary Jean 


ABSENT: Janet Cray, Mary Hull, Joanne Perry, 

Carole Ann Jull. 


BACK ROW: Marg Maclnnes, Ruta Bardins, 

Barb Tate, Jane Dustan. 

FRONT: Jane Jackson, Judy Caldecott, 

Laurann Van Volkenburg, Mary Loney 

(Mgr.), Marg. Fisher. 

ABSENT: Sande Evans, Sue Pierce, Jane 

Farrow, Joan Stevenson, Bev Nykor. 


1'^ UUeiv^'U 4Uc<Ot, 

:^!13Jnip .V\3U E 











Jl /' 





%iot V*A?*V ^*"ViAlt!^ i 

♦ ♦♦♦♦^^♦♦♦**^****'* 

^# ♦ ♦♦♦I 



^^rWy w€^- 










M.A., Ph.D. 

To the Class of '60 

I congratulate you all in the name of the University upon your siiccess 
in your work here, and I wish you well iri your chosen field oj activity in the 
years to come. 

Every age, I suppose, is an age oj opportunity jor those who are young 
and energetic, and the present age is certainly no exception. There have 
always been changes, welcomed, on the whole, by the young and deplored by 
some oj the old. What makes the preserit time so extraordinarily interesting 
is not siinply the changes but the increased rate oj their acceleration. The 
years which you have spent in college, jor instance, have seen the invasion 
oj outer space, the winning oj a victory over poliomyelitis, the progressive 
awakening and ambition jor nationhood oj much oj the world, the developing 
oj nuclear devices both jor weal and woe, the industrialization oj China, the 
internal achievements oj the Russians in raising their standard oj living, the 
use oj electronics jor such diverse ends as jaster mathematics and better 
music, the swing oj North Ajuerican education tovyards a more disciplined 
pattern, ond the progress towards establishing banks oj 'spare parts' oj the 
hum,an body. 

In many ways, this is a new world that awaits you. But it is also an 
old world that poses the same jundameyital problev}. That problem was put 
into spare and clear words by Ralph Waldo Emerson, over 100 years ago: 

There are two laws discrete, 
Not reconciled, — 

Law jor man, and law jor thing; .- 

The last builds town and jleet, 
But it runs wild, 
And doth the man unking. 

There is a new and terrible urgency now in the clash between the two 
laws. The 'law jor thing' threatens not merely to dethrone man: it threatens 
to destroy him. It is the junction oj the University, and oj her graduates, to 
redress the balance, to proclaim, and to demonstrate the primacy oj the 'law 
jor man'. Whatever work you take up, this must be your main task. 


Applied Science 
and Engineering 


R. R. McLaughlin 

M.A.Sc, M.A., Ph.D. 

PAUL AVIS, Toronto; King James' Grammar School, Yorkshire, England; 

Senior Blues Soccer IIV; U. of T. Soccer Club, Pres. IMV; Chemical 

EnKineering Club IIV, Vice-Chairnian IV; Class Rep. II. Future: 

Industr.N. i.\o photograph. I 
VICTOR BACSFALVI, Toronto; Tokai Mov High School, Komarom, 

Hungary; Chem. Club IMV; S.H.S. Basketball II-IV. (No photograph.) 
DENNIS A. BAKKE, Sarnia; Fergus District H.S.; Chemical Engineering 

Class Rep. I; S.P.S. Basketball IIV; S.P.S. Hockey IMV; S.P.S. 

Lacrosse II-IV; Lady Godiva Memorial Band II; Chemical Engineering 

Club IIV. 
LEN R. H. BELLAMY, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Jr. Skule 

Hockey III; S.P.S. V Hockey III; Skule Nite; S.P.S. IV Hockey Player, 

Coach; Lacrosse; C.I.C; Chem. Eng. Club IIV. 
THOMAS A. BETTY, Toronto; East York C.I.; IIV; Chemical 

Engineering Club IIV, Class Representative IIMV. 

S.P.S. Lacrosse; Chemical 
Chem. Eng. Club IIV. 

IAIN BLACKWOOD, Toronto; Riverdale C.I. 

Engineering Club IIV. 
CHARLES G. P. BOWLES, Toronto; R. H. King C.I. 

(.No photograph.) 
EDWARD C. CAREY, Toronto; Western Tech. School; Chem. Eng. Club IIV. 
RICHARD D. F. COOPER, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; S.P.S. Waterpolo 

II1\'. Chemical Engineering Club IIV. 

JOHN F. CORNWALL, Port Credit; Port Credit C.I.; Chem. Eng. Club MV; 
S.P.S. Ba.sketball MV. 

LYNNE A. CUMMINGS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; S.P.S. Cheerleader 
MI; (hem. Eng. Club MV, Sec. II; P.O.T. Volleyball III; S.P.S. 
Sno« Queen II; Runner-up for U. of T. Future: Engineer. 

RICHARD M. DAY, Urayton, Ont.; Drayton H.S.; Chemical Engineering 
Club MV; S.C.M. MV. 

THOMAS DEARIE, Toronto; Allan Glens H.S., Glasgow, Scotland; S.P.S. 

Soccer I-I\'; Chemical Engineering Club MV. 
JAMES R. EDWARDS, Barrie; Barrie D.C.I.; Sr. Skule Football IV; S.P.S. 

Hockey IIMV; S.P.S. Basketball MV; Devonshire House, South House 

Vice Pres. IV; Chem. Eng. Club MV. 

GERALD F. ERWIN, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterioo C.V.S.; Chem. Eng. 
Club MV; Skule Nite II-IV; Lacrosse IMV. 



EARLE L. FOR6UES, Lacombe, Alta.; Lacombe H.S.; Chem. Eng. Club IV; 
U. of A. Curling Club Mil, Executive III; U. of A. Engineering Students 
Society I-III. 

JAMES W. HANCOCK, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Chemical Engineering 
Club I-IV. 

JOHN K. HERCOVICH, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Chemical 
Engineering Club MV. 

GEORGE W. H. HOLMES, Toronto; St. Andrews College; Debating Club I; 

Chemical Engineering Club I-IV. 
ARTHUR IWASA, Scarborough; Fort William C.I.; S.P.S. Lacrosse II IV; 

Chemical Engineering Club I-IV. 

DOUGLAS K. JARDINE, Toronto; Salesian College, Surrey, England; 
Intercollegiate Soccer I-IV, Player and Manager; Chem. Club I-IV. 

ERNEST KOVACS, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Chemical Engineering 
Club I-V, Social Chairman III, President IV; Engineering Society, 
Secretary II, Chemical Chairman IV; S.P.S. Football I-III-IV; S.P.S. 
Waterpolo II-IV. Future: Graduate Study. 

R. KEITH McALPINE, Burlington; Burlington Central H.S.; Skule Nite IV; 
Chemical Eng. Club I-IV. 

SPUD M. MITSUSHIO, Vancouver, B.C.; Chem. Eng. Club MV. 

LAURENCE R. C. MUIR, Toronto; Leaside C.I.; Skule Nite, Set 

Construction and Stage Crew I-IV; Chemical Engineering Club, Movi? 

Projector Operator IV; U. of T. Sailing Club MI; Team Captain; S.P.S 

Volleyball MI. 
LEON P. J. MURRAY, Dublin, Ontario; Seaforth H.S.; St. Michael's College; 

S.P.S. Hockey IIMV; Basketball IV; Bridge I-IV; Chem. Eng. Club MV. 
CHARLES I. NELSON, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Chemical Engineering 

Club MV; Hart House Photography Club IV. 

RAYMOND S. OSTER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; S.P.S. Lacrosse II IV; S.P.S 

Hockey I; Skule Nite I; Chemical Engineering Club I IV. Future: 

Post Graduate School. 
HENRY S. OSTROWSKi, Port Credit; Port Credit H.S.; Hart House 

Amateur Radio Club Mil; S.P.S. Waterpolo II IV; Chem. Eng 

Club I-IV. Future: Post Graduate Studies in U.S. .A. 
PETER T. PATTERSON, Yorkton, Sask.; Yorkton C.I.; Chem Club I-IV: 

Archery Club III. 
WILLIAM JOHN PATTERSON, Willowdale; Earl H^ig C.I.; Chemical Eng 

Club MV; Blues Int. Basketball l-lll. (No photograph.) 

JAMES W. POTTER, Plattsville, Ont.; Waterloo - Oxford District H.S.: 

Chemical Engineering Club MV. 
DENIS L. M. REDICAN, Toronto: St. Michaels H.S.; S.P.S. Hockey MV; 

Chem. Eng. Club I-IV. 
ROBERT A. RICHARDSON, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Chemical Engineering 

Club I-IV, Class Rep. II-III; Skule Nite II-IV; Lady Godiva Memorial 

Band Leader III; Producer Skule Nite 6TO IV. 

JAMES G. RIOLER, Newmarket; Etobicoke C.I.; Newmarket H.S.; Chem 

Eng. Club 1-IV; S.P.S. Waterpolo II-IV; Skule Nite IV. 
GEORGE RUNDANS, Brampton; Brampton H.S.; Chemical Engineering 

Club II-IV: S.P.S. Volleyball I-IV; S.P.S. Soccer II-IV; S.P.S. 

Basketball MIL 
BRIAN SAYER, Toronto; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Jr. Skule Soccer I: 

Sr. Skule Soccer II-IV; Skule 3rd Waterpolo II-IV; Chem. Engineering 

Club MV. 



HARALO SEREN, Toronto; T.T.H.S.; Gymnastics IIIII; Volleyball IIIII; 

Choniical Kngincering Club II-IV. F'lituro: Work In Chem. Eng. In 

GORDON A. STAPLES, Toronto; Klobic-oke CM.; Koyal N'ork CM.; Chem. 

Club I IV; .Skiilc Nite I-IV. 
DONALD W. STIRLING, Aglncourt; .Asinoourt U.S.; Chem. KiiK. Club 1 IV; 

C.l.C. MV. 

SHILAN B. VRCKOVNIK, SkaleVelenje, Slovenia-Yugoslavl: ; S.T.U.S. 

Donizale; Chemiial Kiigineering CMub IMV; Hart House Camera 

Club II IV; V of T. UN Club IV. 
GREGORY K. WELCH, Toronto; Kiverdale CM.; Chemical Engineering 

CHARLES J. WEST, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Chem. Eng. Club I IV; 

Class Rep. IV. 

HUGH B. WILLIAMS, Jamaica, W.I.; Cornwall College, Jamaica, W.I.; 

CMC. I-IV; Chem. Eng. Club MV; U. of T. Soccer Mil; S.P.S. Soccer III; 

SI'S. Waterpolo III; Camera Club Mil; U. of T. Bridge Club MV. 
STANLEY J. L. ZAGRODNEY, Kapuskasing, Ont.; Kapuskasing High 

School; Chemical Eng. Club; Ass't Training OfTicer, U. of T. Squadron 

(RCAF). Future: RCAF. 
JOHN F. ZUPANCIC, Kirkland Lake; Kirkland Lake C.V.I.; Interfaculty 

Volleyball I; Interfaculty Basketball MV; Chem. Eng. Club MV. 


KENNETH F. APLIN, Toronto; Scarboro C.L 

ROBERT H. BALLANTYNE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Lacrosse I IV; 

Debates Club IIMV; Class Rep. IV. 
JOHN R. BANKS, Caledonia, Ont.; Caledonia H.S.; Basketball 1; Lacro.ss2 

II. IV. 

PIERRE L. BEECKMANS, Gh?nt, Belgium; Koninklijk Atheneum, Ghent; 

Campus Co-Operalive Residence, President I No photograph.) 
ALFRED BERNDL, Linz, Austria; College of Engineering, Linz; Engineering 

Inst, of Canada. 
MORGAN G. BONNEY, Oakville: Lakefield Prep-School. Future: M.Sc. in 

HARRY E. BRAUN, Guelph; Guelph, C.V.I.; Basketball MI; Skule Nite II; 

Judo Club IMV; Flying Club IV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 

MERRILL D. BROWN, Newcastle, Ont.; Bowmanville H.S.; O.A.C. 
MARIO BRUNO, Toronto. Future: Municipal Engineering with Marshall, 

Macklin, Monaghan Limited. 
ROBERT E. CAMPBELL, Guelph; Guelph C.V.S.; Ridley College; S.P.S. Jr. 

Football I; Class Rep. MI. Future: Post Graduate Studies in Business 


FETER J. CASEY, Toronto; St. Michaels C.S.; Intermed. Intercollegiate 

Soccer III-IN'; Senior S.P.S. Soccer IMV. 
HARRY J. CORNISH, Toronto; Runnymede C.I.; S.P.S. Football I-III; S.P.S. 

Hockey IV. 
KERWOOD J. COVENTRY, Big Lake, Ont.; Mindemoya H.S.; Archery 

Club IIMV. 

f ^^ 




JAMES A. CRAIG, Fort Frances, Ont.; Fort Frances H.S. 

PETER J. DAWSON, New Westminster, B.C.; Duke of Connaught H.S.; 
R.M.C.; R.C.A.F. 

JOHN H. DEAN, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Judo IMV, Sec.-Treas. IV; 
Varsity 2nd Rugger I-IV, Captain IV. 

ROGER A. DEVINE, Orillia D. C.V.I. (No photograph.) 

C. WILLIAM DIBDEN, Ottawa; Ottawa Technical H.S.; R.M.C.; C.O.T.C. IV; 
E.I.C. III-IV. Future: Commissioned Officer in the Royal Canadian 
Horse Artillery. 

JOSEPH V. DOBIS, Don Mills; Western Tech. Comm.; Camera Club I; 
Skule Nite I; S.P.S. Brute Force Committee IV. 

HENRY N. EDAMURA, Toronto; Parlcdale C.I. 

JOHN R. EGAN, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; S.P.S. Hocl<ey I-IV; S.P.S. 
Football III. 

L. THOR EKLUND, Burea, Sweden. 

WALTER A. E. ELLIOTT, Toronto; R. H. King C.I. 

R. EDWARD H. FEARNLEY, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Meisterschaft. 

JOHN D. FERGUSON, Chatham; Chatham C.I.; Hart House Bridge Club. 

JOHN I. FISHER, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Eng. Society, Director of 
Professional Relations IV. 

RALPH C. FISHER, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 

JAMES H. FLETT, Windsor; Walkerville C.I.; Graduation Ball Committee IV. 

R. DENNIS FOSTER, Toronto; Danforth T.S.; Engineering Society, Civil 
Club Chairman IV; Cartoonist, Toike Dike IIIII. 

J. EDWARD FRASER, Sarnia; Sarnia C.I.; S.P.S. Lacrosse III. 

ROGER E. FULLER, Toronto. 

RONALD D. GEE, Gormley; Richmond Hill H.S. 

PETER GERKIS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. 

GEORGE W. GERMAN, Toronto; Ridley College; Jr. Skule Hockey MI; 
Sr. Skulo Hockey IIIIV. Future: Construction Industry. 

GORDON P. GERMANN, Leamington; Leamington D.H.S.; Basketball I; 
Blue and White Band MI; Judo Club IMV: Gamma Delta, Lutheran 
Student's Club I-IV. 



EDWARD D. GOODERHAM, Toronto; Law rcnceville, Nichols School of 
Buffalo; Upper Canada College; Grad. Ball Committee IV; S.P.S. 6th 
Hockey III. Future: Master of Applied Science. 

PETER N. GRYNIEWSKi, Toronto; Yorlt C.I.: Basketball I IV, ManaKer 
Mil; \olli-\l)all. I, III IV; Outing Club IIIIV; H.H. Amateur Radio 
Club II; Civil Field T-i-i Committee IV; Grad. Ball Committee IV; 
S.E.I.C. MV; A.P.E.O. I IV. 

CHUNCWAI HA, Hong Kong. 


ANTHONY B. HALL, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I.; Calabar H.S., St. Andrew, 

Jamaica; O.A.C. 
C. WILLIAM HEWSON, Ottawa; Nepean H.S.; R.M.C. Future: Career in 

Canadian Arin\. Infantry. 

BRUCE E. JACKSON, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; IntercoU. P^ootball, 
Intermediate HI, Senior IV; Intercollegiate Track IIIIV; S.P.S. 
Lacrosse IV; S.P.S. Basketball HMV. 

ARTHUR B. JOHNS, West Hill; R. H. King C.I. Future: Masters Degree, 

I nx . 

WILLIAM A. JOHNSTON, Shanty Bay, Ont.; Barrie District C.I.; O.A.C. 
i.No photograph.) 

WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON, Toronto. (No photograph.) 

MARGARET KENDE (Mrs.), Budapest, Hungary. 

IMRE KENEDI, Toronto; Nagykanizsa H.S., Hungary. 

G. SAMUEL KINGDON, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; R.M.C. 
Future: Permanent Commission, R.C.A.F. (No photograph.) 

ROBERT M. KOROL, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. 

ROBERT W. KUZYK, Toronto; Western Tech.; S.P.S. Lacrosse IV; Skule 
Nite IV; S.P.S. Hockey III; S.P.S. Basketball MI. 

JOHN R. M. LASH, Toronto; Trinity College School; Hockey MV. Future: 

Law at Osgoode Hall. 
JOHN T. LAWRENCE, Toronto; Northern Vocational School; Basketball 

MV; Athletic Assoc, Pres. IV; Civil Club Exec. Ill; Winner 

.Athletic • Scholastic 2T1 Award III; Lacrosse MV. 
KENNETH E. LEACH, Chatham: Chatham C.I.; Basketball Mil; Lacrosse 

IIMV; Hart House Archery Club, Range Officer I, Mail Match Secretary 

II, Tournament Director IIMV, Canadian Mail Match Championship 


MAURICE J. LEBEL, Trois-Pistoles, P.Q.; N.D.N. 

NORMAN R. LEE, Port Colborne; Port Colborne H.S.; R M.C.; University 

Squadron of the R.C.A.F.; Student Member E.I.C. Future: Transport 

Pilot R.C.A.F., Permanent Commissioned Officer. 
JAMES H. LITTLE, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Engineering Athletic 

.\ II III; Engineering Society IV; S.A.C. IV, A.V.R. Chairman; 

Carabin Weekend IV; Hockey Standing Committee III; Interfaculty 

Hockey MV; Lacrosse III. 

DAVID R. LORD, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Skule Nite IMV; 

Intermediate Swim Team I; Squash IIMV. 
JAMES A. McCULLOCH, Campbellford, Ont.; Campbellford H.S.; R.M.C. 

Future: Long Range Navigator, R.C.A.F. 
H. BRUCE MCDONALD, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Forest Hill C.I. 




C. ERVAN MelNTYRE, Burlington; Burlington H.S.; Hockey MV; 
Lacrosse IV. 

ANDREW M. MacKENZIE, Woodstock; Woodstock C.I.; O.A.C. 

(No photograph.) 

JAMES E. MacKENZIE, Victoria Harbour, Ont.; Midland District H.S.; 
O.A.C; S.P.C. Basketball IV; Civil Club IV. (No photograph.) 

ROBERT W. McLEAN, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Intermediate Inter- 
collegiate Football MI; Senior S.P.S. Football III; Varsity Christian 
Fellowship I-IV, Engineering Pres. IIIIV. 

DONALD K. Mclennan, Toronto; Riverdale C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

THOMAS A. Mcmullen, Toronto; East York C.I. 

BOHDAN I. MAKSYMEC, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; U. of T. Gymnastics 
Team; U. of T. Ukrainian Club; Student Member of E.I.C.; Association 
of Prof. Engineers. Future: Design Bridges, Travel. 

LOUIS C. MANGOFF, Toronto; Northern V.S. 

MARLENE E. METZGER, Toronto; Notre Dame H.S.; East York C.I.; 

S.P.S. Cheerleader MI; Field Hockey I, III; Newman Club Mil. 
A. GARTH METHVEN, Sackville, Nova Scotia; Queen Elizabeth H.S., 

Halifax; R.M.C.; Organization of Anti-Disarmament Club IV; R.C.A.F. 

Future: Long Range Navigator and Commissioned Officer, R.C.A.F. 
GEORGE MIERZYNSKI, Toronto; De La Salle H.S.; Class Basketball 

Team Mil; Polish Students Club I-IV. (No photograph.) 

ROBERT W. MILLER, Richmond Hill; Richmond Hill D.H.S.; O.A.C. 

(No photograph.) 

GEORGE A. MISSINGHAM, Brisbane, Australia; Harbord C.I. 

DOUGLAS A. MOORE, Toronto. (No photograph.) 

DONALD J. MORTON, Cobourg; Cobourg D.C.I. ; Devonshire Residence 

Social Comm. II, IV; S.P.S. Lacrosse III; Campus Co-Op. Res., Board 

of Directors IV; S.P.S. Hockey MI, Commissioner IV. 
DOUGLAS B. MUNRO, Toronto; Grosse Pointe H.S., Grosse Pointe, Mich.; 

Soccer MI; Intercoll. Tennis II; All-Varsity Revue III; Engineering 

Society, 2nd Vice-Pres. III. 
MICHAEL MUST, Sopron, Hungary; H.S. of Bekescsaba, Hungary. Future: 

O.L.S. Certificate. 

HUGH J. O'DONNELL, Toronto. 

TIMOTHY F. O'LEARY, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland; H.S. in Ireland; 

T.M.C., Toronto; S.P.S. Soccer MV; Intercoll. Intermediate Soccer 

IIIIV; S.P.S. Basketball I, IIIIV; Newman Club; S.P.S. Ath. Assoc. 

Executive IV. Future; Construction. 
NANDOR PAL, Toronto; Gimnazium. (No photograph.) 
ROY H. PARTANEN, Toronto; Central Technical School. Future: Bridge 


LESLIE PETERFY, Sopron. Hungary, 

W. DAVID POLLARD, Toronto; Humberside C.I. Future: R.C.E. Commission. 

J. MURRAY RIGNEY, Windsor; Patterson C.I.; Football I; Lacrosse IIIIV. 

DONALD G. ROBERTSON, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; S.P.S. Basketball 
IMV; U. of T. Wrestling Team, Mgr. Ill; Civil Club IV. 

KENNETH R. ROBINSON, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Jr. ^.P.S. Football 
Coach IV; S.P.S. Hockey MV; Senior S.P.S. Football III. 

WILLIAM H. ROZEL, Toronto; Winston Churchill C.I.: Flying Officer, 
University Squadron, F\iture: Three Years in R.C.A.F. 



GEORGE E. SARANCHUK, Kcnora. Ont; Kenora-Keewatin D. U.S.; Newman 
Club III; CurlliiK Mil; Liberal Club IMV; St. MichaeP.s Profes.sional 
Club II-I\'; Slat'e, Mickitles IV; St. Michael's College S. A. C. Professional 
Rep. IV. 

HENRY P. SHELEGY, Scotland, Ont.; Burford D.H.S.; Intramural 

KAZ SHIKAZE, Leamington; Leamington D.H.S.; S.P.S. Basketball IIIV; 
S IVS. lloikev 11; S.P.S. III; U. of T. Nisei Students' Club IMV, 
Ireasurer III; Civil Club Kxecutive IV. 

BARRY D. SIMPKINS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Blue and White Band 
Mil; S.P.S. Hockey I-IV; S.P.S. Lacrosse IMV; Eng. Athletic Society, 
Pub. and Pub. Ill, Class Rep. IV. Future: Travel. 

ROY L. SINKUS, Welland; Barrie C.I.; Skule Nite MI; Wrestling III; South 
House, Devonshire Treasurer III. 

CHRISTOPHER J. SKROK, Toronto; Central Technical School. 

FRANCIS Z. SOBOLAK, Toronto; Central Technical School. 

CEZA SOLTY, Toronto; Budapest, Hungary. Future: Highway Engineering. 

RONALD L. THOMSON, Toronto; Ilumberside C.I. 

RICHARD B. TODGHAM, Windsor; Upper Canada College. 

JOHN A. UNDERWOOD, Harriston, Ont.; Norwell District H.S. 

GEORGE URVARI, Toronto; Toldy H.S., Budapest, Hungary. Future: 
Structural Design. 

DAVID L. VALENTINE, Norland, Ont.; Fenelon Falls H.S.; O.A.C. 
(No photograph.) 

PATRICK O. WALLACE, Toronto; De La Salle "Oaklands" H.S.; S.P.S. 6th 
Hockey IIMV; S.P.S. 1st Lacrosse, Mgr. III-IV. 

JAMES R. B. WATSON, Toronto. (No photograph.) 

CHARLES E. WATT, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Hockey MV. 

HANIA M. J. WEJTKO, Toronto; St. Joseph's College School; Polish 
Students' Club; Civil Club, Class Rep. I. 

IAN M. WILSON, Niagara FaJls, Ont. 

BORIS WOLCHAK, Toronto; Western Technical-Commercial; Interfaculty 
Basketball III; Engineering Institute of Canada,Year Representative III. 

WILLIAM M. ZACHARKIW, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Football I; Hockey MV. 


JOHN M. ACNEW, Toronto; Winston Churchill C.I. 
ROBERT T. ALDEN, Willowdale. 
PAUL M. ANDERSON, Scarboro. 



JOHN M. ANDERSON, Montreal West, P.Q.; Westmount High School; 

McGill University. 
BRUCE K. BAiN, Toronto; Danforth T.S.; U. of T. Judo Club Iini; Camera 

Club I; Student Member of A.I.E.E. IIIV; V.C.F. IV. 
DONALD R. L. BANNISTER, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Senior Wrestling 

Team I-III. 


WILLIAM T. A. BEARDWOOD, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Camera 

Club IIIIV; Rifle Club IMII; Pistol Club IIIV; Radio Club III; U. of. T. 

Flying Club IV; Record Club I; E.I.C. MV; A.I.E.E. IIIV; I.R.E. IIIIV. 
ROSS A. BELSON, Brantford; Brantford C.I. and V.S.; U. of T. Judo 

Club IMII; I.R.E. IIIIV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 

(No photograph.) 

RONALD J. L. BERLET, West Monkton, Ont.; Concordia H.S., Fort Wayne, 
Indiana; Intramural Basketball MV; Skule Nite II, IV. 

VAIRIS BERZINS, Toronto. (No photograph.) 

W. KENNETH BOND, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Varsity IntercoU. 

Wrestling I, Mgr. IMII; Camera Club I. 
PETER I. P. BOULTON, Toronto; St. Michael's C.S. Future: Post Graduate 

JAMES S. BROOKS, Toronto; East York C.I.; Student Member and 

Chairman of I.R.E. IV; Hockey; Basketball. Electrical Class IMII, 

Intramural IMII. Future: Post Graduate Study. 

F. BARRY BUNCH, Beaconsfield, P.Q.; East York C.I. 

DAVID J. BURNS, Port Credit. (No photograph.) 

BING I. CHAN, Parr>' Sound. 

JEAN PAUL CHEVALIER, Puce, Ont.; St. Michael's College School. 

KENNETH K. CHOI, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

WILLIAM R. COLLARD, Ridgeway, Ont.; Ridgeway H.S.; Minor League 
Basketball MV; Skule Nite, Stage Crew, Set Const. MI; Devonshire 
House Residence Council III-IV; Chess Club MI; Amateur Radio 
Club III. 

GRAHAM F. CRATE, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Sailing, Skiing. 

W. M. A. DABROWSKI. (No pnotograph.) 

JAMES A. DEAKINS, Wiarton, Ont.; Wiarton H.S. 

JAMES G. DEAN, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; R.M.C. Future: Technical 

Officer in the R.C.N. 
MARIO DEVIS-ECHANDIA, Colombia, South America; St. Thomas Aquinas 

H.S., South America; Photography; Varsity Intermediate Soccer. 

Future: Travel. 

DAVID M. DUNLAP, Toronto; St. Andrew s College; Hart House Amateur 

Kadio Club Committee Member III-IV. 
HANS P. EBLE, Toronto. (No photograph.) 
DAVID S. FROST, Toronto: Northern T.C.S.; S.P.S. Waterpolo I; H.H. Judo 

Club III; nil. Chess Club I-III. 
MARTIN D. GELB, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Harbord C.I.; S.P.S. Soccer III; 

S.P.S. Waterpolo MI; Amateur Radio Club; Camera Club. 

(No photograph.) 




C. PETER M. GRIFFIN, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. 

DOUGLAS E. HALL, Toronio; Malvern C.I.; R.C.A.F. Reserve Sqn. MV, 

Entertainment Officer IV; S.P.S. Basketball I-IV; H.H. SwlmmlnK 

Instructor MV. 


DONALD E. HEWSON, Port Credit; Port Credit H.S.; Skule Nile IMV; 

A. IKK. Student Branch, Sec. Ill; Hart House Caledon Committee 

IIIIV; Wvcliffe College Lit. IV. 
C. W. JANSON. (No photograph.) 

ANDREZE J. JAWORSKI, Toronto (No photograph.) 
DERMOT J. KAVANAUGH, Toronto. iNo photograph.) 
TADEUSZ W. KOLATOR, Guelph. (No photograph.) 
JURI LAINEVOOL, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Chess Club I; Archery II; 

Volleyball IIV, Jr. Intcrfaculty Champs. II, Sr. Interfaculty Champs. III. 

ROGER G. LEWIS, Oshawa. 

PHILIP LEVITT, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Guitar-playing; Singing; Bridge. 
Kiiture: Po-stCJrad. work. (No photograph.) 

YAROMYR Y. LEVYTSKY, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Ukrainian Students 

Club 1 IV. 
STANLEY J. LIEBERMAN, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.I.; U. of T. 

Judo Club. 

GEORGE D. McKAY, Toronto; Winston C.I.; U.N.T.D. MI; Jr. Skule 

Football I; Intercoll. Rugger IMV; Minor League Basketball; Skule 

MV; Class Rep. IV. 
WILLIAM L. McKENZIE, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Varsity Christian 

Fellowship MV. 

RALPH H. MARRIOTT, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. (No photograph.) 
WOLFGANG D. MEDWETH, Toronto; Lienz H.S.; Student Member I.R.E.; 

.X.l.K.K. (No photograph.) 


PETER G. MOSTOWY, Waterford; Waterford District H.S.; S.P.S. 

Football I. 
JOHN H. MOYLAN, Hornepayne, Ont.; Hornepayne H.S.; Danforth Tech.; 

S.P.S. Hockey I, IV; North Devonshire Residence, Vice-President III, 

President IV. 
EDWARD W. NOWAK. (No photograph.) 


PETER OSTAPCHUK, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Inter-Faculty Basketball 
1, IIMV: IMV; Skule Nile IMII; S.P.C.A. Faculty Rep. III. 
BRIAN OVENELL, Toronto; East York C.I.; S.P.S. Squash IMV. 

G. A. LAURIE PATTERSON, Whitby; Whitby H.S.; Intramural Basketball 
MIL S.P.S. Football MI; Skule Nile Mil; U. of T. Auto Club IV. 

KALJO PATUNE, Toronto; Stockholms Technical Institute; Tartu 

RAY W. PETRE, Oshawa; O.C.V.I.; Semi-Finalist, University Tennis 
Championship IIIIV; S.P.S. Sr. Squash Team IIMV. 



NICHOLAS M. PETRYKANYN, Scarboro. (No photograph.) 

VALDO POUA, Toronto; Central Tech.; Varsity Senior Swim Team I; 

S.F.S. Waterpolo J-II. (No photograph.) 

DONALD K. PULFER, Leaside; Leaside H.S.; Hockey I III. 

R. MORRISON RENFREW, Richmond Hill; Earl Haig C.I.; Rugger 

DONALD C. ROBINSON, Toronto; Yorli Memorial C.I.; Camera Club; 

Swimming. Future: Work in Industry. 

GEORGE J. RYVA, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. Future: Travel. 

P. J. SCHMIDT. (No photograph.) 

WILLIAM J. SCOTT, Toronto; York Memorial C.I. 

ANTHONY J. SIMMS, Toronto; De La Salle "Oaklands"; Skule Nite, 
Cast I, Script Writing IV; Debates Club I-IV, Vice-Chairman III, 
Chairman IV; S.P.S. Basketball I; Eng. Society Executive, Debates 
Chairman IV. 



JERRY P. SMUCK, St. Thomas; St. Thomas C.I. Future: R.C.N. 



E. A. STASIAK. (No photograph.) 

AIVARS B. STASKO, Oshawa; O.C.C.I.; Swimming Instructor; Hart House 

Glee Club. 
R. A. STEWART. (No photograph.) 

HUGH J. SWAIN, Little Britain, Ont.; Lindsay C.I.; V.C.F. I-IV. 
WALTER W. SWERHUN, Toronto; Central Tech.; Skule Nite, Ass't. 


ROBERT W. SYDIAHA, Toronto; Central Tech.; Class President III; 

Chairman A.I.E.E. IV; Class Rep., Electrical Club II; Jr. Skule 

Basketball MI; Senior Skule Basketball III-IV; Volleyball I. 

Ill; Lacrosse II-III; Swimming MI; A.I.E.E. 
SYDIAHA, Toronto; Central Tech.; Class President 


J. MICHAEL TOOHEY, Dunnville; Dunnville D.H.S.; 
Devonshire House, Year Rep. I, Social Rep. II. 

North House of 

JACK E. TYYNELA, Matheson, Ont.; Iroquois Falls H.S.; Campus Coop. 

ERNEST L. UMBRICO, Thorold; LinwcllThorold H.S. 

Skule Nite IV. Future: O.C.E. 
ENN VALI, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. 

C.C.R.I. Mil; 



ALBERT E. VIRGIN, Toronto; Danforth T.S.; Dominion Bus. Coll.; 
Jarvis C.I.; Electrical Club IIV, Rep. I, Treas. II, Vice-Chairman III, 
Chairman IV; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. III-IV. Future: High School Teacher. 


LELLAND A. C. WEAVER, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Fencing I; 

Class Kep. IV. Future: PostGrad. Work. 


EDGAR W. WHITE, Hamilton; Delta S.S.; Skule Waterpolo MI; Skule 
Basketball IIV. Future: Graduate Studies. 

THOMAS A. WOODS, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 


G. YOUNG. iNo photograph.) 

T. M. YUE. 

VICTOR W. ZABARYLO, Toronto; K.L.C.V.I.; Varsity Band I. 

FRED F. ZABRANSKY, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Wrestling MI; 
German Club IV; Victoria College Residence, Middle House, 
Vice-President IV. Future: Ph.D. in Medical Electronics. 

ROBERT P. ZACHARCZUK, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Skule Nite IMV, 
Director IV: Jr. Skule Football Team I; Ukranian Students Club IIV. 


EDWARD G. BARSS, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; Varsity Track MI; 
Varsity 2nd Basketball I; S.P.S. Basketball IMV. 

THEODORE BELMAN, Gait; Gait C.V.S.; Engineering Society, First Vice- 
Pres. IV; U. of T. Swim Team, Diving Mil. Future: Osgoode Hall. 

B. W. BRADSTOCK, Port Credit. 

J. BRIAN D. BRENNAND, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Radio Amateur 
Club IIMV; .Judo I; Table Tennis I. 

HERB. E. R. BROWN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Eng. Bus. Club 

Treas. Ill; Varsity Wrestling MV; Skule Football I-IV; Skule Indoor 

Track III; Skule Basketball II-III; Flying Club I; Skule Rugger IV; 

Eng. Bus. Hockey MV; Eng. Society, IV Year Pres. 

DANIEL W. BRUNT, Toronto; Port Credit H.S.; Class Rep. IV. 

WILLIAM G. BULUCON, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Varsity Blues 
Football IV; Interfac. Basketball MI, IV; Senior Skule Hockey, 
Manager IV; Class Vice-Pres. IV. 

MICHAEL A. CHERRY, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

FRANK E. COLLINS, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Engineering 
Society MV, Chief Cannoneer II, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV; Class Pres. I. 
Future: Industrial Management. 



RAYMOND K. CORNBILL, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Sr. Rugger MV; 
S.P.S. Sr. Soccer IMV. 

THOMAS A. CUMMINC, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; S.P.S. 

Hockey MV. 
JAMES E. DOMM, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; S.P.S. Hockey 

MV; S.P.S. Football MI. 

MICHAEL A. DORFMAN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; E.A.C. Rep., En- 
gineering Society IV. 

ROSS B. ELLIOTT, Listowel, Ont.; Listowel D.H.S.; Basketball MV; 
Lacrosse II IV; Skule Nite Mil; Revolver Club III; Modern Historj' 
Club MV; Brute Force Committee. 

ROBERT E. GIROUX, Toronto; De La Salle "Oaklands"; Varsity Hockey 
(Blues) III IV; Senior Skule Hockey, Coach IV; Interfac. Basketball MI. 

TERRY G. GODSALL, Mallorytown, Ont.; Upper Canada College. 
ALAN G. GRAFF, Niagara Falls, Ont.; Weston C.V.S. 

JOHN M. P. HAMILTON, Toronto; U.T.S.; Carabin IMV; Fros. IV; H.H. 
Glee Club II; Torontonensis Rep. II; Skule Nite I. 

WILLIAM S. HARRIS, Calgary, Alta.; Central C.I.; Varsity Curling Team 

II; U. of T. Curling Club MV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 
WILLIAM G. IRWIN, Whitby; Whitby District H.S. 
PAUL E. KEARNS, Agincourt. 

J. PAUL KROEBER, Ottawa; Ottawa Technical H.S.; Drama I; Wrestling 
1; Photography; Script Writing II; Archery Club IV. Future: Sales 
Engineering in Air Conditioning. 

MICHAEL J. McQUAID, Toronto; De La Salle; Interfac. Basketball MV; 
Interfac. Hockey and Manager I; Class Rep. Ill; Senior Skule Hockey 
Mgr. IV; Eng. Bus. Club Chairman; Engineering Society. 

JOHN W. A. MAXWELL, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Skule At-Home 
Committee III; Skule Nite II; S.P.S. Basketball IMII; S.P.S. Lacrosse 

CHARLES R. MUGFORD, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 
MAURICE R. O'SHAUGHNESSY, Cobalt, Ont.; Cobalt H.S.; H.H. Explor 

ation Society, Secretary. 
EDWARD O. PENHALE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.L 

JOHN M. ROLPH, Markham, Ont.; Markham District H.S.; H.H. Camera 
Club Committee 111; Student Member S.A.E. MV. 


FREDERICK A. SMITH, Toronto; Riverdale C.L; Eng. Bus. Hockey IMV; 
Eng. Bus. Basketball IMV; Chem. Basketball I. Futur?: Marketing. 



KENNETH E. TAYLOR, Toronto; Oanlorth Technical School; S.P.S. 

Hockey and Basketball IIV; Squash; S.P.S, Hockey Coach IV. 
HENK P. THESINGH, Toronto; S.P.S. Water Polo HI IV. 
HUGH M. THOMSON, Toronto; North Toronlo C.I.; S.P.S. Lacrosse I III; 

Hockey 1 11; SI'S. Athletic Assoc. Ill; Hockey Coach II IV; I.acro.sse 

Coach II. Future: Cost Control. 

JAMES THOMSON, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Toike Oike and Eng. Yearbook, 

Sports Editor; S.P.S. Basketball Conuiiissioncr; S.P.S. Athletic Assoc, 
Director of Publicity and Public Relations. Future: Personnel Ad- 

GAVIN K. WATT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Football I; Squash I. 
Future: Plastic Industry. 

DOUGLAS R. WINTER, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Skule Basketball 
I IV; Class Sec.-Treas. IV. 


DONALD E. ANDERSON, Chatham; Chatham C.I.; Carabin Exchange III; 

H.H. Library Committee II; Sr. Skule Hockey III; U.of.T. Rifl? Assoc. 

IIV; H.H. Squash; H.H. Bridge MIL 
RODNEY H. G. ANDREWS, Watford, England; St. Andrew's College; Hart 

House Table Tennis Club I, III; Treasurer of East House, Devonshire 

III, IV; S.P.S. Soccer 3rds, I; S.P.S. Squash 4lhs, IV. 
JAMES BACON, Jordan Station, Ont.; Beamsville H.S.; Toike Oike III IV; 

Bo.xing Club II-IV, Future: Graduate Work. 
RENE D. BATAILLE, Montreal, P.Q. (No photograph.) 

S. MORRY BLUMENFELD, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Hillel Foundation IIV, 
President Hillel Executive IV; Class Representative to Eng. Phys. 
Club I, III. (No photograph.) 

JOHN D. BOYD, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; C.O.T.C. 

GARNET C. BRACE, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Varsity Track III. Future: 

JOSEPH A. CAMILLERI, Zebbug, Malta; Lyceum, Malta. 

STEPHEN H. CHISHOLM, Montreal, Que.; Port Credit H.S.; Senior 

Inlercoll. Football II-IV; Athletic Directorate IV; Devonshire House. 

Future: Post Graduate Studies. 
JAMES A. COOMBS, Toronto; East York C.I.; Skule Nite III; Eng. Debates 

Club III; Chess Club III; Rugger IV. 
JAMES M. CORBETT, Port Colborne; Port Colborne H.S.; Eng. Phys. Club, 

Executive I\'. 
DONALD D. COWAN, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; Engineering Physics 

Club II. (.\o photograph.) 
JOHN P. CRONIN. (No photograph.) 

HUNTER B. CURRIN, Aylmer; East Elgin H.S. 

LAWRENCE D. DAVIS, Nassau, N.P., Bahamas; St. Michael's College 
School; Basketball IIV; Soccer II-III; Track MI; Chess Club Mil; 
Newman Club IIV; West Indian Students' Organization MV; Inter- 
national Students' Organization MV; Amateur Radio Club IV. Future: 
Post Graduate Studies. 

EDWARD J. A. DAVISON, Toronlo; De La Salle "Oaklands"; St. Michael's 
C.S.; Chess Club MI; Newman Club MV; Music, Piano (A.R.C.T.) in 
Hart House. Future: Post Graduate Study. 


JEROME H. FINE, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Post Graduate Studies 

at U. of T. 
DAVE FREEDMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Toike Oiko, Photography I. 

Future: Post Graduate Studies. 




IMANT F. FREIBERGS, Toronto; "Chevrollier" C.I., Angers, France; 

U. of T. Judo Club; Latvian Students' Club. Future: M.A. in Physics. 
STANLEY FROMOVITZ, Toronto; Central Technical School; Hart House 

Debates Committee. Future: Graduate Work, Operations Research. 
JOHN T. GLASER, Brooklin. 

BRIAN C. GREGORY, Lawrence Park C.L; U. ofT. Track and Field IIH; 

U. of T. Gymnastics I-IV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 
ALLAN E. JACOBS, Toronto; Royal York C.I. 
ARTHUR L. LANDSBERG, Toronto; Harbord C.L; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 

Reporter, The Varsity I II; Reporter, Toike Oike II-IV. 

CHARLES F. LAYWINE, Toronto; North Toronto C.L; S.P.S. Football MI; 

S.P.S. Hockey I-IV. 
MAN-KIT P. LEUNG, Hong Kong, China; Camera Club I-IV. 
JAAN LIIVA, Halifax, Nova Scotia; West Hill H.S., Montreal; McGill U. 

Future: Graduate Studies. 

JAMES G. LINDERS, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S.; S.P.S. Soccer I; 

Radio Amateur's Club III; S.C.M. IV; Judo Club IV. 
VINCENT Y. S. LUM, Sudbury; Sudbury H.S. (No photograph.) 
MARKS A. McAVITY, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.. Future: Royal 

Canadian Navy. 
RONALD H. L. MacDONALD, Toronto; Riverdale C.L 

JOHN P. MCDONNELL, Toronto; St. Michael's C.S.; University of Toronto 
Squadron, U.R.T.P. I-IV, President of Mess Committee IV. 

IAN J. McGEE, Mimico; Mimico H.S.; Hart House Amateur Radio 
II HI. Future: Graduate Work. 

HANS MAGISO, Toronto; Riverdale C.L; Sr. S.P.S. Soccer IV; C.A.I. 
Future: Institute of Aerophysics. 

ZIGURDS MIEZITIS, Toronto; Jarvis C.L; Volleyball I-IV; Latvian Students' 

Association I-III. 
HENRY R. NOBLE. (No photograph.) 
ROBERT G. NOPPE, Simcoe, Simcoe District H.S.; S.P.S. Football MI; 

Newman Club I-III; Sports Car Club IV; Revolver Club IV. 
R. PAUL O'GRADY, New Toronto; St. Michael's College H.S.; Newman 

Club. Future: Three Years with Air Force, R.O.T.P. Plan. 

CHRIS J. ORTON, Grimsby Beach; Beamsville H.S.; Outing Club IMV, 
Trea.surer II, Vice-President III; Amateur Radio Club III-IV, Committee 
IV; Model Parliament II; Skule Nile II. 

ANDREW PAP, Ocsod, Hungary. 

JOHN M. PERZ, Toronto; De La Salle "Oaklands". Future: Ph. D., then a 
Uni\ersitv Career. 



T. ALLAN PORTER, Bowmanville; Bowmanvllle H.S. Future: Post 

(Iraduate Study. 
R. BARRY REED, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; H.H. Library Committee III-IV; 

S.C.M. II IV, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV; U. of T. Rugger III-IV; Wyclifle 

College A.A. Treas. IV. 

PETER A. A. REEVE-NEWSON, Thornbury, Ont.; Thornbury District H.S.; 
Hart House Mu.sic 1\'. Future: Travel, Geophysics. 

DAVID R. REYNOLDS, London; Medway H.S.; S.P.S. Hockey IMV. 

(No photograph.) 

D. BRUCE ROBB, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Intercollegiate Squash 

Tean\ 1II-I\'; Hart House Squash Committee IV. 
ROBERT B. RODEN, Stoney Creek; Humber.side C.I.; S.P.S. Basketball I-IV; 

Football III; Squash III; Swimming IV; Eng. Phys. Club, Vice-Pres IV. 

ROBERT B. L. ROSS, C.uelph; Lawrence Park C.I. 

ANTHONY J. M. SCHAFER, Delhi, Ont.; Delhi D.H.S.; Sr. Skule Football 

IMV; Interfaculty Basketball MV; Eng. Physics Club III; German 

Club IV. 

DAVID H. SCHILLER, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; S.P.S. Hockey MH. 

WILLIAM J. SCOTT, Seaforlh, Ont.; Seaforth D.H.S.; North Devonshire 
House MV, Social Rep. IV; Skule Nite MI; U. ofT. Flying Club II-IV. 
JOHN SHEWCHUN, Toronto; Harbord C.I. 
HAROLD Z. SHIFMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.L 
DAVID J. SHILTON. iNo photograph.) 

YOSHIYUKI SHINMOTO, Islington; Kaslo H.S. (B.C.); Notre Dame 

College (B.C.I. 
AIN A. SONIN, Toronto; Central Tech. 
M. STRADER. (No photograph.) 
RONALD J. TABOREK, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S.; Boxing I; Volleyball MI; 

Basketball I; Revolver Club I; CA.I. I-IV, Treasurer III & President IV; 

Professional Students Club President IV; Eng. Physics Club Executive 

IV; Flying Club MI. 

MICKEY H. TAKAHASHI, Toronto; Central T.S. 
ROD C. TENNYSON, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 

HANNO TREIAL, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Graduate Work in 

ALEX TUNNER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Westmount H.S.. Montreal; 

"Skule Yearbook", Business Mgr. II, Editor III-IV; Revolver Club I. 
GABOR UJHELYI, Budapest, Hungary; Campus Club IMV; Flying Club 

111 IV; Helicon Club III IV; North Devonshire House IMV. 
PAAVO A. A. VUORINEN, Toronto; Central Technical School. 



ALLAN D. WAREN, South Porcupine; South Porcupine H.S.; Gymnastics; 
Chess Club. 

JAMES H. WHITE, Falconbridge; Sudbury High School; Newman Club. 

EDWARD A. WILKES, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Lakefield Prep. School; 
Waterpolo I-IV. 

STANLEY D. C. WONG, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Toronto Chinese Varsity 
Club II-IV, Treasurer IMII. 

C. MURRAY WOODSIDE, Toronto; U.T.S.; Hart House Music Committee 
III-IV; Eng. Debates Club III; Eng. Phys. Club, Chairman IV; "Skule 
Nite" II, IV. Future; Post Grad. Work. 

PETER Y. D. WOON, Peking, China; Diocesan Boys' School, Hong Kong. 


HENRY L. ATKINSON, Toronto; Mount Royal H.S. 

L. ATTERAAS. (No photograph.) 

RICHARD F. G. BAKER, Willowdale; Earl Halg C.I.; Chairman, Student 

Section of American Society of Mechanical Engineers IV; Society of 

Automotive Engineers, Rep. Ill; Jr. Skule Football I. Future: Position 

in Industry. 
JOHN DOUGLAS BELL, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. and V.S. Future: 

Permanent Commission in C.A.(R). 

JUSTIN W. BERKELEY, St. George's, Grenada, West Indies; Grenada 
Boys' S.S.; S.P.S. Intramural Soccer I-IV; S.P.S. Intramural Squash III; 
Intermediate IntercoU. Soccer; Intermed. Intercoll. Tennis. 

OLE R. BEZEMER, The Hague, Holland; Rynlands Lyceum; Sailing. 

ROBERT D. BIRSE, Toronto; Arbroath H.S., Scotland. 

PAUL M. BISHOP, Somerset, Nova Scotia; Central Kings Rural H.S.; 

O.A.C., (B.S.A.). 
WALTER J. BLANCHARD, Toronto; Danforth Technical School; Class 

Representative III. 
MICHAEL K. BONNYCASTLE, Toronto; Trinity C.S.; Swimming Team, 

Diving I; Student Member, E.I.C. II-IV. 

STAN (G. S.) BOYINGTON, Agincourt; Agincourt H.S. Future: Flying and 

Aeronautical Engineering Duties with RCAF. 
LLOYD B. COATSWORTH, Merlin, Ont.; Merlin D.H.S. 
WILLIAM A. CROFTS, Minden; Haliburton H.S. Future: Permanent 

Commission, RCN. 

ATTILA E. CSONGRADI, Toronto; Szolnok H.S.; U. of T. Soccer Blues 

III-IV; S.P.S. Athletics III-IV; H.H. Table Tennis Club III; Sr. S.P.S. 

Volleyball IIMV; Member of A.S.M.E. IV; Member of E.I.C. IV. 
DENIS M. CUDAHY, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Mechanical Club, Rep. I. 
ALARIC D. CULL, Parry Sound H.S. (No photograph.) 
DAVE A. CUMMINGS, Winnipeg, Man.; Lisgar C.I., Ottawa; R.M.C.; S.P.S. 

Hockey; S.P.S. Basketball. Future: Permanent Commission, R.C.A.F. 
WILLIAM L. CURRIE, Hillsburgh, Ont.; Orangeville District H.S. 

(No photograph.) 
ARNOLD B. DAVIES, Copetown, Ont.; Westdale S.S., Hamilton; O.A.C. 

(No photograph.) 
KENNETH G. EDWARDS, Cobden. Ont.; Cobden District H.S. 

(No photograph.) 



LARRY I. EISEN, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Gym Team III. 
EUGENE Z. FEKETE, Toronto; Hungary. (No photograph.) 

RICHARD E. FLECHNER, Richmond Hill; Richmond Hill H.S.; A.S.M.E.; 


EDWARD J. FREE, .AKincourt ; Agincourt C.I.; A.S.M.E., Rep. IV, Trcas.; 

DONALD E. GALLOWAY, Winnipeg, Man.; Darlmoulh H.S.; Royal Military 

College. Future: Ho,\al Canadian Air Force. 
D. OWEN GIBB, Stratford; Stratford C.VI. (No photograph.) 
ROBERT A. GUERRIERE, Toronto; St. Michaels C.S.; A.S.M.E. IV; 

Mii.sic I-IV. 
GERALD J. HARVEY, Caledon East, Ont.; King Edward VI Grammar 

School, Lichfield, England; O.A.C. (No photograph.) 
RONALD J. HASKINS, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 
STANLEY R. HISELER, Wingham, Ont.; Wingham H.S.; O.A.C. 

I .No photograph.! 

ROGER A. HOLSTEAD, Toronto; Central Technical School. 
J. DAVID HORWOOD, Mimico; Mimico H.S.; O.A.C; Judo Club MI, IV; 
Engineering Club IIIIV. (No photograph.) 

DONALD C. INGRAM, Toronto; East York C.I.; S.P.S. Basketball MV; 

Intercollegiate Squash Team III-IV; S.P.S. Squash II-IV. 
BRUCE M. JOHNSON, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Mechanical Club IV, 

Treasurer IV; S.P.S. Squash I-IV. (No photograph.) 

JACK D. KALPIN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. 

DON S. KARN, St. Thomas; St. Thomas C.I. Future: Permanent 
Commission, RC.AF. 

DONALD R. KEENAN, Toronto; St. Michael's College School; Sr. S.P.S. 

Hockey III. F'uture: Graduate Work in Bus. Admin. 
HON W. H. LEE, Canton, China; Pui Ching; Chinese Overseas Students 

Association, Social Chairman III. 

WILLIAM LESLIE, Acton; Georgetown H.S. 

DEREK F. G. LUNN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; A.S.M.E. IV; E.I.C. IV; 
Vice-President K.A. IV, Class Representative IV; Mechanical Club 
Rep. IV; S.P.S. Football I-IV; S.P.S. Basketball Mil. 

DONALD C. MacGORMAN, Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick; Riverside 
Consolidated H.S. 

T. D. McKEE, Windsor; Skule House Four MV; Skule Nite MV; Skulo 
House Chorus, Leader IV. Future: O.C.E. (No photograph.) 

SANDY D. A. MacLEOD, Whitby; Whitby H.S. 

BILL W. C. McNEILLY, Port Dover, Ont.; Simcoe D.H.S. 

ALEX MALASHENKO, Toronto; Chippenham Grammar School, England; 
Ukramian Students Club III. (No photograph.) 

S. MEDGYESY. iNo photograph.) 

GEOFFREY R. OLIVER, Toronto; Walkerville C.I.; Engineering Society; 

A.S.M.E.; Hockey l-III; Squash III; Mechanical Club Chairman. 
DAVID H. PATTERSON, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; O.A.C. (No photograph.) 
T. L. PEAKER. (No photograph.) 

O. RUBEN PETTERSSON, Orebro, Sweden; Hallsbergs Samrealskola, 

Sweden; Ho^re Tekmiska Liiroverket Orebro, Sweden; A.S.M.E.; E.I.C. 
FRANK J. POSPISIL, Toronto; Northern V.S.; Intermediate Swimming; 

Varsity I; S.P.S. Swimming I; Skiing I. (No photograph.) 
GRAEME L. QUIGLEY, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Mechanical Club, Secretary 

II; A.S.M.E. III-IV; S.P.S. Basketball Mil; Squash II-III; Waterpolo II; 

Volleyball I. 

LEONARD RACHUBOFF, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Interfac. Basketball; 
Lacrosse; Waterpolo; Assoc. Member F.A.D.C. 



JEROME P. REDICAN, Toronto; St. Michael's C.S.; Assoc. Member, 

F.A.D.C; Waterpolo IV; Paddling. 
M. H. ROBERTSON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. (No photograph.) 
STUART CRAWFORD ROSS, Montreal; Westhill H.S.; R.M.C.; C.M.R. 

Future; Ro.val Canadian Engineers. 
DONALD A. ROSSETTI, Toronto; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 

FRED F. G. ROW, Woodstock; Woodstock C.I. 
GORDON D. SIMPSON, Calgary, Alta.; Central C.I. 

FRANK SLAMA, St. Thomas; St. Joseph's H.S.; U. of T. Rifle Club MI, Rifle 

Team II; Newman Club I-IV, Eng. Rep. III. 
C. GRANT SLINN, Oakville; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Society of Automotive 

Engineers, Vice-Chairman III, Chairman IV. 
R. BRIAN SMALE, Burlington; Burlington H.S.; R.M.C. Future: Permanent 

Commission in RCAF. (No photograph.) 
JAMES L. SMITH, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; R.M.C. 
NESTOR SNIHURA, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Sr. Skule Football MV; Track 

& Field III; S.P.S. Basketball II; Engineering Athletic Association, 

Sec; Student Member, Engineering Institute of Canada. Future: 

Sales Engineering. (No photograph.) 

ALLAN W. SPARY, Fort William; ^Fort William C.I. 
FRANK W. SPEERS, Orangeville; Orangevllle District H.S. 
VERNON I. D. SPENCER, Owen Sound; Owen Sound C.V.I.; O.A.C. 

(No photograph.) 
HENRY M. STRATTON, Toronto; Central Tech.; 

Basketball Mil; Sr. Skule Football; Class Rep 

Waterpolo. (No photograph.) 
FRANK J. B. SULLIVAN, Toronto; St. Michael's C.S. 

WILLIAM R. TAYLOR, Toronto; East York C.I. (No photograph.) 

Humberside C.I.; 
II; Volleyball I; 

Hockey; Football; 

WARREN A. TREASURE, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Football IV; Basketball 

IIMV; Squash II-IV. Future: Industry. 
ARTHUR J. TYNDALL, Clinton; Clinton District C.I. 

JAMES T. UNSWORTH, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S. 

J. BRIAN WALKER, Toronto; Central Technical School; Outing Club MI; 

Camera Club II. 
EDWARD A. WANK, Toronto; Scarboro C.I. 

H. DAVID WARREN, Toronto; Lcaside High School. 

ROBERT G. WITHERELL, New Toronto; New Toronto S.S. 

A. ROY H. WOOD, S Lt. R.C.N., Vancouver, B.C.; Lower Canada College. 
Montreal; R.M.C; Waterpolo IV. Future: Active Sen'ice with the 
Royal Canadian Navy, Atlantic Command as a Regular Commissioned 



ZENON YARYMOWICH, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Lieutenant In 

H ('.KM K. Ki'j;iilar. 
MERVIN S. ZASITKOWICH, Toronto: Humbcrside CI.; Senior Skule 

Football; Haskelball. 


F. W. ARTHUR, Toronto; Metallurgy; Runnymede C.I. 

GEORGE J. BABITS, Debrecen, Hungary; Applied Geology; Csokonai 

\ '.M. tiimnaziuni; Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy MV; 

.\.ssoc. of HunKarian Students in North America. 
LESLIE K. F. BALPATAKY, Ostoros, Hungary; Mining. 

LEONARD A. BEDNARZ, Toronto; Applied Geology; Leaside H.S. 
DANIEL BENEDEK, Toronto; Mining; Szarvasi Allami H. ftalanos 

FREDRIC J. BRACKEN, Toronto; Metallurgy; Runnymede C.I. 

FREDERICK D. BROWN, Islington; Metallurgy; Etobicoke C.I.; Student 
member, .A.S.M.: Dance band. Future: Ont. College of Education. 

ROBERT C. BRYCE, Ottawa; Mining; Lisgar C.I.; Mining and Me- 
tallurgy Club I-I\'. 

FRANCIS G. BURY, Noranda, P.Q.; Metallurgy; Noranda H.S.; A.S.M.; 

HUGH J. CHESSER, Falconbridge, Ont.; Mining; St. Charles College 
H.S., Sudbury; M. and M. Club MV; Class Hockey MV; Newman 
Club IIMV, 1st VicePres. IV; Curling MI; S.M.C. Pro Club liMV. 

JAMES A. CODE, Toronto; Applied Geology; Lawrence Park C.I. 

TONY J. DESANTI, North Bay; Mining; North Bay C.I.V.S.; Mining 
and Metallurgy Club MV; St. Michael's Professional Students" 
Club III; Grad Ball Committee IV; Minor Basketball II. 

MARTIN P. J. DES ROCHERS, Penetanguishene; Applied Geology; Pene- 
tang H.S.; Newman Club; Class Hockey; Undergrad. member C.I.M.M. 

KLAUS DEUBLER, Seattle, Wash., U.S.A.; Metallurgy; Malvern C.I.; 

BRIAN A. EOMOND, Aurora; Mining; Aurora District H.S.; M. and M. 
Club MV; Revolver Club IIMV. 

JOHN P. C. ELSON, Richmond Hill; Applied Geology; Richmond Hill 
District H.S.; U.N.T.D. MI; Undergrad. member C.I.M.M. 

SIMON O. FEKETE, Toronto; Metallurgy; High School of Szekszard. 

ROBERT J. FIERHELLER, Tilbury, Ont.; Applied Geology: Tilbury D.H.S.; 
Palaeontology Club; S.P.C. Ping Pong Championship Team. 



ANDREW FROHMANN, Miskolc, Hungar>; Minin«. 

HAROLD J. GLEUSTEEN, Hilversun, Netherlands; Applied Geology; 

Secondary Grammar School, Hilversun; Fencing MI; Skule Nile III; 

.Mining and Metallurgy Club. Future: Travelling. 

WALTER J. HENDRY, Toronto; Mining; York Memorial C.I.; M. and M 
Club, Entertainment Convenor; U. of T. Rugger I-IV 

ROLAND I. HILKENE, Budapest, Hungary; Mining. 

EDWARD HOSHKIW, Toronto; Applied Geology; Parkdale C.I.; Hart 

House Camera Club MI, Committee IIMV; Flying Club, Publicity II-IV; 

The Varsity, Photo Editor I, Sports Photographer IV. Future: Travel. 
HOWARD L. JACKMAN, Richmond Hill; Metallurgy; Richmond Hill H.S.; 

Student member, A.S.M.; C.I.M.M.E. 

AARNE O. JUHOLA, Sudbury; Applied Geology; Sudbury H.S.; C.I.M.M 
Affiliated Student Member I-IV; Co-chairman, Student Uranium Com- 
mission IV. Future: Post Graduate Work. 

ZOLTAN L. KATONA, Toronto; Applied Geology; Foldes F. H.S., Miskolc. 
Hungary; U. of T. United Nations Club III; Revolver Club IV; C.I.M.M. 
IIMV; Assoc, of Hungarian Students in North America III-IV; 
Hungarian Helikon Assoc. Future: Canadian Industry. 

ALBERT M. KUDO, Chatham; Applied Geology; Chatham C.I.; M. and M. 
Club, Ckss Rep. II-IV; Nesei Students' Club MV, Social Director III; 
Revolver Club IV; C.I.M.M. Affiliated Student Member MV. Future: 
Post Graduate Work. 

PETER W. LACZAY, Toronto; Applied Geology; Fay Andras H.S. 

Budapest; U. of T. United Nations Club III; Assoc, of Hungarian 

Students in N. America II-IV; Hungarian Helikon Youth Assoc. II-IV. 

Future: Post Graduate Work in Economic Geology. 
EMERY Z. LAJTAI, Hungary; Applied Geology. 
NELSON E. LEEDER, Toronto; Mining; Western Tech. Conim.: Judo Club 

II III; M. and M. Club I-IV. 
GORDON H. LEWIS, Toronto; Applied Geology; Malvern C.I. 

(No photograph.) 

PATRICK B. LONG, Luso, Angola, Africa; Mining; Plumtree Govt. H.S.. S. 

Rhodesia; V.C.F. I-IV; Revolver Club IIMV; M. and M. Club MV, Class 

Rep. IV. 
ANTS LUBEK, Sault Ste. Marie; Metallurgy; Tartui H.S., Estonia; 

Student Member of A.S.M. 
ALEXANDER D. MacKENZIE, Noranda, Quebec; Mining; Noranda H.S.; 

M. and M. Club I-IV. 

F. PETER McKENNA, Toronto: .Applied Geology; Forest Hill C.I.; 

Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. 
SAMUEL S. MURAKAMI, Toronto; Aplied Geology; Riverdale C.I.; 

Student Member Can. Inst, of Mining; Nisei Students' Club, Social 

Dir. IV; Hockey. 
NANDOR NEMETH, Hungary; Mining. 

DONALD E. PARKS, Toronto: Applied Geology; North Toronto C.I.; 

Intramural Sports Mil; Underwater Geology Club IV; Devonshire 

Mens Residence IMV; Revolver Club IV; Can. Inst, of Mining & 

Metallurgy I-IV. 
WILLIAM W. PETRYNIAK, Toronto; Mining; Humberside C.I.; M. and M. 

THOMAS J. PRITCHARD, Toronto; Mining; North Toronto C.I. 



NEIL R. RISEBROUCH, Toronto; Mctalhirpy; Richmond Hill U.S. Future: 

{Jraduato Work 
GRAHAM W. ROSS, Willowdale; Mining; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 
RICHARD W. SISCOE, Val dOr. P.Q.; Metallurgy; Percival County H.S. 

VERNON E. SMITH, London, England; Mining; Weston C.V.S. , Ont.; 

Soccer, Jr. Skule I, Skule Thirds II, Sr. Skule III-IV; M. and M. 

Club MV. 
ALFRED A. A. SOBANSKI, Toronto; Applied Geology; De La Salle 

"Oaklands"; Underwater Geology Club IV; Can. Inst, of Mining and 

Metallurgy I-IV; Royal Astronomical Society of Canada; Badminton. 
DAVID T. A. SYMONS, Toronto; Applied Geology; Lawrence Park C.I. 

Frat. IIIV; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV, Class Rep. Ill 

Underwater Geology Club IV; Volleyball I; Basketball II, IV. Future 

Post Graduate Work. 

BARNA A. SZABO, Mining; H. S. of Esztergom, Hungary. Future: To 

work as a Mining engineer. 
NORMAN M. THACHUK, Burlington; Applied Geology; Burlington D.H.S.; 

Canadian In.stitute of Mining and Metallurgy; Interclass Hockey. 
DONALD J. TURNER, Toronto; Applied Geology; North Toronto C.I.; 

Mining and Metallurgy Club. 

LAWRENCE A. TURNER. Toronto; Applied Geology; Leaside H.S.; Mining 

and Metallurgy Club I-IV. 
GORDON E. VIVIAN, Winnipeg, Man.; Mining; Gordon Bell H.S., Winnipeg; 

Mining and Metallurgy Club 
JAMES G. WHITE, Mining; Dryden H.S.; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV; 

Chairman IV. 

GLENN E. WILCOCK, Metallurgy. 

RICHARD M. WILLIAMS, Toronto; Applied Geology; Lawrence Park C.I.; 

Underwater Geology Club; Mining and Metallurgy Club I-IV; 

Basketball I. Future: Pcstgraduate Work. 
WARREN L. WILLIAMSON, Toronto; .Applied Geology; Oakwood C.I.; 

Underwater Geology Club, Exec. IV; Mining and Metallurgy Club 

I-IV; Football I. (No Photograph, i 
BERNARD WOSNIK, Metallurgy. 
JOE YONEMITSU, Toronto; Applied Geology; Kiverdale C.L; Nisei 

Students Club. Pres IV; Underwater Geology Club, Diver; C.I. MM. 

(No photograph.) 


School of Architecture 




Ph.D., F.R.I.B.A. 

PAUL D. COOKE, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 

JOHN H. FISHER, Toronto; Danforth T.S.; Inter Facult.v Hocke.v; Athletic 

Director III; Class President IV. 
ERLAND U. CUSTAVS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Hart House Camera 

Club. Future: Travel. 

LARRY F. HAGADORN, St. Catharines; St. Catharines CVS. 

TAIVO KAPSI, Toronto; C.T.S.; O.C.I., U.T.C.I. Future: Private Practice. 

ENN KAYARI, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

JAMES R. LIND, Hong-Kong; Oakvvood Collegiate Institute. Future: 

NORMAN A. McROBERTS, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland; Bangor 

H.S.; Soccer IV-V; Rugger. Future: Europe. 
GLEN G. D. MILNE, Toronto; Central S.S. Hamilton; Football S.P.S. I; 

Arch. Hockey I-II; Arch. Waterpolo III-IV. Future: England for a 

year, then to B.C. 

RONALD J. MILNE, Islington; U.T.S.; Class President I: Squash; Sailing 

Future: Travel. 
MICHAEL C. H. OGUS, Toronto; Institut Minerva, Zurich; Inter Facult.v 

Soccer. Future: Own Practise. 
ALLAN D. RAE, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; President of Architectural Society V: 

U. of T. Sailing Team II-V; Squash. Future: Travel. 



PETER RASINS, Toronto; Weston C.V.S.; Arch. Uiiski'tbiill 1 III, V; Hart 

House Art Class; Tennis. 
MICHAEL F. ROBERTS, Toronto; Malvern CI.; Interfae. Soccer III; 

Class President V; Art Class; Editor Oella Epsllon EaKle; Arch. Soc, 

Treas. II, Sec. III. Future: Architect. 
NATALIE SALKAUSKIS, Toronto; St. Joseph's H.S.; SallInK; Tennis. 

SEYMOUR A. J. SELICMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. 

HENNO SILLASTE, Tallinn, Estonia; Westdale Secondar.v School; 

t)rKanlzing Committee of International Students Festival IV; F:stonian 

Students' .Assoc, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV. 
G. JOHN STEVENS, Toronto; Ecole Superieure d'Architecture, Brussels; 

Soccer I-V; Camera Club II; Publicity Rep II-IV; Arch. Soc, Publicity 

Director V. Future: Travel. 


Commerce and 


B. Com. F.C.A. 

MURIEL J. BAKER, Toronto; Victoria; North Toronto C.I. 
DONALD L. BALLANTYNE, Toronto; Victoria; Lawrence Park C.I. 
FRANK E. BENN, Toronto; University; Huniberside C.I.; C.C.F. Club 
III-IV, Vice-Pres. IV; Commerce Club I-IV. 

MICHAEL T. BERGER, Toronto; University; Forest Hill C.I.; Outing Club 

IMV, Pres. III-IV; Torontonensis II-IV; U.C. Lit., Year Pres. II; E.A.C. 

Rep. Ill; Commerce Club I-IV, Rep. II, Vice-Pres. IV; The Varsity 

III-IV; Gargoyle II; U. of T. Debating Team II; Caledon Committee 

Sec. II; Harrier, U.C. I-IV, Manager II-IV, U. of T. I-IV. Manager II-IV; 

Track, U.C. I-IV, Manager II-IV, U. of T. Mil, Manager II-IV; 

Swimming III, IV; Waterpolo MI; Basketball III-IV; Wrestling II; 

Winter Carnival Chairman II; H. H. Debates Comm. MI; HUlel II; 

Blue and White Band IV; Track Club Pres. Ill; U.C. Show Publicity 

Dir. Future: Business. 
J. A. BOECKH, Toronto; Trinity; Upper Canada College; Trinity Football 

Mil, Coach IV; Trinity Hockey Ml; University Senior Track II. 
JOHN BURKUS, Brantford; University; B.C.I, and VS. 

DONALD J. CAMPBELL, Toronto; St. Michael's; Malvern C.I.; Commerce 

Club II-IV. 
LUTHER P. CHAMBERS, Toronto; University. 
RONALD P. J. DEES, Toronto; Victoria; Forest Hill C.I.; Vic Football I; 

Commerce Club MV. 

KENNETH D. DIXON, Toronto; Victoria. 

PETER B. M. EBY, Toronto; Trinity; Upper Canada College; Commerce 

Club; Intermediate Football MI; Trinity Football III-IV; Trinity 

Hockey; Squash MV. Future: Business. 
JOHN M. FUKE, Carrying Place, Ont.; University; Belleville C.V.S. Future: 

U. of T. Law School. 



PAUL A. GELINAS, Toronto; St. Michael's; De La Salic "Oaklands"; 

Commi'iic Chil) IIMV. 
PAUL J. GOOOERHAM, Toronto; St. Mlchael'.s; St. Michael.s ColleKc 

School: t'oniniorco Club MV, Executive III; Football MI; Lacro.sse 

III 1\ 

JOHN R. HAMILTON, Toronto; Victoria. 

THEODORE HENEROFSKY, Englohart. Ont.; Uniivcrsity; Englehart M.S.; 

Hillcl I III; Campus Projectile Club; Commerce Club I-IV; Commerce 

Journal, Editor l\'. Future: Chartered Accountant. 
DOUGLAS M. HOLLAND, Toronto; Victoria. 
HENRY T. HUGHES, Toronto; University; East York C.I.; U.C. Basketball 

II; Commerce Club Sec. IV; Intermed. Intercoll. Basketball I. Future: 


JOSEPH S. JANY, .Acton, Ont.; University; Acton H.S.; Swimming; Water- 
polo Future: Business. 

EARL E. JAR VIS, Toronto; University; New Toronto S.S.; Commerce Club 
1I\'. Future: Travel. 

BRUCE C. JOHNSTON, Toronto; Victoria; Etobicoke C.I.; U.C. Literary and 
.\thlctic Society, Literary Rep. I; Commerce Club I-IV. Future: 
Chartered .Accountant. 

JOHN J. KELLY, Toronto; Victoria; Malvern C.I.; Commerce Club. Treas. 

Ill Future: Business. 

OREST R. KOROPECKI, Toronto; Victoria; Bloor C.I. 

DAVID A. LEMMON, Toronto; Victoria; Music Club Executive III-IV; 
Operetta l-l\ . 

STUART W. LOGAN, Toronto; Victoria; U.T.S.; Victoria Music Club I-IV; 

Commerce Club l-III. 
STEPHENS B. LOWDEN, Toronto; University; U.T.S.; U.C. Football MI; 

Commerce Club I-IV. Future: School of Bus. Admin. 
WILLIAM W. MOON, Toronto; University; Fort Erie H.S.; Commerce 

Club IV. 

WILLIAM A. W. NEILSON, Toronto; Victoria; Etobicoke C.I.; Commerce 
Club MV, Kep.. Exchange Weekends I; Vic. Hockey; Lacrosse I. 
Future: (Jraduate Study. 

THOMAS P. PARR, Moose Jaw, Sask; University; Central C.I., Moose Jaw; 
Blue and White Band MV. 

BRIAN L. PUNCHARD, Toronto; Victoria; U.T.S.; Vic. Debating Parlia- 
ment, Rep. Ill; Curling MV, U. of T. Champs II; Commerce Club I-IV, 
President IV. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

SIEGFRIED R. M. QUICKERT, Belleville; University; Belleville C.I. Future: 
Osgoode Hall. 

JOHN D. L. ROBERTSON, Toronto; Victoria; Lawrence Park CI; Vic Music 
Club, Operetta Cast Mil, Business Mgr. II-III. Pres. IV; Vic. Bob Revue, 
Stage Crew I, Stage Mgr. II; Vic. Productions Comm. 11, Business 
Mgr. Ill, Chairman IV; V.C.U. Jr. Auditor III, Senior Auditor IV; 
Class Treasurer IV. 

HARVEY SCHWARTZ, Toronto; University; Bathurst Heights C.V.I. ; Com- 
merce Club M\'; Commerce Journal, Advertising Mgr. IIMV; C.C.F. 
Club MV, Treasurer IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 



JACK L. SEGAL, Toronto; University; Forest Hill C.I.; Commerce Club 
MV; Bridge Club IIMV; U.C. Follies IIMV; Judo Club IV. 

(No photograph.) 

GERALD B. SIMON, Toronto; University; Vaughan Road C.I.; Commerce 
Club; Bridge Club. Future: Chartered Accountancy. 

PETER W. SMITH, Belleville; U.C; B.C. I.V.S. Future: Osgoode Hall, Law 

PETER F. STANLEY, Toronto; Victoria; U.T.S.; Class Executive IIMV, 
Treas. Ill; Varsity Reporter MI; Comerce Club MV; Vic. Hockey I-IV; 
U. of T. Bridge Team IIMV. 

St. MichaeKs; Humberside C.I.; Commerce 

RON W. STEPHENS, Toronto; 

Club IIMV. 
GERALD E. STEPHENSON, Toronto; Victoria. 
DAVID I. STEWART, Toronto; University; Malvern C.I.; Commerce Club 

MV, Vice-Pres. IV; U.C. Waterpolo II. 

JOHN M. SWINDEN, Toronto; Trinity; St. Andrew's College; Trinity Review 
I; Commerce Club I-IV, Executive II; Trinity Literary Institute MV, 
Treas. II, Sec. Ill; Trinity Athletic Exec. Ill, Treas. IV; Head of 
Year IV; Board of Stewards Treas. IV; Trinity Basketball MI; Trinity 
Football II, Mulock Cup IV; Varsity Sr. Track and Field MI, IV. 
Future: Classics, M.I.T. 

ROBERT B. WALLACE, Toronto; Victoria. 

NORRIS WEISMAN, Toronto; University; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; U.C. 
Basketball I-IV; U.C. Golf Champion II; U.C. Follies III; U.C. Athletic 
Rep. Ill; Commerce Club I-IV; Commerce Journal Bus. Mgr. IV. 

AUDREY WHYTE, Toronto; Victoria; Parkdale C.I.; Commerce Club MV; 

Commerce Journal, Circulation Mgr. IIMV; ACTA Treas. IV; Vic. 

Swimming Team I. 
TERRANCE M. WILLS, Toronto; University; U.T.S.; Commerce Club I-IV; 

R.C.A.F. Aircrew Plan. Future: Business. (No Photograph.) 
J. RONALD WOODS, Toronto; Victoria; North Toronto C.I.; Hockey MV; 

Basketball I-II; Vic. Athletic Assoc. Vice-Pres. IV; Intramural Sports 

Committee IV; University Athletic Directorate IV; H.H. Board of 

Stewards IV; Commerce Club MV. 

Faculty of Dentistry 



D.O.S., M.Sc.D., F.D.S., R.C.S., 

ROLAND ALBERT, Kapuskasing; Kapuskasing, Ont.; Social III. Future: 

Pri\ate Practice in Cornwall. 
MANFRED P. ANDREAS, Toronto; H.S. Prague. Future: Practice in 

ROBERT B. BAGGS, Toronto; Scarboro C.I.; Soccer I; Float Parade II; 

IIVA VAKA Kep. IV. Future: General Practice in East Toronto. 

BERNARD J. BASSETT, Sault Ste. Marie; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; Volleyball 

MI. Future: General Practice in Toronto. 
W. DOUGLAS BEATON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Volleyball I; 

C O.T.t . I-IV. R.C.A., RCDC. Future: General Practice, Toronto Area. 
ANITA R. BERGS (Mrs.), Toronto; Riverdale C.I. 

JOHN C. BINNS, Melbourne, Australia; Wesley Collcec, Melbourne; 

Graduate of Univer.sity of Melbourne. 
RAYMOND G. A. BLAHEY, Tiinnins, Timn.ins H. and V.S.; Newman 

Club, Dcnt.-il Rep. III. 
DAVID BORDOFF, Windsor; Patterson Collegiate Inst., Assumption 

University; Social Director Mil; Faculty Assistant Social Dir. Ill; 

Faculty Social Dir. IV; Volleyball I IV; Basketball MV; Dental Students 

Society IIMV. 

ROBERT C. S. BURGOYNE, Riverside. Ont.; Riverside; Dental Extracts, 
Kditor II; Ri-sidence Council, Devonshire House III. Future: Private 


ROBERT W. S. CANNON, Melbourne, Australia; University H.S.; U. of 

Melbourne. B.D.Sc, M.D.Sc. 
NORAYR, CEYLANLI, Istanbul, Turkey; University of Istanbul. 





DONALD V. CHONG, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Toronto Chinese 
Varsity Club IV, Pres. IV. 

MILTON E. COHEN, Windsor; Patterson C.I.; Basketball I-V; Volleyball. 

PAUL J. J. COULOMBE, Quebec City, P.Q.; Laval University; U. of T. 
Liberal Club MV; S.M.C. French Club; Director IMII; Newman Club 
II, IV. Future: Royal Canadian Dental Corps. 

PHILIP J. COUREY, Tilbur>', Ont.; Assumption College H.S.; Assumption 
University, B.Sc; Class Sec.-Treas. II; Vice-Pres. III. Future: General 

BOHDAN DANYLCHUK, Canora, Sask.; Teulon Coll.; Canora High; 
U. of Man.; Football II. Future: General Practice, Manitoba. 

WILLIAM C. DEACON, Belleville; BellevUle Collegiate I. and V.S. Future: 
General Practice in Ottawa. 

PETER W. DEAN, Long Branch; New Toronto S.S.; C.O.T.C. MV; R.C.S.I.; 
R.C.D.C; Volleyball I. 

E. G. (TED) DERRETT, Winnipeg; Daniel Maclntyre H.S., Winnipeg; 
Lacrosse, Player, Coach; Basketball. Future: General Practice. 

DAVID G. ESLER, Brisbane, Australia; Church of England Grammar 
School; U. of Queensland. 

AGNES ESSO (Mrs.), Budapest, Hungary; U. of Budapest, M.D.; Specialist 
of Dental Science. Future: Practice in Toronto. 


JOHN FINDLAY, Halifax, N.S.; High School of Glasgow; U. of Glasgow. 
B.D.Sc, Ph.D. Future: Associate Professor of Pcriodontology at 

THOMAS A. FISHER, Renfrew, Ont.; Renfrew C.I.; Dental Extracts, Sports 
Editor II-IIl; Hockey I-V; D.S.S. Asst. Publicity Director III; Director IV; 
Blue and White Society IV. 

JOSEPH M. FLICHT, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-V; Volleyball I-V; 
Dcntantics III. Future: General Practice in Toronto. 


EDWARD W. GAZO, Riverside, Ont.; Kennedy C.I.; Riverside C.I . 
Football I; Basketball MV; Varsity Sports Ed. II; HYA YAKA II-IV: 
Photo Ed. II. Co-Ed. Ill, Ed. IV; R.O.T.P. Mil: Dentantics III; D.S.S. IV. 
Future: Dental Officer, R.C.D.C. 

JOHN T. GILMOUR, Weston; Walkerville C.I.; Weston C.V.S. Ftiture: 
Private Practice in Toronto. 

VELTA GIPTERS, London; Riga, Latvia. Future: Private Practice. 

ANDREW M. GLENNY, Unionville; University of Toronto Schools; Hockey 
I-III. Future: General Practice. 

BENJAMIN GOLDBERG, Winnipeg, Man.; Isaac Newton H.S.; U. of M.; 
Basketball: Volleyball: Dentantics. Future: General Private Practice. 

NATHAN GREENBERG, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball; Volleyball; 
Waterpolo; Squash; Dentantics. Future: General Practice. 



D. W. HALLER, Kitchener; K W Collegiate; Class President, Dental 

Students Society. Future: General Practice. 
DOUGLAS G. HEATHFIELD, Toronto; Weston C.V.S.; Hockey I III; Ml. IV. Future: Ceneral Practice. 
JOHN H. HIBBERO, Melbourne, Australia; Melbourne University B.D.Sc; 

M.D.Sc. Future: Return to General Practice In Melbourne. 

TERRENCE W. HICKS, Bracebrldge; Bracebridge H.S. Future: General 

BERNARD A. HINK, Morden, Man.; Morden C.I. Future: General Practice. 
ALFRED Y. K. HO, Hong Kong. Future: General Practice or Internship. 

MILTON I. HOUPT, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; H.H. House Committee III; 

Historical Club IV-V; SAC Representative V; Dental Extracts II-V; 

Dcnlantics Assistant Producer IV. 
DONALD J. HUGHES, Toronto; Rlverdale C.I. Future: General Practice. 
ALVIN H. JUST, Yorkton, Sask.; Y.C.I. ; Class Sec.-Treas. IV. Future: 

General Practice. 

Basketball I-IV; Volleyball I-IV. 

S. KENDAL, Toronto; Harbord C.I.: 

Future: Practice In Toronto. 
JOHN KIRKWOOD, Sydney. Australia; Canterbury M.S., U. of Sidney, 

BDS.; London. Future: Post Graduate Work In England, Then General 

Practice in .\ustralia. 
MARVIN D. KLOTZ, Toronto; North Toronto and Vaughan Rd. C.I.; 

Dentantics I-III; Float III; Football IIIIV; Volleyball I; Basketball I; 

A.V.R. II; Blue & White Show II; Dental Extracts, Ed. IV; DenUl 

Students Society. Future: Paedodontla. 

R. IAN KNOWLES, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Varsity Blues IIIIV. 

Future: General Practice, Toronto. 
LARRY KOVEN, Toronto; Bathurst Hts., C.V.S. Volleyball I. Future: 

General Practice. 
AHAFIA LUBA KOZAK, Hamilton; Rava Ruska, Ukraine. Future: Private 


GERALD B. LAVENDER, Melbourne, Australia; University of Melbourne, 
B.D.Sc, M.D.Sc. Future: Pereodontia, Melbourne. 

GERALD J. LEAVENS, Toronto; Vaughan Rd., C.I. 

R. GEORGE E. LEGGETT, Toronto; U.C.C; Dent's 
Children's Christmas Party; Football II-IXI, Coach IV 
Hockey I-III; C.O.T.C. I-IV; Class Athletic Rep. IIIIV 
Students-Staff Liaison Committee; Float Parade I-IV; 

Future: General 


D.S.S. Treas. IV 

Basketball III 

Volleyball I-V 

Dentantics Construction I-III. Future: Private Practice In Toronto. 

NORMAN LEVINE, Whitley; Whitley H.S.; U.C; IntercoU. Football; Class 
Pres. I-III; SAC. Ill; D.S.S. Pres. IV; Basketball Coach V; Hockey 
Coach V; Football Coach V; Awards Exec., Student-Staff Liaison 
Comm.; Christmas Tree Comm. Future: Pedadontla. 

ROBERT K. LINGHORNE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.T. Future: Specialize. 

ROSS J. C. Mcelroy, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Dents Football III-V; 
Basketball I-V. 



A^J di\dW^M 

ERNEST J. MerNTYRE, Melbourne, Australia; St. Patrick's College; 

Melbourne University B.D.Sc. Future: Continue Practice in Melbourne. 
WILLIAM MACFARLANE, Melbourne, Australia; Wesley CoUege, 

Melbourne University. 
FRANK M. S. MacNIVEN, Parry Sound; Parrj' Sound H.S.; Hart House 

Glee Club IIIIV; Carabin Exchange Student IV; Football I-III-IV; 

Basketball I-III; Dentantics III; A.V.R. IV; Liberal Arts Club IV; Vic. 

Residence Council III. Future: Post Graduate Study. 

JUDITA M. MATULIONIS, Toronto; St. Joseph's College School. 

ALAN R. MILLS, Burlington; U.T.S.; Devonshire Mens Residence; 
Wrestling I; Dentantics Mil. Future: Practice in Waterloo. 

SIDNEY MOLL, Toronto; Harbord C.l. Future: Private Practice in Toronto. 
PETER P. MORIN, Regina, Sask.; St. Boniface College; Faculty Athletic 

Director II-III; Dents "A" Hockey Mil; Dents "A" Lacrosse IMV; 

Football, Asst. Coach II; Dent's "A" Basketball II; Dents Football 

MI, IV; Intramural Athletic Committee III. Future: Dentistry in the 


M. NEIL MUNRO, Regina, Sask.; Central Collegiate Institute; Class 
Vice-Pres. II, IV; Dent "A" Hockey Coach II-III, Varsity Blues Hockey 
I-IV. Future: Partnership in Rural Sask. 

BERKELEY S. NEWMAN, Kenora, Ont.; Kenora-Keewatin D.H.S.; Dents 
Co-Op. Mgr. Ill; U. of T. Curling Champs I; Volleyball Mil; Curling 
Mil; Basketball IMII. Future: General Practice in West. 

MARK S. NUSBAUM, Toronto; Oakwood; Hockey; Volleyball; Basketball; 
Tennis; Football I-IV; Mosby Award. Future: Specialization. 



MARK G. PHILLIPS, Melbourne, Australia; University of Melbourne, 

JOSEPH S. PRITCHARD, Ottawa; Glebe C.I.; U. of Ottawa, B.Sc. Future: 

General Practice in Ottawa. 
WALTER M. RANDALL. (No Photograph.) 
WALLACE RICE, Cornwall; Cornwall C.V.S.; Dents "C" Hockey m. 

Future: General Practice. 
STANLEY L. ROSS, Toronto; Oakwood C.L; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 

Future: General Practice in Toronto. 

DONALD C. SCOTT, London, Ont.; Limerick, Sask. C.I.; London South C.L; 

University of Western Ontario. Future: Practice in Aylmer. Ont. 
CHARLES H. SIEGEL, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Forest Hill C.L Future: Private 




ROBERT E. STASIAK, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.; 
\()lle.\ b;ill I \'; lia.sketball I-V; Lacrosse II; Squash II; Dentantlcs, Asst. 
Set Construction Mgr. III. Future: General Practice In St. Catharines. 

LESLIE STERN, Toronto; Dom. Bovar; U. of Pegs; U. of Budapest. Future: 
Private Practice. 

MICHAEL M. STIPETIC, Toronto; Zagreb, Yugoslavia; U. of T. Swimming 
Ill\'; C of T. VVatcrpolo III-\'. Future: General Practice in Toronto. 


DAVID STRAIN, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Football MV; Basketball MI. 
h'ulure: (Jencral Practice. 

JOSEPH J. TELESNICKI, St. Catharines; Unwell H.S.; Football I-V; 
Basketball I. Future: General Practice. 

OLEN A. TUCKER, Woodstock; Woodstock C.I.; Football II; U. of T. 
Intermediate Swimming Team MI. Future: Royal Canadian Dental 

SHERWIN P. TUCKER, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Volleyball I-V; Basketball 

IV; Squash MV; Oentantics. Future: General Practice. 

MARIA VIOUCIS, Toronto; Germany. Future: Private Practice. 

IRVIN VINSKY, Winnipeg, Man.; St. John's H.S.; Basketball I-IV; 
Volleyball I-IV; Hockey. Future: General Practice in Winnipeg. 

IVAN M. WACHNA, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Hockev; Squash. Future: 
General Practice in Toronto. 

MURRAY WACMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; VoUeyball I; Squash IMII. 
Future: General Practice, Toronto. 

DUDLEY F. WALTON, Melbourne, Australia; Scotch College; Melbourne 


ALAN N. WINNICK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Forest Hill C.I.; Volleyball 
I-V; Basketball I-V; HYA YAKA, Photography MI; Photo Editor III-IV; 
Dentantics, Set Construction Mil; Advertising Mgr. and Program 
Editor III. 

RONAND WOLLIN, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. Future: General Practice in 

GERALD Z. WRIGHT, Winnipeg, Man.; St. Johns H.S.; Class Volleyball; 
Basketball; Soccer Mgr. Future: General Practice in Manitoba. 


A^ Jim^ A i^ 






Emmanuel College 



M.C, M.A., B.D., D.D. 

DONALD B. ATKINSON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; "Clerical Caller". 
W. LESLIE AVERY, Cold Springs, Ont.; Cobourg District C.I.; Victoria 

CoUege; E.C.S.S. Treas. II; Volleyball II; Theological Society II-III, 

Chairman III; Soccer Manager III. Future: Ministry. 
RALPH E. BRADLEY, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Upper Canada Bible 

Society; Miramichi Summer Camp Director; C.S.S.M. Resort Mission; 

Knox United Churches at Clifford, Drew, Salem. Future: Ministry. 

JOHN G. BRANTON, Sombra, Ont.; Wallaceburg DLstrict H.S.; Missions 
Committee; E.C.S.S. Executive; I.V.C.F. Future: United Church 

J. E. CURREY. (No photograph.) 

KEITH I. DIXON, Kamsack, Sask.; Kamsack C.I.; Vic. S.S.M. II-III; 
Emmanuel Rep. III. Future: Ministry. 


DOUGLAS D. FLINT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Worship ni; Blue 
and White I. F"uture: United Church Ministry. 

RAY A. FRANCIS, Sydney Mines, N.S.; Sydney Mines H.S. Future: United 
Church Ministry. 

LOkNE E. HEFFELFINGER, Springfield. Ont.; University of Sask.; Basket- 
hall; Music Future: Ministrv. 


YOUNG MIN LEE, Seoul. Korea. Future: Ministo' of Presby. Church in the 



FRANK W. LOCKHART, Summerside, P.E.I. ; Summerside H.S.; Mt. 
Allison University; VoUeyball II; Theological Society III; E.A.C. 
Hep. Ill; E.C.S.S. III. Future: United Church Ministry. 

DONALD P. LOWERY, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Victoria 




RON N. NICKLE, Tilbury, Ont.; Tilbury District H.S.; Future: Pastorate. 

HOWARD K. PLANT, Brantford; Brantford C.I. Future: United Church 


WILLIAM F. REID, Toronto; Central Technical School. Future: Ministry. 
R. B. RICE. 

JAMES D. SHYNKAR, Windsor; Kennedy C.I.; Missions Committee Chair- 
man; E.A.C. Rep.; E.C.S.S. Executive; Choir; Basketball. Future: 
Missionary; A United Church Ministry. 

ESON TSE, Hong Kong, China. Future: The Church of Christ in China, 
Hong Kong Ministry. 

ROBERT B. WERRY, Oshawa; Oshawa C.V.I.; Hockey Mil; Volleyball I; 
Soccer II; Chairman of Athletic Directorate; E.C.S.S. Executive III. 

CECIL L. WITTICH, Flora, Ont.; Emmanuel Missionary Society; Don of 
Emmanuel Residence: Emmanuel Hockey. Future: United Church 

R. IRVINE WOLFE, Dobbinton, Ont.; Soccer I-III. 

STANLEY A. WOOTTON, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; Soccer; Basketball; 

Volleyball; Choir; Student Society, Pres. III. Future: United Church 



Faculty of Forestry 



B.Sc, M.F. 

JOHN L. COPELAND, Elmvale, Ont.; St. Andrew's College; Soccer I; 

Hockey Ml; Annual Ring II. Future: Forestry Research. 
DONALD A. DICKSON, Thamesville, Ont.; Lambton - Kent D.H.S.; 

Soccer I-IV; Hockey Mil; S.A.C. Rep. Ill; Forestry Athletic Assoc. 

Sec. II. 

DOUGLAS J. GERRARD, Owen Sound; Owen Sound C.V.I. Future: 
Interpretation of Aerial Photography. 

AIN D. KIIL, Weston; Central Tech.; Basketball I-IV; Soccer I-IV; Hockey 
Mil; Volleyball MV; Forestry Athletic Assoc. Treas. III. Future: 

HAL. J. McGONICAL, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Foresters' Club I-IV; 
C.I.F. IV; f. of T. Film Society IIMV; Basketball I; Volleyball I; 
Hockey II. 

TED D. McHALE, Toronto; Danforth Tech.; Football IIMV; Hockey Mil; 
Basketball I-HI; Class Rep. III. 

EDMUND C. OSLER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Interfaculty Football Mil; 

Blue and White Society II; E.A.C. Ill; S.A.C. IV. 
BERT POST, Toronto; St. Vitus, Bussum, Holland; Debating MV; Swimming 

1; First Aid I; Forestry Club Treas. II: 
KENNETH H. REESE, Welland. Ont.; Notre Dame H.S.; Football I III; 

Basketball MI, IV; Waterpolo IV; Foresters' Club, Class Rep. I; Sec. II; 

Vice-Pres. HI; Pres. IV. 

JOHN A. SIMPSON, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Athletic Rep. I; Volleyball II; 

Swimming I; Waterpolo MV; Football III. 
H. P. C. VAN BERS, Maastricht, The Netherlands; H.B.S. The Netherlands; 

Interfaculty Soccer MV; Intermediate Soccer I. 
WIM VONK, Wassenaar, Holland; Forestry Soccer I; U. of T. Orchestra II; 

Annual Ring IMV. 

WILLIAM WEISTRA, Barrie; Appingedam, The Netherlands; Debating; 
Annual Ring. 

RALPH P. YANNI, Sault Ste. Marie; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; Forestry 
Soccer IMV; Volleyball MV; Waterpolo Mil; Hockey Mil; Basketball 
HIV; Hart House Archery Club, Sec. IMV; Class Rep. IV. 


Faculty of 
Household Science 


B. A. McLaren 

B.Sc, M.S., Ph.D. 

NANCY JOAN CAMPBELL, Windsor; WalkervUle C.I.; Household 
Economics Club IIV; S.M.C. Professional Club III-IV. Future: Post- 
Graduate Work. 


CATHERINE M. WYLIE, Toronto; Branksome Hall; Household Economics 
Club I-IV. 


Knox College 



M.A., Ph.D., B.D., Th.D. 

JOHN M. ALLISON, Calgary, Alta.; Central C.I., Calgary; Hockey. 

JOHN N. BALSDON, Chatham; Chatham C.I.; University College; Lacrosse 

II III; Choir I. 
RONALD H. BALSDON, Chatham; Stratford C.V.I.; University of Detroit, 

B.Sc; Chrysler Inst, of Engineers; Lacrosse IIIII; Class Pres. Ill; 

Choir II; M. and T. Rep. 

ARNOLD A. BETHUNE, Newington, Ont.; Avonmore High School; Waterloo 
College, B.A.: Knox College Assoc. Treas. II; The Knoxonion MI, 
Advertising Manager II; Knox College Choir II; Knox E..'\.C. Rep. I; 
Knox Soccer I; M. and T. Society I-III. Future; Ministry. 

CHARLES F. BOYD, Belfast, N. Ireland; Ballyclare H.S., N.I.; Trinity 
College. Dublin; Soccer; Church Youth Club; M. and T. III. 

H. THEODORE ELLIS, Vancouver, B.C.; Lord Byng H.S., Vancouver; 
U.B.C.; Knox Soccer I-III; Varsity Christian Fellowship Mil, Bible 
Study Secretary II, Vice-Pres. I, III; K.C.A. Executive III; Hart Hous2 
Glee Club III. 

J. KARL ENGLISH, Pictou, Nova Scotia; Pictou Academy; Acadia 

Universit> ; Missionary and Theological Society I-III, Social Convenor I; 

Knoxonian Editor, II-III; Filmstrip Committee, Chairman IIIII. 
GORDON L. FISH, St. Thomas; St. Thomas C.I.; Knox College Assoc, 

Worship Committee Convenor III. 
ALEX. R. JOSHUA, Jhansi, U.P. India; Wesley High School, Azamgarh, 

V.P.; Agra University; M. and T. Society. Future: Teacher. 

SHU-YUNG KANC, Taipei, Taiwan, China; Taipei First Girl's H.S.; National 

Taiwan University; M. and T. Society. 
HOMER W. McAVOY, Hamilton; Westdale U.S.; McMaster University; 

Knox College .Association I III, Worship Convenor II; Missionary anJ 

Theological Soc. Mil, Sec. II, Pres. Ill; Knox College Choir MIL 
WALTER F. McLEAN, Victoria, B.C.; Victoria H.S.; U.B.C.; Knox College 

Assoc, Ex?c IIIII; Choir MI; Lacrosse I; Basketball I; Soccer I; 

Volleyball I; Hockey, Playing Coach Mil; S.A.C. Mil, Music Chrm. II. 

Pres. Ill; Carabin II-IU; North Carolina Exchange III; S.C.M. IIIII, 

Pres. Ill; H. H. Board of Stewards II. 



JOHN McMURRAY, Newton Abbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland; Albert 
College, Belleville; U. of T.; Soccer; Class Secretary III. 

WILLIAM J. NESBITT, Kingston; Kingston C. and V.I.; Univ. of Western 
Ontario; Knox College Choir. Future: Presbyterian Ministry. 

DAVID W. PATERSON, Lethbridge, Alta.; Lethbridge C.I.; Univ. of 
Western Ontario. Future: Pastorate. 

A. ALAN ROSS, Chatham; Chatham C.I.; U. of Western Ontario; Soccer 
I, III; Lacrosse III; Badminton III; Class President II. 

HARRY E. WAITE, Sarnia; Sarnia C.I. and T.S.; U. of T.; Lacrosse Mil; 
K.C.A., Vice-Pres. Ill; M. and T. Society; Filmstrip Committee IMII. 


School of Law 



Q.C, B.A., S.J.D., LL.D. 

PETER L. BECK, Toronto; Runnymede C.I.; U. of T., B.A.Sc; Faculty of 
Law Reyicw, Ass't Editor II. 

NORMAN BIBACK, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Basketball I III; Hockey 
II-III; Soccer I; Ping Pong Club MIX. 

DONALD D. BLACK, Willowdale; Humbcrside C.I.; University College; 
Law Soccer II-lII; Lacrosse II-III; Hockey II-III; Basketball "B" II-III; 
Law PC. Club I; Waterpolo III; Float Parade Committee II-III. 

WALTER M. BOWEN, Trenton; Trenton H.S. 

DONALD G. H. BOWMAN, Ariss, Ont.; Guelph C.V'.I. Future: Practice 


FREDERICK BURKI, Toronto; Stratford C.I.; University College. 


JAMES D. CARNWOTH, Woodstock. 

EDWARD L. J. DONEGAN, Sudbury; Sudbury H.S.; Law Review, 
Contributor III; Waterpolo III; Curling III. 

MARY E. EWART, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 

J. TREVOR EYTON, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Victoria College; Varsity Football 
1 III, CoCapt. Ill; Football Club I-III, Pres. Ill; Law Basketball "A", 
Mil; U. of T. Athletic Assoc. Directorate III; Faculty of Law Review, 
Bus. Mgr. Ill, Contributor III. 

JOHN H. FRANCIS, Toronto; Orillia G.I.; Faculty of Law Review, Editorial 
Comm. IV. 




EDWARD M. I. FUTERMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; University 
College; U.C. Basketball MI; Law Basketball I-III; U.C. Volleyball MI; 
Law Hockey II; Law Soccer II-III. 

MARVIN A. GOLDBERG, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball II-III. Future: 
Legal Profession. 

LEONARD V. GRAY, Windsor; Kennedy C.I.; Law Club Year Rep. I; 
University Debating Team II. 

MORTON GREENGLASS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Forums I, III; Law 
Review III; Debates I III, Debates Chairman II. Future: Practice. 

BRIAN A. GROSMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; University College. 
Future: Practise Law. 

WARREN M. H. GROVER, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Law Club, 
Treas. Ill; Marriage Mil; Law Review Ass't Editor II. 

JOHN D. HYLTON, Toronto; Trinity College School; Carabin Mil; Future: 

GERALD D. HYMAN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Law Basketball Mil; 

Soccer II-III, Law Review II. 
PETER F. M. JONES, Chester Basin, N.S.; R.C.N.(R) Instructor U.N.T.D.; 

Carabin III; Interfaculty Sports. Future: Practise Law. 

KENNETH N. KARP, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; University College. 

Future: Call to the Bar and Law Practice. 
CHARLES A. KEITH, Toronto; U.T.S.; U.C. Soccer I; Cercle Frangais MI, 

Vice-Pres. II; C.O.T.C. MI; Law Soccer I-III; Carabin III; Law Club 

Vice-Pres. Ill; Varsity Curling I, III. 
ROSS L. KENNEDY, Locust Hill, Ont.; Forest Hill C.I.; U. of T.; Law Club 

I-III, Treas. II; Law Review, Assistant Editor II, Editor III; Law "A"' 

Basketball Mgr. Ill; Law P.C. Club MIL 

ELIZABETH LANGFORD, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. 

ROSS B. LINTON, Toronto; Aurora D.H.S.; University College; Forums 

Committee MI; Float Parade I-III. Future: Law. 
BARRY D. LIPSON, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; U.C. Drama MI; Reporter 

The Varsity I; U.C. Basketball MI. Future: Law Practice. 

ARTHUR H. LOW, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; Hart House 

Debates Committee I; S.A.C. Rep., Chairman Constitution Committee 

II: Interfaculty Basketball II-III. 
DONALD M. LYONS, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; U. of T.; Soccer II-III; 

Waterpolo II-III; Lacrosse III; Jurisprudentius Societus. Honorary II; 

Contemporary Legal Systems Society, President III. 
JOHN W. MacOONALD, Barrle; InterCollegiate Hockey I-III, Capt. II-III. 

Future: Practise Law. 

PETER V. MacDONALD, Halifax, N.S.; St. Patricks H.S.; Hockey Mil; 

Ping Pong I III. F'uture: Practise Law. 
S. BRUCE Mclaughlin, Port Credit; Western Technical-Commercial H.S. 

Future: Law and Business in General. 
HARRY A. MALCOLMSON, St. Catharines; Ridley College; InterCollegiate 

Squash Team I-III; Law Club, Exec. III. 



WILLIAM L. MANDEL, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Basketball I III; 

Soccer Mil; Ping Pons Mil. 
LEONARD S. MAX, Ottawa; Fisher Park H.S.; McGill; External Affairs 

Hep 1; Soccer II; Basketball II-IIl; Law Review Sec. III. 
AARON M. MILRAO, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I. 

DOUGLAS W. MUIR, IlaniHton; Hillfield School. Future: Practise Law, 

MICHAEL D. J. O'NEAIL, Toronto; St. Michael's College H.S.; Lacrosse 

I 111; Hock ■> 1 III; Law Club Mil; Athletic Rep. Ill; Ping Pong Mil; 

T.d.l.K. Club. 
DESMOND M. O'RORKE, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Trinity 

College; As,-.'t Editor Faculty of Law Review II; Carabin Committee III; 

Students' Admin. Council III. Future: Practise Law. 

BERNARD S. PEARL, Ottawa; Lisgar C.I.; Table Tennis MIL 

SIDNEY R. PECK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; U. of T. Debating Union MI. 

Future: Practise Law in Toronto. 
GERALD ROSS, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. Future: Call to the Bar. 

MILTON H. RUSONIK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; University College; U.C.'jtball III; Football; Hart House Music Club; Annual Law Club 
Show MI; U. of T. Law Journal, Advertising Agent III; Lady Reading 
Club Prize in Real Estate Transactions. 

BERNARD J. SHIELDS, Cornwall; Cornwall C. and V.S.; Lacrosse Mil; 
Hockey Mil; Waterpolo III; Law Club I-III; Law Dance Mil; Law 
Banquet I III; T.G.I.F. Club. Future: Professional Title Searcher. 

OWEN B. SHIME, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-III. 

SHELDON SILVER, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

IRWIN SINGER, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; U. of T.; Soccer III; Squash III; 
Waterpolo IMII; Contemporary Legal Systems Society III, Chairman of 
The Board III; Jurisprudentius Societus (Honorary) II; Sailing Club I. 

PAUL M. SISKIND, London; London Central C.I.; Debating Mil; Soccer 11. 
Future: Lawyer, London. 

BRUCE H. STEWART, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Co-Editor, 
Faculty of Law Review III; Historical Society I; Hockey MI; Squash III. 

LOUIS A. STRAUSS, Kitchener; Kitchener-Waterloo CVS. 

GABRIEL I. WARREN, Toronto; University College; Law Club Pres. Ill, 
Public Relations Rep. II; P.C. Club I-III; Law Sports I-III; Ping Pong 
Mil. Future: Practice of Jurisprudence. 

WILLIAM M. WEEKES, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 


Faculty of Medicine 



O.B.E., B.A., M.B., LL.D., F.R.C.S. 


PETER A. J. ADAM, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Soccer MI; Class 

Vice-President II; Sr. Camsi Officer III; Daffydil Director IV. Future: 

Medicine and Marriage. 
SHERWOOD S. APPLETON, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; U. of T. (B.A.); 

Daffydil I-IV. Future: Specialization. 
ELEONORE ARWA, Stuttgart, Gfermany; Gymnasium fuer Maedchen, 


THEODORE W. AVRUSKIN, Salem, Ont.; Flora District H.S. 

GEORGE J. M. AWAIS, Ajloun, Jordan; Bishop's School: Hope College, 

Michigan B.A. 
R03ERT BABCHUK, Regina, Sask.; Central Collegiate Reglna; U. of Man. 

B.Sc. Future: General Practice. 

CORNELIA J. BAINES (Mrs.), Toronto; Runnymede C.I.; M.W.U.A. Rep. 

I; Daffydil Glee Club MI; Medical Music Club, Social Convenor II; 

President III. Future: Clinical Research. 
ROBERT S. BAKER, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Volleyball 

MI; Brownie Clinic IV-VI; Basketball V; Interfaculty Squash III-VI; 

Hockey MI. 
MARTIN BARKIN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha, 

Honour Medical Soc. V, Sec. VI; Daffydil Glee Club IMV; Meds. 

Volleyball I-IIII; Meds. Basketball MI; H.H. Rifle Club II-III; U. of T. 

Medical Journal VI. Future: Interne at Sinai Hospital, then Post-Grad. 

work in Internal Medicine. 

KENNETH L. BAXTER, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Soccer MI; 

Basketball MI. Future: General Practice. 
B. J. BEBENEK, Toronto; Humberside C.I. 
EDWARD BEDER, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Reporter, Varsity I; Football I: 

Daffydil IIIV; Volleyball IV. Future: General Practice in Toronto. 

GEORGE V. BERNER, Paris, France; First Russian-Serbian School for 
Boys, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; U.ofT. (B.A., M.A.); H.H. Chess Club; 
Lecturer; Demonstrator, Inter-University Chess Matches; Lecturer in 
Dept. of Slavic Studies II. 

RICHARD G. BLACK, Walkerville, Ont.; Walkerville C.l. Future: Study 
of the Nervous System. 

PETER G. BRAWLEY, Daffydil IV; Hockey MI; "Four Doctors" IIMV; 
H.H. Music Com. Ill; H.H. Com. IV-VI, Sec. V-VI; H.H. Board of 
Stewards V-VI; H.H.O.A. Publicity Dir. V-VI; H.H. Summer Exchange 
Student to Finland V; U. of Rochester Exchange Seminar V; N.C 
Weekend VI; Newman Club Newsman Assoc. Ed. Ill; Camsi, National 
Exec, Public Relations Dir. V-VI; Varsity. A.M. and D. IV-VI; Probe 
II-III, VI. Future: Psychology and Psychiatry. 



DON F. BUTT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Lacrosse III-V; Basketball 
III-VI; DafT.vdil III-VI; Class President VI; Medical Society Assembly 

MICHAEL C. P. BYRNES, Colllngwood; St. Michael's College School; 

Niwinan Club 1 VI; C.O.T.C. III-V. Future: Interneshlp. 
LJUBOMIR R. CAREV, Dalmatla, Yugoslavia; U.S. Classical Gymnn.sium 

at Split. Ualniatia, Vugo.slavia; U. of Belgrade. 

ANN-MARIE CATHERWOOD, Mission City, B.C.; Mission City Jr. Sc. H.S.; 

DalTvdil II V; Medical Women's Undergraduate Assoc, Pres. IV. 
JOHN W. CAVERHILL, Montreal, Que.; WesthlU H.S.; Daffydil I; Varsity 

Christian Fellowship III. 

ELIZABETH M. CHENAULT, New York, NY.; Colllngwood C.I. 

GENE J. CHOROSTECKI, Toronto; Humberslde C.I.; Brownie Clinic IV-VI. 

S. PAUL CITRON, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha, 
Honour Medical Society; Intramural Sports, Championship Volleyball 
V-VI; Soccer; Basketball; Medical "M" Award. Future: General Prac- 
tice, Toronto. 

CARL J. COHEN, Windsor; Paterson H.S.; Assumption Univ., B.Sc. Future: 
Specialty Training. 

HARVEY CRYSTAL, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha, Honour 

Medical Society; Minor Basketball I. 
J. PETER DAVIDSON, Niagara Falls, Ont.; Basketball I, III-VI; Knox 

College II; Volleyball III-V; Knox College Exec. Ill; Medical Society 

Treas. Ill IV; ST. Clinic. 
IRENE E. N. DE LLOVERA (Mrs.), Kongens Lyngby, Denmark; Lyngby, 


PETER B. DENT, Toronto; Upper Canada College; U. of T. Medical Journal 
IVI; Editor VI; Daffydil Mil; Alpha Omega Alpha, Honour Medical 
Society VI; Brownie Clinic IV-VI; Soccer IVI; Golf VI. 


HOWARD J. DONSKY, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Daffydil II-V; A.V.R. 
IV; Meds. Basketball IVI, Championship IV; Meds. Volleyball I-VI, 
Championship IV-V, Captain and Coach III-VI; Volleyball Referee II. 

LIONEL E. DORFMAN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Staff-Student Com- 
mittee I-IV; Medical Society Assembly IV; U. of T. Medical Journal 
.Assoc. Ed. IV; Alpha Omega .Alpha, Honour Medical Society. 

MALCOLM DRUMMOND-HAY, Perth, Scotland; T.C.G. 

JONATHAN F. FEINBERG, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I. 

FREDRICK FELDMAN, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Intramural Basketball III; 

Volleyball MI; Daffydil II. 
BERNARD E. FERREIRA, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. ; St. George's College; 

Soccer Mil; SMC. Centurion Club III; S.M.C. Professional Club III; 

Newman Club III. 

SYLVIA FINE, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Daffydil Mil; Medical Society, 
Sec. Ill; Class Secretary VI. Future; Marriage and General Practice. 



r m 

GERALD D. FISHBEIN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Waterpolo and Swimming 
Instructor MI; Volleyball II-V; Daffydil II; Basketball II-V. Future: 
General Practice. 

ROBERT B. FORWARD, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Soccer Team MI, Class 
VicePres. II; Vic Bob IV; Daffydil VI. Future: G.P. Outside Toronto. 

GORDON S. FOX, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future: General Practitioner. 

WILLIAM M. FRANKS, Toronto; Upper Canada College; U.N.T.D. Pilot, 
Fleet Air Arm, Lt. RCN I-IV; Probe, Business Administrator II; 
Medical Society, Public Relations Chairman HI. Future: Ortiiopedic 

HERBERT FRANSEN, St. Catharines. 

THOMAS L. FRIHDLICH, Toronto; C.C.I.; Hart House Camera Club Mil. 
Future: Interneship, Practice, Postgraduate work. 

BERNARD R. FUTERMAN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Volleyball MI. Future: 
General Practice in Toronto. 

DOUGLAS J. GARE, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I.; Lccrosss I-VI; 
Daffydil V; Hockey I, VI; Brownie Clinic I-VI; Class Athletic Rep. II. 

BERNARD S. GOLDMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Daffydil IIVI; Pro- 
ducer VI; Meds. Soccer II-III; Meds. Hockey I II; Medical "M" Letter; 
Class Vice-Pres. Ill; Alpha Omega Alpha, Honour Medical Societ\ 
Pres. VI. 

HARVEY GOLOMBEK, Toronto; Forest Kill C.I.; Debating I; Swimming 
Ml; Squash III-VI. 

DINAH C. GRUBER, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Modical Women's Under- 
graduate Association, Vice-Pres. V. 

ARTHUR GRYFE, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Daffydil IIV, VI; Basketball 
I-VI; Volleyball III; Class VicePres. V. 

WILLIAM A. GUEST, Toronto; Malvern C.I. 

E. JOHN HAMBLEY, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Blue and 
White Society II; U.N.T.D. Mil; Meds. Lacrosse I-VI; Meds. Hockey 
I-VI; Medical Journjl VI; Daffydil VI; Brownie Clinic IV-VI. 

DOUGLAS A. HAMMETT, New York, N.Y.; Collegiate School; S.T. Clinic. 

MANFRED M. HARTH, Toronto; Upper Canada College; Daffydil IIV. 
Chairman IV; Medical Society Assembly IV. Future: Interning in 

T. JEROME HARVEY, Port Arthur C.I.; Marriage II; Baby Girl III; ? IV. 

WILLIAM F. R. HARVEY, Waterloo; Kitchener-Waterloo C.V.S.; Basket 
ball; Volleyball; Squash IV-V; Brownie Clinic IV-VI. 

SHIRLEY G. HAZELL, Vancouver. B.C.; Humbcrside Collegiate; Mt. Royal 
College. Calgary; U.B.C. 

JOHN R. HENDERSON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Football IIV, Coach 
IV-V; Basketball IIVI; Hockey III; Tennis V; S.T. Clinic; M.A.A. III-V. 
Sec. IV, Publicity V. 

ROY M. HOROVITCH, Hampstead. P.Q.; West Hill High School, Montreal; 
McGill, B.A. 



DOUGLAS D. HUNTER, loronto; University of Toronto Schools. 
CORDON M. HUTCHINSON, Amherstburg. Ont.; General Amherst U.S. 

Kuliire: E.N.T. 
VINCENT W. K. ING, MoiiK KonK; U. of Manitoba, R.Sc; Swimming. 

EDWARD J. ISTVAN, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Etobicoke C.I.; Hart House 

famc-ra Club I \I; DalTydil Clee Club UMV. 
EDWARD E. JOHNSTON, Oshawa; Oshawa Central C.I.; Varsity Christian 

Ki'llowship I \1. Future: Interncship, Toronto; Specialty Training, 

Obstetrics or .Surgery. 
ROBERT L. JOYNT, loronto; University of Toronto Schools; Varsity 

Blues Football IIIV; Intermediates I II; Senior Meds. Basketball III-VI; 

Minor League Squash and Volle.\ball III-VI; Brownie Clinic IV-VI; 

Class Athlete Rep. I, VI; University Athletic Directorate IV V, Vicc- 

Pres. V; Meds. Golf VI. 

P. SHUKO KAMITAKAHARA, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Hockey MV; Daffydil 
1 IV; M.W.A.A. Vice Pres. III. 

JEROME J. KAZDAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Waterpolo MI; Volley- 
ball I; Basketball IVV. 

ALLAN E. T. KEMP, Scarborough; Riverdalo C.I. Future: General 

M. R. KNIGHT, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Class Treasurer VI. Future: General 

RUTH O. KURDYAK (Mrs.), Toronto; Lawrenc; Park C.I.; Medical 

Women's Undergraduate Assoc. I; Daffydil I-VI. 
VICTOR B. KURDYAK, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Daffydil IIIV; 

Basketball MV; Volleyball IIIV; Class President II. Future: Interne in 


ROBERT G. LEE, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Class Pres. I; S.A.C. Rep. V; 

Mec!ical Society Pres. VI; Intercollegiate Track I-II; Intercollegiat? 

Football II IV. 
H. FRANCES LETTAU, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Medical Women's 

Undergraduate Assoc. Treas. II; U.R.T.P., O.E.S. Future: Paediatrics. 
VICTOR G. LEWONUK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Intramual Athletics I IV; 

Daffvdil IV. 

WALDEMAR J. J. LIZEWSKI, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. Future: General 
Practice. Toronto. 

JOHN R. LUNDON, Toronto; Bishops College School. Future. General 

ROBERT J. McCALOON, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I., V.S.; Daffydil 
I, IV; Athletic Rep., Hutton House II; Swimming Team I; Revolver 
Club III-VI; Jargon Contributor V. Future: Post-Graduate in Psy- 

ROY J. McKINNEY, Calgary. Alberta; Crescent Heights H.S. Future: 

General Practice. 
JAMES I. MacDOUGALL, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. 
ROSS D. MacLEAN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Daffydil Chorus and 

Orchestra I-V; Volleyball Minor League Champions; Track Team; 

Hockey. Future: General Practice in Small Town. 




:^^^^ ^^^^|fl 

RALPH V. MacMILLAN, Alexandria, Ont.; Alexandria H.S.; Orchestra, 
Daffydil IV. 

PATRICIA M. A. MADELY, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Medical Glee 
Club Mil; Daffydil IIV. Future: Intern New Mount Sinai; Post Grad. 

A. DOUGLAS MANN, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools. Future: 
General Practice. 

JUDITH A. MARSHALL, Dunnville; Dunnville and District H.S.; Class 

Secretary I; Hockey IIV; Daffydil II-VI. 
RAYMOND E. MATHEWS, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Boxing I; Minor League 

Basketball I; Lacrosse I-II; Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical 

Society V-VI, Treasurer VI. Future: Surgery. 
FLORIAN S. MATSALLA, Toronto; St. Michael's H.S.; Basketball IIV, 

Coach I; Year Rep. II; Athletic Rep. Ill; Volleyball IIMV. Future: 

General Practice. 

FRED C. MEADE, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Bloor C.I.; Class Treasurer 
V; Intramural Basketball MI; Intramural Volleyball I. 

NORTON M. MEDLINE, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I. Future: General 

STEPHEN MIKLOSIK, Port Colborne; Port Colborne H.S.; Minor League 
Basketball II-III. Future: General Practice aftsr Internship. 

JOHN C. MOFFAT, Port Colborne; Bishop Ridley College; Wycliffe "W"; 

Meds IV Hockey. Future: General Practice. 
NATHAN J. MURAFSKY, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. 
JOHN D. MURRAY, Toronto; University of Toronto Schools; Intramural 

Volleyball I-II; Swimming I-II; Camera Club I, III. Future: Interning in 


KENNETH M. NEWMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Interfaculty Volley- 
ball; Hockey; Library Committee; Epistaxis. 

JAMES K. NICHOLSON, Toronto; North Toronto C.I. 

W. HARRIS OAKES, Clinton, Ont.; Clinton District C.I.; Hart House Glee 
Club I, IV-VI; Caledon Hills Farm Committee IV-VI; Basketball; 
Football; Daffydil Business Mgr.; Carabin Weekend Exchange VI. 
Future: Post Graduate Work in Toronto. 

RICHARD I. OGILVIE, Copper Cliff; Copper Cliff H.S. 

RAIMUND PAHAPILL, Mustjala, Kuressaare, Estonia; Gothenburg, 

Sweden; Humberside C.I.; Daffydil III; Volleyball V. 
J. PAUL PANABAKER, Hespeler, Ont.; Preston H.S.; Daffydil Mil. 

GEORGE M. PARKER, Sarnia; St. Andrews College; Wrestling MI; Sail- 
in Club III; Pistol Club MI. 

GARY A. PIPER, Leaside; Leaside H.S.; Football I; Basketball MI. 
Future: General Practice. 




OAVIO N. PRESTON, Ottawa; Glebe C.I.; Meds. Football I II, IV; Brownie 

( linu' IV \1; l.iicioNse III; Med. Society Assembly VI; Med. Arts and 
Letters fhairnian VI; Waterpolo MI; Daffydill VI; Golf VI. 

JOHN N. J. REICIHERT, Toronto; De La Salle "Oaklands". Future: 
('■eneral I'ractke. 

GEORGE T. RILEY, Toronto. 

EDGAR L. RITCEY, Toronto; Earl Haig C.I.; Meds. Hockey III. 
DIANA S. ROBB, Montr-al, P.Q.; Montreal West H.S.; Bishop's University; 
1). iTvdil 1. Future: Diagnostic Biochemistry. 

GORDON D. ROBERTSON, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Lacrosse I VI; Hockey 
I \ I; Basketball; S. T. Clinic. 

WILLIAM A. R. RODGER, Hamilton; U.W.O. 

JOSEPH E. ROGERS, Port Credit; Port Credit High School; Varsity Pho- 
tographer 1; Volleyball IVI; Basketball I-IV; Squash MI, IV; S. T. 


JOSEPH S. A. RONCAIOLI, Hamilton; Cathedral H.S.; Daffydil Stage 
Crew II, IV; S.M.C. Basketball I; S.M.C. Student Council V; S.M.C. 
Professional Student's Club V-VI; Centurion Club, IIIV. 

IRVING E. ROSEN, Toronto; Bathurst Height C.V.S.; Volleyball; Basket- 
ball; Hillel Vice-Pres. IV. 

STEPHEN R. J. ROSS, Port of Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I. ; St. Mary's College; 
Soccer III; Waterpolo IVI; Daffydil Stage Crew II; S.M.C. Profes- 
sional Students Club V-VI.; Centurion Club III-IV. 

EDWARD J. J. RZADKI, Toronto; St. Michael's College School; St. 

Michael's College; Hart Hoiise Art Committee III-IV; Daffydil 

Orchestra VI. Future Psychiatry. 
JACK A. SAUNDERS, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Basketball, Ma.ior 

I II; Minor III; Lacrosse II-VI. Future: General Practice. 
JOSEPH SCHATEKER, Toronto; Dominion Business College; Meds. Socc:r 

III V'l; Waterpolo IIMV; Swimming Instructor III; Class Pres. V; 

Medical Society Warden VI; Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical 


SHELDON B. SCHILLER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Intercollegiate Squash 
1 III; Xollesball MV; Daffydil Orchestra Mil, Orchestra Conductor IV. 

GORDON R. SELLERY, Toronto; U.T.S.; Class Pres. II; Daffydil Mil; 
U N.T.D. Mil; Medical Society II, VI; Hart House, House Committee 
IIMV, Board of Stewards IV; M.A.A., Class Rep. IV, Vice-Pres. V, 
Pres. VI; S.T. Clinic; Med. Lacrosse IVI; Med. Hockey I-V; Basket- 
ball IV. Future: Intern at Toronto General Hospital. 

ALAN B. SHEWCHUK, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Hockey II; Basketball II; 
DalVydil Orchestra IV. 

GERALD J. SHUGAR, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Meds. BasketbaU IVI; 
Intramural Championship IV; Meds. Volleyball IVI; Championships 
IV-V; Meds. Track and Field II, IV; Intercollegiate Track Team IV; 
Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society VI. 

HARVEY SOCOL, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; B.A. Minor League Volleyball 
MV; Championship Volleyball Team II-III; Championship Basketball 
Team II; Minor League Basketball I-IV. Future: Internship, Post 
Graduate Work. 

DANIEL T. STANDRET, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Meds Basketball MI; 
Meds Football I - IV; Daffydil I - II; Medical Society Assembly, 
Vice-Pres. V. 




EDWARD L. S. STROZ, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Harbord C.I.; Minor League 

Basketball MI. 
W. GRANT THOMPSON, Windsor; Walkerville C.I.; U.N.T.D. Mil; Hart 

House Committee IV; S.T. Clinic VI; Lacrosse I-VI; Hockey IIVI; 

Basketball I-VI; Golf V-VI. 
JOHN T. TRUMAN, Burlington; Burlington H.S.; McMaster University, B.A. 

LARY J. TURNER, Fort William; Fort William C.I.; Intermediate 
Football I. Future: General Practice, Fort William. 

ARVO J. VALIAHO, Creighton Mine, Ont.; Copper Cliff H.S. 

DAVID P. VARADI, London, England; Harbord C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society; Hillel Foundation I-VI. Future: Internship 
in T.G.H. 

OTTO F. VEIDLINGER, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Daffydil, Art MI, IV; 

Hart House Art Committee IV; Alpha Omega Alpha Society IV. 
M. E. CAROL VOADEN, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Volleyball I; 

Daffydil, Make-up MI; M.W.U.A. Executive II. Future: General Practice 

and Psychiatry. 
JOHN H. WAIT, Toronto; U.T.S.; Daffydil Director VI; E.A.C. Ill; Medical 

Society Executive III; Hockey I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; Medical Letter IV; 

Alpha Omega Alpha, Honour Msdical Society. Future: Specialization. 

DONALD P. WARREN, Hamilton; Upper Canada College; Meds Football 
I II; Meds 3rds Basketball MI; U.C. Loudon House Basketball III; Knox 
College Basketball V; Loudon House Sec. II. Future: Internal Medicine. 

HERBERT M. WEBER, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Alpha Omega Alpha 
Honour Medical Society. Future: Study in Internal Medicine. 

JOHN R. WESLEY, Thornhill. 

NEVILLE E. X. WESTON, Trinidad, B.W.I. 

JOHN B. WOOCGER, Harrow, Middx, England. Future: General Practice; 

Then Psychiatry. 
CLIFFORD G. WOOLFE, Long Branch; Long Branch H.S.; U. of T., 

B.Sc.Phm.; Lacrosse. 

Basketball I-V; 
Residence Council 

CAROLINE C. WRIGHT, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 

THOMAS H. YATES, Windsor; Forster C.I.; Lacrosse I-V; 

Devonshire Residence, South House Pres. V, 

Pres. VI. 
MURRAY F. ZANE, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Daffydil I - II, Daffydil 

Directorate II; Class President III; Medical Athletic "M"; Soccer; 

Basketball; Volleyball. Future: Family Physician, or Post • Grad. 



Faculty of Music 



C.B.E., B.A. 

PENNY J. BERRY, Sudbury; Music Education; Sudbury H.S.; Faculty 

of Music Undergrad. Assoc, Treas. II-III; U. of T. Chorus MI. Future: 

LAJOS BORNYI, Debrscen. Hungary; Artist Diploma; Royal Conservatory 

ol Music Orchestra; C.F.R.C.; Solo Clarinet Concerts. 
DOMINICA E. BRUNKA, Toronto; Music Education; St. Josephs College 


JAMES F. BURCHILL, Halifax, Nova Scotia; General Music; Queen 
Elizabeth High School, Halifax; King's College (B.A.); U. of T. 

PAUL T. CHANNEN, Barrie; Music Education; Barrie District C.I.; U. of T. 
Chorus III; Hart House Volunteer Instructor in Aquatics II-III. 
Future; B.A. in General Arts; O.C.E. 

DOUGLAS R. COUKE, Toronto; Music Education; Humberside C.I.; 
Clarinetist, V. of T. Symphony Orch. I-III; Conservatory Symphony 
Orch. I-III; Conservatory Woodwind Quintet II-III; Conservatory 
Concert Band III; Conservatory Clarinet Quartet. Future: O.C.E. 

ANITA C. DU BOIS, Po rt - o f - Spain , Trinidad, West Indies; Music 
Education; Holy Faith Convent; University Chorus I II; West Indian 
Students Association I-III; Faculty of Music Undergrad. .Assoc. II-III; 
E.A.C. Music Rep. II-III. Future; Teaching in Trinidad. 

DONNA M. E. ELLIS, Toronto; Music Education; North Toronto C.I. 
Future; Teaching. 

A. JOHN FELICE, Thorold; General Music; Linwell-Thorold H.S.; U. of T. 
Chorus III; Pro-Poulenc I-III. Future; Graduate Work in Composition 
in U.S. .-A. or Music Therapy. 

ELFRIEDE GLENSTEEN (Mrs.), Istanbul, Turkey; Artist and Licentiate 
Diploma; .Xnierican College for Girls; Torontonensis Representative 
for Music III. Future; Teach Music and Study Further. 

NANCY E. HARDY, Sudbury; Music Education; Sudbury H.S.; U. of T, 
Chorus MI, Vice-Pres. II; Music Undergraduate Society, Class Rep. 
II, Vice-Pres. III. Future: High School Music Teaching. 

ELIZABETH E. HARRIS, Ottawa; Artist and Licentiate Diploma; Brock- 
ville C.I.; X ray Technician; Art Gallery Recitals; CFKB Performances. 
Future: Concert Career in Singing. 



RUTH M. HIRCOCK, Cobourg; Artist Diploma. 

ROGER H. J. HOBBS, Toronto; Music Education; Thornhill H.S.; Glee 

Club III; University Chorus I-II. Future: High School Music Teacher. 
C. DOUGLAS JAMES, Niagara Falls; Music Education; Niagara Falls 

C.V.I.; U. of T. Symphony Orchestra, Assist. Conductor III; Music 

Undergrad. Assoc, Pres. III. 

MERLA H. LEHMAN, Toronto; Artist Diploma; Etobicoke C.I.; Victoria 
College; Undergrad. Assoc. Rep. II; Varsity Christian Fellowship 
Faculty Chairman III. Future: Professional Engagements in Singing 
and Viola, Especially in TV Work. 

JUDITH LEVE, Sudbury; Music Education; Sudbury H.S.; University 
Chorus III; French Club I; Liberal Club I; All-Varsity Revue, Music 
Co-ordinator I; Hillel I-III, Exec. Ill, Music Director. Future: Post- 
Grad. Study in Psychology in Music; Marriage. 

NIEN-MEI LIU, Hong Kong, China; Music Education; Nan-Kai Senior 
Middle School, China; Class Rep. I; University Chorus President II. 
Future: Teach High School in Canada. 

JOHN R. MclNTYRE, Sarnia; Artist Diploma; Runnymede C.I.; Art 

Gallery Recital; CFRB Broadcasts; French Medal Award. Future: 

Study in Europe, Concert Pianist. 
GAIL E. MEAD, Meadowvale, Ont.; Music Education; Brampton H.S.; 

University Chorus I-III; Music Cheerleader II-III; Music Undergrad. 

Sec. III. Future: Summer School at O.C.E.; Teaching. 
E. ANN OSBORN, Timmins; Music Education; Timmins H.V.S.; University 

Chorus MI. Future: O.C.E. 

ANN PARMLEY, Vancouver, B.C.; Music Education; Penticton H.S.; 

Student Christian Movement II-III; Music Undergrad. Sec. II; U. of T. 

Chorus III. Future: Teaching. 
JAMES E. ROBINSON, Toronto; Music Education; Lawrence Park C.I.; 

U. of T. Orchestra. Future: Teaching Music in Secondary School. 
JOHN D. SWAN, Toronto; Oakwood C.I. (No Photograph.) 


MARILYN G. UPSHALL, Vineland; Music Education; Beamsville H.S.; 

U. of T. Chorus Mil; Music Undergrad, Class Rep. Ill; Varsity 

Christian Fellowship I; Assistant Instructor, Museum Saturday 

Morning Club III. Future; Teaching. 
ILDIKO VADAS, Sopron, Hungary; Licentiate Diploma; Gybr Conservatory ; 

Concerts on CFRB. Future: Teach Piano. 

ANNETTE V. WEGIEL, Toronto; Artist Diploma. Future: Career in 

EMILIA ZAKARIJA, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia; Licenciate Diploma; Walker- 

ville C.I. Future: Teach Piano to Young Children. 
SLAVA ZIEMELYTE, Toronto; Artist and Licentiate Diploma: Lithuania. 


School of Nursing 




ANNE BENT, Timmins; Timmins H.V.S.; Tennis MI; Tennis Rep. II; 

Debating Club Mil, Pres. II; U.T.D.U. Rep. III. Future: Pediatric 

JOY D. CALKIN, Kentville, N.S.; King's County Academy; S. of N. Council 

IIIV, Sec.-Treas. II, Second Vice-Pres. Ill, Pres. IV; Drama Club MI 

Debating Club MI; Music Club II; Toronto Student Nurses Assoc. I 

Carabin IV; Volleyball MV; Basketball MV; Swimming I. Future 

Nur.sing Education. 
LINDA M. CALVERT, Brampton: Brampton Di.strict H.S.; Class Treas. IV. 

Future: Marriage. 

SHEILA E. DELANEY, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Basketball Rep. II; 

S. of N. Snow Queen Rep. II. Future: Public Health. 
MARILYN J. DODD, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Volleyball Mil; Rep. II; 

Basketball MI; Class Pres. Ill; Student Service Rep. IV. 
SUZANNE E. FITZGIBBON, St. Lambert, P.Q.; Chambly County H.S.; 

H.S. of Montreal; V.C.F. MV; Toronto Student Nurses' Assoc, Class 

Rep. IIMV. 

H. EILEEN FLOYD, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; S. of N. Undergraduate 
Council IV; Blue and Gold Committee IIMV, Ass'i Convenor III, 
Convenor IV; S. of N. Blue and White Society Rep. IV; Christmas Tree 

JANE E. GRAYDON, Toronto; Bishop Strachan School. 

M. JOAN HIGHMOOR, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball MI, Rep. 11; 
Volleyball MI; Blue and Gold Rep. IV. Future: Victorian Order of 

GAYDA M. HORNICK, Tilbury, Ont.; Tilbury District H.S.; U. of T. Chorus 

II; Class Social Rep. IV. 
W. JOAN HUNSTEIN, Burlington; Thorold H.S.; Varsity Christian 

Fellowship MV; Local Council Pres. Ill; S. of N. Undergraduate 

Association Treas. III. Future: Red Cross Outpost. 
JOAN C. HUNTER, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; Class Sec.-Treas. Ill; E.A.C. 

Rep. IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. 



CLAIRE JEPHCOTT, Toronto; B.S.S.; Varsity I; S. of N. Student Council, 

Class Social Rep. IF, Ass't Social Convenor III, Social Convenor IV; 

Nursing Play, Ass't Director II; U.T.D.C. Rep. IV; Drama Club II-IV; 

Carabin IV; Debating II; Skule Nite IV. 
JOANNE E. JERMYN, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Volleyball I; Class Social 

Rep. Ill, Pre.sident IV. 
JUDITH A. JOWSEY, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Badminton Rep. MV; 

Skule Nite III; S. of N. Athletic Committee III; Skiin? IV. Future: 

Psychiatric Nursing. 

GAIL G. KOPMAN, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Hillel MV, Exec. IMII; 
Dcntantics MI; Class Debating Rep. III. 

MARIKA MALKOW, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Basketball II; S.A.C. Rep. IV; 

C.V.S.A.C. Chairman IV. Future Victorian Order of Nurses. 
PATRICIA E. NAYLER, St. Lambert, P.Q.; Stanstead College. 

MARY A. NEWBOULD, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I.; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball 

II-IV; V.C.F. MV; Athletic Rep. IV; Class Treas. I II; T.S.N. .\. Sport.v 

Rep. IV. Future Victorian Order of Nurses. 
JOAN E. NYBIDA, Welland, Ont.; Welland H.V.S.; Varsity Christian 

Fellowship IMII; External Affairs Comm. IMII. Future: Victorian 

Order of Nurses in Hamilton, Ont. 
KATHRYN M. PERIGOE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Student Service Rep. Ill: 

Varsity Christian Fellowship I-IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. 

NELLIE POZHKE, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Volleyball II; V.C.F. I. Future: 

Public Health. 

A. FRANCES RUNNINGS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; Fencing III; 

Volleyball MI; Class Pres. II; Debating Rep. IV. Future: Victorian 

Order of Nursing, Marriage. 
LYNDA M. RUSE, St. Clair Beach, Ont.; North Essex District H.S.; Varsity 

Christian Fellowship II-IV; Presbyterian Fellowship 11. 

WALTRAUD K. SCHMIDT, Scarboro; Winston Churchill C.I.; Volleyball II; 
Blue and Gold Rep. Ill; S. of N. Rep., Torontonensis IV; C.U.S.A.C. 
Co-Chairman IV. Future: Victorian Order of Nurses. 


JEAN S. BATES, Orillia; Runnymcde C.I.; Welleslcy Hospital School of 

MABEL C. BROWN, Ottawa; Kemptville H.S.; Ottawa Civic Hospital; 

Varsity Christian Fellowship. Future: Teaching in School of Nursing. 
FRANCES B. GOODMAN, Sudbury; Sudbury H.S.; Class Pres. IMII; Student 

Council Rep IMII; Honour Awards Committee II; U.C. Drama Club I. 

Future: Teaching at a School of Nursing. 

CAROL J. HUTTON, Saskatoon, Sask. Future: Public Health Supervisor. 

FRANCES C. JOLLIFE, Rockwood, Ont.; Hamilton Central C.I.; Hamilton 
(•oncral Hospital, School of Nursing. Future: Public Health Nursing 

MARGARET N. McEWEN, Toronto; Toronto V/estern Hospital. Future- 
Ontario Society for Crippled Children. 



MARY L. McLEOD, Kenory; Winnipeg General Hospital, School of Nursing; 

Don at Miilock House, Whitney Hall II-HI. 
GLORIA I. R. MARINO, Kort William; St. Patrick's H.S. Future; Nursing 

GRACE E. RUSSELL, Belize, British Honduras; St. Hilda's College, Belize; 

Royal Free Hospital, London, England. Future: Teaching, School of 

Nursing in Belize. 

LAURA M. SHEPHERD (Mrs.), Toronto; Maymont H.S„ Saskatchewan; 

Saskatoon t'ity Hospital. 
HAZEL K. WILSON, Edmonton, Alta.; Ottawa Civic Hospital. School of 



Faculty of Pharmacy 



Phm.B., B.Sc, M.A., LL.D. 

C. NEIL ADAMSON, Leamington, Ont.; Leamington District U.S. Future: 

Retail Pharmacy. 
STANLEY AGASEE, Toronto; York Memorial C.L Future: Retail 

WALTER D. ALLAN, Bronte, Ont.; Oakville-Trafalgar H.S.; Swimming 

Instructor; Interfac. Diving; Mgr.-Player, Waterpolo and Volleyball; 

H. H. Camera Club; Bowling II; Pharmakon III-IV; Junior Athletic 

Letter; Indianapolis, Albany and New York Trips. Future: Retail 

STEPHANIE B. BEINAROVICS, Kitchener; Latvia. (No Photograph.) 

MARVIN G. BERNSTEIN, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Class Sec.-Treas. IV; 
Soccer I-IV; Volleyball I-IV; Basketball I-IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

KEITH F. R. BESSEY, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Retail 

BERNARD BETEL, Toronto; Harbord C.L; Swimniing I-IV; Waterpolo 

I-IV; Royal Life Saving Society Work. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

HERBERT R. BINDER, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Basketball. Future: Retail 

GABRIEL CASSAR, Montreal; Egypt; International Institute; Soccer; 

Volleyball. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
PAUL R. CAVANAGH, Blind River, Ont.; Blind River D.H.S.; S.A.C. 

Rep. IV. Future: To Study Medicine. 

JAMES A. CHADWICK, Toronto; De La Salle College "Oaklands"; Editor 

of Pharmakon IV. 

VERNON K. CHILES, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; Table Tennis 
I-IV; Basketball I; Pharmakon III-IV; Ryerson House Pres. IV. 
Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

JAMES E. CLAREY, Colborne, Ont.; Cobourg District Collegiate Institute. 
Future: Retail Pharmacy. 



HARVEY L. COHEN, Toronto; Harbord C.I. and Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 

Lacrosse, "I! " Team; Pharmacy Basketball, Minor Team. Future: 

lU-tail Pharmacy. 
HAROLD J. COULTER, London, Ont.; Sir Adam Beck C.I.; Football MV; 

Pharmal^on III; Volleyball MV; Basketball I-IV; Lacrosse III-IV. 

Future: Kelail Pharmacy. 



Port Credit; Port Credit U.S. Future: Retail 

LESLIE CROSS, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
WILLIAM R. DANYLUK, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.I. and V.S.; 
hut lire: Retail Pharmacy. 

KENNETH G. DAVIDSON, Hamilton; Delta Secondary School; Volley- 
ball I; Basketball I; Lacrosse III, Mgr. IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

JULIA DEMBORYNSKI, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. Future: Europe and Retail 


JACK DONSKY, Toronto; Harbord C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
WILLIAM A. DYMON, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Hockey MV; Vice-Pres. 
I'.P.S. Future: Research. 

DONALD J. ECOBICHON, Owen Sound; Lindsay C.I.; Editor of Pharmacy 
Year Book. Future: Graduate Studies in Summer. 

MONG CHOUNG FAN, Hong Kong; St. Pauls College, Hong Kong. Future: 
Postgraduate Studies. 

BRUCE E. G. FAULKNER, Dundas, Ont.; Dundas H.S.; Sr. Intercoll. Track 
I 111; U.P.S. Social Director IV; Pharm. Volleyball I; Pharm. Football 

BRUCE W. FERGUSON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I. Future: Retail 

EDWARD R. FLINT, London, Ont.; L.C.C.I.; S.P.E.B.Q.S.A. Chorus Director 
11 111. Future: Retail Pharmacy in London. (No Photograph.) 

LEOPOLD GERSKUP, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Volleyball MV; Basketball 
1 IW 

Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

Brampton D.H.S.; Volleyball. 

NATALIE O. GREIG (Mrs.), Fort Frances, Ont. Fort Frances H.S.; 
Basketball; Volleyball; Badminton. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

MICHAEL K. HAYDEN, Toronto; Malvern C.I.; Ping Pong MV; Football 
II; Lacrosse; Ml. Future: Hospital Pharmacy. 

ROBERT T. JOKINEN, Toronto; Port Credit H.S.; Basketball I; Volley- 
ball I; Swimming I; UPS. Vice-Pres. 5T9 III, Treasursr III; Co-Editor 
Pharniakon III; Ping Pong I-IV. 

DALE L. KENZIE, Forest, Ont.; Forest District H.S.; President, South 
House, Victoria Coll.; Chairman, Residence Council House Committee; 
Class Vice-Pres. II-III; U.P.S. Treas. III. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

VICTOR W. KOROTKYJ, Toronto; Landeck H.S., Austria. Future: Retail 

HENRY KOWALSKI, Hamilton; Central Secondary H.S. 



Estonian Student's Assoc. 

HILJA KUUTMA, Toronto; North Toronto C.I 

I-IV. Future: Hospital Pharmacy. 
DOUGLAS I. LANGDON, Toronto; Thornhill H.S 

JULIET Y. H. LIN, Hong Kong; Diocesan GirU' School; C.O.S.A 

F.K.O.S. MV; U. of T. Chorus H III; Conservatory Choir IV. 

Future: Manufacturing 

MORRIS LUKAWY, Port Arthur; Port Arthur C.I. Future: Pharmacy in 

Port Arthur. 
DONALD A. J. MACDONALD, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Soccer III-IV; 

Social Rep. III. 
JOHN E. MACDONALD, Toronto; Lawrence Parlt C.I.; S.A.C. Rep. II; 

Football II; Soccer III-IV. Future: Retail Pharmacist. 

DONALD L. MaclNNES, Ridgetown, Ont.; R.D.H.S.; Year Pres. II-IV 
Blue and White Christmas Tree II; Pharmaceutical Soc. Pres. IV 
Open House I & III; Dean's Stick IV; Finance Commissioner II-III 
Blue and White Rep. IV; Chairman, Float Parade III; Initiation 
Chairman II. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

SHELDON M. MANLY, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball I-IV; Volleyball 
I-II; Professional Chairman IV. Future. Retail Pharmacy. 

MALL METSKI, St. Catharines; St. Catharines C.V.S.; VolleybaU II; Class 
Sec.-Treas. Ill; U.P.S. Central Exec. Ill; Secretary III; Campus Co-op. 
Rep. I-IV; Pharmacy Phlash Reporter II. Future: Post-Graduate Study. 

PAUL G. MITCHELL, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Secretary-Treasurer 

U.P.S. I. Future. Retail Pharmacy. 
KAY K. MORINO, Toronto; Jarvis C.I. 
ROBERT J. MULLIGAN, Toronto; North Toronto C.L 

GILBERT V. PANET, Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Basketball MI. Future: 

Retail Pharmacy. 
SAMUEL PELL, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
DAVID H. POMOTOV, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Football II; BasketbaU 

III; Volleyball I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 


S.F.C.I.; Future: Retail 

THOMAS R. PURCELL, Smith Falls, 

HARRY H. REDLICH, Toronto; Eastbourne, England; Tennis; Skiing. 

Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
JAMES E. P. ROGERS, Dresden. Ont.; Dresden H.S.; Canterbury Club I; 

Bowling II. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

WALTER SADAK, Toronto; Parkdale C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
FRED J. SCHPANOUSKI, Toronto; Bloor C.I. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
LLOYD A. SCOTT, Oshawa; Whitby H.S.; Soccer; Volleyball; Lacrosse; 

Hockey; Basketball; Waterpolo; Pharmacy Athletic Director IV; 

Athletic Rep. III. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 




FRED T. SMITH, Windsor; F.C.I. 

WANDA H. STROZ (Mrs.), Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Girls' Athletic Rep. I. 

LEONARD J. TAYLOR, Brantford; Brantford C.I. 

MARY JEAN TRAYES, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; Basketball II; String 

Trio; Hockey IIMV; Girls' Athletic Rep. IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 
PAUL J. WAISBERG, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; Basketball I; Volleyball 

III. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 
MINA WANG (Mrs.), Tlumacz, Poland; Classic Gymnasium Tlumacz. 

ROBERT S. WEBSTER, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Pharmakon Photographer 
1\'; Lacrosse IV. Future: Retail Pharmacy. 

>»v w 


School of Physical 
and Health Education 



M.D., F.R.C.P. 

HARVEY A. ARMSTRONG, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Senior Swimming 
Team I, III; R. Tait Mackenzie Society II-III. 

GRANT W. BARRETT, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; U. of T. Inter- 
mediate Football I; U.C. Lacrosse Mil; U.C. Hockey I-III; Forestry 
Football Coach III; U.C. Girl's Football Coach II. Future: Teaching 

WILLIAM D. BRUNT, Newcastle, Ont.; Bowmanville H.S.; U.C.-P.H.E. 
Hockey I-III. Future: Teacher. 

NANCY LOU CAMPBELL, Niagara Falls; Stamford C.I.; Interfaculty 
Basketball I, III; Interfaculty Badminton, I-III; PHEWUAA I-HI, Pres. 
Ill; Women's Athlete Directorate III; Intermediate Volleyball HI; 
Intercollegiate Badminton III. Future: Teaching Physical Education. 

JUDITH E. CANSFIELD, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Interfaculty Swimming 
II-III; Hockey MI; Baseball II-III; Badminton I-HI; Bowling 
II-III; Intercollegiate Volleyball I-III; PHEUA III; PHEWUAA II; R. Tait 
McKenzie Society II-III; Volleyball Club II-III, President III; Swimming 
Club II. Future: Teaching. 

S. SUZANNE COAD, New Toronto; New Toronto S.S.; PHEWAA III; P. HE. 
Badminton I, III; P.H.E. Tennis II; P.H.E. Basketball II-III. Future: 

CATHERINE L. COLE, Englehart, Ont.; Englehart H.S.; U.C. French Club 

III; U.C. Spanish Club MI; U.C. Women's Athletic Association II; 

U.C. Follies II; Intermed. IntercoU. Basketball II, Basketball U.C. I-II, 

P.H.E. IMII; Softball U.C. Ill; P.H.E. II-HI; Hockey U.C. I-II, P.H.E. 

II-III; P.H.E. Bowling II-III; P.H.E. Blue and White Rep. Ill; P.H.E.U.A. 

Publicity III. Future: O.E.C. 
BEVERLY E. COWLING, BowmanvUle; Bowmanville H.S.; Interfaculty 

Basketball 1; Bowling III; Hockey II-III. Future: O.C.E. Summer 

School and Teaching. 
CAROL-ANN DUTHIE, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Intercollegiate Volleyball 

II; Interfaculty Volleyball Coach II; Interfaculty Archery II; 

PHEWUAA Archery Rep. II; Intercollegiate Archery III. Future: 



STANLEY I. FRASER, Glen Sandfield, Ont.; Glengarry District H.S.; 
Varsity Intermediate Soccer II-III; U.C. Soccer II; U.C. Lacrosse II-III. 
Future: Teaching Profession. 

ELIZABETH M. GALLAGHER, Orangeville; Orangeville District H.S.; 
R. Tait McKenzie Society IMII; P.H.E.W.U.A.A. II; P.H.E.U.A. IH: 
S.A.C. Ill; Women's Athletic Directorate III; Intermediate Inter- 
collegiate Basketball II; P.H.E. Basketball MI; Badminton MI; Volley- 
ball I; Softball II. Future: Teaching. 



ESTA R. HALPREN, Hamilton; Westdale S.S.; P.H.E.W.A.A.; Interfaculty 

BowllnK n III; Volleyball I; Swimming MI; Basketball IIIII; Inter- 

lolk-Kiatc Volleyball IIIII. Future: TeachinR. 
ZITA J. HERTZMAN, Toronto; Vaughan Koad C.I.; P.H.E. Volleyball MI; 

P.H.E. Archery II; P.H.E.W.A.A. Archery Rep. H; P.H.E. Softball 

Champions IIIII; P.H.E. Basketball III; P.H.E. Badminton III; 

P.H.E.U.A. Secretary III; R. Tait McKenz'e Honour Society II, 

President III. Future: O.C.E. 
JAMES S. HILL, Orillia; Orillia District C.V.I. ; U.C.-P.H.E. Ba.sketball Mil; 

U.C. P.H.E. Lacrosse Mil, Coach IIIII; Class Rep. of P.H.E.U.A. Ill; 

Intercollegiate Senior Football Trainer III. Future: Return for B.A. 


MARILYN C. HUTT, North Bay; Kirkland Lake C.V.I. ; Peterborough C.I.; 

North Bay C.I.; Basketball, IntercoU. I II, Interfaculty Mil; Interfaculty 

Tennis IIIII; Softball IIIII; Swimming II; Hockey III; Badminton Mil; 

Curling III; Bowling IMII; Golf II; PHEWUAA IIIII. 
IRENE KLEIN (Mrs.), Heidelberg, Germany; Hum. Gym. of Heidelberg. 
JONATHAN E. B. KNIGHT, Toronto; Royal York C.I.; P.H.E. Girls 

Softball Champions, Coach IMII; Archery Club I; Bridge Club MI. 

MARCARET ANN MERRITT, Grimsby; Grimsby and District H.S.; Inter- 
faculty Basketball Mil; IntercoU. BasketbaU I; IntercoU. Volleyball I; 
Hockey II-IH; Bowling H-IH; IntercoU. Bowling III; P.H.E.U.A. Mil. 
Future: Teaching. 

BORIS MISCHENKO, Toronto; Bloor C.I.; Intercollegiate Basketball I. 

KENNETH B. MUSSELMAN, Whitby; Whitby District H.S.; U.C.-P.H.E. 
Lacrosse III; Hockey IMII. 

BEVERLEY E. McLAREN, Oshawa; Oshawa C.C.I. ; Interfac. Volleyball I; 

Basketball Mil; Hockey Mil; Bowling IMII; IntercoU. Bowling III. 

Future: Teaching. 
SANDRA A. McMULLEN, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Interfac. Swimming 

Mil; IntercoU. Swimming Mil; BasketbaU Interfaculty Mil, IntercoU. 

Mil; Baseball II; Interfac. Badminton MI; P.H.E.U.A. II; P.H.E. 

W.A.A. IMII; R. Tait McKenzie Society. 
W. A. (BERT) NAYLOR, Brampton; Brampton H.S.; U.C.-P.H.E. Lacrosse 

Mil; E.A.C. Rep. II; U.C.-P.H.E. BasketbaU I; P.H.E.U.A., Vice- 

Pres. II, Pres. III. Future: Return for B.A. Degree. 

LILLIAN G. PAPP, Scarborough; Winston ChurchUl C.I.; Bowling II; 
P.H.E. Basketball IMII. Future: Teaching Physical Education. 

HARRY PASTERNAK, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; U.C. BasketbaU Mil; 
U.C. Lacrosse II. Future: Teaching Profession. 

LYNN SHONA PHILPOTT, Lslington; Etobicoke C.I.; Interfac. Swimming 
Mil; Intercollegiate Swimnoing IMII; Basketball, Coach IMII, Inter- 
faculty Mil; Intercollegiate Intermediate I, Sr. IMII; Badminton Mil; 
Tennis Mil; Baseball II-III; Archer>' I; P.H.E.W.U.A.A., Treas.; PHEUA, 
Yr. Rep. II; P. Tait McKenzie Society IIIII; Curling III; Field 
Hockey III. 

PRUT PIRSO, Scarborough; Winston ChurchiU C.I.; University Track IMII; 
U.C. Track IMII; U.C. FootbaU II. Future: Teaching. 

BRIAN F. PLUMB, North Bay; North Bay C.I. and V.S.; Varsity Inter- 
mediate Wrestling I; Gymnastics Instructor II-III. 

ROBERT J. PUGSLEY, Toronto; Leaside C.I.; U.C.H.-P.H.E. Hockey I-III; 
U.C. BasketbaU I. Future: Teaching. 

ALBERT F. REINHOLDT, Toronto; Riverdale C.I.; Sr. Intercollegiate 

Wrestling I; U.C. Hockey I; U.C. Lacrosse I; U.C. Basketball Mil; 

.Jr. U.C. Hockey. Coach II; Forestry FootbaU, Coach III; U.C. Hockey 

Representative III. Future: B.A., Teaching. 
HOWARD H. ROTH, DunnvUle; DunnvUle H.S.; Hockey, IntercoU. Inter 

mediate I, Senior II-III, Interfac. I, Coach III; Interfac. Lacrosse II-III; 

Basketball III. Future: Teaching. 
JUDY M. SMITH, Ancaster; Westdale H.S., HamUton; Basketball, Inter 

collegiate I-III, Interfac. Mil; Interfac. BasebaU IMII; Skiing I-III; 

PHEWUAA II-III; Women's Athletic Directorate III; R. Tait McKenzie 

Society III. Future; Teaching Physical Education. 



GEORGE H. SPANETZ, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Intentieriate Wrestling I; 

U.C. Interfaculty Basketball Mil; U.C. Lacrosse Mil; U.C. Hockey II; 

P.H.E. Girls' Softball Champions, Coach II-III; Intercollegiate Senior 

Football Trainer III; Intercollegiate Senior Basketball, Trainer I-in. 

Future: Teaching Profession and B.A. 
HAROLD B. STUDHOLME, Toronto; Central Technical School; R. Tait 

McKenzie Honour Society MI. Future: B.A. and Y.M.C.A. Work. 
JOHN S. TOMAS, Oshawa; Oshawa Central C.I.; S.M.C. BasketbaU II-III; 

S.M.C. Football HI. 

RONALD WHITESIDE, Toronto; Danforth Technical School; Intermediate 
Football I; U.C. Lacrosse MI; U.C. Football II-III; U.C. Basketball MIL 
Future: Teaching Profession. 


Physical and 
Occupational Therapy 



B.A., M.D. 

CARLYNN M. ALEXANDER, Burlington; Westdale S.S.; Panhellenic I; 
Basketball I-IIII; Volleyball III; Skule Nite II. Future: Physical 

MAUREEN P. AMEY, Lindsay; Lindsay C.I.; Open House IMII; P.O.T. 

Choir III. 
MARTHA A. ANDERSON, Brantford; Brantford C.I. and V.S.; P.O.T. 

Ba.sketball III; Volleyball MI; Choir MI; Open House MIL 

JUDITH F. APRS, Kcnora; Kenora-Keewatin D.H.S.; Residence House 
Manager II; C.C.R.I. Divisional Board Secretary III; P.O.T. Choir III. 

ELIZABETH B. BELL, Toronto; Bishop Strachan School; Interfaculty 
Swimming MI; Basketball I; Badminton I; Hockey I; Intercoll. 
Swimming IMII. 

DIANE H. BLACKFORD, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Varsity Cheer- 
leader MI; P.O.T. Athletic Rep I; P.O.T. Hockey Mil; P.O.T. Swimming 
MI; Badminton I II; P.O.T. Choir Mil; P.O.T. Basketball III. 

ANN W. CAMELFORD, Dunnville, Ont.; Dunnville H.S.; Basketball 
Mil; Volleyball Mil; Golf II; Panhellenic Council IMII. Future: 
Occupational Therapy in Vancouver. 

NANCY J. DAVISON, Toronto; Lawrence Park C.I.; Hockey Mil; 
Swimming I; Volleyball I; P.O.T. Choir MI; Float Parade MI; Group 
Rep. MI; S.A.C. Rep. Ill; Student Service Chairman III; P.O.T. Rep. 
for Varsity Queen III. 

NANCY J. DOLPHIN, Toronto; St. Clement's; Class President II; 
Hockey IMII; Open House MIL Future: Physiotherapy with Children. 

Branksome Hall; A'l>; Basketball Mil; 
Hockey IMII; Football I; Frat. Rushing 


Badminton Mil; Baseball MI; 

Chairman III. 
SALLY ANN EAST, Wellington; W.C.S. and P.E.C.I.; Open House Mil; 

Group Rep. Ill; University Settlement Mil; P.O.T. Choir III. Future: 

Occupational Therapy. 
ELSA M. FRASER, Falconbridge, Ont.; Sudbury H.S.; Open House IMII; 

Volleyball III. Future: Occupational Therapy. 



JUDY P. FRIEDLAND (Mrs.), Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I. 

PATRICIA R. GEORGE, Toronto; York Memorial C.I.; BasketbaU Mil; 

Volleyball Mil; Hockey Mil; Badminton Mil; BasebaU II-III; Choir 

Mil; Float Parade I-III; AthJeic Rep. IH; Open House Mil. Future: 

Physiotherapy and Travel. 
B. JANE HARVEY, Stoney Creek, Ont.; Saltfleet H.S.; Basketball Mil; 

Badminton II-III; Hockey III; Open House Mil. 

PATRICIA A. HAWKEN, Saskatoon, Sask.; City Park C.I.; POT. Hockey 

Mil; Open House Mil; Group Rep. MI; Treasure Van II-III. 
JACQUELINE A. HOUGH, Leaside; Leaside H.S.; Hockey I-UI; P.O.T. 

Open House Mil; Treasure Van II-III; Choir III. Future: Physio and 

Occupational Therapy in Toronto. 
BETTY L. HOWELL, Toronto; Etobicoke C.I.; Open House MI; Float 

Parade Mil; Treasure Van Mil; Group Rep. HI. 

IRJA M. KAPSI, Toronto; Jarvis C.I.; Swimming I-U; Badminton II-UI; 

Volleyball III; Open House I-III. Future: Therapy and Travel. 
MARGARET E. KLACHAN, Aylmer, Ont.; East Elgin H.S.; Hockey I-IH; 

Badminton III; Open House I-III; Newman Club HI; Float Parade I. 

Future: Occupational Therapy. 
GWLADYS A. LANG, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; P.O.T. Choir I HI; 

Badminton III; Open House I-III. Future: Therapy in Toronto and 

Travel in Europe. 

CAROLYN R. LEMAITRE, Weston; Weston C.V.S.; Choir I-III; Treasure 

Van I-III; Open House I-III; Basketball I; Group Rep. I; Class Pres. HI; 

Torontonensis Rep. III. 
JEAN C. LINDHOLM, Toronto; Loretto College School; POT. Choir ini; 

Golf II-III; Swimming I; Badminton I; Open House I-III; Newman 

Club III; Group Rep. II; "Dentantics" I; Float Parade I-III. Future: 

Therapy in the West and Travel in Europe. 
DORIS J. LITTLE, Markham, Ont.; Markham D.H.S.; U. of T. Chorus I; 

Skule Nite MI; Debates MI; P.O.T. Choir Director I-III; P.O.T. 

Social Rep. Ill; P.O.T. Exec. II-III; Float Parade I-III; Open House 

I-III. Future: Occupational Therapy. 

LORI R. E. LONGLADE (Mrs.), Penetang, Ont.; Lafontaine Secondary 

School; Swimming I; Volleyball I. 
MARY JANE McARTHUR, Picton, Ont.; P.E.C.I.; Open House I-IH; 

University Settlement I. 
JOAN E. McCHARLES, Iroquois Falls. Ont.; Iroquois Falls and Calvert 

D.H.S.; Choir II-III; Volleyball II; Open House I-III. Future: Europe. 

M. SUZANNE MARRS, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; President, P.O.T. 
Undergrad. Assoc. Ill; Pres., U. of T. Badminton Club (WAA) III; 
P.O.T. Tennis I; Hockey I; Baseball II; Basketball III; Volleyball I-III; 
Swimming I-III; Badminton I-III; P.O.T. Choir I-III. 

M. CHRISTINE MARSHALL, Pickering; P.D.C.I.; Basketball Mil; 
Badminton I-III; Choir I-III; Volleyball III. 

CORINNE R. MORLEY, Toronto; St. Clement's H.S.; S.P.S. Cheerleader I; 
Float Parade I-III; Flying Club Mil; Year Athletic Rep. II; Skule 
Nite II-III; Judo Club II-III; P.O.T. Athletic Rep.; Baseball I-III; 
Football I-III; Badminton I-III; Swimming I-III; Hockey I-III; Home- 
coming Show III. 

ANN M. MORRISS, Toronto; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.. St. Josephs H.S.; 

Skule Nite Mil; P.O.T. Choir Mil; P.O.T. Discussion Group MI; 

Newman Club II-III; Newman Reporter III; Float Parade II-III. 
MARGARET G. MURRAY, Toronto; Leaside H.S.; POT. Choir I; Float 

Parade I III; Badminton III. 
BARBARA M. PARKINSON, Highland Creek. Ont.; Royal York C.I.; 

Hockey I-III; Float Parade Mil. 



BARBARA A. PARSONS, Toronto; R. H. King C.I.; POT. Choir II III 

Kutiire: I'h,\ siothcrapy. 
JOAN C. PEPPIATT, Toronto; Newmarket H.S.; P.O.T. Choir II III; 

Newman Club IIIII. 
VERA S. PODOLSKY, Ottawa; Central S.S. 

HOLLY J. REIO, Lcaside; Leaside H.S.; P.O.T. Social Representative I; 

Blue and White Society III. 
JUDITH M. SAUL, Toronto; Oakwood C.I.; Swimming I; Outing Club 

HI; E AC. Ill; Open House I III; Hart House Theatre II-IH. 
MARGARET W. SEAVER, Markham, Ont.; Markham H.S. 

DOROTHY H. SHIMIZU, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Nisei Students Club Mil; 

POT. Choir IIIII; ISO. Secretary III. 
AUDREY F. SPECK, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; P.O.T. Choir I-III; 

Dentantics I; Open House I-III; Basketball I; Badminton II-III. Future: 

LILLIAN R. A. STANGEL, Toronto; St. Joseph's C.S.; Undergrad. Sec- 

Treas. I; Sec. Ill; Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III; Newman Club 

P.O.T. Rep. HI. 

ROSEMARIE C. STEIDL (Mrs.), London, England; Westmere, Norfolk, 

SANDRA I. STEWART, Willow dale; Earl Haig C.I.; S.P.S. Cheerleader I; 

Social Rep. IIIII, 

RUTH E. TORREY, Woodville, Ont.; Lindsay C.I. 

KAI L. VALTMAN; Oakwood C.I.; Archery I; Badminton IIIII; Hart 

House Theatre II; Ski Club II; Open House II. 
M. LAURINE WEBB, Guelph; Guelph C.V.I.; Group Rep. I; Volleyball 

IIIII; Arts and Letters Rep. III. 
RUTH E. WEST, Toronto; Forest Hill C.I.; POT. Basketball I-III; P.O.T. 

Hockey I; P.O.T. Undergrad. Vice-President II; E.A.C. Rep. III. 


St. Michael's College 



M.A., Ph.D. 

CAROLINE ALTPETER, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

BARBARA ANN APRILE, Toronto; General: Notre Dame H.S.; Softball; 

Bowling. Future: High School Teacher. 
PAUL E. ARENDS, Rochester, N.Y.; General; Aquinas Institute; E.A.C. 

Representative III; "The Mike" II-III; Athletic Directorate II; S.M.C. 

Basketball I-III, Rep. II; S.M.C. .Volleyball II-III. 
GARY B. ATKINS, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College School; S.M.C. 

Hockey Mil; Archery I; S.M.C. Lacrosse III; S.M.C. VoUeybaU I; S.M.C. 

Basketball I. Future: Law. 

G. D'ARCY ATKINS, Toronto; General; St. Michaels College School; 
Archery I; S.M.C. Volleyball I; S.M.C. Basketball I; S.M.C. External 
Affairs III. Future: Medicine. 

THOMAS C. AUCHINCLOSS, Toronto; General; De La Salle "Oaklands"; 

Hockey I-III; Football I, II. Future: Teaching. 
JOSEPH BACHEWSKY, Brantford; General; Brantford Catholic H.S. 

Future: Teaching. 

MICHAEL S. L. BAJOREK, Oshawa; General; Oshawa Catholic C.I.; S.M.C. 

French Club I-III; U. of T. Polish Students Club I, III. 
A. PAUL BAKER, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College School; 

Intra-Mural Hockey I-III. 
MARIE-JOSE BAKKER, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Loretto Abbey; 

United Nations Club III, Sec. MI; Carabin IV; S.M.C. Music Guild, 

Sec. II-III; Swimming I; Double Blue Committee II-III; Liberal Club I; 

S.M.C. Students" Service Committee II; Oratorical Society I; Co-op. I-IV; 

Float Parade II; At-Home Committee I-III. Future: Graduate Studies 

at U. of T. 

MARIA E. BATTLE, San Jose, Costa Rica; General; Maria Auxilia Dora, 

MATTHEW BATTLE, Toronto; General; De La Salle H.S. Future: Medicine. 
JAMES A. J. BEINGESSNER; Kitchener: General; St. Jeromes M.S.; 

H.H. Archery I; Football II-III; Track Rep. Ill; S.M.C. Student Council 

Sec. Ill; Treasure Van II; Basketball I-III; Volleyball I-III; House 

Council III. 

ROBERT G. A. BERGERON, Cornwall; General; St. Lawrence H.S.; Senate 

Club l-lll; Oratorical Society, Sec.-Treas. Ill; International Speech 

Festival IMII, Director III. Future: Osgoode Hall. 
LORRAINE M. BERRY, Toronto; General; St. Josephs H.S., IsUngton; 

Newman Undergraduate Club I-III, Treasurer II, 2nd Vice-President 

III; The Varsity II; General Office Girl. 
WANDA A. BIELAWSKI, Toronto; General. 



ROSEMARIE J. BIELECKI, Toronto; General; ISIoor C.I. 

LISETTE BOrUARD. (No Photograph.) 

DENIS F. BOISSELLE, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indi-s; General; St. 

Mary'.s College, Trinidad; S.M.C. Soccer Mil; Sjjanish Cluh 1 III. 

Future: Chartered Accountancy. 
TERENCE E. BOURKE, Toronto; General; Varsity II, III, U. ol T. Space 

Cliil) III. 

HELEN T. BOWENS, Kings Parl<, Long Island, N.Y.; General; Our Lady 
of Mercy Academy; Double Blue Committee MI; Softball II-III; Music 
and Drama Guild I; International Speech Festival II; Volleyball, Mgr. II 

JOHN R. BOYCE, Montreal, Que.; General; De La Salle "Oaklands"; St. 
Michael's College Music Guild, Secretary-Treasurer III. Future: Law. 

PATRICIA A. BOYLE, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey, Armour Heights; 
Swimming I; Newman Club II; Double Blue Mil; External AtTairs III. 

MARY GALE BRADSHAW, Kenora; General; Loretto Abbey, Toronto. 
DAVID N. J. BRISON, Bronxville, N.Y.; General; Cranwell Prep.; 

The Varsity, Photographer MI; The Mike, Reporter II, Writer's Group 

II III; Gryphon, Editor, III; SMC. Sodality I. 
JOAN A. BULGER, Stratford; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Stratford C.I.; Writer's 

Group MV; St. Joseph's Literary Club IIMV, President IV; St. 

Michaels Drama Guild II-III; L.O.C.K. MI. 

ANNA M. CACO, West Flamboro, Ont.; Household Economics; Cathedral 
H.S., Hamilton; Household Economics Club I IV; Volleyball Mil; 
Bowling III; S.M.C. M. and D. I; Sodality MV. Future: Dietitian. 

THOMAS L. CAIN, Toronto; General; De La Salle College: Etobicoke C.I. 

JOHN E. CALDARELLI, Sudbury; General; St. Charles College; S.M.C. 
Hockey B; Italian Club; S.M.C. Bridge Club. Future: Law School. 

BARRY J. CALLAHAN, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 

CLARA T. M. CAMPBELL, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's College School; 

Newman Club Mil. 
JEAN CARMICHAEL, Garden City, N.Y., U.S.A.; Genaral; Bishop 

McDonnell H.S.; Softball II-III; Mike Mil; Double Blue Committee 

II III; At-Home Committee II-III. 
MARGUERITE A. CASEY, Hamilton; General. 

JOSEPH R. CASSONE, Wood.stock; General; Woodstock C.I.; Soccer; 

Italian Club: Art Club. Future: Law School. 
LAURENE M. CATANIA, Toronto; General; B.D.H.S.; S.M.C. Softball A. 
MARY ANN P. CATHCART, Guelph; General; Guelph C.V.I.; Hockey I-III; 

Double Blue Committee II-III; Sodality Mil; St. Joseph's House 

Council, Social Rep. III. 

JOHN M. CHADAM, Caledonia, Ont.; Math, and Physics; Cathedral H.S.. 
Hamilton; Athletic Directorate IIMV; Physics Club IIMV. 

EARL A. J. CHRISTY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College School; 
The Newman Club III; Food Chemistry Club, Sec. III. Future: Ontario 
College of Education. 

ELMO A. CIPRIETTI, Hamilton; General; Cathedral H.S.; The Varsity Mil, 
Art, Music and Drama Editor III; H.H. Orchestra Associates I-III, 
Chairman II-III; H.H. Music Committee Mil, Record Room Curator 
II-III; S.M.C. Music Guild MI; U. of T. Film Society, Music Director III. 



MICHAEL F. G. CLARK, Hamilton; General; Dundas H.S.; Lacrosse MI; 
Music Guild, Concert Manager II-III. 

P. MICHAEL COCHRAN, Toronto; Psychology; De La Salle College; 
Psychology Club I-IV. 

ROBERT J. CODY, Toronto; General; De La Salle "Oaklands"; French 
Club III; Hockey MIL Future: Law School. 

JOHN J. P. COONEY, Willowdale; General; St. Michael's College School; 

Hockey II-III. Future: Osgoode Hall. 
B. GERARD COSGROVE, Schreiber; Ont.; General; St. Michael's College 

School; Schreiber Continuation School; Hockey; Basketball; Volleyball; 

Bridge Club. Future: Teaching. 
MARY L. COSGROVE, Clinton, New York; General; CUnton Central M.S.; 

Nazareth College of Rochester; S.M.C. External Affairs Comm. II; 

Basketball II-III. 

CATHARINE A. CRACK, Toronto; Eng. Lang. & Lit.; Lawrence Park C.I.; 

Co op. III-IV; Mike III; Double Blue Committee II. Future: Teaching. 
ROBERT CRAIG, Peoria, lU. (No Photograph.) 
JOHN F. CROSTON, Rochester, New York; General; Aquinas Institute; 

Sodality Mil, Sec.-Treas. II, Prefect III; Intramural Track II; Basketball 

I-III; Volleyball MI; Swimming Mil; Lacrosse III; S.M.C. United Appeal 

Chairman II; Float Parade Comm. II; Bridge Club II-III; At-Home II; 

"Christmas Belongs to Christ" Comm. Ill; Newman Club. 
THOMAS P. CUSHING, Toronto; Philosophy; St. Michael's College School; 

French Club III-IV; Squash Mil; Basketball MI; L.O.C.K. Mil; Maths. 

and Physics Club I; Table Tennis Club I. Future: Graduate Work. 

M. GLENDA CZERNY, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's College School; 

Basketball II; Baseball III; French Club MI; Food Chemistry Club III. 
RUDOLF A. DEBERNITZ, Toronto; General; Meistershaft College; 

Debating; Cercle Francais; Co-op. Worker; Swimming; Soccer. Future: 

Post Graduate Studies in German. 
JENI M. G. DE CARLO, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Loretto Abbey; 

Double Blue Committee II-III, Sec. II; Loretto Local Council III; 

Laval-S.M.C. Exchange III; S.M.C. Cercle Francais Exec. IV; Baseball 

II-IV; Hockey III-IV; L.O.C.K. III-IV. 

ROSE MARIE DE CARLO, Peterborough; General; St. Peter's H.S.; S.M.C. 

Basketball Mil; Italian Club, Social Convenor II, Sec.-Treas. III. Future: 

O.C.E. Summer Course, Teaching. 
SHEILA T. DESNOES, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.; General; Immaculate 

Conception H.S.; Special Events I; Sodality II-III; Double Blue II-III; 

Tennis III; Softball III; Girl's Ice Hockey Manager III. 
MARY C. Dl CINTIO, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's College School. 

Future: O.C.E. 

MARY J. DORIS, Peterborough; General; St. Peter's H.S. Future: Ontario 

College of Education. 
GEORGE J. DUCHART, Toronto; General; St Michaels College School; 

S.M.C. Hockey Mil; S.M.C. Basketball I-III; S.M.C. Squash II-III; U. of T. 

Auto Club, Steward III. Future: Law, Osgoode Hall. 
NORMAN R. FALCHUK, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I. 

JOSEPH FAMA, Dundas; General; Cathedral H.S.: Lacrosse; Volleyball; 

Basketball; Stage Crew; Biology Club. 
EDWARD J. F. FARRELL; East Rockaway, L.I., N.V.; General; St. Agnes 

Academic; Basketball; Volleyball; Boxing I; Geography Club. 
W. RONALD FAWCETT, Chatham; Physics and Chemistry; Chatham C.I.; 

Chemistry Club IMV. Future: Post Graduate Studies in Chemistry. 



JOHN R. FINLEY, Oshawa; General; Oshawa C.V.I.; Student Services 
ComnUssion III; St Mlchaers S.A.C. Ill; Basketball MI; Hockey 11; 
\'olleyball MI. Future: Law School. 

SHEILA M. FLANNERY, North Bay; Cloneral; Loretto Abbey. Toronto; 
l.oretto Sodality. Future: Teaching. 

ACNES M. D. FOLEY, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's College School; 
Iiilranuiral Biisketball Mil; Swimming IIIII; Hockey IMII; Bowling 
IMII; Newman Club Mil; St. Michaels College S..A.C. Ill, E.A.C. 
Chairman III; St. Michael's Co-operative. Future: O.C.E. 

PAUL A. W. FOLEY, New Haven, Connecticut; General; Notre Dame H.S.; 
•The Mike" II III. Sports Editor II, Editor III; Student Council II, 
II Year Rep.; Awards Committee II; S.M.C. Basketball MM; S.M.C. 
Track III; S.M.C. Volleyball IMII; Chemisry Club II; Double Blue 
CommiUee II. Future: Graduate Studies In Chemistry. 

JAMES A. FONTANA, Fort Frances; General; Fort Frances H.S. 

MICHAEL J. FOX, Sudbury; General. (No Photograph.) 

RUTH K. FREEMAN. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN J. FREER, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S. (No Photograph.) 

NINA M. FROSELL, Chicago. 111.; General; Trinity H.S.; S.M.C. Co-op., 
Member of Board II. President III; Volleyball A I; Float Parade I; 
Double Blue Committee II; Carabin Committee III. 

EDWARD H. GABIS, Syosset. Long Island, N.Y.; General; Brooklyn Prep. 

MS; Sodality of B.V.M. I-IV; Oratorical Society III; Athletic 

Directorate IIMV; U. of T. Intramural Committee III-IV; Soccer I; 

Volleyball I; Waterpolo I-IV; Football II-IV. Co-Captain IV; Basketball 

MV; Track I-IV. 
JAMES B. GALLICAN, New Haven, Conn.; General; Notre Dame H.S.; 

"The Mike " IMII. Sports Editor III; Intramural Volleyball MI; 

Intramural Basketball I-III; Football, Manager III. Future: Graduate 

Studies in Phy.sics. 
WILLIAM P. GARDNER, Toronto; General; De La Salle "Oaklands"; 

Biology Club; Chemistry Club. Future: Medicine. 
BARBARA A. GAUDET. (No Photograph.) 

SHEILA A. GEOGHEGAN, Guelph; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Guelph C.V.I.; 

Cheerleader IMII; A.V.R. II; Mickities IV. Future: Teaching. 
ROSE MARIE GIROUX, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; 

Basketball Mil; Softball III; S.M.C. Glee Club II; "The Mike" III; 

Hockey I. Future: O.C.E. 
SANDRA J. GRAHAM, Toronto; General; Loretto College School; 

Etobicoke C.I.; Double Blue Committee Mil; Newman Club I; 

"Mickities" IIL 

GREGORY GRANDE, Toronto; General; Italian Club, President; F.R.O.S.; 

L .\. Club. 
PATRICIA J. HALPIN, Weston; General. (No Photograph.) 
MARGARET A. HAMILTON, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Hart House 

Theatre Mil; S.M.C. Double Blue Committee II. 
DONNA M. HANSEN, Killaioe, Ont., General; St. Andrew's H.S.; S.M.C. 

Glee Club. Future: O.C.E. 

RUDOLF CASPER HASENACK, Nymegen, Holland; General; St. Michael's 

College School. Future: Dominican Priesthood. 
WILLIAM C. HAWKEN, Hamilton; General; Westdale Secondary H.S.; 

S.M.C. Student .-Xdministrative Council Treas. Ill; S.M.C. "Mike" I; 

S.M.C. Basketball Mil; S.M.C. Football Mil; S.M.C. Float Committee I; 

S.M.C. Waterpolo IMII; S.M.C. Co Op. Personnel Mil. Future: Medicine. 
JOAN M. HAYES, BufTalo, N.V.; General; Our Lady of Mercy H.S.; S.M.C. 

Co-operative, Board of Directors IMII; St. Joseph's College House 

Council. Pres. III. 

LORETTA A. HEALEY, We-ston; General; St. Josephs High School; 

Hockey I; Baseball I; Basketball Mil; L.O.C.K. IMII. Future: O.C.E. 
MARTHA M. HEARD, Richmond Hill; Philos. and Eng.; Loretto Abbey; 

Loretto Local Council II; Reporter, The Varsity IMII; L.O.C.K. I-IV. 
T. NELSON HICKEY, Peterborough; General; St. Peters M.S.; Future: 




M. LAURA HILL, St. Catharines; Psychology; St. Catharines C.I. and 
V.S.; Liberal Club IMII; F.R.O.S. Iim; SMC. E.A.C. Committee III; 
French Club IV; Psychology Club IMV. 

G. GREGORY HORNBERGER, Toronto; General; St. Michael's CoUege 
School; Hockey I-III; Girl's Hockey Coach IMII; Lacrosse III; Home- 
Coming Float Committee III. 

NANCY A. HORSFORD, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; 
Softball; French Club; At-Home Committee. Future: School of Social 

BLANCHE T. HORSHAM, Barataria, Trinidad, B.W.I.; General; Providence 

EDITH A. HOWARD, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; St. Joseph's CoUege 

School; Exchange Student to Smith; Literary Club; Debating. 
EMILY E. HRABCHAK, Sudbury; General; Sudbury H.S.; French Club II; 

S.J.C. Sodality III. Future: School of Social Work, Toronto. 

ELEANOR D. HUGHES, Toronto; General; Thomas L. Kennedy H.S.; 

BasketbaU I-III; Baseball II; "The Mike" II-IH; Double Blue 

Committee II. 
JUNE A. HUGHES, Prince Albert, Sask.; Psychology; Nechlade Manor, 

Nechlade, Glos., England; Hart House I-IV; S.M.C. Theatre Guild HI-IV; 

Outing Club III; U.T.D.C. III-IV; St. Joseph's Literary Society lU-IV; 

F.D.S. II-IV; Varsity I; Psychology Club II-IV. 
SHELAGH A. INWOOD, Toronto; General; N.D.H.S.; V.M.B.; S.J.C.S.; 

Newman Club I-III; Double Blue Committee IMII; 'Mickities' in. 

JUDITH M. I VERS, Westwood, New Jersey; General; Mt. St. Mar>' Acad., 

Newburgh, N.Y.; Sodality I-III. 
JAMES H. JACKSON, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S.; Future: 

DANA JAGLA, Toronto; General; Loretto H.S. 

CAROL MARIE JONES, Flushing, New York; General; Bishop McDonnell 

Memorial; The "Mike" I; Western, Women's Editor; Mickities I; 

Student Service Rep. II; Glee Club IMII; Softball IMII; Women's Jr. 

Vice-Pres. Ill; St. Mike's S.A.C.; U. of T. Student Council III; Finance 

Commission, U.T.D.U. Future: Social Work. 
PATRICK A. JORDAN, Toronto; General; De la Salle "Oaklands". 
MAUREEN P. G. KELLY, Hawkesbury, Ont; General; Convent of the 

Sacred Heart, Montreal; Sodality Mil; At-Home Committee II-III; 

Double Blue Committee II-III; Softball Mgr. II-III; French Club ni; 

Home Coming Float III. 
GEOHARD J. KENNEPOHL, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 

JOSEPH G. KEOGH, St. Catharines; General. 

CATHERINE J. KILLINGSWORTH, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's H.S.; 

Double Blue Committee II; Baseball II; St. Joseph's House Council m. 
RUTH E. KUKTA, Timmins; General; Bloor C.I.; Obnova I; French Club 

MI; Basketball Interfaculty I-III; Lit. Society III. Future: Secondary 

School Teaching. 

GERALD A. LALONDE, Quebec City, P.Q.; General; St. Michaels 

College School. 
PAUL H. LAURENDEAU, Montreal, P.Q.; Geography; Le Plateau H.S., 

Montreal; Newman Club IV; French Club IV. Future: M.A. and Ph.D. 

In Geography. 
RODRIGUE V. LAUZON, Ottawa; General; University of Ottawa H.S.; Judo. 

I'Uture: Post Graduate Work. 



WILLIAM A. E. LAXTON, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S. 

PAUL A. LEACY, Peterborough; General; South Grenvllle D.H.S., 
Prescott; Basketball Mil; Volleyball Mil. Future: Business Admini- 

CARL F. LEAHY, Douro, Ont.; General; St. Peters H.S.; Hockey Mil; 
Football IIIIl; WeightUftlng III; Basketball IMII; Chemistry Club III. 
Future: Medicine. 


BERNARD M. LEMIEUX, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I. Future: Ontario 

C'olleKc of Education. 
PIERRETTE LePAGE, Toronto; General; Notre Dame H.S., Ottawa. 

VINCENT B. LIDDY, Brooklyn, New York; General; St. Augustine's H.S.; 

Senate Club Mil; Boxing I, III; Mickltles II. Future: Law. 
DONALD J. LIPKE, Syracuse, New York; General; St. Vincent de Paul 

H.S.; Sr. Intercollegiate Basketball Coach I, St. Michael's I; Jr. 

Intercollegiate II; St. Michael's Soccer IMII. 
DAVID J. LONCARINI, Sudbury; General; St. Charles College; Italian 

Club IMII. Future: Ontario College of Education. 

WILLIAM LONGLADE, Penetang, Ont.; General; Penetang H.S. 
PETER J. LYDON, Milton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.; Philosophy and English 

Phillips Exeter Academy; Basketball I; Mike I; Senate Club IMV 

Historical Club IV; H. H. Library' Committee IV; Oratorial Society IV 

Carabin IV. 
MERVYN A. LYNCH, Trinidad, W.I.; General; St. Mary's College. Future: 

Post Graduate Studies in Physics. 

WILLIAM L. McAULEY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S. Future: 

Osgoode Hall. 
PETER W. McCAIC, Cobourg; General. (No Photograph.) 
F. DOROTHY McCRAE, Toronto; General; Convent of the Sacred Heart, 

Montreal, P.Q.; Music Society, Advertising II; At Home Decorations 

Comm. Mil; Float Parade Comm. Ill; L.O.C.K. I; Newman Club Mil; 

St. Joseph's Newman Club Rep. II; S.M.C. Glee Club IMII; Varsity I. 
DANIEL M. J. MACOONALD, Weston; General; Weston C.V.S. Future: 

M.A. in Mathematics. 

EDWARD McGILL, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S. Future: Law. 

MARY McKEOWN. (No Photograph.) 

PATRICK MacKINNON, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S.; Interfaculty 

Hockey Mil. 
MARY JO Mclaughlin, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Double 

Blue MI; Float Committee MIL 

JOHN McRAE, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College; Hockey I, III; 

Golf I. 
DARLENE MADORA. (No Photograph.) 
RAPHAEL A. MAHER, Pentanguishene; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Penetang 

H.S.; Cobourg C.I.; Micketies IV; Drama III. Future: Graduate Work. 
DANA MALANCZAK. (No Photograph.) 
MARY P. MALLON, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's C.S. 



MICHAEL C. MALLON, Toronto; General; St. Michael's H.S. 
JOAN C. MARCHUT, Oshawa; General; O.C.C.I.; Mickities III. Future: 

JOSEPH J. MARCYNUK, Toronto; Philos. and Eng.; De La SaUe C.I.; 
Newman Club Ml; Varsity Reporter I; Squash 111; Lacrosse IV; 
Mickities IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 

WILLIAM W. MARKLE, Toronto; General; De La Salle Oaklands C.I. 
Football "A" Team Mil; Hockey "A" Team Mil; M.C. of various 
shows III; Float Committee, Vice-Chairman III; Girls Hockey Coach 
III. Future: Law School. 

BARBARA W. A. MASLON, Toronto; General; 

St. Joseph's H.S.; Polish Students Club. 

Humberside Collegiate; 

PATRICIA M. MONAGHAN, Corner Brook, Nfld.; General; Convent of 

the Sacred Heart, Montreal; Glee Club; Sodality. Future: O.C.E. 
MELVIN A. MORASSUTTI, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Italian 

Club Mil, Pres. II; Softball Coach III; Mickities, Bus. Mgr. III. Future: 

Osgoode Hall, Law. 
ANDREA K. MORIN, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Softball U-III; 

Hockey II; Bowling, Mgr. II; Basketball, Mgr. II. 

JAMES K. MORSE, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S.; S.M.C. Hockey 

Mil; S.M.C. Football II; Girls Hockey Coach III. Future: Business 

VIRGINIA M. MUGAN, Long Island, New York; General; Bishop 

McDonnell; Softball IMII; S.M.C. Cheerleader IMII. 
SUSAN C. MULDOON, Leaside; General; Loretto Abbey H.S.; BasebaU; 

Basketball, Mgr.; French Club; Newman Club. Future: High School 


MICHAEL MUNGOVAN, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Varsity Swim 

Team IMII. Future: Law at Osgoode Hall. 
DOROTHY M. MURNANE, Utica, N.Y.; General; St. Francis DeSales H.S.; 

S.M.C. Cheerleader Mil, Capt. II; Sodality Mil, Treas. I; Mickities I-IH; 

A.V.R. MI; Oratorical Society, Vice-Pres. I; The Mike MI; Varsity I; 

Loretto Local Council, Pres. Ill; Double Blue Comm. I; Float Comm. I; 

Co-op Mil; Music and Drama Society 1; Softball II. 
JACQUELINE A. MURPHY, Belleville; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; St. Michael's 

H.S.; Smith College Exchange, III; Reporter, 'Sophian', III; Comstock 

(Smith) Baseball III; Comstock Newman Club Rep. Ill; Sodality I-IV; 

Fine Arts Club MI; International Students Club IV; Writers' Group 


MARILYN A. MURRAY, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; Basketball 1; 

Baseball 11-111; Hockey I-III; S.M.C. Athletic Directorate III. 
ROBERT G. MURRAY, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S.; Hockey I 11: 

Lacrosse II. Future: Law School. 
RICHARD F. NAPOLI, White Plains. NY.; General; A. B. Davis H.S.; 

S.M.C, S.A.C. 1; Basketball "B" MI; Laval Exchange II; S.M.C. Co-op 

Mil; Board of Directors II, Mgr. HI: S.A.C. Awards Committee Chrm. 

II; "The Mike" II, Managing Editor III; W.U.S. Committee II: Internal. 

Speech Festival, Publicity Chrm. I, Share Publicity Chrm; M.E.L.F.C. 

Pres.; S.M.C. At Home MI; Constitution Chrm. Future: Teaching. 

M. EILEEN E. NAZARUK, Toronto; General. 

M. LYNN NICHOLL, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey: University of 

Toronto Chorus 1; Mickities '58 I. 
ALEXANDER RUSSELL NICOL, Niagara Falls; General; Niagara Falls 

C.V.I. Future: Osgoode Hall. 



A. RAYMOND NIEJADLIK, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College H.S.; 

SMC. Iiilfrt;uiill,\ Squash II. Future: Osfioode Hall. 
GENEVIEVE M. NORKUS, Toronto; General; St. Josephs C.S. 
W. J. PAUL O'NEILL, Toronto; General; St. Michael's College H.S.; 

Hotki-y;; Walerpolo. Future Post-Grad. Work in Business 


ROBERT J. B. O'REGAN, Yorkton. Saskatchewan; General; Yorkton C.I. 
HELEN B. O'ROURKE, ChicaKO, 111; General; St. Xavier Academy; S.M.C. 

Dance Decorations III; The Mike MI; Mickities I; S.M.C. Talent 

Night Mil. 

DIANE A. PALMER, New Hartford, New York; General; New Hartford 
C.S.; Float Committee III; University Choir III; St. Michael's Glee 
Club II-III; St. Josephs Sodality I; Schola MI; At Home Committee III. 

SEVERING L. PANCARO, Sudbury; General. 

SYLVIA E. M. PEGIS, Yonkers, NY.; Philos. and Enj,'.; Elizabeth Seton 
H.S.; Theatre Guild, Vice-Pres. II, Pres. IIMV; Gryphon Assoc. Editor 
I II; St. Joseph's House Council IIMV; Hart House Theatre I; U.T.D.C. 
IIMV; St. Joseph's Literary Club, Pres. III. 

J. MICHAEL PETT, H;imilton; General; Cathedral H.S. Future: Priesthood. 
DARRALYN M. PHELAN, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; St. Mike's 

Drama C'luh I; Hart House I; Newman Club III. 
JOHN A. PIERCE, Worcester, Mass.; Classics; Assumption Prep.; S.M.C. 

Senate Club l-IV, Pres. IV; H.H. Debates Comm. II-IV, Sec. IIMV; 

U.T.D.U. Team II; Historical Club IIMV; Vic. Classics Club IIMV; 

U.C. -Trinity Classics Club IV; H.H.O.A. II; S.M.C. Drama Guild III; 

Board of Stewards, Hart House, IIMV. Future: Graduate Study. 

JOHN M. PLUSCAUSKAS, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Parkdale C.I.; 

Chairman Laval Exchange; L.O.C.K. Pres; S.M.C. French Club 

WILLIAM P. POLITO, Rochester, New York; Aquinas Institute; Reporter, 

The Mike III; Varsity Wrestling Team Mil; Italian Club I-III; S.M.C. 

Football II-III; S.M.C. Volleyball Mil; S.M.C. Track I-III; S.M.C. 

Basketball I-III. Future: Law School. 
VICTOR R. J. PUPPA, Hamilton; Phil, and Eng.; Chess Club I; Volleyball 

I IV; Basketball I IV; Hart House Committee IV; H.H. Orchestra Assoc, 

Bus. Mgr. II. Future: Teaching. 

JUDITH M. PURCELL, Toronto; Philos. and Eng.; Loretto Abbey; S.M.C. 

French Club, Publicity III, Secretary IV. 
EILEEN M. RAMSDEN, Toronto; General; French Club I-III; Spanish 

Club I. P'uture: Study in Europe. 
PATRICIA A. M. REDLIN, Clarkson; General; Loretto Academy, Niagara 

Falls; Stamford C.I.; S.M.C. French Club. Future: Teaching. 

EDWARO L. REDMOND, New York City, N.Y.; General. 

MARY M. REED, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault Ste. Marie C.I.; Loretto 

flousc Council III; Mickities '60 III; University Drama Festival I. 
RICHARD E. REGAN, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.; General; St. Thomas More H.S.; 

Basketball I-III; Co-op I-III, A.sst. Manager. Future: U.S. Navy. 



ROSEMARIE P. ROBB (Mrs.), Stratford; General; Loretto Academy; 

Stratford C.I.; Swimming Skating. Future: Teaching. 
WILLIAM RUDY, Toronto; General; RiverdaJe C.I.; Obnova PubUcity Mgr. 

I. Future: High School Language Teacher. 
PETER J. M. RYAN, Toronto; Physics and Chem.; St. Michael's C.S.; 

S.M.C. Hockey I III; U. of T. Chemical Club U-IV. 


JEANNE SAUVE, Penetang; General; Midland-Penetang D.H.S. 

JOANNE W. SCHENCK, St. Catharines; General; St. Catharines C.I.; 
Basketball Mil; Softball II-UI; Hockey II-III; The Mike U; At Home 
Committee II; Double Blue Comm. MI; S.M.C. S.A.C., Women's 
Athletic Rep. III. 

BERNADETTE C. SCHEURMAN, Norwich, Ont.; General; Norwich D.H.S.; 

Food Chemistry Club. 
NEIL R. M. SEIFRIED, Kitchener; Geography; St. Jerome's H.S.; Indoor 

Track Team I; Geography Club Year Rep. II. 
CATHERINE B. SHANNON, Hingham, Mass.; General; Archbishop WU- 

liams H.S.; St. Joseph's Student Council MI; Co-op. Worker III; Girls 

Ice Hockey II-III; Girl's Golf Tournament HI; Tennis Tournament I-III; 

Future: U.S. Foreign Service Corps. 

DONALD E. SHEBIB, Toronto; General; De La Salle "Oaklands"; S.M.C. 

Football Mil; S.M.C. BasketbaU I-III; Girls' Softball, Coach. Future: 

M.A. in Sociology. 
WILLIAM J. SHEEHAN, Utica, New York; General; St. Francis de Sales 

CAROL M. SHELDON, New Hartford, New York; General; New Hartford 

H.S.; St. Joseph's Sodality I-III, Pres. II-III; St. Joseph's House 

Council II-III. Future: Graduate Study. 

DAVID M. SIMMS, Rochester, New York; General; Aquinas Institute. 

PATRICK V. SLACK, Erinsville, Ont.; General; Tweed H.S. 

JEANNE M. J. SMITH, Toronto; Phil, and Eng.; Loretto CoUege S.; 

L.O.C.K. I-IV; AVR I; S.M.C. S.A.C. Secretary II; Mickities nm. 

Future: Teacher. 

PETER B. STOKES, Toronto; General; De La Salle College "Oaklands"; 

Newman Club I-III. 
GLENN SULLIVAN. (No Photograph.) 
JORDAN SULLIVAN, Toronto; General. 
LEONORE SULLIVAN. (No Photograph.) 
THOMAS R, SUTHERLAND, Hamilton; General; Cathedral H.S.; S.M.C. 

SA.C, Fine Arts Chrm., Mens Rep. III-IV; Mickities '60, producer; 

H.H. Glee Club; S.M.C. Glee Club; Basketball. Future: Law School. 
JOSEPH SWEENY. (No Photograph.) 

G. DOROTHY SZYMKO, UUca, New York; General; St. Francis de Sales 

H.S.; S.M.C. S.A.C, Senior Women's Vice-Pres. Ill; Carabin III; S.A.C. 

II yr. Rep.; Double Blue Committee MI, Chairman II, Publications 

Commissioner III; At-Home Comm. Ill; Orientation Co-Chairman II; 

Bridge Club III; Float Comm. I; Baseball I-III. Future: U.S. Civil 

Service, Research. 
ENA V. THOMAS, Trinidad, San Juan; General; Bishop Anstey's H.S. 

Future: Teaching. 
MICHAEL T. THOMPSON, Dundas, Ont.; General; Cathedral M.S.. 




MARY J. TIMMINS, Montreal, P.Q.; PhUos. and Eng.; Convent of the 
Sacred Heart; Carabln IV; Basketball MV; IntercoU. IIMV; Hockey 
MI; SoftbaU III; SMC. Women's AthleUc Executive III. 

FELICITAS V. M. TOCZYLOWSKA, Toronto; Modem History; Loretto 
ColleKe H.S. 

SUSAN A. TOMENSON, Toronto, General; Loretto Abbey; Loretto 
Local Council Mil, Social Rep. Ill; Sodality I-III; Hockey II-III; 
BowUng IMII: Newman Club III; Golf III. 

NORMA A. TORRESIN, Hamilton; General; Cathedral H.S.; S.M.C. 
Girls Hockey II-III; Liberal Club Mil; Forensic Circle II; Mickltles 
MI, Wardrobe Dept.; St. Joseph's Sodality IMII; Italian Club Mil, 
Vice-Pres. III. 

ARLENE C. VAN VALKENBURC, Larchmount, New York; General 
Mamaroneck H.S.; Cheerleader MV, Captain IV; "Mike" I-IV 
Mickltles '58; International Speech Festival IMII; S.M.C. Glee Club III 
Softball IIMV; Co-op Worker IMV. Future: M.A. English, Teacher. 

JOAN M. T. VASTOKAS (Mrs.), Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Etobicoke 
C.I.; Royal York C.I.; U. of T. Fine Arts Club MV, President III; 
Varsity IMV. Future: Post-Graduate Work. 

COLLEEN E. WALSH, Toronto; Philosophy; Loretto Abbey; S.M.C. French 

Club IMV; L.O.C.K. I-IV. 
JAMES A. WEBER, Toronto; General; St. Michael's C.S.; Hockey I; Sports 

Car Club III. 

PAUL C. WEILER, Port Arthur; Phllos. and Hist.; St. Patrick's H.S. 

Future: Law. 
VIRGINIA T. WEILER, Mount Forest; General; Mount Forest H.S.; 

Basketball I; Liberal Club II. 
R. DRAKE WILL, Toronto; PhUos. and Eng.; De La Salle "Oaklands"; 

Chancel Choir I-IV, Co-Director III. 

JACQUELINE J. WILLIAMS, Toronto; General; Loretto Abbey; U. of T. 

Chorus I, III; Mickities '58, Chorus. Future: Further Study. 
FRANCIS J. WOODS, Carrick-on-Shannon, Republic of Ireland; General; 

St. Mels College, Longford; Tennis; Soccer Hiking. Future: Ontario 

College of Education. 
TAI LOY YEE, Canton, China; Math, and Phys. 

JOSEPH J. ZABEK, Toronto; General; Stamford C.L 

OLHA M. ZELENYJ, Toronto; General; Jarvls C.I.; Ukrainian Students' 

Club. Future: High School Teacher. 
BARBARA M. ZAREMBA, Toronto; General; Loretto C.S.; Polish Students' 

Club, Recording Secretary I, 1st Vlce-Pres. II-III. Future: Social Work 

School at U. of T. 

ERNEST A. ZWERC, Toronto; General; Lender College School, Germany; 
ItaUan Club Mil, Vice-President III. Future: High School Teacher. 


Trinity College 



M.A., Ph.D. 

CATHERINE R. ARTHUR, Toronto;- Eng. Lang, and Lit.; North Toronto 

C.L; Varsity III; Trinity Review IIMV, Editor IV. 
NANCY P. AUDEN, Alpena, Mich.; Psych.; Port Arthur C.I.; Basketball 

I-II, IV; Athletic Exec. 11; Psychology Club II-IV; VolleybaU MI; 

F.R.O.S., Host Committee II, IV; I.S.O. Exec. III. Future: Clinical 

NORMA C. BARRETT, Peterborough; General; Brampton District H.S.; 

Biology Club I-III, Exec. MI; Zoology Conversat II; St. Hilda's Lit. MI. 

Future: Research Laboratory Work. 

ERIC A. BARTON, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College. 

SANDRA G. BEARANCE, Toronto; Geography; Humberside C.I. ; Geography 
Club Il-lV, President IV; St. Hilda's Hockey I; St. Hilda's Softball I-II. 

B. A. GAIL BECKETT, Copper Cliff; General; Copper Cliff H.S.; French 

Club I; St. Hilda's Lit. Future: Post Graduate Work. 
HELEN D. BELL, Toronto; General; Vaughan Rd., C.L; Modern History 

Club MIL Future: Ontario College of Education. 
WARREN L. BELLANFANTE, Rosehall, Jamaica; General; Excelsior H.S. 

MARIANNE M. BERTON, Ottawa; Geography; Glebe C.L; Basketball MV: 

Hockey II-IV; Football MV; Geog. Club, Exec. II-IV; U.N. Club IIMV; 

R.C.A.F. MV: Head of Switchboard II; French Club I; Field Hockey IV. 
ELEANOR A. BEVINGTON, Toronto; General; Humberside C.L; Maths. & 

Phys. Society Mil; St. Hilda's Lit. Society, Treas. Ill; Trinity Altar 

Guild II III. Future: O.C.E. 
SILVIA V. BINKLEY (Mrs.), Toronto. (No Photograph.) 



WENDY BLAIR, Ottawa; English Lang, and Lit.; Llsnar C.I. Future: 

Wiilkiiif.; Tour of Ireland. 
DAVID C. BOLTON, Windsor. (No Photograph.) 
JOHN E. M. BOUNDY, Toronto; General; Humbcrside C.I.; Progressive 

Conservative Club Mil, Vlce-Pres. Ill; Canterbury Club II III; Trinity 

French Club I III. F'uture: Graduate Work. 
R. GARY BURFIELD, St. Catharines; General; Linwell H.S., Thorold; 

Trinity Basketball I; Trinity Servers Guild Mil. Future: O.C.E. 


CAROLEA L. CLARK, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Interfac. 

liaseball Mil; Interlae. Volleyball I-III; Interfac. Basketball Mil; St. 

Hildas .Athletic Exec. IMII. Future: Teaching. 
JANE H. COGAN, Toronto; General; Havergal College; U. of T. Tennis 

Team. Future: O.C.E. ; Teaching History. 

LIONEL T. COLMAN, Nassau, Bahamas; General; Trinity College School; 
U.N.T.D. I III; Varsity Blues Boxing II; Rugger II-IV; Varsity Inter- 
mediates IMII, Varsity Blues IV; Swimming, Varsity Intermediates MI; 
Trinity Waterpolo I-IV; Trinity Soccer MI; B.W.I.S.A. MV; Sheraton 
Student Rep. IIMV; F.R.O.S. MV. Future: Law at Lincoln's Inn. 
London, Then Nassau. 

JOHN W. D. CONNOLLY, Toronto. 

JOHN A. COOK, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Trinity Soccer 
Mil; Hockey Mil; Liberal Club. 





(Mrs.), Montego Bay, Jamaica; General; Montego 

GERALDINE C. DAMON, Toronto; House. Ec; Branksome Hall School; 

Household Economics Club MV, Treas. II; Trinity College French 

Club MI; St. Hilda's College Lit. Soc. MV; St. Hilda's College Class 

Executive Mil; Swimming Mil; Treasure Van III. 
DIANA H. DEAN, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; University 

Symphony Mil; Fine Arts Club Mil. Future: Teaching. 

JOANNE C. DICK, Toronto; Psych.; King's Hall Compton; Arnprior U.S.; 

E.A.C. IIMV; Trinity Dramatic Society MI; N.F.C.U.S. Ill; Trinity 

Choir Mil; Psych. Club II-IV. 
JUDITH M. EARLE, Toronto; Biology; Runnymede C.I.; Biology Club II-IV; 

Basketball I. Future: O.C.E. 
MARY JANE EDWARDS, Corner Brook, Nfld.; Modern Lang, and Lit.; Hill H.S., Montreal; Gait C.I.V.S.; Trinity Chapel Advisory Board 

I, IV; Trinity Altar Guild MV; French Club MV; W.U.S.C. Ill; St. 

Hilda's Lit. MV. 

JANE ELTON, Long Branch; General; New Toronto H.S.; Neuchatel Junior 
College; Trinity French Club Mil; Canterbury Mil, Council III; U.N. 
Club III. Future: Teaching. 

JOANNE d'ESTERRE, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; Modern 

History Club; Biology Club. Future: O.C.E. 
JOHN F. EVANS, Hamilton; Political Science and Economics; Hillfield 

School; Historical Club IV; Trinity Football MV; Head Sidesman. 

Trinity Chapel II; Trinity Dramatic Society, Publicity Dir. III. Future: 

Osgoode Hall. 


NEVILLE E. FLETCHER, Kingston, Jamaica. 



ANNE P. FORRESTER, BellevUle; Art and Arch.; BeUevllle C.I. and V.S.; 

Torontonensis Mil; Fine Arts Club III; St. HUda's Basketball III; 

Trinity Review, Art Editor IV. 
GWENNETH GALILEE, Erindale; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Bishop Strachan 

School; Trinity French Club I-IV; U. of T. German Club III-IV; 

F.R.O.S. II; St. Hilda's Lit. Exec. H; St. HUda's Lacrosse I-IV. Future: 

Study in France. 
ANN GEIKIE, Oshawa; General; Havergal College; Trinity French Club I; 

St. Hilda's Literary Society Mil; Basketball; Head of Year HI. Future: 

Harvard, Business. 

JAMES M. GIBSON, Toronto; General. 

HENRY M. GLAONEY, Samia; Physics and Chemistry; Upper Canada 

CoUege; Trinity Soccer MI; Maths, and Phys. Club Mil; H. H. Music 

Committee II-IV; H. H. O.A. IV. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 
F. MADELINE GRANT, Durban, South Africa; General; Epworth High 

School, Natal, S. Africa; F.R.O.S. I-UI; S.C.M. HI; U.N. Club HI; 

Year Play I-in. 

ADRIENNE Y. S. GREEN, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School; Histor>' 

Club. Future: O.C.E. 
EVE HARGRAFT, Cobourg; General; Cobourg D.C.I.; French Club Mil; 

Cheerleader II; St. HUda's Lit. I, III; U.T.D.U. HI; T.C.D.S. I-H; U. of T. 

Liberal Club Mil, Treas. III. 

BRUCE M. HENDERSON, Toronto; General; University of Toronto Schools; 
U.N.T.D. Mil; Trinity FootbaU n; Blue and White Society HI. 

SANDRA M. HENDERSON, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.L; Trinity 
Softball Ml; Basketball Mil; Swimming I-IH; Hockey I-HI; Field 
Hockey II; St. HUda's Athletic Exec. H-III; U. of T. Swim Club m. 

SANDRA E. HENNING, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Bishop Strachan 
School; Trinity French Club MV; E.A.C. II; Treasure Van I-HI; Hostess 
for W.V.S. Reception; Share. Future: Tran.slator of French and 
Spanish; Marriage. 

PAMELA J. HILL, Toronto; Philosophy; Bishop Strachan School; Swimming 
II-IV; BasketbaU II, IV; Baseball H-IV; Archery IH-IV; Hockey MV; 
Lacrosse I-IV; IntercoU. Swimming II-IV; Varsity Sports IH-IV; Athletic 
Exec. II-IV; St. HUda's A.A. Pres. IV; University Swim Club Exec. IV. 
Future: Phys. Ed. 

KEITH A. HOILETT, Jamaica, West Indies; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Excelsior H.S.; 
Trinity Coll. Literary Inst., Year Rep. I, Curator H, Vice-Pres. IH, 
Speaker IV; Trinity E.A.C. Rep. IV; Co-Chairman, W.U.S.; Hart House 
Library Comm. II-IV; Historical Club III. Future: Law. 

T. ALAN HUGHES, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Hart House 
Glee Club MI. Future: Graduate Work. 

ANN JOHNSTON, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; Bishop Strachan School; Skating; 
Mod. Hist. Club MV, Exec. Ill; P.C. Club I-IV; Trinity French Club II; 
E.A.C, Treas. Van Hostess MH; U.C. French Club; U.C. Drama I. 

JUDITH A. KEAST, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; Bishop Strachan School; U. of T. 

Tennis Team I; Mod. Hist. Club, Year Rep. II, Sec. III. 
PAMELA E. KERR, Sudbury; General; Branksome HaU: BasketbaU Mil; 

Convenor S.T.S. II; Athletic Exec. I, III; Convenor Frosh Receptions IH; 

French Club I; Softball U-III. 
A. JEAN KINGSTON, Toronto; General; Northern Vocational School; 

BasebaU I-III; VoUeybaU I; Badminton I; U. of T. Spanish Club I; 

Brett Club IMII; S.C.M. IH; Canterbury Club I-III; P.C. Club IMII. 

Future: Teaching in U.S.A. 

DAVID N. KITCHEN, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; St. Andrew's Coll.; Year 

Executive IMII; Trinity "A" Hockey Team III. 
ROBERT C. LEE, Hamilton; General; HiUfield School; Trinity "B" Hockey 

Mil; U. of T. Sport Car Club, Vice-Pres. HI. 
M. OLIVIA LEMMON, Toronto; General; Havergal CoUege; St. HUda's 

Basketball MI; 
After O.C.E. 

Mod. Hist. Club III. Future: Marriage; Teach Histor> 



WILLIAM A. LEWIS, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; U.N.T.D.; 

Trinity College French Club Mil. Vice-President II; Trinity College 

Soccer B Team I. 
W. JOAN LEWIS, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Ice Hockey I; 

St. Hildas Lit.; Basketball III; French Club I. 
DIANA P. P. LISTER, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; 

Basketball 1 III; Baseball II III; Volleyball III. 

DAVID M. LOGAN, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; U.T.S.; Hart House Squash 
Committee IIMV; Trinity Basketball II; Trinity Squash III. Future: 
Graduate Work. 

W. CARRY LOVATT, Toronto; Modern History; University of Toronto 
Schools; Trinity College Literary Institute I-IV, Ass't Treas. II, 
Curator III, President HI, Deputy Speaker IV; Conversazione 
Committee IIIV, Chairman IV; Trinity College Chapel Board III-IV, 
Treas.; Trinity Cercle Fran<;als I-IV; Carabin Committee Treas. IV. 

ALBERTHA McCLOSKEY, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Princess 
Gardens School, Nr. Ireland; French Club I. Future O.C.E. 

PETER R. F. McCAW, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; U.T.S. Future: Law. 

GEORGE E. T. McLAREN, HamUton; General; Trinity College School; 
Biology Club IMII. Future: Medicine. 

H. DUNCAN McLAREN, Ancaster; General; HiilHeld; French Club III; 

Reporter. The Varsity II, Cont. Trinity Review. Future: Journalism. 
JOHN M. McMURTRY, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Varsity 

Blues Football; Trinity College Hockey. Future: Teaching. 
BRUCE C. McQUAKER, Lakevlew; General; New Toronto S.S.; Trinity 

Drama Club I; Trinity French Club MI. Future: Teacher. 

G. CORDON MACEY, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Anthropology 
Club; S.C.M.; Trin. Missionary Society; Basketball; F.R.O.S.; Hart 
House Bridge Club. Future: School of Soc. Work; Theology. 


CAROLE ANN R. MASON, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; North Toronto C.I.; 
National Affairs Comm., N.F.C.U.S. Ill; E.A.C. IIIV; Mod. Hist. Club 
IMV, Pres. Ill; W.U.S. Internal. Visitors' Comm. Chairman IV; Trinity 
College French Club II. Future: Europe. 

ROBERT O. MATTHEWS, Ottawa; Pol Sci. and Ec; Ridley College; W.U.S. 

National Committee; Hart House, House Committee; Settlement House; 

Historical Club; Head of Year Trinity MI. 
DAVID S. MELVIN, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; C.O.T.C. MI; Trinity 

College Uterary Institute Mil; U.N. Club II; U. of T. Bridge Club 

IMII; U. of T. Conservative Club IMII; Trinity Dramatic Society III. 

Future: Ubrarian for UNESCO. 

BRENDA E. MINHINNICK, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; 

Trin. Basketball Mil; Swimming MI; Lacrosse I-IV; Hockey I-III 

Future: Medicine. 
FELICITY I. MONDERER, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; 

Basketball; French Club; St. Hilda's Lit. 
PAUL R. W. MOORE, Toronto. (No photograph.) 



MARGOT E. NUNNS, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; Non-Res. 

Head 111; Intercoll. Tennis II-III; Interfac. Tennis Champ. Ill; University 

Women's Tennis Club Pres. Ill; Interfac. Swimming II; Interfac. 

Hockey I; St. Hilda's Athletic Exec. II-III; French Club; As.sistant Ed. 

Trinity Review. 
ELIZABETH PAPPAS, North Bay; General; North Bay C.I. VS.; French 

Club I; Trin. Basketball Mil; Liberal Club III; U.N. Club III. Future: 


DONALD W. PARKINSON, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Trinity 
Hockey I. Future: Master of Business Administration. 

MARIANA C. PATERSON, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; St. Clement's 

School; Trinity College French Club I-IV, Secretary III, Vice-Pres. IV; 

German Club I-IV, Social Convenor Mil, College Rep. IV; St. Hilda's 

Lit. Future: Europe. 
MARY A. PATHY, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; Western U.; 

St. Hilda's Hockey Team II-III. 
CAROLYN A. PAYNE, Barrie; General; Barrie District C.L; All Varsity 

Revue MI; Varsity Reporter II; Trinity Chapel Choir II; H. H. Theatre 

Backstage II. 

RICHARD J. PEARSON, Oakville; Anthropology; Oakville Trafalgar H.S.; 
Anthropology Club I-IV; Slavic Circle MIL Future: Post Graduate 

HELEN W. PEPALL, Erindale; Art and Arch.; Bishop Strachan School; 
Head of Year MI, IV; French Club I; Settlement House III; Basketball 
I-IV; Lacrosse I-IV; Volleyball I. Future: Post Grad. Studies at 

DOUGLAS A. PEPPIATT, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Trinity 
Soccer I; Trinity College Literary Institute Mil, Opposition Com- 
mittee I, Government Council II; U.N. Club I, Treas. I; International 
Relations Club MI, Vice-Pres. II; Varsity Reporter II-III; P.C. Club Mil, 
Party Whip II, Vice-Pres. Ill; Liberal Club III. Future: Law. 

MARY F. PERCIVAL, Toronto; Anthropology; Havergal College; Anthro- 
pology Club I-IV; Flying Club I-IV; E.A.C. III-IV, Host Committee 
Co-Chairman III, E.A.C. Chairman IV; N.F.C.U.S. Regional Conference 
Co-Chairman IV; F.R.O.S. III-IV; Carabin IV. 

GEORGIA J. PHILLIPS, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Head of 
Year II; Progressive Conservative Club. 

ADRIENNE L. POY, Ottawa; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Lisgar C.I.; Trinity 
College Choir Mil; T.C. Review I-IV, Assoc. Ed. III-IV; St. HUda's 
House Committee III-IV; Head of St. Hilda's College IV; S.A.C. 
Vice-Pres. Ill; Jr. Debating Rep., St. Hilda's Lit. II; Cheerleader Mil. 

JO-ANN M. PRATT, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. Future: Social 

CHRISTOPHER R. PURTON, Walkerville; Maths, and Phys.; Brampton 

D.H.S.; Spovash Committee I-IV, Pres. II-III; Trin. Lacrosse II. 
CAROL G. RENNIE, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; North Toronto C.L; Havergal 

College; S.A.C. IV; W.U.S. Chairman IV; Non-Res. Head of Year II; 

Modern History Club II-IV; Treasure Van Chairman III; St. Hilda's 

Lit. I; Trinity French Club MI; E.A.C. II-III. 

DALLAS RENNIE, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; St. Clement's School; 
Vic "Bob" Revue I; Vic Drama Club I; Trin. Dramatic Society II-IV, 
Make-Up and Costume Mistress III; Trin. French Club II-IV; German 
Club Mil; E.A.C. II-IV, Host Reception Comm. II; F.R.O.S. I, IV; 
W.U.S. Share Campaign II; I.S.O. Co-Publicity Director IV; Canada 
Council Scholars Reception Comm. IV; Philosophical Society III; St. 
Hilda's Lit. Soc. II-IV. Future: Teaching in Europe. 


JANE E. RILEY, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; St. Hilda's Lit. 
Soc. II-III; S.J.S. Decorations II; "Saints" Decorations III; Head of 
Posters III. Future: O.C.E. 

FRANK K. ROBERTS, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Debating; 

Hockey. Future: Osgoode Hall. 
DAVID D. ROSS, Toronto; General; Trinity College School; Interfac. 

Hockey; Trinity "A" Team. Future: Brokerage Firm. 
MOLLY J. RUSSELL (Mrs.), Toronto; Psych.; Bishop Strachan School; 

Varsity Sports Writer I; Trinity Drama Society, Sec. II, Pres. HI; 

Psych. Club Rep. II; U.T.D.C. HI; H. H. Plays Mil; St. Hilda's Lit., 

Play Director MI. 



RICHARD D. SANDERSON, Fort William; General; Fort William C.I.; 
"B ■ Socctr I-lII; 'B Hoclcey I-III; French Club III; Dramatic Society 
II-III, Stage Manager III; Salterrae Staff III. Future: Post Graduate 

JANE B. SAUNDERS, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan; Sltule Nlte I; 
Trinity Coll. Uramatic Society II; French Club II-III; Interfaculty 
Hockey MI; Liberal Club III; U.T.D.C. Plays I. Future: Marriage. 

BARBARA J. SAVAGE, Toronto; Phil, and Hist.; Weston C.V.S. 

ARTHUR R. A. SCACE, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; U.T.S.; Trinity College 
Athletic Assoc. Kxec. Member I, Secretary III, President IV; Historical 
Club III-IV; Trin. Board of Stewards IV; Trinity Football I-IV; 
Intcrnied. Football III. 

BARBARA SCHLOSS, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies; General; United 
.Nation's Club III; West Indian Students' Assoc. Mil. 

H. EVAN C. SCHULMAN, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; St. Andrew's College; 
Gym Club I IV. 

DAVID G. SCROGGIE, Toronto; General; U.T.S.; E.A.C. Co-Chairman 
W.U.S.; Mil; Basketball Mil. Future: Medicine. 

GEORGE T. SERVICE, Thorold; Philosophy; Linwell H.S.; Anthropology 
Club 1; French Club I-IV; Hi.storical Club IV; Brett Club IIMV, 
President IV; C.O.T.C. IMV. Future: R.C.A.C. Canadian Army. 

DIANE E. SHAKER, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Baseball I-III; 
Basketball II; Dramatics Society II. 

MARY - KAYE SIMPKINSON, Trail, B.C.; General; Balmoral Hall; 

Canterbury Club Council III. 
ANGELA F. E. SMART, Toronto; Art & Arch.; Bishop Strachan School; 

.Sorbonne l'., Paris; Fine Arts Club; Hockey I-II; Football MI; S.C.M. 

Hop. II; Lacrosse IV; Tennis IMV, Interfac. Tennis Head IV. 
PETER S. SMITH, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Swimming 

Teacher. Future: One Year Post Grad. History; Then O.C.E. 

STEPHEN C. SMITH, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; Trinity 
French Club Mil; University Orchestra II. Future: Law, Osgoode Hall. 

SHEILA M. TAIT, Monymusk, Jamaica, West Indies; General; St. Hilda's 
D.H.S.; Wolmer's Girls School; W.I.S.A. I-III; F.R.O.S. I-III; I.S.O. I-III; 
Trinity College French Club II-III; U.N. Club III; H. H. Theatre III. 
Future: Post Grad. Studies. 

E. DAVID D. TAVENDER, Calgary; Alta.; Philosophy and English; Central 
HiKh School, Calgary; Trinity S.A.S. Rep. IV; Blue and White Society 
Chairman IV; Historical Club IV; Trinity Athletic Assoc. III-IV, 
Vice-Pres. IV; Trinity Head of Third Year III; Trinity Board of 
Stewards III-IV; Intermediate Basketball I; Trinity Football I-III, 
Co-Captain II; Trinity Hockey IMV; Trinity Ba.sketball MI, IV, Coach II. 

PATRICK I. D. TAYLOR, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College; 

Dramatic Society; U.N.T.D.; RCN(Ri. Future: Post Graduate Work. 
MARGARET M. THOMPSON, Almonte, Ont.; General; Almonte H.S.; 

Baseball HI; Basketball III. Future: Teaching High School. 
V. ALEXANDER TOTH, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; C.O.T.C. I-UI, 

President Ball Committee III; Trinity French Club II-III. Future: 


JESSIE M. TRUMPER, Rouge Hill, Ont.; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Ontario 

Ladies' College; French Club I-IV, President III; E.A.C. Host 

Committee II. Future: Private Sec'ty. 
JOYCE WALKER, Toronto; General; Brank.some Hall School; Skiing MI, 

Captain III; Progressive Conservative Club I, Sec. IMII; Head of 

Year II. 



ELLEN R. WALLACE, Brantford; General; Brantford C.I.V.S.; Head of 
Year 1; French Club I; Mod. Hist. Ill; Trinity Dramatic Society III; 
St. Hildas Lit. II; Liberal Club II-III; Settlement House III; "Saints" 
Convenor III; U.N. Club. 

ARLENE I. WARDLE, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Baseball III; 
Volleyball III. 

A. LARRY WILSON, Toronto; General; University of Toronto Schools; 
Year Pres. I; Hockey I; Waterpolo I; Football MV. 

RICHAAOND C. E. WILSON, Ottawa; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Fisher Park H.S.; 

Football I-IV; Hockey MV; Trinity "Ut." Exec. MV; Historical Club; 

Head of Arts, Trinity; Trinity Review III; Basketball; Trinity 

"Drillers". Future: Law School. 
COLIN R. WORRELL, Bridgetown, Barbados, W.I.; General. 
ALAN S. WOTHERSPOON, Ottawa; General; Trinity College School; Trinity 

College Literary Institute, II-III, Gov't Council; Squash; Soccer; 

Dramatic Society, Ass't Stage Mgr. II. 

CLARE E. WRIGHT, Sault Ste. Marie; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; S.C.I.; Basket- 
ball Mil; St. Hilda's Lit.; Volleyball MI; Trinity Chapel Choir; French 
Club I. Future: O.C.E. 


Trinity Divinity 



B.A., S.T.B., S.T.D. 

R. BRUCE BAKER, Dundas; McMaster University, B.A. Future: Priest, 
Diocese of Montreal. 

RONALD L. BARNES, Toronto; University of Toronto, B.A.; Camera Club; 

Lacrosse Team. Future: Priest, Diocese of Algoma. 
R. CLENDON BRANT, Allen Park, Michigan; Wayne University, B.A.; 

Bishop's University, L.S.T. Future: Priest, Diocese of Ontario. 

W. BEVERLEY BURWELL, Chungking, West China; Harbord C.I.; Trinity 
Theological Society, at Devonshire. Future: Director, Anglican 
Information Centre, Toronto. 

R. PETER CRICHTON, Toronto; Bracebridge H.S.. Future: Priest, Diocese 
of Algoma. 

WILLIAM R. CROCKETT, Ottawa; Runnymede C.I.; U. of T., B.A. Future: 
Ordination, Diocese of Toronto. 

MARGARET R. LODS, Ste. Anne de Bellcvue, P.Q.; McGill, B.A.; 

Canterbury Center II-III; Trinity Theological Society Sec. III. 
PETER N. O'FLYNN, Toronto; North Toronto C.I.; U. of T., B.A.; Lacrosse 

Mil; Head of Divinity III. Future: Priest, Diocese of Kootenay. 
KENNETH A. ROBINSON, Huntsville; Trinity College, B.A.; Head of 

College II-III. Future: Priest, Diocese of Algoma. 

STUART F. SUMMERHAYES, Toronto; U. of T., B.A.; Trinity Squash III; 
Trinity Tennis III; Divinity Class, Vice-Pres. III. Future: Tutor, 
Trinity College; Priest, Diocese of Edmonton. 


University College 



B.A., M.A. 

MYRNA D. ALBERT, Peterboro; General; Peterboro C.V.S. Future: 

Social Work. 
ERWIN L. ANGUS, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Calabar 

H.S., Kingston. FXiture: Post-Graduate Studies. 
ANNA E. ANSMITS, Pol. Sci. and Ec. Future: Post Graduate Work in 

MAYA M. ANYAS, Don Mills; Sociology. (No Photograph.) 

ANNE L. ARCHER, London, Ont; Biology. 

FELIX R. ATANCE, Toronto; General; Mirepoix CM. I; Track and Field. 

Future: Cival Service. 
GAIL M. AXMITH, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Torontonensis J 

SAMUEL AJZENSTAT, Toronto; Philosophy; Harbord C.I.; The Varsity 
I-IV, Editor IV; HUlel Reflections, Asst. Ed. IH; The Hillelite, Editor 
III; U. of T. Film Society, Research Dir. I, Program Dir. II, Production 
Dir. III-IV; U. of T. Historical Club IIMV; Epstein Literary Award HI. 

JOAN-VIDA T. BALSYS, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's H.S.; Bloor C.L; 
U.C. Cheerleader I; Intercoll. VoUeyball II-III; U.C. Volleyball I; 
Lithuanian Students' Club I-III. Future: Graduate Studies. 

EDWARD J. BARBEAU, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Parkdale C.I. 

ANNE L. BARCHAM, Port Credit; General; Parkdale C.I.; French Club MI; 

Outing Club Mil, Sec. II-III; Cody House, Head Girl III; U.C. Tennis I. 
MARILYN R. BARLEY, Pembroke; Markham H.S. Future High School 

RONALD A. BARNETT, Clinton; Sociology. (No Photograph.) 
DONALD E. BARTLE, Toronto: General: Danforth T.S. 



V. CYNTHIA BASS, Rcgina, Sask.; General; Central C.I. Future; HiKh 
.School TeachiT. 


JERRY N. BIRNENBAUM, Toronto; Mod.; VauKlian Road C.I.; Volley- 
ball I; LLC. Fri'.shnian Week Coordinator IIIIV; Robinette Debates 
II-IV; U.C. Literary and Athletic Society, Exec., E.A.C. Rep. IV; Blue 
and White Colour Party IV; H.H. Bridge Club IV. Future; U. of T. 
Law School. 

WILLIAM N. BLAKELY, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.I.; 
C.C.F. Club. Future: Graduate Studies, Teaching. 

EDMUND F. BLOEDOW, Killade. Ont.; Classics; Killade H.S.; Jarvis C.I.; 
Harbord C.I.; Waterloo College; Classics Club IIV; Residence Volley- 
ball I-IV; Residence Basketball I; Residence Exec. I-IV, Asst. Athletic 
Director I; Sec. II, Vice-Pres. III. Pres. IV; Residence Council IV, Sec. 
Varsity Christian Fellowship IV, Treasurer IV. Future; Post Graduate 

JOHN R. BOOKER, Toronto; Math and Phys.; Etobicoke C.I., Upper 
Canada College; Math, and Phys. Society I-IV, Year Rep. Ill; Float 
Building I-IV; University Skating Club. Future: Post Graduate Work; 

MARIGOLD A. BROWN, Scarborough, General; R.H. King C.I. Future; 
Primary School Teacher. 

ROCHELLE P. BROWN, Kitchener; General; Eastwood C.I.; U.C. Basket- 
ball MI; V.C. Volleyball III. 

WILLIAM G. BROWN, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Harbord C.I.; Hillel 
IIIIV. Future; Teaching. 

ILZE BUMBULIS, Toronto; General; Bloor C.I.; Latvian Students' Club; 
Food Chemistry Club; Volleyball. 

C. NORMAN BURGESS, Port Credit; Math, and Phys.; Port Credit C.I.; 

Taylor House Volleyball MI; Basketball I-II; Taylor House Exec. HI. 

Future; Actuarial Work with North American Life Assurance Co. 
JUDITH S. BUTLER, Deep River. Ont.; General; Markham D.H.S. 

PETER G. CAMPBELL, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Malvern C.I.; French 
Club MI; Math, and Phys. Society Mil; Skiing; Music. 

GERALD L. CAPLAN, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; Harbord C.L, Forest Hill C.I.; 
C.C.F. Vice-Pres. II, Pres. Ill; Hillel Library Chairman II; Student 
Service Rep.; U.C. Literary Society III; Producer United Appeal 
Review III; Hart House Debate Committee IV; U.C. Waterpolo MIL 
Future; Graduate Studies. 

ARLENE CASS, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.L 

MICHAEL W. CAVANAGH, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.L; C.O.T.C. MI; 

Varsity, Photo Editor II; U. of T. Space Club III. 
JAMES CHURCH, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.L; Chemistry 

Club. Future; Laboratory Work. 
NINA CHYZ, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.L; Ukrainian Club III. 

Future: Law School. 

BEVERLEY B. COLE, (Mrs.), Toronto; Mod. Hist.; Vaughan Road C.L; 

U.C. Exec. I; Portia Debaes I-II; Cercle Frangais MI, Secretary II; 

Modern History Club II-IV; Toronto Humanist Guild, Vice-Pres. IV. 

Future; O.C.E. 
JOHN A. COTTENDEN, Port Arthur; Math, and Phys.; Perth Arthur C.L; 

Varsity Rugger IV; U.C. Hockey I-III; U.C. Soccer IMII. 
CAROL G. CROFT, Toronto; General; Queen Elizabeth H.S. Future: O.C.E. 



ROCHELLE CUTLER, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. Future: O.C.E. 
ANN DALE, Niagara Falls; General; Niagara Falls C.I.; Player's Guild, 

Sec; Hillel, Membership Chairman; CCF Club; Basketball II; Debating; 

U.C. Follies I; Whitney HaU, Cody House Committe. 
RUTH H. DAVIDSON, Toronto; General. 

JOHN B. DAVIES, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; University of Toronto 

Schools. Future: University Teaching. 
JANE R. DAVISON, Guelph; Modem History. 
LINDA G. B. DEES, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; U. of T. FUm 

Society Mil, Membership Director lU; CCF Club l-III. 

GEORGE I. DELAGRENADE, Port of Spain, Trinidad; Pol. Sci. and Ec. 
GERALD F. DEMPSEY, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I. Future: 

Ministry at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton. 
VITTORIO S. DEROSE, Toronto; General. (No photograph.) 
ZORJANNA L. DERZKO, Toronto; General; St. Joseph's C.S.; Ukrainian 

Student's Club. Future: Social Work. 

J. MORGAN DEVER, Mount Forest, Ont.; General. (No photograph.) 
MARLENE DOLLINGER, Toronto; General; Forest HUl C.I.; Dentantics I; 

Torontonensis I; U.C. Follies II; U. of T. Chorus III. 
WILLIAM C. DRAIMIN, Toronto; General; Forest HiU C.I.; U.C. Follies MI; 

U.C. Hockey MI; Basketball II-HI; VoUeyball II-III; Tennis MH. 

Future: U. of T. Law School. 
BARBARA A. EBBS, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I. 
GILES R. ENDICOTT, Toronto; CCF. Club. (No photograph.) 

MERVYN S. EVERALL, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Wycliflfe 

College Athletic Assoc. Sec. I; Cap and Gown Magazine, Adv. Mgr. I; 

WycliiTe Hockey. Future: Theology at Wycllffe. 
RAPHAEL M. FINGERHUT, Toronto; General; Forest HiU C.I.; Blue and 

White Band, Bus. Mgr. Mil. Future: Osgoode HaU. 
GERALD H. FISHER, Toronto; General; Riverdale CoUege; BowUng. 

Future: Teaching. 

ROBERT T. FLOWERS, WUlowdale; General; Earl Haig C.I.; Inter-Varsity 
Christian Fellowship; Bowling; Swimming. Future: Theology at 

GEORGE H. FRASER, Toronto; Cheniistry; Weston C.I.; Chemistry Club 
II-IV, Vice-President III. Future: School of Graduate Studies. 

NOREEN R. FREEMAN, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Anthro- 
pology Club III; U.C. FoUies. Tickets MI. 

HERSCHEL N. FRY, Brantford; General; Brantford C.I. 

RICHARD J. J. FURNELL, Toronto; Classics; Riverdale C.I.; U.C. Trinity 

Classics Club I-IV, Secretary III, President IV. Future: Law. 
JANET E. GARDEN, Toronto; General; Branksome HaU; French Club MI; 

Hockey MI; Biology Club Mil; Figure Skating. Future: O.C.E. 



ALICE CASEE, Toronto; Psychology; Harbord C.I.; Downsvtew C.I.; 

loroiitonensis I; Hillel I-IV; Dentantlcs II-III. 
NATALIE GEILICH, Toronto; Mod. Hist, and Mod. Lang. 
JOHN R. GILES, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; U. of T. Space Club III. 

Kiiture: Teach In.struniental Mii.sic in High Schools. 

GARTH F. GODDARD, Toronto; General. 

SHELDON J. GODFREY, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Hart House 
Glee Club MI; Hart House Bridge Club III; U.C. Follies III, Author- 
Director II; U.C. Lit., Literary Director III. Future: Law at U. of T. 

GERALD GOLD, Toronto; General. 

JOY M. GORDON, Toronto; General. 

FRANCES GRADER, Niagara Falls; Niagara Falls C.V.I.; Basketball; U.C. 
Baseball;; Hillel. Future: O.C.E. 

ALISON M. GRANT, Windsor; General; Walkerville C.L; U.C. Basketball 
I III; U.C. Volleyball IMII; U.C. Hockey IMII; U.C. Golf I; Cody 
House Committee III. Future: School of Social Work. 

CECILE M. GREEN, Toronto; General. 

WARREN S. GREEN, Downsview; General; Downsview C.I.; U.C. Lit. and 

Athletic Soc. Class Pres. I; U.C. Follies, Ticket Sales I; H. H. 

Swimming Instructor II; Intramural Volleyball, Referee I. 
SYRILLE CREENBERG, Ottawa; General; Fisher Park H.S.; Literary and 

Athletic Society Exec, Year Pres. II, Grad. Year Rep. Ill; Toronto- 

nensis Rep. III. 

ALBERT C. GREER, Toronto; General. 

GARY GRIESDORF, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Hart House Bridge 

Club I-III; U. of T. Bridge I-III; Finian's Rainbow I; U.C. Follies I; 

U.C. Katy Cruel Producer III. Future Chartered Accountancy. 
DONALD I. CUTSTEIN, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 

ZELIG A. GUTZIN, Toronto; General. 

DEBBIE HALPER, Toronto; General; St. Johns T.H.S., Winnipeg; News 

Reporter, The Varsity, II-III. Future: Clinical Psychologist. 
E. KAY HAMILTON, Goderich; General; Goderich District C.I. 
MIRVYN E. HANNA, Elora, Ont. Future: Post Graduate Studies. 

(No photograph.) 

KENNETH HARRISON, Toronto; Psychology; East York C.I. Future: M.A. 

FREDA HAWKINS, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec. 

SANDRA L. HAYTER, Port Credit; General; Port Credit M.S. 



INA J. HEALEY, Owen Sound; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Owen Sound C.V.I.; 

Torontonensis II-IV; Italian Club II; Head Girl, Falconer House, 

Whitney Hall, IV. Future: O.C.E. 
KATRIN HEILMANN, Tallinn, Estonia; General; Parkdale C.I.; Estonian 

Students' Association I-III. Future: Librarian. 
DAVID C. HELWIG, Niagara-on-the-Lake; Eng. Lang, and Lit. 

NANCY M. HELWIG, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound C.V.I.; U.C. 

Follies I; U.C. Children's Hour II; U.C. Girls Football; The Crucible 

III; Varsity III. 
RUDOLF R. HENAUER, Zurich, Switzerland; General. (No Photograph.) 
THOMAS F. S. HENRY, Grenada, West Indies; General; Grenada Boys 

S.S.; West Indian Students Association. 
ANDREW J. HIGGINS, Dyment, Ont.; General. (No Photograph.) 
MERLE R. HIMEL, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; U.C. Follies 

I; VolleybaU I. 

LUTHER M. HINES, Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.; General. Future: Post 

Graduate Work. 
EVA H. HITTL, Oakville; General; Oakville Trafalgar H.S. Future: Teach; 

Then Post-Graduate Studies in Embryology. 
SANDRA HOCKMAN, North Bay; General; North Bay C.I. and V.S. 

E. JUDITH HOFFMAN, London; General; London C.C.L 

FRANK M. HOFFMAN, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Baseball II; 

Squash II; U.C. Follies II. Future: Law. 
PAUL F. HRYSKIWE, Sudbury; General. (No Photograph.) 
BERYL HUNTER, Toronto; Latin and French; East York C.I.; Inter- 
national Students Organization; French Club. Future: O.C.E. 
KENNETH D. JACK, Clarkson, Ont.; General. (No Photograph.) 

OWEN C. JEFFERSON, Kingston, Jamaica, W.L; Pol. ScL and Ec; 

Calaba H.S.; West Indian Students Assoc. I-IV, Vice-Pres. IV; I.S.O. 

I-IV; El Club Espanol MI; Political Economy Club III-IV; Taylor House 

Pres. IV; Residence Council, Treasurer IV. Future: Graduate Studies. 
SHEILA E. R. JONES, Kingston, Jamaica; General; St. Andrew H.S.: 

Food Chemistry Club III; U. of T. Symphony Orchestra III; W.I.S.A. 

I-III; Torontonensis IV. Future: M.Sc, Food Chemistry. 
LIA R. JUURUP, General. 

LEONARD P. KALUTICH, Torono; Psychology and Biochemistry; Parkdale 
C.I. Future: Post Grad. in Biochemistry. 

RUTH A. KELLERMAN, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.L; U.C. Follies 
111; U.C. Cheerleader I; Varsity Cheerleader II; U.C. Baseball I-III; 
Torontonensis III. 

SAUL B. KELNER, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.L; U.C. Inter- 
Faculty Football I; Inter-Faculty Football Ref. I-III; Inter-Faculty 
Basketball Ref. I-HI; Intramural Basketball I-III; Hillel MIL Future: 
Osgoode Hall. 

KATHARINE KEMP, Ottawa; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Gleke C.I.; Mulock House 
Committee, Whitney Hall II; F.R.O.S. Ill; I.S.O. III. 

MARTIN KERBEL, Toronto; General; Forest HiU C.L; U.C.-P.H.E. Inter- 
faculty Football I-III; U.C.-P.H.E. InterfaciUty Hockev I-III; U.C.-P.H.E. 
Athletic Director III. Future: Law School, Osgoode Hall. 

BARBARA J. KERR, Toronto; General; Kings Hall, Compton, P.Q, 



DINKA KING (Mrs.), Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit. 

SHIRO KIYOHARA, 'I'onami, Japan; General; Fukuno High School, Japan. 
STEM O. KJELLBERG, Toronto; General; Eskilstuna, Sweden; V. of T. 
Space Club. 

ADRIENNE J. KLINE, Calgary, Alberta; Philosophy; Central U.S.; Basket- 
ball 1 1\ ; Football 1; Hillol Mil; Liberal Club L 

EDWARD G. KNUTSON, Port Arthur; General; Port Arthur C.L Future: 
HlK'h School Teaching. 

MARILYN H. KOGON, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.L; Anthropology 
Club II III, Co-Program Convenor III; B'Nai B'Rith Hillel I III, 
Social Convenor II; U.C. Players Guild MI. 

ANDREW J. KORSAK, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Downsview C.L; Hart 
House .Amateur Radio Committee IMIL Future Ph.D. at Princeton. 

RAFI KOSOWER, Toronto; Harbord C.L 

THEODORE KOSOY, Toronto; Mod. Hist.; Oakwood C.L; U.C. Waterpolo 

MI;, U.C. I-IV, Philistine Squash Trophy III, Intercoll. IV. 

H.H. Library Committee II; H.H. Wafer Safety Instructor ML 
EDWARD KOTT. (No Photograph.) 

HAROLD KREHM, Toronto; Chemistry; Harbord C.L; Golf; Swimming; 

Footljall; Track. Future: Post Graduate Work in Organic Chemistry. 
ELENA KRIKSCIUNAS, Kaunas, Lithuania; Mod. Lang, and Lit. Future: 

ANTS T. KUTT, Toronto; Math., Phys. and Chem.; Jarvis C.L; Estonian 

Student Association; Chess Club. 

SONIA H. LABATT (Mrs.), Toronto; Food Chemistry; Havergal Colljge: 
U.C. Basketball I-IV; U.C. Hockey MI; Women's Undergrad. Asso 
elation E.xec. I; U.C. Football I; Food Chemistry Club, Pres. IV. 

SEYMOUR J. LANGER, Toronto; General; Harbord C.L; Hillel Foundation 
1 III. Future: Further Studies. 

DAN E. LARSEN, Ice Lake, Ont.; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Gore Bay H.S. 
Future: Graduate Studies. 

ROBERT A. LAWSON, Mimico; Math, and Phys.; Mimico H.S. 
BARBARA J. LEAMEN, Leaside; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Leaside H.S.; Hockey 

MV; Badminton I-IV; Baseball I; Torontonensis Activities Ed. II; 

Year Exec. II; NFCUS National Seminar II; Blue and White Soc. II; 

E.A.C. Sec. Ill; NFCUS Sec. Ill; U.C. Social Director III; North 

Carolina Exchange IV; S.A.C. Vice-Pres. IV. 
LAWRENCE D. LEDERMAN, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.L; 

Skule Nile Orchestra I; McGill Carnival for U. of T. I; A.V.R. 

Orchestra I; Varsity IMII; Music Committee of Hart House II, Sec. 

Ill; H.H. Board of Stewards III; U. of T. Automobile Club III. 

YOLANDE M. LEGAULT, Hawkesbury, Ont.; General; Hawkesbury D.H.S.; 

French Club IIII. Future: O.C.E. 
GARY E. LeGROW, Toronto; Chemistry; Vaughan Road C.L; Royal 

Astronomical Society of Canada II-IV; U. of T. Chemical Club I-IV; 

Toronto Ski Club MV; Skating. Future: MA. and Ph.D. at U. of T. 
DOUGLAS E. W. LENNOX, Toronto; General; Owen Sound C.V.I.; U. of 

T. Presbyterian Fellowship, Chairman. Future: The Ministry. 



MICHAEL L. LESTER, Toronto; General; Forest HUl C.I.; Intramural 
Volleyball I; Intramural Basketball I; U.C. Follies MI; U.C. Folk- 
opera III; W.U.S. Treasure Van III. Future: Medicine. 

HARVEY A. LEVENSTEIN, Toronto; Modem History; Vaughan Road C.I.; 
C.U.P. Editor "The Varsity" I; C.C.F. Club IIIV, Publicity III; Film 
Society, Publicity IV; U.C. Follies, Publicity Dir. II, Producer III. 
Future: Graduate School. 

ROGER C. LEWIS, Willowdale, Ont.; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; North Toronto 
C.I. Future: O.C.E. 

STEPHEN H. LEWIS, Toronto; Modern History; Harbord C.I.; U. of T. 
C.C.F. I-IV; Hillel I-IV, President II; U. of T. Debating Team. Future: 

DAPHNE I. LINDO, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. ; General; Tutorial College; 
West Indian Students' Association I-III; International Students' 
Organization I-III; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I-III, Member- 
ship Sec. III. 

JOE LIPMAN, Toronto; Math.; Harbord C.I.; Math, and Phys. Society, 
Vice-Pres. Ill; Hutton House, Pres. III. Future: Graduate Work at 

P. DOUGLAS LOUGHEED, Toronto; General. 

GERRARD D. LOUIS, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I.; Pol. Sci. and Econ.; 

St. Mary's College. 
THOMAS L. McAULIFFE, Port Arthur; General. (No Photograph.) 
LINDA J. McBURNEY, Niagara Falls; Food Chemistry; Niagara Falls 

C. and V.I.; Food Chemistry Club, Vice-Chairman IV. 

K. STEWART McCORMICK, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; U. of T. Schools. 
Future: Post-Grad. Studies in Physics. 

ANNE B. McCULLAGH, Cobourg, Ont; Sociology; Cobourg District C.I.; 
Le Cercle Frangais De L'U.C. I; U.C. Portia Debates MI U.C. Volley- 
ball I; U.C. Basketball I-IV; U.C. Swim Team IMV; Women's Athletic 
Board of U.C. Swimming Representative III-IV; U. of T. Swim Club 
III-IV, Recording Secretary IV; Head Girl, Mulock House, Whitney 
Hall IV; Sociology Club III-IV, Vice-Pres. IV. 

ROBERT B. McGEE, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; North Toronto C.I.; 
Wrestling I-II, Interf acuity Champion in 167 lb. class. Future: 
Osgoode Hall. 

BRIAN H. McGRATH, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Lacrosse MI; 

Waterpolo I-III; Squash Mil; Basketball Mil, Referee; Swimming 

Instructor; Daffydil. Future: Medicine. 
DAVE C. M. McKEE, Brantford; General; Brantford C.V.S. 
ROBERT D. McKEE, Mimico; Chemistry; Mimico H.S.; U. of T. Chemical 

Club I-IV, President IV. Future: Postgraduate Work . 

W. EDWARD MCLEAN, Echo Bay, Ont.; General; Sault Ste. Marie C.I. 
THOMAS G. McQUISTON, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Modern History; 

Belfast Tech. Future: Teaching. 
DIANE M. MALTBY, Port Credit; General; Port Credit S.S.; Le Cercle 

Frangais I; Arts Ball Committee I-II; U.C. Homecoming Float Comm. 

II. Future: O.C.E. 

CAROLINE H. MANACE, Toronto; General; Forest Hill H.S.; U. of T. 

Concert Band III; U.C. Follies II; U.C. Hockey II. Future: Institute 

of Child Study for Dip. C.S. 
MARIA RIKA MANIATES, Toronto; Music; Lawrence Park C.I.; U.C. 

French Club I-IV; U. of T. Chorus I-III; Faculty of Music, Library 

Comm. Chrm. IV. Future: Musicology in U.S. 
LAURA L. MARK, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; Toronto Teachers 

College. Future: Post-Graduate Work. 



THOMAS E. MARTIN, Toronto; General; Central Technical School; Food 
Chemistry Clul) III; WydilTe Waterpolo, Coach III; WyeliiTe Literary 
Society Opposition II; WyclifTe Athletic Assoc, Exec. MI; WyclilTe 
Rower Crew Mate I-III; H.H. Camera Club II. Future: Study for 
Anglican Ministry at Wydiflfe College. 

DONALD R. MARTYN, Toronto; Modern History. 

JANE J. MATHEWS, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. 

EDWARD G. MENDELSON, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; U.C. 

Basketball Champions, Mgr. I; U.C. Hockey III. Future; Faculty of 

PHYLLIS J. MENSAH, Kingston. Jamaica, West Indies; Geography; Titch- 

field; West Indian Students Assoc, Exec. Sec. IV; U. of T. Geography 

Club, Sec. Treas. IV; International Students' Organization I; V.C.F. 
JANIS MEZAKS, Toronto; General; Teachers' Institute, Latvia. Future: 


DONALD R. MILLER, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Toronto Matriculation 

College. Future: Graduate Study at Toronto. 
PAUL MILLER, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound C.V.S.; Tennis; 

Future: Travelling. 
ALAN R. MILLS, Burlington; General. (No Photograph.) 
LORNA G. MILNE, Toronto; Modern History; Lawrence Park C.I.; U.C. 

French Club I; Mod. History Club III. Future: Teaching. 

HENRY L. MOLOT, OtUwa; General; Glebe C.L; Fisher Park H.S.; Hillel 
Sunday Society I-III; U.C. Soccer II; Hutton House Treasurer III. 

LESLIE L. MONDICH, Scotland, Ont.; General; Waterford H.S.; U. of T. 
Space Club III. 

JUDITH H. MONNER, Toronto; Psychology; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 
Psychology Club II-IV; Hillel Foundation I-III. 

DIANE V. MONTGOMERY, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; U. of 

T. ¥\\m Society Mil; French Cine Club I-III; Cercle Frangais IMIl; 

Spanish Club III; Volleyball III; Swimming I, III; Campus Co-operative 

II-III. Future: O.C.E. and External Affairs. 
PATRICIA L. MONTGOMERY, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Fencing 

Club I, III; Hockey I, III; University Settlement IMII; Carabin HI; 

Cercle Frangais III. 

JANET B. MORGAN, Toronto; Modern Hist.; East York C.L; French Club 
II; Modern History Club IIMV. Future: O.C.E. 

ROBERT E. MORRIS, Barbados, West Indies; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Harrison 
College, Bridgetown, Barbados; West Indian Students Assoc. I-IV, 
Publicity Director IIMV; Taylor House Exec, Vice-Pres. Ill; Residence 
Council, Social Director III; Varsity Soccer MI, IV. Future: Graduate 

BURTON A. MORRISON, Toronto; General; Walkerton H.S.; President, 
U. of T. Space Club. Future: Teaching. 

DONALD M. MOSCOE, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. Future: Law 

SHIRLEY S. MOSCOVICH, Lethbridge, Alberta; General; Lethbridge C.L: 
Hillel I; Liberal Club II. Future: Social Service, U.B.C. 

HARRIET W. MUIRHEAD, Toronto; General; St. Clement's School. Future: 
Teacher's College. 

VERA D. MUSKOVITCH (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Haifa, Israel. Future: 
Psychology and Hebrew Teaching. 



AMY A. NABETA, Erindale; General; Port Credit H.S. Future: O.C.E. 
HARTLEY R. NATHAN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; U.C. Hockey 

IIH; U.C. Lacrosse H HI; U.C. Basketball 111; U.C. Athletics, Publicity 

Dir. Mil. Future: Osgoode Hall. 
ELEANOR NELSON, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Hillel; 

U.C. FolUes; Anthropology Club. Future: O.C.E. 

ERNA L. NEWWAN, Toronto; Philosophy; Forest Hill C.I.; Varsity 
Cheerleader I-HI; Head Cheerleader III; Finian's Rainbow I; U.C. 
Follies II; Katy Cruel IV; U. of T. Philosophical Society II-IV; Hille) 
Il-ni; Carabin IV. 

ROSALIND C. NEWTON (Mrs.), Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I.; Portia 
Debates Mil, Winner II. Future: Stanford University School of 
Medicine, San Francisco. 

JAMES C. NIMMO, Toronto; Modern Near Eastern Studies; University 
of Toronto Schools. Future: U. of T. Post-Grad. Work. 

JUDITH L. NOYEK (Mrs.), Toronto; General; W. C. Bryant, L.I., N.Y.; 

Queen's College, N.Y. Future: Household Science. 
SOPHIE L. NYCHUK, Englehart, Ont.; General; Englehart H.S.; U.C. 

Basketball I-III, Rep. IMII; U.C. Hockey I; Bowling Iini; Volleyball. 

Future: O.C.E. 
RETA L. O'DONNELL, Toronto; Classics; Riverdale C.I.; U.C.-Trinity 

Classics Club I-IV, Exec. Assistant to the President IV; CUSAC IV. 

Future: Teaching. 

MARY LOUISE O'HAGAN, Toronto; General. 

ARAM H. OHANJANIAN. (No Photograph.) 

M. V. PENELOPE OLIMER, New Liskeard, Ont.; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; 

New Liskeard H.S.; Basketball I-IV; Undergrad II; Katy Cruel IV. 

Future: Teaching. 
WALOIMIR ORLOWSKI, Toronto; Modern Hist, and Lang. 

(No photograph.) 

IRVING OZIER, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; North Toronto C.I. 

MARCIA OZIER, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Hebrew U., Israel; 

Hillel Mil; Near Eastern Club IMII; Student Zionist Organization Mil. 
RUTH E. PARKER, Toronto; General. 
ZIGMUND S. PARKIN, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Harbord C.I.; 

Skule Nite, Dancing and Acting IMII. Future: Teaching. 

ULLE PARNASTE, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Jarvis C.I.; Estonian 
Students Association, Secretary II. 

JACK M. PARNES, Toronto; Modern History; Harbord C.I.; Modern 
History Club III, Vice-Pres. Ill; C.C.F. Club I-IV, Vice-Pres. Ill; Hillel 
MV, Co-Chairman of Friday Night Programs II; Editor of Reflections 
IV; Robinette Debating I-IV; Boxing IV. Future: Post Graduate Work. 

HUBERT J. PEACOCK, General. (No Photograph.) 

DOUGLAS G. PEARCE, Willow dale; Psychology; Earl Haig C.L 

TERRY N. PETERS, Bogota, Colombia; General; Lethbridge C.L; Hockey 

MI; French Club I; Basketball IMII; Bowling II; Spanish Club. 
ALICE M. PHENE, Toronto; Sociology; R. H. King C.L 
WALTER T. PICHE, Sault Ste. Marie. (No Photograph.) 
HAIDE POLACSCK, Graz, Austria; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Austrian H.S.; 
German Club MV. Future: High School Teaching. 



MARGARET R. POPE, Copetown, Ont.; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; OakvUle 
Trafalgar H.S.; U.C. Cercle Frangals I-IV; Varsity Christian Fellow- 
ship II-IV; U.C. Treasurer III. Future: O.C.E. and Europe. 

JOHN S. POSEN, Toronto; General. 

KESTUTIS A. POSKUS, Toronto; General. 

W. MARILYN POWELL, New York; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Riverdale C.L; 

U.C. Basketball I-IV; Undergrad IMIl; Mulock House Committee III; 

Gargoyle Editor IV; Carabin IV; U.C. Residence Choir III. Future: 

Postgraduate Work. 
MARTIN F. PRACHOWNV, Grimsby; Pol. Sci. and Ec. 
CHRISTOPHER D. C. PRIESTLEY, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Lawrence 

Park (I.; Modern Letters Club I-IV, President II; Co-Editor of 

Undergrad II-III; Wallace Club II-IV, Secretary III; Fencing MI, IV. 

Future: M.A. Abroad, Ph.D. at Toronto, Academic Work in Canada. 

OLGERTS J. PUKITIS, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 
MARYLAN QUICK, Hamilton; General; Westdale S.S.; Hockey ML 
MARGARET A. RACINE, Brampton; General; Brampton District H.S.; 

U.C. Girl's Athletic Director HI; Badminton; Swimming 11; Basketball; 

S.C.M. I; U.C. Badminton Rep. II; U.C. Llterar>' and Athletic Society 

III. Future: O.C.E. 

EDWARD O. READ, Toronto; General. 

ENE RIISNA, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Harbord C.L 

JEAN A. ROBINSON, Jamaica; General. 

JAMES R. ROMANIUK, Toronto; General; Humberside C.S. 
CONSTANCE A. ROOPCHAND, St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies; 

General; Bishop Anstey, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Future: Teaching. 
EVELYN D. ROSEN (Mrs.), Calgary, Alberta; General; Central H.S.; Hillel 

I-II; Liberal Club II; Director of Residence Formal. Future: Child 

Psychology, Social Work. 

MERLE ROSEN, Toronto; General; Forest HiU C.L; Hillel MI; U.C. 

Follies II. 
SOLOMON L. ROSEN, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I. 
DAVID J. ROSS, Kincardine, Ont.; Latin; Kincardine D.H.S.; Le Cercle 

Krangais III-IV. Study in France. 

SHIRLEY ANNE ROSS, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I. 

W. HAROLD ROWE, Gore Bay, Ont.; Manitoulln Island; General; Gore 

Bay H.S. Future: Teaching High School Mathematics. 
BLAIR E. ROURKE, Park Head, Ont.; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Owen Sound 

C.V.I. ; Vice-Pres. McCaul House IV; Progressive Conservative Club 

I-II. Future: Civil Service. 



MARUTA ROZKALNS, Toronto; General. 

RONALD A. RUBINOFF, Toronto; General. 

RASMA RUGELIS (Mrs.), Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Earl Haig C.I. 

DAVE RUSKIN, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Television 

ARTHUR S. RUTTER, Toronto; General. 

SELWYN V. D. RYAN, San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I.; Modem Histor> ; 
Mod. Hist. Club Vice-Pres. IV; U.C. Soccer I-IV; Varsity Soccer IV; 
Historical Society IV; Exec. W.I.S.A. IV; Managing Editor West 
Indian Student's Magazine IV. Future: Post Graduate Work. 


MARTA A. SAMOLEWICZ, Toronto; Poland; General; Jarv'is C.I.; Polish 

Students Club. 
SHEILA E. SARETT, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; U.C. Follies I; 

Anthropology Club III. Future: O.C.E., High School Teacher. 

WILLIAM C. SAYWELL, Toronto; Modern History; Lake Cowichan, B.C.; 

Historical Club, Sec.-Treas. Ill, Counsellor IV; Modern History Club 

Vice-Pres. IV. Future: Postgraduate Studies. 
PETER A. SCHOULS, Toronto; General; Chatham C.I. 
BARBARA E. SCHWAB, Toronto; General; Forest HUl C.I.; U.C. FoUies II; 

Torontonensis III. 

M. MONICA SCOTT, Toronto; Mod. Hist, and Mod. Lang.; St. Joseph's C.S.; 

U.C. Cercle Frangais I-II, IV; Malade Imaginaire I, Executive II; 

Slavic Circle I-IV, Exec. 11, Pres. Ill; Modem History Club III; 

Newman Club I-IV, Executive II, IV; Carabin Weekend IV. 
JACK L. SEGAL, Toronto. 
PERCY SEGAL, Toronto; General; Upper Canada College. Future: 

Law School. 

BARRIE P. SEGALL, Toronto; Psychology; Humberside C.I.; Psychology 
Club Rep. IV. Future: Social Work Studies in California. 

EDWARD M. SEXSMITH, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; U.C.-Trlnity 
Classics Club III; Canterbury Centre, Council III. 

ESTHER P. SHANKMAN, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; HiUel; U.C. 

WALTER SHANKMAN, Toronto; Modern History; Bloor C.I. 
HENRY L. SHAPIRO, Brooklyn, N.Y. (No Photograph.) 
DONALD J. SHARP, Kakabeka Falls, Ont.; General; Port Arthur C.I. 
FLORENCE SHERMAN, Brantford; General; Brantford C.L Future: 
Graduate Work in Zoology. 



MICHAEL E. SHERMAN, Toronto; Philosophy and History; Forest Hill 

CI.; U.C. Lit., Uterary Director HI; S.A.C., N.F.C.U.S. Chairman IV; 

Historical Club III-IV, Vice-President IV; Carabin. Future: Graduate 

Work In Philosophy. 
SHEILA J. SHIER, Belleville; Mod. Lanfi. and Lit.; Belleville C.I.; French 

Cine Club II; Spanish Club Mil; Italian Club II. 
JERRY SHIME, Downsvicw; General. 

SAMUEL SIDLOFSKY, Toronto; General; U.C. Literary Society, Athletic 

Rep. III. 
FLORENCE F. SIECELMAN, Toronto; General; Harbord C.I.; Baseball III; 

Badminton I; Hlllel I-III; F.R.O.S. II; Torontonensis I. Future: School 

of Social Work. 
MYRNA G. SILVER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.l. Future: O.C.E. 

or Advertising. 

DOUGLAS D. SMITH, Prince Albert, Sask.; Modern History. Future: 

GARY SMITH, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Law School or 

M.A. in Business. 
M. ELIZABETH SMITH, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Psychology 

Club III. Future: Social Work. 

MICHAEL T. SMITH, Toronto; General. Future: O.C.E. 

THOMAS W. SMYTH, Sydenham, Ont.; Philosophy; Jarvis C.I.; East York 
ex.; Intramural Sports; Wycliffe Athletic Assoc.; Wycllffe Lit. Soc. 
Future: Theology at Wycliffe College. 

GEORGE J. SNEYD, Toronto. (No Photograph. i 

LARRY S. SNYDER, Toronto; Psychology; Harbord C.l.; Torontonensis, 
Art MI; U.C. Follies Art Publicity III; Psychology Club IMV; Part- 
Time Psych. Research Assistant III-IV. Future: Graduate Study in 
Psychology, Travel. 

MARI E. SNYDER, Collingwood; Anthropology; Collingvvood D.C.I.; U.C. 

Literary and Athletic Society, Vice-President IV; Anthropology Club 

I-IV; U.C. Athletic Society II-III; U.C. Tennis IMV; U.C. Badminton 

MARLENE SNYDER, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.L; Hillel II; 

Anthropology Club III; U.C. Volleyball I; U.C. Baseball I. Future: 

School of Social Work. 
STUART E. SOANES, OakvUle; General; Appleby College; Wycllffe 

Literao' Society; Soccer; Volleyball; Squash; Hockey. Future: 


SOEPARMO, Central Java, Indonesia; Food Chemistry; Smab Semarang, 
Indonesia; Indonesian Students Association. Future: Indonesia 
National Planning Board. 


ELENORA L. STANDISH, Peterborough; General; P.C.V.S.; Havergal 

DEANNA A. STANKEVICZ, Toronto; General; Parkdale C.I. Future: MA. 

BRIGITA STASKO, Oshawa; General; Oshav^a Central C.I.; Latvian 
Students Club, President; Latvian Youth Organization, Treas.; Latvian 
Choir; U. of T. German Club. Future: Library School or O.C.E. 

RONALD C. STEERS, St. Clair Beach, Ont.; General; North Essex 
District H.S.; Wycliffe Literary Society, Minister of Internal Affairs 
III; Hockey II-III; Volleyball H; Soccer II-III; Squash II. Future: 
Theology at Wycllffe College. 



DAVID LEWIS STEIN, Toronto; Philosophy and English; Forest Hill C.I ; 

Hillel, Hillelite Editor II, Vice-Pres. Ill; U.C. Gargoyle Mil; U.C. 

Residence, London House Scribe II; Varsity, Features Editor IV. 
CAROLYN V. STONE, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: Teaching. 
GRAHAM A. STODDLEY. (No Photograph.) 

JOHN H. STOUFFER, Minden; Math, and Phys.; Haliburton County D.H.S.; 

Blue and White Band Mil; V.C.F. MV. Future: Teaching. 
IRENE STRAUSS, Toronto; Psychology; Oakwood C.I.; U.C. Players 

Guild MI; Volleyball II; Hillel MV; Psychology Club IMV. Future: 

Social Work. 
ISABELLE R. STRONG, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Humberside C.I.; 

U.C. Cercle Frangais MV. 

MILAN SURDUCKI, Toronto; Modern Languages; Yugoslavia. 
JUDY-LOU SUTER, Toronto; General; Havergal College; U.C. French 

Club; Phys. Ed. Figure Skating. Future: Post-Graduate Psychology. 
HAROLD SWARTZ, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Psychology 

Club II-III. Future: Graduate Studies in Psychology. 

AVERIL O. SWEENEY, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Riverdale C.I.; 

U.C. Cercle Fran?ais. Future: High School Teaching. 

MICHAEL J. SYLVESTER. (No Photograph.) 
ELSA SZAJKOWSKA, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Oakwood C.I.; 

HUlel I; French Club MI; Portia Debates I; Volleyball I; U.C. Players 

Guild I. Future: Graduate Work at Illinois. 

JAMES M. S. TAIT, Toronto; Chemistry; Humberside C.L; Archery Club 
I; Math, and Physics Society I; Chemical Club IMV. Future: 
Graduate School. 


GEOFFREY K. TAYLOR, Sudbury; General; Nickel District C.V.S. Future: 



WAYNE A. L. TOSTEVIN, Toronto; General; Etobicokc C.I.; U. of T. 
Space Club III. Future: Grad. Course in Business Administration. 

DAGNIJA TREIERS, Niagara Falls; Food Chemistry; Niagara Falls C.V.I.; 

Food Chemistry Club IV; Latvian Students Club MV, Executive IV. 

Future: Food Industry. 



GERALD VISE, Toronto; Philosophy and English; Forest Hill C.I.; 
Modern Letters Club, President IV. Future: Graduate Work. 

CYNTHIA E. VOKES, Brampton; General; Brampton District H.S.; Bad- 
minton II 111. Future: O.C.E. 

BLAKE W. WALKER, Toronto; Philosophy; Hill CI.; U.C. Football 
I; U.C. Drama I; Presbyterian Fellowship IIIV, Exec. III-IV; V.C.F. 
IIV, Exec. IIIV. 


Film Society I, Production 

President III. 

General; North Toronto C.I.; U. of T. 
Director II; U. of T. Spanish Club, 

GEORGE S. WATKIN, Toronto; Physiology and Biochemistry; Vaughan 
Road C.I.; Sr. Intercollegiate Waterpolo IIIV; U.C. Waterpolo IIV, 
Capt. and Coach; U.C. Squash IIIV; Caledon Hills Comm. Mgr.; U. of 
T. Outing Club. Future: Medicine. 


GEORGE WEIDER, CoUingwood; Modem History; CoUingwood Collegiate. 

NORTON WEISBERG, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.L.; Intramural 

Hockey Mil; Squash MI; Waterpolo II. 
JOAN WEISFIELD, Toronto; Psychology; Oakwood C.I. 

SANDRA L. WHITTALL, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Downsview C.I.; 
V.C.F. IIV; Campus in the Woods Delegate I, U.C. Local Council 
Social Convenor II, U.C. Vice-Pres. IV, Cabinet Rep. IV; Toronto- 
nensis IIV, Campus Life Section Ed. I, Asst. Ed. II, Ed. III-IV; SAC 
ex officio Member III-IV, Pub. Comm. III-IV; U.C. Basketball IIV, 
Rose Bowl Winners II; Swimming II-III; Football I; W.U.A. Freshman 
Exec. Literary Rep. I; Portia Debates I-II, Freshman Winners I; 
Falconer House Study Group III-IV; Presbyterian Fellowship III-IV; 
Whitney Hall Christmas Choir III; Treasure Van Ass't. II-III; Le 
Cercle Francais de L'U.C. II. Future: O.C.E. 

IRENE WIENER, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; U.C. Basketball 
Mil; U.C. Tennis Mil; U.C. Assistant Athletic Rep. II. Future: 
Teaching, High School. 


GAIL C. WOLFSON, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. 


KENNETH L. WYMAN. Future: Post Graduate Studies. (No Photograph.) 


FRED H. ZEMANS, Calgary, Alberta; Political Sci. and Economy; Central 
H.I.; U.C. Lit., Treasurer III, Pres. IV; Political Economy Club III; 
Hillel Exec. III-IV; C.C.F. Cabinet, Model Parliament IV. Future: 


Victoria College 



B.A., M.A., L.L.D., F.R.S.C. 

JOHN R. ABBOTT, Toronto; Modern History; East York C.I.; Modem 
History Club HI-IV; H.H. Swimming Instructor IIMV. 

GARTH D. ABRAMS, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. 

C. ELIZABETH ADDISON, Elliot Lake, Ont.; General; Timmins H.V.S.; 
Vic. Blue and White Rep. Ill; Residence Social Director II. 

EILEEN A. ANDREWS, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I. 

GEORGE E. P. ANDREWS, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; York Memorial C.I.; 
Math, and Phys. Club I-IV; S.C.M. IIMV; Hart House Orchestra As- 
sociate III. Future: Graduate Studies in Applied Mathematics. 

MARY-ELLEN ANGLIN, Little Current, Ont.; General; Little Current 
H.S.; Vic. Basketball I-III; Vic. Hockey Mil; Vic. Softball Il-ni; 
Football III; V.C.W.A.A. II; W.A.A. IIL 

JOAN E. ARMSTRONG, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Volleyball 
MI; Swimming Mil; Music Club II-III. Future: Teaching. 

ARLENE L. L. ARNASON, Winnipeg, Man.; General; London South C.I., 
United College, Winnipeg; Vic. Music Club I; U. of T. Liberal Club 
I-III; Reporter, The Varsity III; A.S.G.A., Vice-Pres. III. Future: 
Social Work. 

JOHN W. ARNOLD, Toronto. 

RAY W. ASHTON, Haydon, Ont.; General; Bowmanville H.S.; Vic. Music 

Club Mil; Math, and Phys. Society MI. Future: High School Teacher. 
RICHARD J. AUSTIN, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Vic. Football II; 

411 Sqn. Pilot, RCAF (Aux.) I-III. Future: High School History 

MARGARET E. BAIN, North Bay; General; North Bay C.V.S.; Vic. Bob 

Review II; University Settlement House II; Spanish Club III; French 

Club III. 



ROBERT O. BALL, Harrle; General; Owen Sound C.V.I. ; Barrlc District 

C.I.; V.C.F. I-III, E.\ec. II; Vic. Church Student.s Union Mil; V.C.U. 

Treas. III. Future: Emmanuel College; United Church Mini.stry. 
CORDON E. BANKS, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I.; Track and 

C'ros.s Count r.\ Mil. Future: Post Graduate Work in Applied Math. 
BONNIE C. BANNAN, Vasey, Ont.; General; Midland H.S.; Vic. Music 

Club, (iilbcrl and Sullivan II; House Secretary III. Future: Teaching. 

ASTRA S. BARDINS, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Latvian Students 

Club; German Club. Future: Library School. 
GORDON A. BEATON, Sault Ste. Marie; General; Sault C.I.; Knox Hockey 

MM; Kno.x Soccer IMII; Knox College M. and T., Vice-Pres. II-III. 

Future: Theology. 
STUART J. BELL, General; Victoria College Union, President III. 

RICHARD T. BELL, Timmins; Physics and Geology: Iroquois Falls H.S.; 

Math, and Phys. Club I-IV; Mining and Metallurgy Club 111. Future: 

Post Graduate Studies in Structural Geology. 
AMPROMFI BOATENG-BANDOH, Kumasi, Ghana; General; Prempeh 

College, I.S.O. IMII, Vice-Pres. Ill; V.C.F. II-III; Table Tennis II-III; 

Swimming IMII; Soccer 11-111; Softball HI. Future: Medicine. 

WALTER R. BOBECHKO, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Slavic 

Circle Mil; Vic. Football MI; Vic. Basketball I; Vic. Waterpolo I. 

Future: Osgoode Hall. 
PETER BONFIELD, Toronto; General; Weston C.V.S.; French Club Mil, 

Treas. Ill; Classics Club Mil; Soccer Mil. Future: High School 

PATRICIA N. BONN, Toronto; General; Brampton District H.S.; Bob 

Revue; Vic. Drama Club, Pres. Ill; ACTA Victoriana. Future: 

Teaching English. 

DOUGLAS R. BOSOMWORTH, Alma, Ont.; Math, and Phys.; Drayton 
District H.S.; Math, and Phys. Society I-IV; North House Athletic Rep. 
II; Treas. Ill, Pres. IV; Vic. Men's Residence Council Sec. Treas. IV; 
Vic. S.C.M, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV; Vic. Lacrosse I; Senior Rugger II-IV. 
Future: Post Graduate Study in Physics. 

MIRIAM E. BOYD, Ottawa; Pol. Sci. Ec; Nepean H.S.; Vic. Cheerleader I; 
Hockey Mil; Softball II-III; Football II; Broadway Group II; Bob Re- 
vue 111; Class Exec, Athletic Rep. II, Assoc. Pres. IV. 

DAVID F. BROWN, Toronto; General; Appleby College; Vic. Hockey I. 
Future: School of Social Work. 

BARBARA A. BUCHANAN, Windsor; Mod. Hist, and Mod. Langs.; Ken- 
nedy C.I.; The Strand 11-111; A.S.G.A. Sec. Ill; Mod. History Club III; 
Vic. Volleyball I-III; French Club III; Vic Basketball I-IV; V.C.W.A.A. 
Pres. IV. 

ALAN N. BUNNER, Wiarton, Ont. 

P. JOAN CALDERWOOD, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; German Club 
Mil; Music Club II-III. Future: Kindergarten Teacher. 

E. WALLACE CAMPBELL, Weston; General; Orangeville H.S., U. of 

Western Ont. 

JOAN V. CARTER, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; A.V.R., I; Biology 

Club I II; F.R.O.S. I II; Flying Club III. Future: Teaching. 
KAREN ANN CHALMERS, Toronto; General. 



THOMAS H. CHARLTON, Toronto; Anthropology; R. H. King C.I.; Re- 
porter, The Varsity I; Vie. Waterpolo I; Anthrop. Club IV. 

AGNES C. V. CHLEBEK, Toronto; Latin (French Optionj; Bloor C.I.; 
Classics Club I-IV, Social Directress IMII; French Club MV; Year 
Rep. II, Vice-Pres. Ill, Pres. IV. Future: O.C.E. and Teaching. 

SUE M. CHUBB, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Swimming Mil; 
Volleyball Mil; Music Club IMII. 

ALAN D. CLARK, Hamilton. (No Photograph.) 

FERGUS M. CLYDESDALE, Toronto; General; Gravenhurst H.S. 

W. JAMES COLLINS, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I.; Intermed. 
Varsity Rugger MI; Manager Vic. I's Lacrosse Team, Mgr. Ill; Psy- 
chology Club III. Future: Y.M.C.A. Secretaryship. 

EDWARD S. COLWELL, Bowmanville; General; Bowmanville H.S.; S.C.M. 
IMII; V.S.C.U. III. Future: Theology, United Church. 

ALLAN K. CONNOLLY, Willowdale; General. (No photograph.) 

NOEL L. CORBETT, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound C.V.I. ; Vic. Music 

Club I-III; Vic. Bob Revue MI. Future: Teaching. 
JOANNE B. CORMACK, Toronto; General; Downsview C.I. 
DONALD R. CORNISH, Clinton, Ont.; General; Clinton D.C.I.; Basketball 

I; Lacrosse Mil; The Strand IMII, Editor III; Bob Revue III. Future: 

Emmanuel College, United Church Ministry. 

JAMES W. COUPLAND, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I.; Vic. 
Lacrosse I-III; C.P.O. Mil; Vic. Hockey I. Future: Teaching. 

EVAN L. CRANDALL, Pembroke, Ont.; General; Upper Canada CoUege; 
Hart House Art Club. Future: Advertising. 

MICHAEL S. CROSS, Toronto; Modern History; R. H. King C.I.; U.C. Foot- 
ball 1; U.C. Basketball I; Mod. Hist. Club II; Vic. Bob Revue, Writer, 
Ass't Producer III; Writer, Producer IV; Vic. Debating Parliament 
III-IV; Vic. Drama Club, Producer III; Vic. Productions Comm. IV; 
Model Parliament II-IV, Minister of Public Works; Vic. 4th Year 
Executive IV. Future: M.A. at Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

JAMES W. CRUICKSHANK, Toronto; General; Leaslde H.S.; Lacrosse; 
Hockey. Future: Osgoode Hall. 


MARGARET E. CULLY, Agincourt; General; Agincourt C.I. Future: Teach- 

RONALD V. DAGILIS, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; Glee Club I-III; 
Concert Manager III. Future: Europe, Teaching. 

BRIAN J. DALY, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; S.P.S. Football I. 

Future: O.C.E. 
J. MARILYN DALY, Toronto; Household Economics; Moulton CoUege; 

Etobicoke C.I.; Basketball I; Household Economics Club MV, Sec. IV. 

DIANNA A. DAVIE, Toronto; General. 


JUNE A. DELLER (Mrs.), Sarnia. 



M. SUSAN DENNIS, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Varsity Cheer- 

leadiT Mil. 
NORA E. DEVITT, Waterloo; General; Kitchener-Waterloo CVS. 
RONALD R. DOOOKIN, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.I. Future: 

Osyoode Hall. 
DAVID F. DONALDSON, Peterborough. No Photograph.) 

CORDON A. DREWETT, Hastings, England; General; Hastings Grammar 

School; Chess Club I; Reporter, Varsity I. 
STANLEY P. DUBAS, Smooth Rock Falls, Ont.; General; S.A.C., Finance 

Commissioner III. 
MARSHALL R. DUNN, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 
ROBERT S. DURSLEY, Toronto; General; Leaside H S. 

MARY-ELLEN DYMOND, Trenton; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Kelvin H.S., 

Winnipeg, Clinton D.C.I. ; Victoria Music Club, Operetta III-IV. Future: 

High School English Teacher. 
JAMES B. EARLE, Marathon, Ont.; General; Marathon H.S.; Vic. Hockey 

Mil; Tennis. Future: Ontario College of Education. 
LYNN A. EASTO, Toronto; General; Bishop Strachan School; Bob Revue 

III; A.V.R. II. 

LAWRENCE F. EDGINGTON, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; 
Residence House Social Dir.; ACTA, Advertising Mgr.; Reporter, 
The Varsity. 

MARY K. ELLIOTT, Lowbanks, Ont.; General; Pelham District H.S,; Vic. 
Music Club IIIII. 

PAUL G. ELLIS, Toronto; General; U.T.S.; Vic. Football MI; Vic. Basket- 
ball I; Class Executive MI. Future: Osgoode Hall. 

CAROL ANN ETHERINGTON, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; Broadway 

Group II; Vic. Music Club. 
DOROTHY J. FALCONER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Student 

Christian Movement IMII. Future: Teaching. 
M. ELIZABETH FANNING, North Bay; General; North Bay C.V.S., St. 

Clement's School; Math, and Physics Club I-III; Torontonensis HI. 

Future: High School Teacher. 

MARIO R. FAVERI, Toronto; General; York Memorial C.I.; Basketball, 

Lacrosse, Hockey. Future: Post Grad. Work. 
CAROL ANN FEE, Lindsay, Ont.; General; L.C.I. 
R. MARIE FERGUSON, Bowmanville; Eng. Lang and Lit.; Bowmanville 

H.S.; Victoria Music Club. 

NANCY A. FLATT, Kapuskaslng, Ont.; General; Kapuskasing H.S.; Vic. 

Music Club Mil; Bob Revue III. Future: Business. 
JAMES A. FORD, Toronto; Philosophy (Eng. Option); Lawrence Park C.I.; 

U. of T. Philosophical Society IMV, Vice-Pres. Ill, Pres. IV; Vic. 

Classics Club I-HI; U. of T. Revolver Club 1-IV; U. of T. Film Society 

III; Publicity Dir. I. Future: Graduate Studies. 
MARY R. FRASER, Burlington; Modern Histon ; Burlington M.S.; Vic. 

Debating Parliament, Sec. II, Pres. Ill; Class Exec. I II, IV; Wymll- 

wood Concerts Committee Chairman III-IV; Vic Gilbert and Sullivan 

II; W.U.S. Summer Seminar to West Indies III; Modern History Club 

IV; Carabin IV. 



NANCY H. FRASER, Pembroke, Ont.; General; Pembroke C.V.I. 


JAN E. GALLAGHER, Toronto; General. 

MARGARET A. GASKIN, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I.; Music Club 
I. Future: Ontario College of Education, Teaching Household Sci. 

KATHRYN M. GATES (Mrs.), Toronto; Household Economics; Parkdale 
C.I.; Household Economics Club I-IV; Exec. I, Vice-Pres. Ill, Pres. IV. 

RUSSELL T. GEE, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 

M. JANE GERRIE, Swastika, Ont.; General; Kirkland Lake C.V.I.; Volley- 
ball I; Swimming I; A.V.R. I; Chapel Pianist I; P.C. Club Mil. Future: 

R. BLAKE GIBB, Kitchener; General; Eastwood C.I.; Food Chemistry 

Club III. Future: Medicine. 
WILMUR D. GIFFEN, Elmvale, Ont.; General; Elmvale H.S.; Basketball 

I-III; Exec. Stephenson House I; Sec. Gate House III; U. of T. Chess 

Club III. Future: High School Teacher. 
MARY LOU GLAUBITZ, Toronto; Psychology; Lawrence Park C.l. 

CYNTHIA A. GOULDEN, Ottawa; Mod. Hist, and Mod. Lang.; Fisher Park 
H.S.; French Club MI; Slavic Circle II-III; Addison 4th Floor Pres. IV. 
Future: Graduate Work at University of London. 

JOAN E. GRABER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Bob Revue 
Chorus I, Makeup II; Vic. Music Club, Broadway Group MI; U. of T. 
Softball Club, Pres. Ill; Interfac. Volleyball II-III; Interfac. Basket- 
ball MI. Future: Teaching. 

ELIZABETH A. GRAHAM, Toronto; General; Branksome Hall; Toronto- 
nensis I; Victoria Picture Exhibitions Committee I; Drama Club I; 
French Club Mil. 


EVELYN LOUISE GREGORY, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 
WILLIAM A. GRIFFIN, Coboconk, Ont.; General; Fenelon Falls H.S.; Vic. 
I Hockey; Intermediate and Varsity Blues Hockey. Future: Ministry. 
THOMAS JEFFREY HAMMOND, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

KAREN MERLE HANES, Agincourt; General; North Toronto C.I.; 

Agincourt C.I.; Skule Night HI. Future: Europe. 
ALAN G. HARKNESS, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Varsity Band 

1; Dance Group; Jazz Concerts at Hart House. 
ROSSLYN A. HARPER, Tillsonburg; General; Tillsonburg District H.S.; 

Vic. French Club I; Vic. Synchronized Swimming Club II-III. 

DONALD W. C. HARRIS, Toronto. 

OSWALD G. HARRISON, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. ; General. 



JOYCE L. HAUSCHILD, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; German Club 
I-III; Music Club II-III. Future: Teaching. 

SALLY D. HERCERT, Toronto; General; Leasldc H.S.; Badminton Mil; 
Tennis, Badminton Curator III; Softball II-III; Volleyball Mil; Basket- 
ball III; Vic. Bob MI. Future: Primary Specialist. 

CORNELIA S. HEYDENS, Richmond Hill; Mod. I.ang. and Lit.; Thomhlll 
U.S.; Vic. French Club MV; U. of T. German Club IIV. 

ELEANOR P. HICKMAN, Mimico; General; Mimico H.S.; Vic. Music Club 

IMII. Future: Library Science. 
ALAN E. HILDEBRAND, Harrow, Ont.; General. 
JOHN C. HOLE, Toronto. 

JOAN I. HONSBERGER, Jordan Station, Ont.; Psychology; Beamsville 

H.S.; S.C.M. MV; Vic. Assoc. Pres. II, Vic. Pres. Ill, Vic. Past Pres. 

IV; Toronto World Mission Convenor IV; U. of T. Chorus II; Interfac. 

Basketball II-IV, Mgr IV; Volleyball MV; V.C.W.A.A. Rep. IV; Class 

Exec. IV; Torontonensis II; Section Ed. Ill; Psychology Club II-IV; 

Social Welfare Comm. Chrm. IV. Future: Speech Therapy. 
GEORGE A. HOUSE, Toronto; General; Bathurst Heights C.V.S. 
RICHARD MICHAEL A. HOWARTH, Ancaster, Ont.; Pol. Sci. & Ec; 

Etobicoke C.I.; E.A.C. Ill; Hockey I; Bob Revue MI; Class Exec. MV. 

Future: Law at Osgoode Hall. 

RONALD G. HUDSON, Toronto; General. 

B. BETTY HUGHES, Toronto; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; French 

Club MV, IVth Yr. Rep.; German Club MI; Slavic Circle MV; Softball I; 

VoUeybaU II-IV; Bowling IIMV; Hockey IV. 
MARILYN A. HUGHES, Toronto; General; East York C.I.; Vic Cheerleader 

MI; Music Club Mil; V.C.U. Executive III. Future: Teacher, Home 


WILLIAM H. HUGHES, Coldwater, Ont.; Philosophy; Orillia District C.I.; 

H. H. Glee Club I-IH; H. H. House Committee II; E.A.C. Scottish 

Exchange I; Philosophical Society Executive IIMV; Residence Exec. II. 

Future: Post Graduate Work. 
MARY F. HULL, Toronto; General; St. Clements School; Bob Leader I; 

Class Exec. I; Volleyball Mil; Basketball Mil; Football I-III; Bob Revue 

I-III. Future: Teaching. 
PATRICIA M. HUMPHREY, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Baseball IMII; 

Basketball MI; Volleyball I-III; Badminton MI; Bob Costumes II. 

B. JOHN R. HUNTER, Subury; Modern History; Sudbury H.S.; Modern 
History Club MV; Varsity Track I; S.C.M. II-IV; Cabinet IIMV; 
Emmanuel Hockey IIMV; Varsity Rugger IV; B. and W. Society MV. 

DONALD A. IRWIN, Toronto; Anthropology; Riverdale C.I. 

HELEN J. IVENS, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Music Club II-III. 
Future: Teachers' College; Primary Specialist. 

E. CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, Toronto; General. 



JAY JELINEK, Burlington; Art and Archaeology; Burlington H.S.; Varsity 

Christian Fellowship MV, Treas. Ill, Vice-Pres. IV; Annesley Student 

Gov't. Assoc. (No Photograph.) 



IRENE S. JIKEMURA, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I. 

CHRISTA E. JOHANNES (Mrs.), Toronto; Mod. Hist, and Mod. Lang.; 

S.C.I.T.S., Sarnia; Vic Drama Club I; Hart House Theatre Productions 

U; Frencii Club, Publicity 11; Debating Parliament II; Exchange Student 

to U.B.C. III. (No Photograph. I 
ALFRED P. R. JOHNSON, Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. ; General. 
DONALD C. JOHNSTON, Toronto; Modern History; York Memorial C.I.; 

Progressive Conservative Club I-IV; Vic Lacrosse Mil; Vic Basketball I. 

CAROL D. JONES, Brantford; General; Brantford C.V.S.; Classics Club I; 

Music Club II-III; Vic "Bob" II; Residence Exec. III. 
CAROLE ANNE JULL, Norwich, Ont.; Chemistry; Norwich D.H.S.; Math. 

and Phys. Society MI; University Chemical Club II-IV; Basketball II-IV; 

Volleyball IV; Outing Club IV. 
WILLIAM KAY, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.. Future: High School 


DAVID E. A. KEENLEYSIDE, Hartford, Conn.; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; U.T.S.; 

Hart House Theatre I-III; Acta Victoriana, Associate Editor III; Vic 

Liberal Arts Club, Pres. III. Future: Graduate Work in Archaeology 

in Europe or India. 
BONNIE J. KENNEDY (Mrs.), Windsor; General; Patterson C.I.; Reporter, 

The Varsity III. Future: Journalism. 
I. BETTY KENWRIGHT, Toronto; General; Runnymede C.I.; Football II; 

Volleyball II. Future; Teacher. 

JOHN J. KEYSER, Toronto. 

JANICE D. KILMER, Brantford; General. 

SANDRA M. KING, Toronto; General; Earl Haig C.I.; Vic Music Club, 

Broadway Group II; French Club II. Future: Ontario College of 

KARL S. KINIGADNER, Toronto; General; Forest Hill C.I. Future: 

EILEEN T. LAKER (Mrs.), Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

AGNES A. LANE, Lakeside, Ont.; General; Wingham D.H.S.; Skule Nite III; 

A.Y.R. Ill; U. of T. Outing Club; Music Club II; Bob Revue I, 

Make Up II. Future: Teaching. 
MARGARET A. LANE, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Music Club II-III; 

Publicity Manager III; Typist, The Strand II-III; Chapel Pianist II. 
WILLIAM R. LAUGHLIN, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Etobicoke C.I.; 

M. and P. Society I IV; Vic Squash III-IV. Future: O.C.E.; Science 



JOHN R. N. LAZIER, Toronto; Math, and Physics; Lawrence Park C.I.; 

Math, and Physics Society I-IV, Pres. IV. 
KATHARINE J. LEHMANN, Toronto; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; North Toronto 

C.I.; Liberal Arts Club III; Acta Victoriana III-IV, Editor IV. 

HAROLD A. LENDON, Toronto; General. 

CLARE E. LEWIS, Toronto; General; Winston Churchill C.I.; U. of T. 

Liberal Club l-lll, Publicity Director II; Vic Debating Pari. Rep. II. 

Future: Osgoode Hall. 



C. F. MICHAEL LEWIS, Sudbury; Physics and Geology; Barrie D.C.I. 
DONALDA B. C. LEWIS, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I.; Ba.seball Mil; 

VoUeyball Mil; Tennis MI; Football I; Basketball I; Badminton II; 

Impromptu Debates I; Athletic Rep. II; Executive II. Future: Teaching. 
PATRICIA LITTLE, Guelph; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; Guelph C.V.I. ; Annesley 

Student Gov't Assoc. I; Student Christian Movement I-IV, Associate 

Pres. IV. 

JOHN W. LOCKE, St. Thomas; General; St. Thomas C.I. Future: Ministry. 
ARLENE LONG, Toronto; Art and Archaeology; Lawrence Parl< C.I.; Fine 

Arts Club MV; Vic Volleyball I; University Bowling II, IV; "Bob" 

Revue MV. 
MARILYN E. LOWERY, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Vic "Bob" 

Revue Stage Crew, Props I. Future: Teachers' College. 

DIANE M. LOWRY, Agincourt; General; Agincourt C.I.; Food Chemistry 

BILLIE E. MacBETH, Toronto; General; North Bay C.I. and V.S.; Broadway 

Group II; A.S.G.A. III. Future: Teaching. 
KATHERINE M. McCOOK, Ottawa; General; Lisgar C.I.; Backstage Hart Theatre I; Vic Drama Club I; Reporter, The Varsity II, Publicity 

Ed. III. 

WILLIAM R. McCORMICK, Moorefield, Ont.; General; Listowel D.H.S.; 

Basketball I-III; Soc. Dir. Gate House III. 
ELIZABETH J. McCULLOUGH, Ingersoll; General; IngersoU District C.I.; 

Social Welfare II; V.C.U. Sec. Ill; "Bob" Revue III. 
ROBERT K. McCURRY, Toronto. 

CARITA A. MacOONALD, Toronto; General; Riverside H.S.; Etobicoke C.I.; 

Bob Leader I; Women's Athletics I-III; Class Exec. II. 
JANE C. MacKENZIE, Toronto; Household Economics; Forest Hill C.I.; 

Household Economics Club I-IV; Carabin Weekend, Refreshment 

Committee Chairman IV. 
FLOYD M. MclNNIS, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I. 

MARY ANN McPHERSON, Scarboro; General; Scarboro C.i; West Hill C.I.; 

Music Club I-III, Operetta I-III, Broadway Group II, Band Leader Mil, 

Social Dir. Ill; Softball II; Hockey II-III; French Club II. Future: 

CAROL MAEDEL, Fergus, Ont.; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Fergus D.H.S,; Vic "Bob" 

Revue I; Debating MI; P.C. Club I-IV; Political Economy Club III-IV; 

A.S.G.A. IV; Debating Rep. IV. 
LYNDA M. MAGUIRE, Parry Sound; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Parry Sound 

H.S.; Vic French Club III; Social Convenor III. 

PAUL R. MAHONEY, Toronto; Biology; Riverdale C.I. Future: Graduate 

FRANCES B. MAINE, London, Ont.; General; London Central C.I.; 

Basketball I; Reporter, The Varsity III; A.S.G.A. Ill; Pres. Addison II. 
ELSIE MAKARCHUK, Sudbury; General. iNo Photograph.) 
DONALD RAE MALLINSON, Scarborough. (No Photograph.) 
EVA M. MARTIN, Toronto; General; East York C.I. Future; Library 





WILLIAM H. MARTYN, Oshawa; Eng. Lang, and Lit.; O.C.U.L Future: 
Post Graduate Work in English. 

DONALD C. MATHESON, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Victoria 
Football Mil; T.G.I. F. Club; President, Victoria College Athletic 
Union III. Future: Business Administration, Post Graduate Work. 

PAMELA L. L. MATTHEWS, Samia, Ont.; General; Sarnia Central C.I.; 
Residence Social Convenor II; Vic Music Club II-III; Softball Manager 
II; A.S.G.A. Ill; House Pres. Ill; Chaplains Advisory Council III; 
Skule Nile; Torontonensis III. 

JIM MAXWELL, Chesley, Ont.; Pol. Sci. and Ec; Chesley D.H.S.; Political 
Economy Club I-IV; Hart House Art Classes I; SAC Book Exchange 
Manager IV; Social Director, Gate House III; Class Executive IV; 
Liberal Arts Club. Future: Travel. 

J. ANNETTE MIGLEC, Lindsay; General; Lindsay C.I.; Vic Drama Club 
I-III, Social Dir. II; Reporter, The Varsity II. 

JOHN C. MILLER, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; BasketbaU I. 

FRED R. MILNES, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I., Waterloo; Vic Hockey 
II; V.C.S.U. Vice-President III. Future: Emmanuel College; United 
Church Ministry. 

DONNA G. MORGAN, Weston; Modem History; Weston C.I.; U. of T. 

Squadron R.C.A.F. I-IV. Future: Ontario College of Education. 
E. LYNN MORTIMER, Willowdale; General; Earl Haig C.I.; Vic Music 

Club MIL Future: Teaching. 

MARGUERITE E. A. MUNROE, Toronto; Modern History; Humberside C.I. 

LORRAINE E. MURPHY, Fenella, Ont.; General; Cobourg D.C.I. Future: 

GWENDOLYNE E. MURRAY, Woodstock; General; Woodstock C.I.; Vic 
Swim Team II; S.C.M. Ill; Broadway Group III; Conservative Club III. 
Future: Social Work. 

KEN T. MYERS, Toronto; General; Oakwood C.I.; Senior Intercoll. 

Football MIL Future: Theology, Emmanuel College. 
HARRY W. NEALE, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 
NANA NISHIMURA, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.L Future: Toronto 

Teachers' College. 
JOHN NKANSAH, Kumasi, Ghana; General; Swimming. 

WILLIAM H. NOBLE, Sudbury; General; Sudbur>' H.S. Future: Medicine. 
R. DANIEL NORMAN, Toronto; Math. & Phys.; Vaughan Road C.L; S.C.M. 

I-IV; Intercoll. Basketball II-IV; South House Social Dir. III. 
ROBERT T. OBEN, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.L; Class Exec. 

Pres. Ill; Ontario Older Boys' Parliament-on Campus; Emmanuel 

College Hockey; Hart House Athletics. 

ANDREA O'KEEFE, Toronto; General; Humberside C.L 

ROSALIND A. ORR, Toronto; PoL Sci. and Ec; Bathurst Heights C.V.S.; 

Basketball; Volleyball; Political Economy Club; V.C.W.A.A. Treas. IV. 
DONALD S. OSBORNE, Toronto; General; Albert College. Future: Osgoode 

DIANE I. OVERHOLT, St. Catharines; General; St. C. C.V.S., Havergal 

Coll.; A.S.G.A. Rep. II; FootbaU II; V.C.U. Sec. Ill; Vic "Bob" Revue IH. 

Future: Laval; Ontario College of Education. 

(No photograph.) 



JOHN H. PATTERSON, Falconbridge, Ont.; General; Sudbury H.S.; 

V.C.S.U. I III; Stephenson House Pres. IMII; V.C.S.U. Rep. Emmanuel 

College III. Future: Emmanuel College; United Church Ministry. 
M. ELIZABETH PEAL, Hamilton; Psychology; Delta S.S.; University 

Orchestra I IV; Psychology Club M-IV; Student Christian Movement IV. 

Future: Post Craduate Study. 
DIANNE J. PEARSON, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; Vic Volleyball; 

Football; Badminton. 

JO-ANNE P. PERRY, North Bay; General; North Bay C.V.S.; A.S.G.A. I; 

Vic Basketball Mil; Vic Hockey II; Vic Baseball III; Reporter, The 

Varsity III. Future Secretarial Science at Western. 

CLARK H. PINNOCK, Toronto; Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Lawrence 
Park C.I.; U. of T. Orchestra, Violin Section I-UI; Varsity Christian 
Fellowship I-IV, President IV; Near East Club President IV, Classics 
Club I 111; Soccer; Basketball I. 

JERRY A. POCUE, Toronto; Math, and Phys.; Vaughan Road C.I.; 
University of Toronto R.C.A.F. Squadron MV. 

THOMAS B. PORTER, Gore Bay, Ont.; General; Gore Bay H.S. 

SHEENA B. E. PRITCHARD (Mrs.), Rockliffe, Ottawa. (No Photograph.) 

DEREK W. QUIN, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; Victoria Music 

Club I-III, 
LEONARD F. RACBIR, San Fernando, Trinidad; General: Queen's Royal 

CRAIG J. RAILTON, Willowdale; General; Earl Haig C.I.; V.C.S.U. Future: 

Theology at Emmanuel College. 

MYRTLE M. RAMPERSAO, San Fernando, Trinidad; General; Naparima 
Girls' High. Future: High School Teacher in Trinidad. 

MARILYN P. REA, Toronto; General; Havergal College; Music Club I III. 
Future: Primary Specialist at Teachers' College. 

RONALD R. READ, Stoney Creek; General; Saltfleet H.S. Future U. of T. 
Law School. 

ANNE D. REDMAN, Concord, Ont.; General; Thornhill H.S. Future: 

ROSEMARIE I. REID, Aurora; General; Aurora H.S.; Vic "Bob " Revue MI; 
Vic Drama Club IIII; Vic Music Club, Broadway Group Mil; Skule 
Nile ni; U. of T. Drama Festival II; Treasure Van III. 

HAROLD A. RENDALL, Clarksburg, Ont.; Geography; Thornbury District 
H.S.; Geography Club IMV; House Exec. HI. 

LUCY A. REVUS, Fort Frances; General; Fort Frances H.S.; Basketball 
Mil; V.C.F.I. Ill; Swimming I; Badminton I; Fencing I. 

EDWARD M. ROBERTS, St. John's, Nfld.; General; St. Andrew's College, 
Auroro; Varsity I-III, Assoc. News Editor 11, News Editor III; P.C. 
Club MI; Liberal Club III. Future: Law and Politics. 



CAROL LEA ROBINSON, Saskatoon, Sask.; General; Bedford Road C.I.; 

Volleyball IMII; Football II-III. Future: Home Economics Teacher. 
DAVID G. A. ROSEVEAR, Toronto; General; Vaughan Road C.I.; Vic 

G. and S. Mil; "Bob" Revue II; A.V.R. II. Future: O.C.E.; Math. 
PAUL C. ROWNEY, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I. ; Vic Basketball I; 

Conservative Club II-III; Swimming III. 

NOBUKO SASAKI, Toronto; General. 

EDWARD P. SAUNDERS, Toronto; General. (No Photograph.) 

GRACE E. SCANES, Toronto; General; R. H. King C.I.; University 

Settlement House I-III; Music Club II-III; Volleyball III; Badminton III. 

Future: Teachers' College; Primary Specialist. 
EVELYN I. SCHLEISSNER, Jerseyville, Ont.; General; Hamilton Central S.S. 
COLIN SCOTT, Toronto. (No Photograph.) 

MARY A. SCOTT, Sudbury; General; Sudbury H.S.; S.C.M. I-HI, Assoc. 

Pres. II, Study Convenor III. Future: Child Care Worker Training 

at Thistletown Hospital. 
LYDIA SENYSHYN, Toronto; Psychology; North Toronto C.I.; Psychology 

Club, Exec. II-IV, Social Convenor, Vice-Pres.; Vic "Bob" Revue; 

Vic Gilbert and Sullivan I. Future: M.A. in Psychology. 
AILEEN A. SHATTUCK, Regina, Sask.; General; C.C.I.; Strand II-HI; 

Drama Club Exec. III. 

JEAN E. SISLER, Port Credit; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Port Credit H.S.; 

Music Club I; V.C.F. I; Vic French Club I-IV, Sec. IV. Future: O.C.E.; 

High School French Teacher. 

JOHN R. SKUCE, Toronto. 

ESTHER L. SLEEP, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I.; Modern History Club 

II-III; V.C.F. MI, Soc. Comm. II-III, Chairman of Fall Conference III; 

Missionary III. Future: McMaster University, Women's Leadership 

MARILYN J. SMYE, Hamilton; Philosophy; Delta S.S.; Annesley Student 

Gov't Assoc, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV; S.C.M. Cabinett IIMV; Class Exec. IV. 


WALTER J. SOPINKA, Stoney Creek; General; Saltfleet D.H.S.; Varsity 

Blues Football II-III. Future: Law School. 
JUDITH A. SPARROW, Toronto; General; Etobicoke C.I.; V.C.U. Assoc. 

Pres. Ill; Class Exec. 
Social Work. 

II; Vic Cheerleader MI; Vic Football. Future: 

RUTH SPITZER, Buenos Aires, Argentina; General; Crandon Institute, 

Uruguay: French Club Play II; French Club Vice- Pres. III. 
PAUL A. STEELE, Toronto; General; Malvern C.I. Future: Master of 

PHYLLIS A. E. STEVENSON, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound C.V.S.; 

"Bob" Revue, Stage Crew II; International Student's Organization III. 

Future: Social Work. 



BARBARA J. STEWART (Mrs.), Oshawa; Eng. Lang, and Ul; Oshawa C.V.I. 
VERLA D. STORIE, Scarboro; General; W.H.C.I.; French Club. Future: 

BARRY F. STROUD, Hythe, Kent, England; General; Bathurst HeighLs 

C.V.S., Aglncourt H.S.; Soccer Mil; Varsity Soccer III; U. of T. Sailing 

Club II. Future: Teaching High School. 

PETER D. SUCH, London, England; General; York Memorial C.I.; Vic 
Soccer 1 III; Music Club II; Acta III; Drama Club III. Future: 
H.S. Teacher. 

PAUL M. SULLIVAN, Toronto; Pol. Sci. and Ec; University of Toronto 
Schools; Political Economy Club III-IV. 

ADMIRA M. SYLVESTER (Mrs.), Jamaica; General. Future: Teaching. 


MARIE TAKATA, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I. Future: Teaching. 
LINDA A. M. TAYLOR, Owen Sound; General; Owen Sound C.V.I.; "Bob" 
Revue III. 


JOAN C. THOMSON, Port Credit, Ont.; General, P.C.H.S.; Drama Club III; 
Psychology Club III. 

MARY C. THOMSON, Creemore, Ont.; Art and Archaeology; CoUingwood 
DC. I.; Vic Volleyball III; House Basketball MI; Fine Arts Club I-IV; 
Vic Art Committee III-IV; "Bob" Revue IV. Future Graduate Studies. 

CAROL M. TOMLIN, Toronto; General; Jarvis C.I.; Strand Typist III; 

S.C.M. Assoc. Pres. Ill; Broadway Group II-III. Future: Church Work. 
ALLEN M. TOMLINSON, Toronto; General; Riverdale C.I.; Editor, The 

Strand II; Vice-Pres. V.C.S.U. II; Pres. V.C.S.U. III. Future: Emmanuel 


JEAN M. TOVELL, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; Torontonensis 
III; "Bob" Revue II, Costumes I, Make-Up III; A.V.R. II; Vic Music 
Club III, Soc. Dir. II, Assoc. Pres. Ill; Broadway Group I III, Dir. Ill; 
Strand III; Class Exec. Ill; French Club II-III. Future: O.C.E. 

BAUDINA M. VANDER MEULEN, Toronto; General; Scarboro C.I.; 

Treasure Van I-III; Book Bureau II; Music Clubs II-III; Volleyball III. 
MARA V. VERLIS, Milton, Ont.; General; Milton H.S.; Latvian Students' 

Club; Basketball; Spanish Club. 

WILLIAM E. VICKERS, Peterborough, Ont.; General; Peterborough C.V.S.; 
Pres. Victoria College Residence Council III, Gate House, Soc. Dir. II; 
Pres. III. Future: Institute of Business Administration, U. of T. 

FRAUKE VOSS, Hamburg, Germany; Mod. Lang, and Lit.; Runnymede C.I.; 

German Club I-IV; Spanish Club I; Vic Music Club I; Flying Club MV, 

Sec.-Treas. II-III, Pres. IV. Future: Europe, O.C.E. 
O. JANE WADE, Toronto; General; Lawrence Park C.I.; President I; 

Volleyball I-III; Swimming Mil; Badminton II-III. Future: Teaching. 



GERALD D. B. WEATHERHEAO, Toronto; General; North Toronto C.I.; 
Football I. 


GEORGE M. WALKER, Hepworth, Ont. 
Future: Business. 

General; Owen Sound C.V.I. 

LUISE D. WEHNERT, Oshawa; General; Oshawa C.V.I.; French Club Mil; 
German Club I-III; Slavic Circle Mil; Hart House Orchestra Mil; 
U. of T. Film Society III. 

CHARLES W. WEIR, Toronto; General; Humberside C.I.; Skule Nite. 

Future: Teaching. 

HARRY L. E. WHITE, Toronto; Pol. Sol. and Ec; U.T.S; Class Exec. I-H; 

Vic Hockey Manager Mil, Curator IV; Torontonensis; Intercoll. 

Sports Ed. III. 
ALISON J. WHYTE, Guelph; General; North Toronto C.I.; French Club 

Mil, Secretary II. 
PETER C. WILHELMSON, Toronto; General; Leaside H.S.; Hart House 

Revolver Club; Biology Club. Future: Medicine. 

NORMAN L. WILLIAMS, Toronto; General; Northern Secondary School; 

Class Exec. I, Pres. II; Share Campaign II; Caledon Committee II-III; 

Vic Debating Parliament II-III; Carabin III; U.T.D.U. III. 
JOHN C. WILLOUCHBY, Toronto; General; Royal York C.I. 

M. ARLENE WINDSOR, Kirkland Lake, General; K.L.C.V.I.; Vie "Bob" MI, 
Choreographer II; A.V.R. I; "Micketies" MI, Choreographer MI; 
S.C.M. II-III; Soc. Convenor III. 


Wycliffe College 



B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.D. 

RAYMOND J. CARDER, Toronto; Vaughan Rd. C.I.; Photography; 
Swimming; Tennis; Debating; Raids on Trinity Mil; Christian Youth 
Worlt; Sunday School Teaching. Future: Marriage in July. 

GLENN G. DROVER, New Toronto; New Toronto S.S.; Volleyball; Water- 
polo; W'yclitTc Theol. Soc. Vice - Pres. II; Literary Society Prime 
Minister III. 

DONALD S. FRENCH, Elmvale, Ont.; Waverly Continuation S.; Class 
Vice-Pres. I; Raids on Trinity I-IV; Wycliffe Theol. Society, Sec.-Treas. 
HI, Pres. IV. 

THOMAS GRACIE, Peterborough; Peterborough C.V.S.; Frosh Pres. I; 
Soccer I II, IV; Basketball MI; Wycliffe At Home Show MI, IV; Wycliffe 
Lit. Soc. I; Raid.s on Trinity MI. Future; Parish of Minden. 

HUGH JOHN McOOUGALL, Kingston; Kingston Collegiate & Vocational 

NORMAN D. MARTIN, Gore's Landing, Ont.; Earl Haig C.L; Hart House 
Chapel Committee II, Post Grad; Ontario Society of Biologists, Post 
Grad; Toronto Ornithological Club I-IV, Post Grad; Brodie Bird Club, 
Post Grad. 

J. ALLAN RIX, B.A., Barrie; Barrie C.I.; Wycliffe College Student 
Government, Minister of Foreign Affairs II; Prime Minister Literary 
Society IIMV; Athletic Society, Curator II, Sec. Ill, Pres. IV; S.A.C. 
Rep. V; Hart House Board of Stewards V; Torontonensis Rep. IV; 
Wycliffe Soccer I-VI; Volleyball I-IV; Senior Student VI. 

PHILIP C. WHITNEY, B.A., Sutton, Ont.; Sutton H.S.; Intramural Soccer 
Mil; Hockey Mil; Wycliffe Athletic Assoc. Pres. Ill; Wycliffe Literary 
Society I; Varsity Christian Fellowship; Raids on Trinity Mil; 
Intramural Sports Committee. Future: Ordination; Missionary. 



Division of Extension 



B.A., M.A., Ph.D. 


NANCY COTT (Mrs.), Toronto; Harbord C.I.; Toronto Teachers College; 
Teaching Kindergarten with Toronto Board of Education. 

GLENN A. DUGUID, Fort WUliam; Fort WUliam C.l. Future: Elementary 
School Principal in Fort William. 

LUBA E. ELEEN, Toronto; Vaughan Road C.I.; Sarah Lawrence College, 

N.Y. Future: Graduate School. 

W. ROBERT EVERIST, Thornhill. 

RUTH I. FARNDEN, Waterford, Ont.; Waterford District U.S. Future: 
University of Toronto, School of Nursing Teaching Staff. 

ELIZABETH P. GALAMB, St. George, Ont.; St. George Continuation 
School; Tennis; Golf; Curling. Future: Teaching. 


WILLIAM J. HAMARA, Toronto; Dominion Business College; Toronto 
Teachers College. Future: Willowdale Junior High School. 

FLORENCE LANG C. HENCH, Toronto; Secretary in Law Division, Ontario 




L. ROY HUGHES, York Memorial C.I.; Assistant Supervisor of Arts and 

Crafts, York Township Board of Education. 
ALLAN F. LEIGHTON, Toronto; Jarvls C.I.; Toronto Teachers' College; 

Teaching in Scarborough. Future: Continue Teaching. 
ROSS L. McGILLAWEE, Toronto; Stratford C.I.; Vice-Principal, E.ssex 

Senior School. Future: Continuing Employment, Toronto Board of 


BRUCE W. MATHER, Erindale; Riverdale C.I. 

ROSS E. MORRISON, Toronto; Parkdale C.I.; Teacher, Etobicoke Board of 

JOHN M. OOSTROM, Toronto; St. Anthonys C.I., Netherlands; Newman 
Club; Liberal Club; Tennis; Soccer. Future: M. Comm. — Business 

DAVID L. REA, Toronto; St. Andrews College; McGill Univ. Future: 

With Robert Simpson Co. 
DONALD G. RIKLEY, Belleville; Belleville C.I.V.S. 
HAUGHTON G. L. ROBINSON, Islington; Capreol H.S. Future: Teacher. 

VERNA M. ROBINSON (Mrs.), Islington; Dryden H.S. Future: Teacher. 
WILLIAM E. SHAVER, Toronto; Riverdale C.I. 

ROBERT M. STASIUK, Hamilton; Delta S.S.; French Club I. Future: 
School Teacher in North York. 

THOMAS H. TEGLASSY, Toronto; Avellaneda C.I., Buenos Aires; Harbord 
C.I.; Federation of Hungarian University Students, Vice-Pres. III-IV. 
Future: Master's Degree in Business Administration. 

L. CHARLES VAN DUSEN, Brockville; Brockville C.I. and V.S. Future: 

WILLIAM R. WATERS, Orangeville; Orangeville U.H.S. Future: Graduate 
Work for M. Comm. 

DAVID J. WOOD, Toronto; Humberside C.I.; Toronto Teachers' College. 

Future: Teach at Humber Valley Village School. 
FRED S. YEOMANS, Toronto; Danforth Technical School. 


Index and Advertisers 


Activities — All-Campus and Faculty 6 

Advertisers 404 

Annesley Hall 172 

Applied Science and Engineering: 

Activities 32 

Athletics 208 

Chemical Club 121 

Civil Club 122 

Debates Club 120 

Electrical Club 123 

Engineering Physics Club 126 

Engineering Society 118 

Graduates 293 

Industrial Club 123 

Initiations 128 

Mechanical Club 124 

Mining and Metallurgical Club 125 

Skule Night 32 

Skule Yearbook 120 

Toike Oike 121 


Graduates 314 


Coaching Staff 186 

Men's Intercollegiate Athletics 184 

Men's Intercollegiate Directorate 184 

Men's "T" Award Winner 185 

Men's Intramural Athletics 216 

Men's Intramural Athletic Directorate 215 

Men's Intramural Championships 215 

Women's Intercollegiate Athletics 250 

Women's "T" Award Winners 251 

Women's Intramural Athletics 256 


Badminton, Intercollegiate 207 

Basketball, Intercollegiate 196 

Big Blitz 56 

Biggs Trophy 187 

Biology Club 102 

Bissell, President 6 

Blue and White Band 84 

Blue and White Society 77 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 92 

Bob Revue 35 

Boxing, Intercollegiate 213 


Campus Co-operative Res. Inc. 96 

Carabin 46 

C.C.F. 7 108 

C.C.F. 108 

Cheerleaders 12 

Chemical Club 108 

Chorus, U. of T. 85 

Christian Science Organization 101 

Coaching Staff, Intercollegiate 186 

Cody House, Whitney Hall 168 

SnagKcd in his own snare 


Commerce and Finance: 

Commerce Club 127 

Graduates 316 

Contents, Table of 4 

Co-operative, SMC: 

Board of Directors 156 

Breakfast Party 48 

Copp Trophy 187 

Curling 211 


Falconer House, Whitney Hall 168 

Fencing 212 

Flying Club 112 

Football, Intercollegiate 188 

Activities 10 

Athletics 224 

Forester's Club 129 

Graduates 327 

Friendly Relations with Overseas Students 102 

The inevitable bridge game 



Debating Team, U. of T. 
Debating Union, U. of T. 



Devonshire House 








Activities 128 

Graduates 325 

Engineering — see Applied Science 
and Engineering 

Estonian Students Association 104 

Expansion 56 


Graduates 402 

External Affairs Committee 80 

.^^^/rT>, iri 




are invited 

to make use of our banking facilities. 
Our nearest branch will gladly help you. 


800 Branches across Canada ready to serve you 



Geograohy Club 111 

Golf ' 201 


Applied Science and Engineering 293 

Architecture 314 

Commerce and Finance 316 

Dentistry 319 

Emmanuel College 325 

Extension 402 

Forestry 327 

Household Science 328 

Knox College 329 


Law 331 

Medicine 334 

Music 341 

Nursing 343 

Pharmacy 346 

Physical and Health Education 350 

Physical and Occupational Therapy 353 

St. Michael's College 356 

Trinity College 366 

Trinity Divinity 373 

University College 374 

Victoria College 388 

Wycliffe College 401 

Gymnastics 209 

Miss Jackson of the Physical Education department inspects the new women's 
pool as it nears completion 



Harrier, Intercollegiate 
Hart House 
Hart House Theatre 
Hillel Foundation 
Hockey, Intercollegiate 
Homecoming Weekend 
Honour Awards 
Household Economics Club 





Jeanneret, Chancellor 



Designers and Suppliers 







B I R K S 

134 YONGE ST. • 33 BLOOR ST. W. 

Slapping on make-up is part of ttie fun of college 


Karvanaque, Ries 
Knox College: 










Athletics 226 

Graduates 331 

Homecoming Float 15 

Law Club 15 

LOCK 135 

Loretto College: 

Local Council 147 

Sodality 155 

Sing song at the V.C.F. hayride 



Art and Photography Contest 136 

Athletics — Men's 224 

— Women's 259 

CAMSI 134 

Daffydil 36 

Debating Society 136 

Graduates 334 

Medical Arts & Letters 136 

Medical Journal 138 

Medical Society 132 

Medical Women's Undergraduate Ass'n 135 

Music Society 137 

Osier Society 137 

Probe : 137 

Miss Varsity 20 

Miss Varsity Contestants 18 

Mulock House, Whitney Hall 168 

Graduates 341 



National Affairs Commission 80 

Nesbitt, Jayne 28 

Activities 11 

Athletics 263 

Graduates 343 

Residence 131 

Undergraduate Association Council 131 

Overseas students at F.R.O.S. party 

:> ■# 



Bank of Montreai, 

ro 2 mitioii cjuugu! 

There are 65 B of M OFFICES in the TORONTO DISTRICT to serve you 



The Reception Line 


Victoria goes formal 

University of Toronto Squadron 

(RCAF) 116 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 99 

West Indian Students' Association 105 
Organizations — College and Faculty: 
Applied Science and Engineering — 

Chemical Club 121 

Civil Club 122 

Debates Club 120 

Electrical Club 123 

Engineering Physics Club 126 

Engineering Society 118 

Industrial Club 123 

Mechanical Club 124 

Mining and Metallurgical Club 125 

Skule Yearbook 120 

Toike Oike 121 


Orchestra, U. of T 85 

Organizations — All-Campus 98 

Biology Club 108 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation 100 

C.C.F. 109 

Chemical Club 108 

Christian Science Organization 101 

Commerce Club 127 

Estonian Students Association 104 
Friendly Relations With Overseas 

Students 102 

Flying Club 112 

Geography Club HI 

Household Economics Club 110 

Outing Club 113 

Polish Students' Club 103 

Presbyterian Fellowship 101 

Progressive Conservative Club 106 

Royal Canadian Air Force 116 

Students' Administrative Council 74 

Student Christian Movement 98 

United Nations Club 114 

Hart House is the setting of this happy group 


Commerce Club 127 

Knox College Association 130 

Emmanuel 128 

Forestry 129 

Law Club 15 


CAMSI 134 

Debating Society 136 

Medical Arts and Letters Society 136 

Medical Journal 138 

Medical Society 137 

Medical Women's Undergraduate 

Association 135 

Music Society 137 

Osier Society 137 

Probe 137 

Overseas students get to know one another, as well 
as Canadians during F.R.O.S. activities 


Nurse's Residence 130 

Undergraduate Association Council 130 


Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Society 139 

Physical and Occupational Therapy: 

Undergraduate Association 38 

St. Michael's College: 

Co-op 156 

French Club 152 

Glee Club 152 

Loretto College — Local Council 197 

LOCK 154 

Men's Council 146 

Music Guild 153 

Oratorical Society 150 

Professional Club 151 

St. Joseph's Literary Club 149 

Schola Cantorum 153 

Senate Club 150 

Sodality 154 

Students' Administrative Council 144 

The Mike 148 

Theatre Guild 151 

Writer's Group 149 



Age Publications Limited 






since 1923 

Age Publications Limited 
450 Alliance Avenue 

Toronto 9 



Ferocious female hockey players from Victoria and Trinity tangle in 
an exciting game. 

Index to Advertisers 

Age Publications Limited 

Bank of Montreal 

Canadian Bank of Commerce 



Northern Electric Co. Ltd. 




Social Work 




Trinity College: 

Burwash Hall 


Board of Stewards 


Class Executives 


Cercle Frangais 


Classics Club 


Dramatic Society 


Debating Parliament 


Literary Institute 


Drama Society 


St. Hilda's College — 

French Club 


College Meeting 


Liberal Arts Club 


Literary Society 


Music Club 


Trinity Review 


The Strand 


University College: 

Student Christian Movement 


Le Cercle Frangais 


Varsity Christian Fellowship 


Literary and Athletic Society 




Permanent Executive, 

Class of '60 




Sir Daniel Wilson Residence 


Victoria College Union 


Whitney Hall 


Wycliffe College: 

Victoria College: 

Athletic Society 


Acta Victoriana 


Literary Society 
Theological Society 
Outing Club 



U. of T. students in a winter wonderland 


Drum Majorette 
Gail Richardson 


Activities 9 

Athletics — Men's 227 

— Women's 262 
Graduates 346 

Physical and Health Education: 

Athletics — Men's 239 

— Women's 260 

Graduates 350 

Physical and Occupational Therapy: 

Activities 53 

Athletics 256 

Graduates 353 

Undergraduate Association 38 

Polish Students' Club 103 

Presbyterian Fellowship 101 

Profiles 282 

Progressive Conservative Club 106 


Acta Victoriana 177 

Medical Journal 138 

The Probe 137 

Skule Yearbook 120 

The Mike 148 

The Strand 177 

The Varsity 89 

Toike Oike 121 

Torontonensis 86 

Trinity Review 160 


R.C.A.F 116 


Annesley Hall 173 

Burwash Hall 172 

Campus Co-op 96 

Devonshire House 92 

Knox College 130 

Nursing 131 

St. Hilda's College 163 

St. Michael's College 146 

Sir Daniel Wilson 167 

Whitney Hall: 

Cody House 168 

Falconer House 168 

Mulock House 168 

Ross, Dr. Murray 54 

Royal Canadian Air Force 116 

Rugger 206 



salutes the 
Class of '60 

The lliiivcrsitv of roioiilo. (iatiada's 
largest . . . sends giailuales to all corners 
ol the eouiitiN . . . piulessidiial |)e()|ile, 
liheral ail> ^^railuales. scientists — 
they lia\cl In ihe iar Nmih and 
to the Ka>l and West coasts, to stJiall 
centres and major cities. 

KATOXS. Canada^ larfie>l relailin-; 
oi'gani/.alion . . . aUo concis the country, 
with its larf;e main >loii>. hranch stores, 
order olhees . . . ainl its luij;e mail order 
cataloj;ne circulation. 

^ here\ er \()ur career nia% lake \<>u 
in (Canada, you will hnd 1] \ r()N"S 
ready to s<'r\ e you. as it has during 
\ our >tudetit da\ s at \ \ . 




Sailing 205 

Skiing 212 

Soccer 204 

Space Club 115 

Squash 201 

St. Hilda's College: 

Athletics 268 

College Meeting 162 

Literary Society 164 

St. Joseph's College: 

House Council 146 

Literary Club 149 

Music Guild 153 

Oratorical Society 150 

Professional Club 151 

Senate Club 150 

Sodality 154 

St. Michael's College: 

Activities 39 

Athletics — Men's 232 

— Women's 235 

Board of Directors 145 

Cheerleaders n 

Co-operative 1"6 

Formal 4^1 

French Club 132 

Glee Club 152 

Graduates 336 


Loretto College: 

Local Council 147 

Sodality 155 

Men's Council 146 

The Mike 148 

Music and Drama 25 

Schola Cantorum 153 

Students' Administrative Council 144 

Theatre Guild 151 

Torontonensis Reps 148 

Writers' Group 149 

All is not fun at V.C.F. 


Modern Art comes to Victoria College. 
These three statues enhance the en- 
trance to Margaret Addison hall 

Social Work 140 

Student Christian Movement 98 

Students' Administrative Council 74 

Blue and White Band 84 

Blue and White Society 77 

Carabin 46 

External Affairs Commission (EAC) 80 

Honour Awards 78 

National Affairs Commission 80 

Tar Heel 30 

Torontonensis 86 

University of Toronto Debating Union 

(UTDU) 83 

U. of T. Symphony Orchestra and 

Chorus 85 

The Varsity 89 

Weekend Committee 81 

World University Service (WUS) 80 

Swim Team 208 


Oops!! In the cold Vic Residence it wouldn't have 
mattered hut now we have rugs 


Tar Heel 30 

"T" Holders — Men 185 

— Women 251 

Tennis 201 


Faculty Reps 423 

Staff 86, 423 


Bob Revue 35 

Daffydil 36 

Hart House Theatre: 

Katy Cruel 26 

Mikado 52 

Skule Nite 33 

Track Team 201 

Treasure Van ?? 

Trinity College: 

Athletics 236 

Board of Stewards .' 158 

Cercle Frangais 161 

Dramatic Society 161 

Graduates (Arts) 366 

Graduates (Divinity) 373 

Literary Institute 159 

Trinity Review 160 
St. Hilda's College: 

Athletics 268 

College Meeting 162 

Literary Society 164 


United Nations Club 


University College: 

Athletics — Men's 


— Women's 






Katy Cruel 


Literary and Athletic Society 


Permanent Executive, Class of '60 


Sir Daniel Wilson Residence 


Whitney Hall 


University Expansion 


University Extension: 



University of Toronto Chorus and 



University of Toronto Debating Team 


University of Toronto Debating Union 


University of Toronto Squadron 


University Settlement 


A party of Nursing students . . . looks like fun ! 



Ad. No. 6660-15 

Vanier, Governor-General 54 

The Varsity 89 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 99 

Victoria College: 

Acta Victoriana 177 

Activities 34 

Annesley Hall 49 

ASGA 173 

Athletics — Men's 244 

— Women's 275 

Athletic Executives — 178 

Bob Revue 35 

Class Executives 180 

Classics Club 176 

Debating Parliament 174 

Drama Society 175 

French Club 177 

Graduates 388 

Initiations 14 

Liberal Arts Club 174 

Music Club 175 

Operetta 52 

The Strand 177 

Student Christian Movement 177 

Varsity Christian Fellowship 178 

Victoria College Union 170 


Waterpolo 209 

Weekend Committee 81 

West Indian Students' Organization 105 

Woodside, M. St. A. 54 

World University Service 80 

Wrestling 210 

Wycliffe College: 

Graduates 401 

Literary Society 142 

Theological Society 142 

Engineering students auction off the Dean's 
daughter to raise money for SHARE 


Torontonensis Staff 

These students spent countless hours in gathering material, editing copy, pasting grad photos, 
designing page layouts, and proof-reading to prepare 'nensis '60 for the press. Every one was 
essential to the production of this yearbook. 

Editor in chief Sandra Whittall 

Assistant Editors Marg Fisher 

' Jack Clissold 

Layout Editors 

Activities Allison Low 

Mary Campbell 

Hart House Anne Brush 

Margaret McMeekin 

Organizations Jennifer Moore 

Stephanie Dmytryshyn 

Sheila Jones 

Sandra Royes 

Pamela Matthews 

Angela Robinson 

Men's Athletics Larry Davidson 

Allan Stauffer 

Women's Athletics Mamie Gunn 

Carol Elliott 

Graduating Classes Sande Evans 

Copy Editor Ina Healey 

Assistant Rosemary Speirs 

Sales Manager Joyce Anderson 

Photography Staff George Harpur 

Ron Carr 
Mike Cavanagh 

Art Staff Peeter Sepp 

Mary McMeekin 

David Thornton 

Paula Mitas 

Judith Whittall 

Assistants — Kathryn Miles, Pauline Coffin, Bonnie McBurney, Joy Cordon, Gillian Guest, Alison 

Dingle, Gisele Bezner, Ann Smart, Daphne Lindo, Barbara Webster, Mel Freedman, Joanne Sommers, 

Jean Toy, Margaret Third, Liz Fanning, Anne Riemersma, Diane Gibb, Cathi Atkins, Irene Myszak, 

Anne Skoiski, Eileen Caldwell, Mary Agnes Curran. 


In Torontonensis 1960, the text is set in 
10 point Corona on an 11 point body. 
Display heads are 24 point and 18 point 
Clarendon, and 12 point Text Bold Caps. 
The book is printed on Nipigon Enamel 
paper by Age Publications Limited. 
Engravings are 110 screen on zinc, and 
are produced by Eaton's Photoengraving. 

Faculty Reps 

Representatives from each college and faculty provide a vital link in making Torontonensis 
the all-campus yearbook. They gather photos and club write-ups, sell books, and collect 
graduation biographies. For 1959-60, the following students were faculty reps: 

Architecture Fred Valentine 

Com. and Fin Jim Snider 

Dentistry Ed Gazo 

Engineering Bill Palm 

Emmanuel Paul Newman 

Forestry Dave Wright 

Knox Norman Beare 

Law Harry Malcomson 

Medicine Ken Adams 

Music Elfrieda Gleusteen 

Nursing Trudy Schmidt 

Pharmacy Natalie Grieg 

P.H.E. Thory Milton 

P. & O. T Carolyn Le Maitre 

St. Michael's Kevin McEvenue 

Mary Catherine Collins 

Betty Ann O'Brien 

Trinity Judie McManus 

David Halton 

U.C Syrille Greenberg 

Victoria Helen Truscott 

Rick Winter 
Wycliffe Charlie Farr 


Genuine thanks go to the many people who have generously given their time and 
assistance to make this book possible. Only a few of these individuals can be mentioned 

Mr. Walter Finch and Mr. Jack Sparks of Age Publications for their indispensable helpful- 
ness and friendly co-operation at all times. 
Mr. Orr and Mr. Drury of Eaton's Photoengraving for their fine service. 
Mr. E. A. Macdonald, the S.A.C. Business Manager of Torontonensis, for his handling of 

the business affairs in a capable and experienced manner. 
Mr. M. F. Murrill, the S.A.C. accountant, for his helpfulness, interest, and time. 
Mary Carol Knowlton and the S.A.C. ofTice secretaries for their prompt and willinq 

assistance all year. 
Clive Chamberlain, S.A.C. Publication Commissioner, and Walter McLean, S.A.C. 

President, for their calm and cheerful help despite pressure of their positions. 
Mr. Leroy Toll for his excellent graduation portraits, his friendly interest, and his 

experienced co-operation. 
Peeter Sepp for his modern, appealing cover illustration, and his bright and striking 

dust jacket design. 
Ron Carr for his excellent campus photographs, George Harpur for his fine portraits for th« 

Profiles section and Bev Best, for countless group photos, including those of 

the 'Nensis' staff. 





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